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I will post the 2 pics of No. 9 and No. 10... saonz ni froze man ang Photobucket :P


10. Engkanto
It is fun to explore the forest but our parents or grandparents would advice us not to do it alone or make so much noise in the forest because we might displease an Engkanto who just might be living nearby.

Engkantos are said to have similar features as humans except for their lack of philtrum, a vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip, which extends from the nose to the upper lip.

They can inflict pain and harm on a person if displeased. They are also rumored to fall in love with humans and kidnap them as well. An amulet can keep them away though.
They may look like Caucasians but I am not interested in meeting them. It is said that they live with nature.

Now that I have shown you my list, which one of these mythical creatures scare you the most?


9. Kapre
When I was still working as a nurse in a government hospital, I had a friend who has a “third eye.” I enjoyed working with her, especially on graveyard shifts because she would tell me her personal horrifying and scary experiences. Aside from ghosts that she sees every once in a while, she could also see Kapres living on trees.

Kapres are described by my friend as gigantic. They puffed on huge cigars and live on trees. Filipino folklore have the same description of a Kapre.

Although Kapres are considered by the majority as harmless, their hugeness is a warning that trees should be respected because they serve as their humble abode. They are popularly known as Agta in the Visayas.

I’m not sure if I won’t be terrified if I see someone smoking up on a tree at night. It might be the Kapre puffing on his cigar.


8. White Lady

Wikipedia describes a White Lady as a female ghost associated with legend of a tragedy in a local area. There are stories about them all over the world.

When I was still in my elementary years, I would make it a point not to stay inside a classroom all by myself. Who knows, a White Lady might appear to me. A lot of my classmates say that our school used to be a cemetery and thus our school is haunted.
There was one instance when our classes were disrupted in the middle of the day because a schoolmate had seen a White Lady in the comfort room. From then on, I would ask a classmate to go with me whenever I want to pee but when there is no one available to accompany me, answering the call of nature becomes a nightmare.

As oppose to a White Lady, there is also a Black Lady. According to my classmates, White Ladies are harmless as compared to the Black Ladies. Be it White or Black, I’d rather they don’t show themselves at all.


7. Manananggal

“Nagbutang dyud og daghan na asin akong bana sa tanan namong bintana og nagbitay og daghan na ahos para dili daw makasulod ang manananggal sa amo (My husband placed a lot of salt on our windows and hang lots of garlic so that the Manananggal cannot enter our house).”

I was laughing so hard when I heard my pregnant friend say this. She said that she was asleep when her husband was doing this and the strong smell of garlic woke her.

The husband was probably just being cautious and protective because Manananggals are known to devour the heart of a fetus or suck the blood of a sleeping pregnant woman through their long proboscis-like tongue, as Wikipedia described it.

A Manananggal is said to be capable of separating their upper body (waist up) from their lower body (waist down), then they grow wings on their backs which enable them to fly into the night looking for victims, leaving their lower body on the ground. It is said that they must rejoin their body before sunrise, otherwise sunlight will destroy them.
Salt and garlic are said to be useful in warding off a Manananggal.


6. Santilmo

“Kung laagan kaayo ka sa gabii, makasugat ka og Santilmo (When you go out at night, you might come across a Santilmo).”

I have heard my classmates say that they have seen a Santilmo and they frequently described it as a ball of fire that runs after them and scares the hell out of them. It was when I reached fifth grade that I realized that what my classmates saw was St. Elmo’s fire.

It is described by Unexplained Mysteries as an apparition that takes on the appearance of a flame that are believed to be spirits of the dead and tend to lead the people who see them astray.


5. Wak Wak

“Hala ka! Gabii na. Dagiton dyud ka sa Wak Wak kung mag sige pa ka og laag (Watch out! It’s already nighttime. A Wakwak might seize you)!”

Wait a minute mama. I haven’t seen a Tambaloslos nor a Sigbin. A Wak Wak is going to seize me now? You’ve got to be kidding me.

As taken from John U. Wolff’s definition of Wak Wak in his “A Dictionary of Cebuano Visaya,” a Wak Wak is a bird that comes out only at night, with a distinct call that sounds like its name. Its call signifies the presence of an ungo or vampire.


4. Sigbin

“Ayaw na laag kung gabii na kay makakita ka og sigbin (Don’t go out if it’s already nighttime because you will see a Sigbin)!”

First, there’s the Tambaloslos then now, there’s a Sigbin? I haven’t even seen a fairy! Which creature should scare me first mama? I am so confused.

Sigbin, as described in Wikipedia, is a creature that suck human blood from their shadows at night. They walk backwards and their head is placed lower than their hind legs. They can sometimes be invisible to humans.

They look like a goat without horns, with very large ears, and a tail that can be used like a whip.

There are talks that a Sigbin could be an animal that is related to the kangaroo.


3. Okoy (Merman)

Just when you are starting to enjoy your swim at the beach, your parents would say, ”Ayaw adto sa lawom kay birahon ka og Okoy (Don’t go to the deep part of the sea because a merman will grab you)!”

This kind of warning would make any kid stay in the shallow parts.

Wikipedia describes the Merman as a creature from the sea that has a human form and scaly body. It is the male counterpart of a Sirena or mermaid. The lower part of their body could be webbed feet, scaly legs, or a fishtail like that of a mermaid. They are said to drown humans for food.


2. Duwende (Dwarf)
“Ayaw tamaki ang balay sa duwende kay tagaan ka nila og sakit (Don’t step on the house of the dwarf or else, they will inflict you with a disease)!”

I have heard this warning from my parents, grandparents, relatives and other elders. We have this superstitious belief that termite mounds are the homes or kingdoms of dwarves and stepping on it is a “big no.” Not only that, we were even warned not to urinate on them.

And since then, I would take great lengths so as not to see or get near a termite mound, so I would not accidentally step on one. If I see one, I remember running as fast as I can to areas where there are many people around. And while on the run, I used to imagine a small creature sitting on the mound looking deviously at me.

According to Wikipedia, Duwendes are small creatures capable of providing good or bad fortunes to humans. Aside from termite mounds, they sometimes live in trees, hills or even houses. They come out at noon and at night.

The famous line “tabi-tabi” (Visayan) or “tabi-tabi po” (Tagalog) is the Filipinos’s way of asking an excuse, especially when we take a pee outside, so as not to displease or bother the Dwarves.

As for Dwarves living in homes, some Filipinos leave food on the floor to appease them because they are known to hide things when they are feeling mischievous. However, if you plead for its return, they are said to do so or until they feel like it.

Duwendes are even featured in some local newspapers like The Sun.Star for having a son with a woman.


1. Tambaloslos

When I had my vacation in Bohol as a kid, my grandmother used to tell me not to go out to the woods alone because I might see a Tambaloslos. I asked her what in the world is a Tambaloslos and she told me that it’s an ungo or a mythical creature that looks like a person but has an uncanny and enormous smile that stretches up to its ears.

I put paid to her description of an ungo in my imagination, at first it got me amused and then when I started thinking why would a Tambaloslos smile at me that way, I started to get horrified.

According to hunospuno of Devian Art, a Tambaloslos is a mythical creature that is mostly heard of in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It usually shows itself if you are in the woods.

It has an overly large head and an overly big smile. It is said that when you see one, you will lose your way. You have to take off your clothes and put them on again but this time inside out for you to find your way or as they say, find your way out of the mouth of the Tambaloslos.

The moral lesson of scaring us with a Tambaloslos is so that we would never wander out alone in the woods.

10 most horrifying mythical creatures in Cebu and anywhere else in the Philippines

Channel Marie Imperial

Ever since I could remember, parents and other elders loved to scare us with stories about ghosts and mythical creatures. Perhaps they do it to make us behave or follow their will, and I must say the tactic works and still does for the younger generation at present.
Now that I am an adult, I really don’t blame them. As kids, we can be rowdy and capable of destroying a house if left unsupervised. And, we’d play out in the streets late into the night if we are to decide on our own.

Our parents try to get us to go home by saying “Uli na sa balay sa dili pa mag ala sais kay kan-on ka og ungo (Come back home before 6 p.m. or else a monster will eat you)!”

This is a list of 10 horrifying mythical creatures that scared the hell of me as a kid, in no particular order.

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