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Market & Economic Trends / Rodrigo Duterte Is Crushing Philippines' Stocks
« on: November 08, 2016, 09:11:36 AM »
NOV 6, 2016 @ 07:16 PM 57,266
Panos Mourdoukoutas

The President of the Phillipines’ flip-flops over the South China Sea disputes have been crashing the country’s equities market, which is down 7.2 percent in the last month. Apparently, investors are concerned about the political and economic future of that nation, and the prospects for on-going economic integration of the region and the global economy — most notably China, which needs a market frontier for its manufacturing products.

That’s why the Philippines market sell-off has touched other markets in the region, like Vietnam’s and China’s own market.

Disputes in the South China Sea began as a regional tug of war between China and several neighbors, but they quickly turned into a showdown of economic and military power between China and the US, with each country eager to write its own navigation rules for the region.

Two years ago, China raised tensions by building artificial islands in the South China Sea. America countered that move by expanding its naval presence in disputed waters, and by advancing its missile capabilities in South Korea.

Science and Research / Nature’s cruellest one-night stand
« on: November 08, 2016, 08:54:36 AM »
The-Economist - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Oct 22nd 2016

Sexual cannibalism in spiders
Male dark fishing spiders sacrifice themselves for the good of their offspring

ANIMAL mating can be a cruel and unusual process. Male bedbugs inseminate females by piercing their bellies and depositing sperm inside their paramours’ body cavities. Male chimpanzees and lions kill the suckling infants of females before mating with them, as this brings those females more rapidly into oestrus. Male dolphins routinely engage in rape. Nor are aggressive mating practices perpetrated solely by males against females. In many species of insects and spiders, females eat their partners after sex.

Such cannibalism clearly brings advantage to the female, who gets an easy snack. But the benefits (if any) for the male are less obvious. That there might sometimes be such benefits, though, is an idea that intrigues zoologists—and so, from time to time, some of them look into the matter.

$1-B bridge connecting 4 Visayas islands to be completed in Duterte’s term

THE $1-billion bridge connecting four islands in the Visayas is expected to be completed within the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Department of Public Works Secretary Mark Villar said the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge is the “most ambitious bridge program in the history of our nation.”

Villar, along with National Economic and Development Authority Director General Ernesto Pernia, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, and Bases Conversion and the Development Authority President and Chief Executive Officer Vivencio Dizon, held a press conference Thursday, to bare the nine infrastructure projects of the Duterte administration, which will start construction next year.

The administration wants to decongest Manila and disperse the development in the regions.

Villar said the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge project, after its completion, is seen to replace San Juanico Bridge, which links Samar and Leyte, as the longest bridge in the country.

He said the length of the bridges that will connect Iloilo, Guimaras, Negros and Cebu, ranges from two to 10 kilometers.

“Once finished, you will be able to take a road trip to Iloilo and Cebu,” Villar said.

He said that 25 percent of the budget is allocated to the nationwide decongestion program of the administration.

Pernia, for his part, said the infrastructure projects, including the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge, have gone through the “eye of the needle” and are ready to be implemented by the concerned agencies next year.

He said the projects are already in the state of bidding, adding that it will generate more jobs once the construction begins.

Pernia added that the “work regimen of 24 hours a day, seven days a week” will hasten the construction of the infrastructure projects.

He warned though that the works can cause inconvenience to the public.

“Before the country can rise up and be world-class, there will be some inconvenience. If there is construction going on, it can cause inconvenience,” he added.

Tugade, meanwhile, said the infrastructure projects can address unemployment and traffic problems in the country.

“Infrastructure means connectivity and mobility, connectivity among local government units and mobility to go to one place to another,” he added. --

The Interpreter
NOV. 3, 2016

01INT-PHILIPPINES-web1-master768 - Show Posts - hubag bohol
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, right, and President Xi Jinping of China in Beijing in October. Mr. Duterte has exploited the rivalry between the United States and China, improving his position with both.CreditHow Hwee Young/European Pressphoto Agency

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines traveled to Beijing recently, promising to announce his country’s “separation” from the United States and alarming the White House and his own defense secretary.

But something different happened. Instead, Mr. Duterte kept the alliance with the United States intact, appeared to reach an understanding withChina to allow Filipino fishermen to return to disputed waters, and, by threatening a geopolitical realignment, distracted from American objections to his country’s growing human rights abuses.

Health and Food / Egg Storage, Freshness & Food Safety
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:45:12 PM »

Keep it Fresh: How to Store Eggs

ResizedImage1040522-egg-carton-white - Show Posts - hubag bohol

Always Keep Eggs in their Carton

We know a lot of people like to throw away the egg carton when they get home and store their eggs in the little egg caddy that comes with your fridge or in a separate bowl. This may look pretty, but we recommend always storing your eggs in their original carton. Why? Firstly, the carton protects the eggs and prevents them from absorbing strong odours and flavours of other foods in your fridge through the thousands of tiny pores in the egg shell. Secondly, the Best Before Date is always visible to you so you can guarantee freshness. Lastly, eggs should always be stored with the large end up, the same way they are packaged in the carton. This helps the yolk remain centered.

Other tips for storing raw and cooked eggs

Eggs should not be stored on the refrigerator door, but in the main body of the refrigerator to ensure that they keep a consistent and cool temperature.

Leftover raw egg whites and yolks should be put in airtight containers and stored in the refrigerator immediately. To prevent yolks from drying out, cover them with a little cold water. Drain the water before using.

When storing hard-cooked eggs, you may notice a "gassy" odour in your refrigerator. The odour is caused by hydrogen sulphide, which forms when eggs are cooked. It's harmless and usually dissipates in a few hours.

Recommended storage times for eggs

Fresh shell eggs   By best before date
Leftover yolks or whites   Within 2 to 4 days
Hard-Cooked eggs   Within 1 week
Prepared egg dishes         Within 3 to 4 days
Pickled eggs   Within 1 month
Frozen whole eggs (blended)          Within 4 months

LGU Philippines / Machismo and Misogyny in Philippine Politics
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:17:25 PM »
What ‘Locker-Room Talk’ Sounds Like in the Philippines
The New York Times Opinion section
NOV. 3, 2016

Machismo isn’t quite what it used to be. Backlash and hashtags now hold politicians accountable for their so-called locker-room talk in much of the world. Yet the Philippines remains a glaring example of how men use language and law to try to emasculate opponents and maintain power.

At first glance, Filipinos do well in terms of gender equality. We beat the United States in having a female president by at least 30 years. Our nation has one of Asia’s highest percentages of women in government. Women on average receive more schooling, and their life expectancy leads men’s by almost seven years. This year Filipinos even elected our first transgender congresswoman — a milestone anywhere.

Our male leaders, however, belie those achievements. While the Philippines officially aspires to egalitarianism, being a woman can still be a liability and misogyny is still an effective weapon in politics. That happens around the world, but in the Philippines that hypocrisy is worsened by our endemic inequality.

In my country, any kind of privilege cultivates impunity, the church influences the state and dynasties control an overwhelming majority of elected positions. These factors help institutionalize sexism and patriarchy into public policy.

Lifestyle, Culture and Arts / Lost souls haunt Naia terminal
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:53:33 AM »
Thin and frail-looking, they walk among passengers and staff at the airport’s public areas, a subject of curiosity among people who often avoid them for fear of what their unstable minds might compel them to do.

By: Jeannette I. Andrade / @jiandradeINQ
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 02:57 AM October 30, 2016

naia - Show Posts - hubag bohol

Lost souls haunt the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia), where they wait for flights that never come and loved ones who never redeem their promises.

Thin and frail-looking, they walk among passengers and staff at the Naia terminal’s public areas, a subject of curiosity among people who often avoid them for fear of what their unstable minds might compel them to do.

Most of these “lost souls”  have been turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or their families, but for some reason they gravitate back to the country’s premier airport to resume their wait for non-existent flights and people.

Erlina, 48, has been waiting at the Naia terminal 1 for some five years now for her Japanese employer to keep his promise and return for her. Or so she says.


GIBALHOG sa selda sa Talomo Police Station ang usa ka 60-anyos nga lolo human gipadakop sa 24-anyos nga dalaga kay giayo'g kumot ang iyang tutoy sud sa Manila Memorial Park, Barangay Magtuod, Talomo District, dakbayan sa Davao.

Alas 4:20 sa hapon, Miyerkules, Nobyembre 1, gisikop si Pepeng (bansagon gitago sa SuperBalita) taga Manambulan, Tugbok District, kay gireklamo ni Maricar (bansagon gitago), 24, taga Bonifacio Street, Barangay 33-D Poblacion.

Subay sa blotter nga natala sa kapolisan, alas 3:30 sa hapon sud sa maong sementeryo gidikit ug gibag-id sa suspek ang iyang lawas sa dalaga nga nagreklamo.

Pagdikitog piit sa iyang lawas sa atubangan nga bahin sa dalaga, dali niyang gihimas ug gikumot-kumot ang tutoy sa babaye.

Daling nagpakitabang ang babaye sa iyang inahan ug higala maong nanawag sila og pulis nga nagpatrolya sa sementeryo.

Depensa sa suspek nga wa siya masayod sa iyang nahimo sanglit hubog siya niadtong taknaa.

Dihang anaa na sa selda ang suspek, nagdanguyngoy kini gumikan nabalaka siya sa iyang mga binuhi nga kabaw ug baka kay wala nay motugway niini.

Sukad sa pagsuwat ning balita, nakabalhog gihapon sa selda sa Talomo ang suspek ug pursigido gayud nga mopasaka og kasong acts of lasciviousness ang dalaga sa korte.

Gipatik sa mantalaang Superbalita Davao Nobyembre 04, 2016.

Jokes and Humor / Impulsive changes
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:38:14 AM »
Facebook-Funny-Quotes-11 - Show Posts - hubag bohol


Photos Unlimited / Miniature Australian shepherds
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:29:06 AM »
summer_light2_resized_0 - Show Posts - hubag bohol

Science and Research / Why Do Monkeys Get Fat?
« on: November 03, 2016, 10:35:33 PM »
Why Do Monkeys Get Fat?
CAS biological anthropologist on primates, genes, and obesity
By Barbara Moran

h_butoday_iStock_36104916_LARGE - Show Posts - hubag bohol
A vervet monkey. “They’re very clever. They’re very social,” says Christopher Schmitt. “Research on vervets is kind of exploding right now.” Photo by skibreck/iStock

People may suspect that Christopher Schmitt was drawn to study vervet monkeys because of their intelligence, irresistible cuteness, and curious, most distinctive characteristic: their brilliant blue scrotums. While all these things are fascinating—he does use #BlueScrotumSummer to catalog some of his fieldwork on social media—it’s another feature that attracts scientists like Schmitt to vervets: their genes.

Schmitt, a College of Arts & Sciences assistant professor of anthropology, studies vervets in the wild, and also in a captive colony at Wake Forest University, where most of the monkeys are pedigreed and genotyped. Some of the captive monkeys become obese, a trait uncommon in their wild cousins and of particular interest to Schmitt, who is searching for a genomic role in the disease. “I look at developmental patterns that lead to adult-onset obesity in order to understand better why we become obese,” he says. “And I also work with these animals in the wild so that I can understand the ecological context for these developmental patterns.”

Talk of the Town / Americans warned: Avoid traveling to southern Cebu
« on: November 03, 2016, 09:18:10 PM »
Thursday, November 03, 2016

THE United States Embassy has warned American citizens against traveling to areas frequented by foreigners in southern Cebu, specifically around Dalaguete and Santander, including Sumilon Island.

In an advisory posted on the US Embassy in the Philippines' website, the embassy said terrorist groups are planning to conduct kidnappings in those areas in Cebu.

"US citizens should avoid travel to these areas and are reminded to review personal security plans; remain aware of their surroundings, including local events; and monitor local news stations for updates. Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security," it said.

It also reminded the US citizens of the most recent Department of State Worldwide Caution, dated September 13, 2016, "which indicates there is an ongoing threat of terrorist actions and violence against United States citizens and interests abroad, including the Philippines."

"Extremists have targeted sporting events, theaters, markets, mass transportation systems – including airlines, and other public venues where large crowds gather. Crowded nightclubs, shopping malls, buses, and popular restaurants have also been targets," the advisory stated.

Americans were also reminded about the importance of taking preventative measures "to ensure their safety and security while traveling and residing in the Philippines."

In the advisory, US citizens were encouraged to contact the US Embassy in Manila at +(63) (2) 301-2000 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for more information.

They may also call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or 1-202-501-4444 from other countries from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST) from Monday through Friday (except US federal holidays). (LMY/Sunnex)

Posted on October 31, 2016

HENRY SY, SR., the Philippines’ richest man, has joined a group pursuing a $20-billion plan to build a new airport and seaport on reclaimed land near Manila, putting him in competition with fellow billionaire Ramon S. Ang.

Belle Corp., part of Sy’s SM Group, will become an almost equal part in Solar Group-led All-Asia Resources & Reclamation Corp., said Edmundo Lim, the venture’s vice-chairman. He declined to say how much Belle will invest. China Communications Construction Co.’s dredging unit is also set to take part in the project, which could take five years to build, Mr. Lim said.

“This is such a big a project, and we need big muscles,” Mr. Lim said by phone. “We are still open to other partners because this project is no joke and it has many components for interested investors.”

All-Asia plans to reclaim 2,500 hectares (6,180 acres) of land near a naval and air base at Sangley Point, south of Manila, as the Philippine capital struggles to cope with a rising number of flights and increasing road traffic. The proposal competes with a 2014 plan from Mr. Ang’s San Miguel Corp. to build a $10-billion airport on reclaimed land in Manila Bay.

All-Asia has resubmitted its proposal, first made in 2013, since President Rodrigo R. Duterte took office on June 30, Mr. Lim said. It is now being reviewed by the investment coordinating committee of the National Economic and Development Authority, he said. Mr. Duterte has signaled plans to pursue infrastructure projects and to accelerate implementation.

Building a new port and special economic zone will help ease traffic in Manila, home of the nation’s largest sea-cargo facility, Mr. Lim said. Between 6,000 and 7,000 vehicles a day travel between the Manila port and industrial sites, he said. The airport is also used by about 40,000 vehicles a day, he said.

Sy’s businesses include SM Prime Holdings Inc., the nation’s biggest property company by market value, and BDO Unibank Inc., its largest lender. Solar, owned by the Tieng brothers, has investments in industries including TV networks, real estate and consumer goods, according to Mr. Lim. -- Bloomberg

Jokes and Humor / Funny doormats
« on: October 31, 2016, 11:10:02 AM »
beware_of_wife - Show Posts - hubag bohol

gma-sm - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Published October 31, 2016 1:32am

In his own bluntly-worded manner, former President Fidel V. Ramos said that President Rodrigo Duterte was

"full of bsflag - Show Posts - hubag bohol"

if he thought his diatribes against the Philippines' allies and the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change Agreement was his God-given destiny, given that his rejection of the climate agreement was akin to him and the entire country "shooting [themselves] in the mouth".

Ramos, in an opinion piece written for a Manila broadsheet, pointed out that mitigating the effects of climate change required international cooperation and collective positive action, and that this collective action was embodied in the Paris climate agreement.

Philippine Daily News / Why the Philippines needs a national space agency
« on: October 30, 2016, 07:40:17 PM »
Published October 9, 2016 3:58pm

For someone whose profession involves keeping his eyes on the stars, one of the only three Filipino astrophysicists has recently been devoting more time and energy to being on the ground.

As the program leader of the National Space Development Program (NSDP) under the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD), Dr. Rogel Mari Sese coordinates with legislators, government institutions, and fellow space scientists in laying the groundwork for the Philippines’ very own national space agency—one giant leap for a nation whose way of life has been influenced by celestial bodies long before its earliest colonizers could.

Sese’s team is also pushing for a policy that would cover all space-related functions on a national level. This space policy will provide direction for the government in terms of space development and utilization, with the aforementioned space agency functioning as the main implementing body for all space-centric endeavors.

“[Currently,] a lot of government agencies are doing space-related work, but it’s all uncoordinated,” says Sese. “[With the space agency and space policy], instead of having it all under separate branches or agencies of the government, it will all be unified.”

More at:

By Andy Borowitz , OCTOBER 29, 2016

Borowitz-Queen-Elizabeth-1200 - Show Posts - hubag bohol

LONDON (The Borowitz Report)—In an unexpected televised address on Saturday, Queen Elizabeth II offered to restore British rule over the United States of America.

Addressing the American people from her office in Buckingham Palace, the Queen said that she was making the offer “in recognition of the desperate situation you now find yourselves in.”

“This two-hundred-and-forty-year experiment in self-rule began with the best of intentions, but I think we can all agree that it didn’t end well,” she said.

The Queen urged Americans to write in her name on Election Day, after which the transition to British rule could begin “with a minimum of bother.”

Elizabeth acknowledged that, in the wake of Brexit, Americans might justifiably be alarmed about being governed by the British parliamentary system, but she reassured them, “Parliament would play no role in this deal. This would be an old-school monarchy. Just me, and then, assuming you’d rather not have Charles, we could go straight to William and those children of his who have mesmerized you so.”

Using the closing moments of her speech to tout her credentials, the Queen made it clear that she has never used e-mail and has only had sex with one person “very occasionally.”

Andy Borowitz is a New York Times best-selling author and a comedian who has written for The New Yorker since 1998. He writes the Borowitz Report for

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Duterte says God told him to stop cursing
« on: October 30, 2016, 02:32:33 PM »
Friday, October 28, 2016

sunnex_president-rodrigo-duterte_2016-10-28_0 - Show Posts - hubag bohol
TOKYO. President Rodrigo Duterte speaks to journalists after inspecting a coast guard training demonstration at a Japan Coast Guard base in Yokohama, Thursday, Oct. 27. (AP)

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte bared Thursday evening, October 27, that he will stop cussing in between his public speeches after claiming that he heard God’s voice that made him promise not spew expletives again.

Duterte shared his epiphany inside the plane during his arrival at the Davao International Airport in Davao City, as he returned back to the Philippines from the three-day state visit in Japan. He said that while everybody was asleep, he heard a voice in which he said was God.

The voice, according to him, told him to stop bursting with profanity in expressing his emotion or else, the plane will crash. There and then he decided not to cuss anymore.

"I was looking at the skies as I was coming over here. Everybody was asleep snoring," Duterte said. "A voice said that you know if you don't stop, I will bring this plane down now."

"So, I promise God not to express slang, cuss words and everything. So you guys hear me right always because a promise to God is a promise to the Filipino people," Duterte said.

His statement elicited loud applause from the audience, but, Duterte said to them not to make it louder for he might fail to fulfill it.

"Huwag masyadong palakpak baka mapalpak pa tuloy (Don't clap too much because I might fail)," he said.

Duterte’s colorful and bold statement has drawn various reactions from the Filipino citizen. He earned criticisms while some admire his transparency and being true to his thoughts.

Nevertheles, Duterte said he would not change his style as it would no longer be true to himself.

USA and Canada / ‘Too Bad You’re Latin’
« on: October 24, 2016, 03:19:56 PM »
OCT. 21, 2016

A well-intentioned producer once said to me, “John, you’re so talented, but too bad you’re Latin — otherwise you’d be so much further along.” When I pitched a movie about Latinos, another producer said: “Latin? People don’t want to see Latin people.” This is not just my experience but a typical Latino person’s experience in America.

Donald J. Trump has done one good thing. He has galvanized a conflicted and diverse community. For years, activists and politicians have struggled to get Latinos to vote and show their power. But not until Mr. Trump’s racist rhetoric shone a light on anti-Latino sentiment did we feel the need to make our voices heard on the issues that matter to us: from proper funding for our schools, better infrastructure in our communities and financial aid, to health care that doesn’t consider poverty a pre-existing condition.

There are around 56 million of us. We are the largest ethnic minority in the United States, at almost 18 percent of the country’s population. And yet Latino students drop out of high school at a higher rate than members of any other minority. We are victims of neglect, discrimination and ignorance. We have grown up amid an entrenched disrespect for Latin culture, and we have often internalized that disrespect.


USA ka Pakistani national ang mitiyabaw nga nagpatabang sa Tugbok Police Station kay gusto na siya makigbulag sa iyang Pinay nga asawa human niya nasayran nga bisan kinsa na lang ang mohuong niini sa ilang balay.

Si Abhar (bansagon gitago), 45, Pakistani-National, negosyante ug lumad nga taga Karachi, Pakistan, nagpuyo sa Deca Homes Subdivision, Barangay Tugbok, dakbayan sa Davao, nagpa-blotter sa kapolisan labot sa iyang sitwasyon uban sa asawa nga si Gretchin, 40.

Subay sa impormasyon nga nakalap sa SunStar SuperBalita gikan sa Tugbok Police Station, nasayran nga gusto na sa langyaw nga makigbulag ug buot niyang kuhaon ang kustodiya sa iyang anak nga babaye gikan sa iyang asawa.

Ang panghitabo nagsugod human iyang nasayran ug nasaksihan nga bisan kinsa nalang ang karelasyon sa iyang asawa nga daw wa nay gusto kaniya.

Naguol siya human iyang nasayran nga mi-text ang iyang asawa nga padung na sila sa Manila ug gidala ang ilang anak nga babaye.

Gusto sab unta sa langyaw nga bawion ang iyang napundar nga mga gamit, apan nakapangalan kini sa iyang asawa.
Sumala sa langyaw nga di na gayud siya makigbalik sa asawa gumikan hilabihan kining pagkapabigaon, magparemedyo ni bisan kinsa na lang, sulod pa gyud sa ilang panimalay, butang nga di na niya gusto nga ila pang maareglo.

Gusto na sab niyang mouli sa Pakistan ug didto nalang mag-negosyo.

Ang maong reklamo giduso na sa kapolisan sa Barangay Tugbok aron didto sila husayon.

Gipatik sa mantalaang Superbalita Davao Oktubre 24, 2016.

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