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Science and Research / Defecation in space: aye, there's the rub
« on: November 24, 2016, 11:42:29 AM »
NASA on the hunt for space poop geniuses
When you've got to go, but you're out there in space, zipped up in a spacesuit, with no toilet in sight and a crew of other astronauts around, what do you do?
Agence France-Presse
Published 9:12 AM, November 24, 2016
Updated 9:12 AM, November 24, 2016

MIAMI, USA – When you've got to go, but you're out there in space, zipped up in a spacesuit, with no toilet in sight and a crew of other astronauts around, what do you do?

NASA has launched a contest for inventors to solve this uncomfortable issue, and promises to award $30,000 to the best "space poop" solutions.

Inventors have until December 20 to submit designs for a personalized waste-wicking system that will handle everything, hands-free, for a period of up to 6 days.

"The old standby solution consisted of diapers," said the description of contest details at

"However, the diaper is only a very temporary solution, and doesn’t provide a healthy/protective option longer than one day."

Sometimes, astronauts have to wait even longer. The two men and one woman who packed themselves into a Russian Soyuz space capsule last week had to wait two full days between launching from Kazakhstan and arriving at the International Space Station.

The Soyuz is equipped with a portable toilet, which looks like an air-powered pee jug.

Published: 1 day ago

The mayor of Clay, West Virginia, resigned her position Tuesday after seemingly approving of a colleague’s comment on Facebook that referred to Michelle Obama as an “Ape in heels.”

The original post was made Monday by Pamela Ramsey Taylor, director of the Clay County Development Corp., who was opining on the transition from Mrs. Obama to Melania Trump as first lady.

“It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House,” Taylor wrote. “I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

According to WSAZ-TV, Mayor Beverly Whaling then replied, “Just made my day Pam.”

The story went viral, and both women removed their comments as well as their Facebook pages as claims of racism flooded the town. More than 150,000 people signed an Internet petition pushing for Whaling to be fired.

(Banat) | Updated November 16, 2016 - 12:00am

Balita1 - Show Posts - hubag bohol

CEBU, Philippines - Mokabat dul-an P30 mil nga kantidad sa shabu ang nasakmit sa mga sakop sa San Nicolas Police Station gikan sa usa ka 48-anyos nga lalaki nga nangangkong “anak sa gawas” ni Mayor Tomas Osmeña atol sa buy-bust operation diha sa Magsaysay Street, Brgy. Suba ning Dakbayan sa Sugbo. Ang dinakpan giila nga si Rolando Yburan Osmeña, nga nagpuyo sa maong dapit. Ang hepe sa San Nicolas Police nga si Chief Insp. Keith Andaya miingon nga ilang gidakop si Osmeña human kini nibaligya og shabu sa asset sa kapulisan.

Gitug-an ni Andaya nga wala naapil sa ilang gihimo nga Oplan Tokhang si Osmeña kay bag-o lang sab kini misulod sa maong ilegal nga negosyo.

Nakuha sa mga polis gikan sa suspetsado ang usa ka medium size ug 20 ka gagmay nga pakete sa gituohang shabu nga mikantidad og P29, 500 ug usa ka video karera ug duha ka moli-moli gambling machines.

Ang suspetsado nga nahinabi sa mga tigbalita miingon nga “anak kini sa gawas” sa mayor ug misulay na kini nga makigkita sa mayor apan wala kini nahatagan og panahon.

“Minsan lumapit ako kang Osmeña hindi ko siya nakita, umuwi akong luhaan,” matud pa sa dinakpan.  Iyaha daw nga nahibaw-an nga anak kini sa mayor gumikan sa ilang kanhi komunikasyon.

1446216621153 - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Published November 15, 2016

North Korea has made a state request to officials in China pleading for them to stop referring to ‘glorious leader’ Kim Jong-un as fat.

Ministers have reportedly asked their neighbours to refrain from referring to the chunky Swiss cheese fan as Jin San Pang or ‘Kim Fatty III’ in media or conversations.

Apparently ‘Kim Fatty III’ is a widely used nickname for Kim in China along with Jin Pang Pang (Kim Fat Fatty) or Jin San Fei (Kim Abundant III).

Now According to the Apple Daily in Hong Kong, terrified North Korean government officials have called on their old comrades to take action before heads roll.

They are terrified the tyrant will find out about the insult and look for someone to blame.

In recent years, those that have fallen foul of the double-chinned despot have found themselves at the wrong end of a military firing range.

The bloated dictator is said to have piled on the pounds in recent years bingeing on swiss cheese, whiskey and scallops.

English Dictionary / Meaning of Dogmatic
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:30:39 PM »
dogmatic: expressing personal opinions or beliefs as if they are certainly correct and cannot be doubted

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Photos Unlimited / Basta pinangga, hungitan jud...
« on: November 15, 2016, 12:13:59 AM »
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Market & Economic Trends / PH peso sinks to near 8-year low of P49.20 to $1
« on: November 14, 2016, 11:28:09 PM »
The November 14 closing is the Philippine peso's weakest level against the US dollar since December 4, 2008
By Chrisee Dela Paz
Published: Mon, Nov 14, 2016 7:00 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine peso dropped to an almost 8-year low against the US dollar after the Federal Reserve minutes pointed to a rate hike "relatively soon."

On Monday, November 14, the local currency ended at P49.20:$1, 25 centavos weaker from P48.95:$1 on Friday, November 11.

It was the peso's weakest level against the US dollar since December 4, 2008, when it closed at P49.370:$1.

More at:

LGU Philippines / Hail to the thief
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:08:24 PM »
the-economist-logo - Show Posts - hubag bohol

The Philippine government offers a hero’s burial for a murderous kleptocrat
Nov 12th 2016 | From the print edition

20161112_ASP004_0 - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Butcher in a box

DURING the 20 years Ferdinand Marcos spent as president of the Philippines, his official salary never rose above $13,500 a year. Yet by 1986, when the “people power” revolution prompted him and his wife Imelda to flee into exile in Hawaii, they had amassed a fortune. Mrs Marcos left behind her shoe collection, but her husband brought with him jewellery, gold bricks and freshly printed Philippine currency, together worth around $15m. In all, he and his cronies are thought to have plundered perhaps $10 billion. What is more, during his time in office thousands of Filipinos were tortured, jailed without due process or murdered by the regime’s thugs.

Marcos died in Hawaii; since 1993, his embalmed remains have been displayed in a glass box in his home province of Ilocos Norte. Rodrigo Duterte, the erratic strongman now running the Philippines, believes the dead dictator deserves better: he has approved the Marcos family’s long-standing request to bury their patriarch in Manila’s National Heroes’ Cemetery, with full military honours—an idea all Marcos’s other successors rejected.

By Meera Senthilingam, CNN
Updated 1808 GMT (0208 HKT) November 9, 2016

(CNN) A new form of brain implant could one day help people with paraplegia regain control of their legs, based on a new study proving its potential in paralyzed monkeys.

Researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland were able to restore movement in the legs of two paralyzed rhesus macaques within two weeks of them being injured; one regained mobility after just six days.

In the study, published Wednesday, two wireless implants worked together as a "brain-spine interface" to communicate nerve signals between the brains and spines of the monkeys -- where each implant was positioned.

The implants communicated with each other through a computer and enabled brain signals to jump over the point of injury along the spine.

By resuming this once-broken path of communication, the signals can arrive in the spine, and the resulting nerve stimulation means specific muscles within the legs of the two monkeys could be activated as needed on the brain's command.

"What's key here is that we stimulate to induce the desired movement of the animal," said Grégoire Courtine, professor of neural engineering at EPFL, who led the research. "Over the past decade, we've spent a lot of energy understanding how the spinal cord can be stimulated."

Similar research has been conducted in the past, with Courtine's team showing it could give paralyzed rats the ability to walk again, and even climb stairs, in previous studies. Other research groups have used electrodes and brain implants to restore movement in humans, both through their muscles as well as through prosthetic arms and legs.

But this new research in monkeys is the first to record brain activity and link this to nerves within the spinal cord itself. "The brain is in control," Courtine said.

It's also the first to go wireless.

The team now hopes the technology could one day be used in humans, but this will be no easy feat. "The idea is to go step-by-step," said Courtine.

Philippine Provinces / Osmeña kang Garganera: Kan-a tanang basura
« on: November 10, 2016, 09:46:44 AM »
Ni Decemay P. Padilla (Banat) | Updated November 10, 2016 - 12:00am

CEBU, Philippines - Samtang nagpaabot nga mopagawas og desisyon ang korte mahitungod sa Inayawan Landfill padayon usab ang pagbinayloay og mga mahait nga pulong sila si Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña ug Konsehal Joel Garganera mahitungod sa maong labayanan.

Gihagit ni Osmeña si Garganera nga kan-on niini ang tanang basura kay matud pa nagtuo ang Konsehal nga mahimo niining mahipos ang daghang basura sa siyudad.

“I challenge him to eat all the garbage, because he thinks he can just make it disappear”, matud ni Osmeña.

Niadtong niaging adlawa niingon ang mayor nga modawat siya og mga sugyot kun asa nga mga lugar sa dakbayan nga haum nga himoong temporary holding area sa mga basura kun mapasirad-an ang landfill sa Inayawan.

Nipadayag si Osmeña nga walay laing maayo nga kabutangan sa mga basura nga makuha matag adlawa gawas lang sa upat ka lugar nga gihulagway niiing ‘most logical choices’ sama sa SRP, NRA, Plaza Sugbo ug Malacañang sa Sugbo.

Giklaro sa mayor nga komedya lang ang iyang pamahayag nga mahimo sab nga anha ilabay sa Barangay Tinago ang mga basura. Apan kini nitataw nga dili gyud siya motugot nga mapasagdan sa kadalanan ang mga basura sa siyudad.

Dihang nasayod si Garganera niingon nga wala siyay pagbabag sa mayor. Iya kining gihagit nga mahimo niyang ilabay sa buhatan sa Philippine Army, Coast Guard, Navy, CENRO, DPWH ug COA kansang mga lugar sakop sa Brgy. Tinago nga gialagaran niini sulod sa 27 ka tuig. (BANAT NEWS)

World Daily News / China Just Won The U.S. Election
« on: November 10, 2016, 09:40:33 AM »
NOVEMBER 9, 2016

The election of Donald Trump will be a disaster for anyone who cares about human rights, U.S. global leadership, and media freedom. That means it’s a victory for Beijing, where as I write, the Chinese leaders near me in the palatial complex of Zhongnanhai are surely cracking open the drinks and making mean jokes.

There are four major victories for the Chinese leadership here, tempered by one possible fear. The first victory is the obvious one, the geopolitical victory; China no longer faces the prospect of Hillary Clinton, a tough, experienced opponent with a record of standing up to bullies. Instead, it faces a know-nothing reality TV star who barely seems aware that China has nuclear weapons, has promised to extort money from U.S. allies around China like South Korea and Japan, and has repeatedly undercut U.S. credibility as a defense partner. Trump is also exactly the kind of businessman who is most easily taken in by China — credulous, focused on the externalities of wealth, and massively susceptible to flattery. A single trip, with Chinese laying on the charm, could leave him as fond of China’s strongmen as he is of Russia’s Putin.

More at:

Showbiz & Celebrity / Swift follower
« on: November 10, 2016, 09:38:19 AM »
19d431591c9340f38068d2941a9cc30f - Show Posts - hubag bohol

He he... ;D

USA and Canada / R.I.P. , U.S.A.
« on: November 09, 2016, 09:34:04 PM »
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Jokes and Humor / Nakatungtong sa kabaw apan way igabawos
« on: November 09, 2016, 08:28:57 PM »
comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-18-57fb40b7bed8d__880 - Show Posts - hubag bohol


Boxing and Boxers / Pacquiao scores decision victory over Vargas
« on: November 08, 2016, 09:15:43 AM »
gma-sm - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Published November 6, 2016 1:06pm
Updated November 6, 2016 2:44pm

Manny Pacquiao made a victorious return to the ring after a rousing unanimous decision victory over Jessie Vargas on Saturday (Sunday PHL time) in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao, fighting for the first time since winning a Senate seat in May, won the WBO welterweight title after winning in the judges' scorecard, 114-113, 118-109, and 118-109.

The Filipino ring icon dominated the fight from the opening rounds. He caught Vargas flush to the chin in the second round, sending the Mexican-American fighter to the canvas. With his speed and his power, he dictated the pace of the fight the rest of the way, cruising to the easy win against his overmatched foe.

With the victory a month before his 38th birthday, Pacquiao improved his record to 59 wins against six losses and two draws. The 27-year-old Vargas suffered his second loss in 29 fights.

Pacquiao, whose last previous bout was a unanimous decision over Timothy Bradley in April, showed quickly that he had not lost his skills, knocking Vargas down in the second round with a straight left to the champion's face.

Market & Economic Trends / Rodrigo Duterte Is Crushing Philippines' Stocks
« on: November 08, 2016, 09:11:36 AM »
NOV 6, 2016 @ 07:16 PM 57,266
Panos Mourdoukoutas

The President of the Phillipines’ flip-flops over the South China Sea disputes have been crashing the country’s equities market, which is down 7.2 percent in the last month. Apparently, investors are concerned about the political and economic future of that nation, and the prospects for on-going economic integration of the region and the global economy — most notably China, which needs a market frontier for its manufacturing products.

That’s why the Philippines market sell-off has touched other markets in the region, like Vietnam’s and China’s own market.

Disputes in the South China Sea began as a regional tug of war between China and several neighbors, but they quickly turned into a showdown of economic and military power between China and the US, with each country eager to write its own navigation rules for the region.

Two years ago, China raised tensions by building artificial islands in the South China Sea. America countered that move by expanding its naval presence in disputed waters, and by advancing its missile capabilities in South Korea.

Science and Research / Nature’s cruellest one-night stand
« on: November 08, 2016, 08:54:36 AM »
The-Economist - Show Posts - hubag bohol
Oct 22nd 2016

Sexual cannibalism in spiders
Male dark fishing spiders sacrifice themselves for the good of their offspring

ANIMAL mating can be a cruel and unusual process. Male bedbugs inseminate females by piercing their bellies and depositing sperm inside their paramours’ body cavities. Male chimpanzees and lions kill the suckling infants of females before mating with them, as this brings those females more rapidly into oestrus. Male dolphins routinely engage in rape. Nor are aggressive mating practices perpetrated solely by males against females. In many species of insects and spiders, females eat their partners after sex.

Such cannibalism clearly brings advantage to the female, who gets an easy snack. But the benefits (if any) for the male are less obvious. That there might sometimes be such benefits, though, is an idea that intrigues zoologists—and so, from time to time, some of them look into the matter.

$1-B bridge connecting 4 Visayas islands to be completed in Duterte’s term

THE $1-billion bridge connecting four islands in the Visayas is expected to be completed within the term of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Department of Public Works Secretary Mark Villar said the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge is the “most ambitious bridge program in the history of our nation.”

Villar, along with National Economic and Development Authority Director General Ernesto Pernia, Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, and Bases Conversion and the Development Authority President and Chief Executive Officer Vivencio Dizon, held a press conference Thursday, to bare the nine infrastructure projects of the Duterte administration, which will start construction next year.

The administration wants to decongest Manila and disperse the development in the regions.

Villar said the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge project, after its completion, is seen to replace San Juanico Bridge, which links Samar and Leyte, as the longest bridge in the country.

He said the length of the bridges that will connect Iloilo, Guimaras, Negros and Cebu, ranges from two to 10 kilometers.

“Once finished, you will be able to take a road trip to Iloilo and Cebu,” Villar said.

He said that 25 percent of the budget is allocated to the nationwide decongestion program of the administration.

Pernia, for his part, said the infrastructure projects, including the Iloilo-Guimaras-Negros-Cebu Link Bridge, have gone through the “eye of the needle” and are ready to be implemented by the concerned agencies next year.

He said the projects are already in the state of bidding, adding that it will generate more jobs once the construction begins.

Pernia added that the “work regimen of 24 hours a day, seven days a week” will hasten the construction of the infrastructure projects.

He warned though that the works can cause inconvenience to the public.

“Before the country can rise up and be world-class, there will be some inconvenience. If there is construction going on, it can cause inconvenience,” he added.

Tugade, meanwhile, said the infrastructure projects can address unemployment and traffic problems in the country.

“Infrastructure means connectivity and mobility, connectivity among local government units and mobility to go to one place to another,” he added. --

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