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Should You Apply Vicks VapoRub to Children’s Feet?

No substantive evidence documents that the application of Vicks VapoRub to the soles of childrens' feet effectively counters nighttime coughs.


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Application of Vicks VapoRub to the soles of children's feet effectively counters nighttime cough.




How Can I Adjust My Body's Internal Clock?

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_11-600x600 - Show Posts - islander

If you notice that you're waking up in the middle of the night, feeling exhausted in the middle of the day, or experiencing some other unpleasantness at the same time each day or night, consider what you've been doing that may contribute to it.

This includes diet, habits, relationships, and stress. See if you can pinpoint what's causing the issue, and work to solve it. You might find you're sleeping better.

Did you know that even a improper mattress may prevent you from enjoying deep, restorative sleep? [Casper beds...]

Of course, if you're experiencing pain or other severe discomfort, contact a doctor. Paying attention to your body's little cues can make all the difference.


3pm - 7pm: Bladder and Kidneys

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Late afternoon and evening is all about reassessing at the end of the day.

Feeling exhausted or crabby during this time may mean that you should reconsider your actions, including what you've been eating and doing.

These organs are associated with one's personal resources, both physical and emotional, and remind us to take stock of what we have.


11am - 3pm: Heart and Small Intestine

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_9-600x600 - Show Posts - islander

The late morning and early afternoon are ruled by the heart and small intestine, which both deal with communication and relationships, according to tradition.

If you feel an afternoon slump, try eating something, moving around, or talking to someone to ground yourself again and lift your spirits.


Daytime Internal Clock
7am - 11am: Stomach and Spleen

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_8-600x600 - Show Posts - islander

While it might be more noticeable at night, your body behaves similarly during the day.

A certain slump in energy, feeling of anxiety, or other discomfort during the day can also be traced back to certain organs and their associated emotions.

For example, from 7am to 11am is the time associated with the spleen and stomach.

It's all about nourishment, both of yourself and others, and filling yourself up to start a new day. It's why breakfast is so important!


5am - 7am: Large Intestine

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Morgan Swofford for Little Things

Like the liver, the large intestine clears waste from the body and is the final stop for any unwanted food products.

If you wake up during this time, especially with the need to use the bathroom, it could mean that something is happening with your large intestine.

Waking during this time is believed to indicate that you may need to reassess what you're hanging onto and what you should let go.


3am - 5am: Lungs

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_6-600x600 - Show Posts - islander
Morgan Swofford for Little Things

During this time, blood and oxygen is pumped into the muscles, replenishing cells with vital oxygen. This replenishment makes sure they're good to go again after being used all day.

Traditional Chinese medicine also links the lungs with feelings of loss and sadness.

So, if you wake up during these times, you may be feeling empty after a loss of some kind and not getting the emotional replenishment you need.


1am - 3am: Liver

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_5-600x600 - Show Posts - islander
Morgan Swofford for Little Things

Between the hours of 1 and 3 in the morning is when the body cleans itself out, removing waste materials from the blood and other tissues.

Your liver is the big organ in charge of detoxing, and so, is associated with this time.

Waking up during this time can mean that you're backed up with "waste" in the form of negative emotions, and that you need to process them in order to flush them out.

Consider also being nice to your liver, drinking plenty of water and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine.


11pm - 1am: Gall Bladder

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Morgan Swofford for Little Things

Your gall bladder produces bile, which is needed during digestion and absorption.

Bile is kind of nasty, albeit necessary, stuff, but if you're waking up during this time, it means something is irritating your gall bladder.

Chinese traditional medicine associates the gall bladder with anxiety and resentment, so this could also mean that something is nagging at you and making you anxious.


Nighttime Internal Clock
9pm - 11pm: Thyroid

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_3-600x600 - Show Posts - islander
Morgan Swofford for Little Things

If you wake during these times, your thyroid may be acting up.

Early stages of sleep sees our endocrine rebalance itself, so if you're waking up here, something is being blocked.

If you have trouble sleeping early on in the night, it may be that you're having trouble calming down enough to sleep. The adrenal glands are responsible for the fight-or-flight hormone — adrenaline.

Waking up during these times could mean that something needs to be confronted.


Why Is Sleep So Important?

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_2-600x600 - Show Posts - islander
Morgan Swofford for Little Things

We spend about a third of our lives asleep, but it's not a waste of time! In fact, it's necessary for staying alive.

While we sleep, our bodies repair tissue, regulate our hormones, and basically tune themselves up for the next day. Without proper sleep, you're not going to be very healthy!

So then, why would your body wake itself up in the wee hours and ruin all that? Well, it might be an underlying issue.


What Is An Internal Clock?

embeddedIMG_WhatYourBodyIsTryingToTellYouByWakingYouUpAtTheSameTimeEveryNight_850px_1-600x600 - Show Posts - islander
Morgan Swofford for Little Things

Everyone's body has an internal cycle of waking and sleeping.

The amount of sleep and times of sleep will vary from person to person and will also change with age, with most people needing less sleep as they get older.

In feng shui, certain hours of the day are believed to be linked to different body parts.

Therefore, waking up at the same time each night indicates an issue with that body part, or the emotions associated with it.


As you sleep, your body undergoes many states of activity. Think of it like housekeeping, while your brain takes a snooze, repairing tissue, releasing hormones for things like muscle growth.

So, if you find yourself waking up, and the same time each night, it's theorized that your body is signaling you about a specific organ. This theory also has roots in the centuries-old Chinese practice of feng shui, which links times of day, parts of the body, and emotional states.

Read on to see what your late-night waking might mean below!


After all, waking up in the middle of your sleep, and then struggling to fall back asleep makes you tired and cranky the next day. And sometimes, it happens even if we go to bed at the right time and do all the right little tricks, like sleeping on our left side and keeping the room cool.

It's no secret that your body needs regular and deep sleep to stay healthy. So, what gives?

There's a theory that states that waking at a certain time of night is actually a signal from your body about something going on inside.


Waking at the same time each night reveals details about your health

It's happened to all of us. We get into a pattern of waking and sleeping that sees us opening our eyes in the middle of the night.

The room is dark, but sure enough, the clock reads the same time as it did the night before... And the night before that, and the night before that, and... Well, you get the picture.

So, what's happening? Why has your body decided to suddenly nudge you awake in the wee hours? It certainly can't be good for you.


"Our proposal for practical political viability of the law is simple: Bawal ang sabay-sabay pero puwede nang payagan ang sunod-sunod (Prohibit family members serving simultaneously in office but allow them to serve in succession)," Mendoza said.

Mendoza said the proposed compromise would help level the electoral playing field for all Filipinos.

"Give a chance to others. Our democracy is not a family business," he said.

Lawmakers have discussed proposed anti-dynasty measures for years but so far anti-dynasty provisions have only made it to Republic Act No. 10742 or the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Reform Act. With majority of Congress members belonging to powerful clans, lawmakers have been hesitant to pass such a law despite a constitutional provision saying so. –


Data from the study showed among all the provinces in the country, Maguindanao had the highest percentage of fat dynasties at 51% of elected posts occupied by political clans with two or more family members in office.

This was followed by Pampanga (49%), Bulacan (45%), Davao Occidental (41%), Isabela (41%), and Sulu (40%).

What can be done: Mendoza reiterated an earlier proposal he and other experts had made to Congress: instead of banning dynasties altogether, it would be best to regulate them by prohibiting fat dynasties and allowing those who serve in succession or "thin dynasties."


Why this matters

Mendoza said studies have shown a link between political dynasties and underdevelopment of local areas.

"Research suggests that more fat dynasties weaken checks-and-balances in our democracy, leading to bad governance, and consequently weaker development outcomes," he said.

Mendoza added data showed "fat dynasties" were also more prevalent in poorer provinces in the Philippines where there were poor business climates and low levels of development.


Data showed that around 57% of governors were fat dynasties in 2004. This swelled to 80% after the 2019 midterm elections. The same was seen among congressmen where fat dynasties accounted for 48% in 2004 and 67% by 2019.

The same trend follows in other local posts:

Vice governor
2004 - 54% were fat dynasties
2019 - 68% were fat dynasties

2004 - 40%
2019 - 53%

Vice mayor
2004 - 28%
2019 - 39%

Provincial board member
2004 - 40%
2019 - 45%

2004 - 21%
2019 - 23%


29% of local posts now occupied by 'fat' political dynasties

Ateneo School of Government Dean Ronald Mendoza says political dynasties with members simultaneously occupying more than one elective post have grown by about 1% per election period since 1988

Sofia Tomacruz
September 14, 2019

MANILA, Philippines – Political dynasties now possess 29% of all local elected posts, growing by about 1% or 170 positions per election period since 1988, a study by the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) showed.

ASoG Dean Ronald Mendoza presented findings from a study looking into political dynasties, term limits, and development which showed an increasing trend in the number of local positions occupied by members of "fat" political dynasties or powerful clans. The study was done along with ASoG research associates Leonardo Jaminola and Jurel Yap.

"Fat dynasties" – families whose members simultaneously hold elective posts – occupied 19% of all local elected positions in 1988. Since then, the number has grown across gubernatorial, vice gubernatorial, congressional, mayoral, vice mayoral, provincial board member, and councilor posts.

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