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Showbiz & Celebrity / Re: New Music from Bohol
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:01:27 AM »

Hehehe. Tnx Grazie7y kalooy sa Ginoo intact pa tawon ko... semi-makabuang baya pod to na trahedya, katong Katrina. But life goes on matud pa sa panultion.

Bahin sa release niadto... as in kaniadto pa to, di pa uso Amazon or digital transmission atong panahona hehe. Era of cassette pa tawon to oy, but it was worth the trip baya: naka gain pod ug experience. Nahurot baya pog kahalin hahaha.

This will be our first as Roro; hopefully matinuod ning plano oy. I'm confident madayon ni basta tagaan lag maayong panglawas sa Ginoo. Yes, we'll keep you and everybody updated. Basta promise ampo mi apil ha? Tnx daan.   :)

Showbiz & Celebrity / Re: New Music from Bohol
« on: April 19, 2009, 10:24:06 AM »
Kinsa man Lungay deri? I'm the one, per your question. Romeo is the Mascarinas, mao na siya kaniadtoy hawod manukaray sa Kilomkilom pero nagsira naman ang KK.

Yeah, naka produced nako 4 albums before (1994-1997) pero deri lang sa U.S. Unya niundang ko kay kapoy man; lisod ning wala tay Executive Producer or Record Label to support your art hehehe. Then Hurricane Katrina devastated our place in 2005 and I lost all my master recording and studio... so na minghoy! :-[ So, hopefully 2009 will open a new opportunity for this newfound fervor and I can't ask for a better partner than Meo Mas (the other RO, hahaha).

Anyway, our target release for our first CD together (God willing) will be this year, before 2009 ends... pohon. We're still on the writing and recording stages kay kuwang pa among materials. 9 pa tawon nahuman ug record. Kung kaloy-an sa Ginoo naa na hinooy 36 kabuok ga ung-ong ready to set to music and record, hahaha. Please pray for us ha?

Unya naa pa joy request ang TBTK ORG nga himoan silag theme song for this year's (July 2009)  gathering, hahaha. Saun na lang ni... but we're enjoying the ride right now!

Showbiz & Celebrity / Re: New Music from Bohol
« on: April 19, 2009, 10:00:20 AM »

Hi. Tnx Grazie7y for the welcome. Sure, sibya muleng... ato ibandera jud hahaha! I read all your entries here, am glad ok ra among mga songs. At first we didn't know where it was going, but we noticed it wasn't going to stop anytime soon so amo na lang gipahinaykan hehehe. Hopefully more people will like them... daghan na baya pod niangay mga amerkano deri sa amoa coz I play them in church and in different functions. Gisibya gyod, matud pa nimo. Again, thanks!

Showbiz & Celebrity / Re: New Music from Bohol
« on: April 19, 2009, 09:47:05 AM »
Salamat sa invite bwais! Naa na diay pod ka deri. Sige baya ko deri sa una basa-basa news bahin sa Bohol. I tot ni join na ko ani, wala pa diay hehehe. I have to register (again). I already made the link to this site, bwais, ganina. I guess nadawat na nimo message kay naa naman ani. Abtika nimo bwais. Dugay diay ka natog ron. Unya ang TBTK Theme nasugdan na nimo? Sige na paabot mga taga TBTK hahaha.

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