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Travel and Tours / Re: Leyte town copies Loboc, and promises more
« on: August 29, 2009, 07:23:22 PM »

cuatro islas is really cool (Dijo is the smallest and very private, dinha ka makakita og mga yachti nga mangdunggo). Agta beach is ok, but i dont appreciate the beach so much coz the sand is really dark but i love the rock formations though

Question and Answer / Re: What's Your Fetish?
« on: August 27, 2009, 07:54:28 AM »
i have a fetish for sexy and skimpy undies


fancy may not have high monetary value but definitely not worthless, it's worth more than you can imagine, the effort, the creativity and the sentimental value alone is priceless. unsaon nalang og ang turquoise ni lola giset in silver nya antique na kaayo, worthless pa ba kaha na


dong i would prefer to see a doctor clean and dont have blings

i love silver and fashion accessories. most of them i do it myself. dili ang metal nga naay nickel but the more indigenous ones, maybe made of wood, shells, stones, beads and leather... i dont care if they are fancy, i wear them for comfort and fashion statement. but at home im plain and simple. dili jud ko ganahan anang namungingi og gold

Travel and Tours / Re: Leyte town copies Loboc, and promises more
« on: August 27, 2009, 03:21:40 AM »
i was also disappointed with my first boat ride to Loboc River and never did i take another cruise. there's not much to see and it wasnt a refreshing and romantic trip because the river was dirty and most of the boats would hurry back. i enjoyed my Damnoen Saduak floating market trip in Thailand better. It was more exciting.


basig naay anting-anting


naay tagay sa coke, eating chain of blades, egg cracking and autograph signing, cant imagine the many uses...aguy! akoy gisakitan nagtan-aw :o


mingtan aw jud ko ana kuya for curiosity sake...muot!


barato sa Thailand ang sex change operation and they have good doctors


lahi ra ang Pinay (mas gwapa and passionate hehehehhe), bitaw thais are very skinny and fair skinned, mahilig mangretoke sa face and body. as in ladlad ila prostitution both men, women and gays...on the face jud ba


ive heard naa lang gihapon pero discreet lang kay very strict ang law

i met a very young girl there she's 15 now but she has been working in that bar since she was 10 and she never receive any money, poor girl, free lang tawn kaon iya kay gikuha naman sa iya mama ang bayad sa iyaha. murag gi-loan na daan

mas grabe pa gani sa Thailand, kay nig madalaga na ilang mga anak, ibilin dayun sa mga bar patrabahuon pero gikuha na sa ilang parents ang sweldo daan so they have no way out na


kanang parents nga in ana makarma ra. mao ng maamong lang uban filipina dili respetuhon tungod kay parents mismo salbahe, walay mga paki sa ilang anak

yeah it's a feel good story, hearing filipinas having a happy life with a foreigner and seeing their family back home happy too.

this is not a question of wanting to marry a foreigner now, its about taking money for a bang with a foreigner.


well these young girls know who is serious and who is just a banger. kanang imong mga young girls nga gihisgutan are obviously hookers, kung dili sila magwinise nah paingon jud sila ana. but if these girls are descent and would just love to marry a foreigner, have a happy life, they have a long way ahead. kay mostly kadtong gipangbiyaan, are those girls nga wala sad mga klaro.


lahi nasad ng estoryaha ng child exploitation, we are talking about marrying a foreigner. i condemn parents also who dont care. They should make sure  that the foreigner their daughter is with is a good man.

well i guess foreigners are not stupid to risk being with a 13 year old, they know the consequences otherwise they must be pedophiles

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