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Carmen - Bohol / Panaghiusa sa Carmen
« on: December 07, 2019, 08:20:12 PM »
Unprecedented "Panaghiusa"
held in Carmen
By Bohol Sunday Post: July 16, 2000
       CARMEN -- This mayor is making one unprecedented brainchild. Regardless of any political color and station in life, Mayor Pedro Budiongan Jr. assembled everybody -- whether he is a nobody or is now somebody -- to be part of Panaghiusa sa Carmen 2000.

        Panaghiusa is an ambitious project designed to gather all Carmenanons whether they are at home or abroad for a common endeavor to help the place of their birth in whatever form and substance.

         The five-day gathering kicked off right Sunday morning with a thanksgiving mass for all Carmenanons, followed by a parade going to the Carmen Sports Complex.

        Band majorettes added color to the parade as the participants marched to the music provided by the drum and bugle corps of the Katipunan High School and the Carmen Central Elementary School.

        The participants included the members of the Carmen Bohol International Foundation, Inc. (CBIFI) led by its president Romeo Jabonillo, municipal officials and employees and barangay officials and athletes.

        By 10:30 a.m., residents and visitors alike were treated to a Sinulog presentation topped with exhibition numbers from the drum and bugle corps, followed by the opening of the agro-exhibits.

       For lunch barrio fiesta style, the CBIFI members and visitors had their choice of the "bahug-bahug sa Carmen", the boodlefight or the buffet table. Being based in barangay Katipunan, soldiers of the 801st Infantry Brigade under Col. Eusebio Ramos, the commanding officer, had a field day "roughing it up" with civilians.

          On the serious side, however, the brigade later "contributed" its medical and dental teams to help the visiting doctors and medics attend to Carmenanon and non-Carmenanon patients.

         After lunch, the athletes played friendly games of basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, chess and athletics, indigenous games like "bakya sa Carmen", modified sack race, pole climbing and tug-of-war among others. 
         Meanwhile, the farmers among the crowd pitted skills in "binuntanay sa lubi" or dehusking coconuts, carabao racing and horse racing. Carmen is one of the few remaining Bohol towns that still use horses for transportation in the hinterlands.

        The medical, dental and surgical mission volunteers started arriving by 3 p.m. Their sheer number could not be accommodated at the Chocolate Hills resort complex so that they were assigned to houses for home stays. The "working guests" also included doctors, medics and paramedics from the Home Reach Foundation headed by Drs. Pepe Recitas and Ramie Cadag as well as the Confederation of Boholanos in the United States and Canada (Conbusac). 

         Day 2, Monday, started with a short program at the Cong. Simeon G. Toribio Memorial Hospital (CSGTMH) recognizing the volunteers. Clinical and surgical procedures and distribution of vitamin packs started until late in the afternoon, with the volunteers breaking only for snacks and lunch.

         The third day scenario was practically the same, except that the volunteers were allowed time to unwind that night with disco and ballroom dancing sponsored by the local Department of Education, Culture and Sports (Decs) district and the municipal officials. Winners of the Agro-Fair 2000 were also awarded prizes that night.

        Consultations, surgical, medical and dental services continued on Wednesday morning. A recognition program followed after lunch, considering that part of the crew were to leave for Loon town that afternoon to conduct similar activities.

         But the remaining volunteers continued clinical activities that afternoon and the following day.

        Also on Thursday afternoon, children of the volunteers and local counterparts shared and learned "basics" in a two-way educational workshop.

        The computer wizards shared their expertise while those who grew up or even born in the USA were treated to a field trip to the Galang Farm in barangay Buenavista. They were shown how a farmer plows his field, plants rice, weeds his farm, pound and winnow rice, gather firewood, and how a fisherman catches freshwater fish using the hook and line.

        The Thursday activities were capped with cocktails and dinner.

        The Carmenanons' participation was not limited to the drum and bugle corps or the band majorettes. The panaghiusa or unity which Mayor Pedro Budiongan Jr. always emphasizes that they practice and weave into their everyday lives -- came in unquantifiable form -- organizing and coordinating the five-day affair on top of regular duties.

        For starters, the municipal government had also been preparing for the clean and green evaluation and personnel audit in addition to the officials' and employees' regular and routinary functions.

        The barangay officials have their duties, too, which they relegated to the background for the moment just so the medical mission and sportsfest, etc. will succeed.

        The CBIFI members have their own lives to live, which they voluntarily interrupted just so they can be a part of the medical mission. They could have come home for pure and simple rest and recreation, but they set leisure and pleasure aside -- for the love of Carmen and the Carmenanons.

         At the end of the mission, a partial list of patients attended to showed tooth extractions on 784 patients, harelip repair on 30 patients, myomas removed from eight patients, hernias repaired on six patients and two patients operated on for obstructions in the kidneys. Over 5,000 patients received prescriptions, medicines and vitamins.

        To top it all, the medical mission also left medical equipment and supplies for use of the CSGTMH.

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Bohol News Archive / Bohol Sandugo Agri-Fair
« on: December 07, 2019, 08:17:27 PM »
By Romeo Teruel (Bohol Subday Post: July 16, 2000)

TOMORROW is the opening of the Sandugo 2000 Agri-Fair at the front of the old Capitol building and the Bol-anong Hikay at the Capitol Acacia Garden.  Both activities feature the best of Bohol’s agricultural products and cuisine. 

      The Bol-anong Hikay are food preparations that have long captured the Boholano palate but which visitors have yet to discover. It will be great fun and enjoyment to come and taste all on display.  

      The Bol-anong Hikay will as well include the Painitang Bol-anon and the Pagka-ong Kinaham. The Painitan will feature the best-liked native delicacies and merienda fare in the province. 

       It could be remembered that the Painitang Bol-anon was a huge success during its debut during the Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan when our balikbayans trooped to the food stands to relish the longed-for treats from the different towns all over Bohol.     

       The Pagka-ong Kinaham on the other hand will feature unique tidbits characteristic of the island’s rich edible marine and crop resources. The Monday kick off will start with the “Ubi and Vegetable Medley” where our local and foreign tourists will delight in the varied array of fresh Boholano vegetables as well as the renowned aromatic purple ubi (yam) of Bohol.

      July 18 will feature a meat festival dubbed as the “Karne Val” sponsored by the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian and the Local Government of Loboc. The 19th will highlight merienda treats galore with its label “Torta ug Uban pa” with the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and the Rural Improvement Clubs on the forefront.

       There will be a Manga Fiesta on the fourth day on July 20, which will be jointly hosted by the Mango Grower’s Association and the Tri-Manga Cooperative. Friday will be a feast of marine treats with “Kinilaw and Seafoods Galore” hosted by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Farmer’s/Fishermen’s Associations of Panglao, Candijay and Buenavista and the Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology.

       A Pasalubong contest in search of the original Boholano food and handicrafts that have never been introduced to the market and which have a potential of becoming another delightful Boholano pasalubong will cap the whole week food affair.   

      Aside from bingeing on the sumptuous food of the island during the week-long food spree, the event will also feature an agricultural fair which is geared to give more mileage and recognition of the crops of Bohol.

     The Sandugo Agri-fair 2000 dubbed as “Kabiling Yuta’g Dagat…Langit sa Bohol” reflects the great value and respect that the Boholanos place in its land. The agri-fair is designed to showcase Bohol’s prime agricultural commodities that are not only locally but also globally competitive.
       The fair will also feature demonstrations on sustainable production and utilization technologies that will enhance productivity and value of the different crops and products of the island.

       Starting on July 17th until the 21st the fair will showcase lecture/demos on various techniques on the successful production and processing of crops like pineapple, ubi, cassava, bananas, coconuts, oyster, tilapia, mud crabs and more possible sources of industry. 
It will also showcase film and video showings and short courses on packaging designs and labeling as well as flower arrangements and disease prevention on crops.

      So come and enjoy this lively festivity that will highlight even more the cordiality, friendliness and gracious spirit of the brave and resourceful Boholano. 

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Trinidad - Bohol / NPA Encounter in Trinidad town
« on: December 07, 2019, 08:14:58 PM »
Published by Bohol Sunday Post on July 16, 2000
2 wounded rebs brought to Cebu
       TWO more wounded suspected rebels in the July 2 encounter in sitio Diis, barangay Kauswagan, Trinidad town were brought to Cebu for treatment three days after the encounter.

        T/Sgt. Narciso Tabaniag, team leader of the Civil Relations Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (CRS-AFP) operating in Bohol said the two were brought by habal-habal or motorcycle for hire from the hinterlands to the shoreline of Getafe town 92 kms. northeast of Tagbilaran City. Getafe is a northern Bohol town facing Cebu.

       Tabaniag said the operator whose pumpboat the wounded boarded on the way to Cebu reported the incident to Col. Eusebio Ramos, commanding officer of the 801st Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army.

       Ramos' troops figured in the encounter in Diis that claimed the life of one soldier, wounded another two and killed eight suspected rebels that included a boy.

       Ramos is keeping the name of the pumpboat operator under wraps.

       However, he said, 30 minutes into the ride, when the pumpboat was between Getafe and Cebu, an unmarked speedboat met them.

       On board were five men fully armed with high-powered firearms who asked where the rest of the wounded were. 

        The wounded reportedly answered, "Tua pa sa taas (Still in the hills)."

       One had sustained a wound in the left upper chest that allegedly bled every time he talked. The other had a wound on the right portion of his abdomen.

       Tabaniag said the pumpboat operator told Ramos that a third wounded person was supposed to be with the two. The man had a wounded left knee while only a strip of skin connected his right arm to his body. 

        Some days immediately after the clash, the fishermen along the Getafe coast agreed among themselves to remove the spark plugs from their pumpboat engines to temporarily disable them.

        These will deter the rebels from using their pumpboats for the first leg of the trip to Cebu. That Wednesday morning, however, this pumpboat operator had just returned from fishing. Informed of the agreement among his peers, he returned to the shore to remove his spark plug as well.

        To his surprise, the wounded were already aboard his boat.

         Apparently afraid that their comrade would bleed to death during the pumpboat ride, and especially when he exerts effort during the speed boat transfer, they prevailed over him to return with the habal-habal.

         From radio messages it intercepted, the military gleaned that at least 20 were killed and 35 were wounded on the rebel side.

         Tabaniag said Ramos wants these wounded located so that they can be given treatment. He also wants the dead located so that they can be given a proper burial.

        Meanwhile, to ensure that government services reach the grassroots, the local government unit of Trinidad under Mayor Filadelfo Garcia, together with the 801st Infantry Brigade and the Bohol provincial government conducted a two-day medical, dental and civic action in Kauswagan on July 13 and 14.

       The town appropriated P30,000 to buy medicines and to defray incidental expenses during the two-day activity. The provincial government also provided two boxes of medicines for the purpose. (With reports from Sean Guingguing).

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Loboc - Bohol / Robbery in Loboc, Bohol
« on: December 07, 2019, 08:11:39 PM »
Published by Bohol Sunday Post on July 16, 2000

Robbery results in couple grim death
       LOBOC -- The loot was only P28,000 but two suspects are paying dearly for the death of an elderly couple.

        Two of the three suspects are now languishing at the Loboc town jail for the robbery and murder of the couple Andres and Brigida Ibañez, 79 and 72 years old, respectively. The victims are residents of barangay Candabong, this town.

       It did not take long for the Loboc police to capture the perpetrators identified as one Isidro Brin y Bongabong alias Lolong, 22, and Genesis Polinar y Tac-an alias Terio, age and address unknown.

        A third suspect, a certain Mario Loy-a is still at large.
 As this developed, Mayor Cecilio Sarigumba ordered an extensive manhunt to track down Loy-a.

         In a check with the Loboc police last night, SPO1 Eufemia Fajardo, in charge of the town's women's desk, said the entire local police are on their toes to apprehend the third suspect who is believed to be the mastermind.

         At least two witnesses, the couple's son and a grandson, told the police how the three suspects carried out the dastardly crime.

         The grandson, Rich Lord Ibañez, said he saw how the suspects robbed and killed his grandparents.

        The six year-old witness had lived with the ill-fated couple.

      The son, Juan Ibañez, 41, said he also saw the three suspects rob and kill the hapless husband and wife.
 It was learned from the Loboc police that the money was taken from the wife. She had wrapped the bills in a piece of cloth and tied it around her waist.

       As of last report, the Loboc police are still trying to figure it out who among the three suspects hid the loot.
 The police also submitted the two to paraffin and drug tests at the PNP Crime Laboratory in Camp Dagohoy in Tagbilaran City.

       Brin and Polinar tested negative for paraffin or for shabu and marijuana.

       This means they did not fire a gun and were not under the influence of drugs immediately before the tests were performed.

       But the witnesses had positively identified the two to be among the perpetrators.

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Who's Who in the Philippines / True Hero: Roger Casogay
« on: December 07, 2019, 07:34:46 PM »
WE WIN AS ONE! Isang Pinoy surfer ang sinagip ang katunggaling Indonesian matapos maputol ang leg rope nito sa kasagsagan ng laban nitong Biyernes sa San Juan, La Union.

Nangunguna na sa puntos si Roger Casugay ngunit nagpaubaya siya at isinantabi ang pagiging lamang para lang maligtas si Arip Nurhidayat.

Dahil sa ipinakitang sportsmanship, pinuri si Casugay hindi lang ng kaniyang coach kundi maging ng Indonesian Surfing Team. #SEAGames2019 #GalingNatinIto | via Michelle Soriano, ABS-CBN News


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Philippine Provinces / Gensan Youth Achievers
« on: December 07, 2019, 07:28:22 PM »
LGU awards youth achievers in GenSan

Press Release
GENERAL SANTOS CITY- The Local Government Unit of General Santos City with the leadership of City Mayor Ronnel Rivera through the Youth Affairs and Development Office headed by Elmer Cequiña awarded the GenSan youth achievers on Friday, December 06, 2019 at Veranza Mall.

The program was attended by youth awardees, Board of Adjudicators, GSCYAA Alumni, YADO Officials, PDAO  Division Chief Maria Rita Velos, Margareth Rose Santos as representative of Vice Mayor Loreto Acharon and City Councilors  Jonathan Blando and John Salvador Demdam.

The General Santos City Youth Achievers Award (GSCYAA) is an annual search to recognize young individuals who have shown excellence and made laudable works in any field that they chose and youth organizations that made a big impact on their sector.

This program of the city government will help the youth become a good example to guide more people to reach their full potential for the betterment of the city.

Johnrex Galdo an alumnus of GSCYAA gave a very inspiring message to the youth saying that being who you are, learning to embrace the attitude of gratitude, to always walk in humility, to always learn from failures and making a life and not a resume are the lessons of being an achiever.

The following is the list of winners in different categories:

High School Category- Roana Mae C. Caguliodo (Mindanao State University)
Young Professionals, Entrepreneur, and Workers Category- Alfredo P. Santander (Brgy. Katangawan) and Cirilo A. Lagnason Jr. (DENR XII)
Out of School Youth and Youth with Special Needs Category- Kevin Paul Palaca (Brgy. Mabuhay)
Youth Excellence in Artistic Discipline- Michael Jude Tumamac (Home Radio Gensan)
Cultural Communities and Indigenous Category- Jeffrey M. Kapawan (Upper Labay High School)
Group Category- Team Indayog (Cronasia Foundation College Inc.) and Kidlikasan, Kabataan, Kalikasan

The awardees expressed their gratitude to the city mayor and the YADO as they received their General Santos City Youth Achievers Award. (CPIO/OM/RSC)
Photo by Gia Morales

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Philippine Provinces / Sta. Maria, Davao Occidental
« on: December 07, 2019, 07:15:19 PM »
Spot Report
OOA 1500H 07 December 2019 @ Brgy. San Agustin Beach, Sta. Maria Fire Station personnel headed by SFO2 Joseph Esmores conducted Coastal Clean Up as reference to the Memorandum duly signed by FIRE DIRECTOR LEONARD R BANAGO, PME, Chief, BFP dated 28 October 2019.  The activity will be a weekly commitment of the Bureau of Fire Protection as partner and supporting agency of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

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Press Release
North Cotabato Vice Governor Emmylou “Lala” J. Taliño-Mendoza Recieves award from the 46th Fire Service Recognition of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) yesterday for her outstanding commitment and Self sacrificing service to the people who were victims of the series of earthquakes that jolted the Province of Cotabato last October 2019.

Vice Governor Mendoza was then Acting Governor that time listed 71 evacuation sites in 5 Municipalities within the Province. Through her stern leadership, a Unified Command Incident Managament Team was established to efficiently utilize resources including funds, manpower, equipment, facilities. Various National Government Agencies like BFP, PNP, AFP, DOH, DSWD, PHIVOLCS, MGB and other Volunteer Groups were moved effectively on the ground as a result of her sound decisions and comprehensive directives during the disaster response operations.

Congratulations Vice Governor Lala Taliño-Mendoza! Mabuhay ang Cotabato Province! Mabuhay and Long Live Serbisyong Totoo!

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Philippine Provinces / Misamis Oriental Police Provincial Office
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:44:40 PM »
Spot Report PNP
On December 7, 2019 at about 7:00AM the Misamis Oriental Police Provincial Office led by PCOL ROBERT ROY VAGUCHAY BAHIAN, Provincial Director joined the last NECROLOGICAL SERVICE at Initao Municipal Hall to late PSMS JASON JANOG MAGNO, the Hero Cop who save the lives of students in a grenade blast at Initao College. A funeral mass follows at St. Francis Xavier Church of same municipality wherein more or less 7,000 people had attended and gave their sympathy to the bereaved family. The Hero Cop was given FULL MILITARY HONOR in his last resting place and presentation of ultimate service symbol by the Provincial Director of Misamis Oriental at about 12:00 noon of same date.

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English Dictionary / Kiang Definition
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:34:04 PM »
definition from
Oxford Dictionary of English - 

kiang /kɪˈaŋ  /
▸ noun an animal of a large race of the Asian wild ass with a thick furry coat, native to the Tibetan plateau.
Equus hemionus kiang, family Equidae; sometimes treated as a separate species. Compare with onager, kulan.
– ORIGIN mid 19th century : from Tibetan kyang.

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Philippine Provinces / ComVal to Davao de Oro
« on: December 07, 2019, 11:18:30 AM »
PADAYON ANG PAGBOTO! Atong ipakatag ang pag-unong sa katawhan sa Compostela Valley karong adlawa.

Naa pa’y lima ka oras nabilin.



(1)   Board Members of Compostela Valley-

(2)   Councilor Arnel Sugnoan of New Bataan

(3)   Vice Mayor Voltaire Rimando

(4)   Charlemagne Bautista

(5)   Mayor Amatong and Vice Mayor Balili of Nabunturan

(6)   Mayor Maris Colina-Vendiola of Mabini, Nabunturan

(7)   Senior Board Member Arturo Uy

(8)   Governor Tyron Uy


(1)   Nabunturan National Comprehensive High School

(2)   Poblacion, Nabunturan

(3)   Cabinuangan, New Bataan

(4)   Antequera, Nabunturan


(1)   Senior Citizens of Nabunturan

(2) Muslim Women

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June 04, 2013

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION l. Establishment. - There is hereby established a state college in the City of Talisay, Province of Cebu to be known as the Talisay City State College, hereinafter referred to as the College.

SECTION 2. General Mandate. - The College shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional instruction and training in science, education, agriculture, fishery and industrial fields and other relevant areas of study. It shall also undertake research and extension services and programs in food production, nutrition, health and sports development, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.

SECTION 3. Academic Freedom and Institutional Autonomy. - The College shall enjoy academic freedom and institutional autonomy, pursuant to paragraph 2, Section 5 of Article XIV of the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.

SECTION 4. Curricular Offerings. - The College shall offer undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of science, education, agriculture, fishery and industrial fields and other degrees/courses within its areas of specialization and according to its capabilities, as the Board of Trustees may deem necessary to carry out its objectives in order to meet the needs of the Province of Cebu and Region VII.

The College may operate a reasonably-sized laboratory school, if it has an Institute of Education.

SECTION 5. Administration. - The College shall have the general powers of a corporation set forth in Batas Pambansa Blg. 68, as amended, otherwise known as "The Corporation Code of the Philippines". The administration of the College and the exercise of its corporate powers shall be vested exclusively in the Board of Trustees and the President of the College.

SECTION 6. The Governing Board. - The governing board of the College shall be the Board of Trustees, hereinafter referred to as the Board, which shall be composed of the following:

(a) The Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Chairperson:

(b) The President of the College, Vice Chairperson;

(c) The Chairperson of the Committee on Education, Arts and Culture of the Senate, member;

(d) The Chairperson of the Committee on Higher and Technical Education of the House of Representatives, member;

(e) The Regional Director of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), member;

(f) The Regional Director of the Department of Agriculture (DA); member;

(g) The President of the faculty association of the College, member;

(h) The President of the student council of the College, member;

(i) The President of the alumni association of the College, member; and

(j) Two (2) prominent citizens from the private sector who have distinguished themselves in their profession or fields of specialization, members.

The Board shall appoint the two (2) prominent citizens from among a list of at least five (5) qualified persons in the Province of Cebu, as recommended by the search committee constituted by the College President in consultation with the Chairperson of the CHED and the other members of the Board, based on the normal standards and qualifications for the position.

The term of office of the President of the faculty association, the President of the student council and the President of the alumni association shall be coterminous with their respective terms of office, as set forth in their respective constitutions and by laws.

The two (2) prominent citizens shall serve for a term of two (2) years from the date of appointment.

SECTION 7. Powers and Duties of the Board of Trustees. - The Board shall have the following specific powers and duties, in addition to its general powers of administration and the exercise of all the powers granted to the board of directors of a corporation under existing laws:

(a) To promulgate and implement policies in accordance with the declared State policies on education and other pertinent provisions of the Philippine Constitution on education, agriculture, science and technology, as well as the policies, standards and thrusts of the CHED under Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the "Higher Education Act of 1994";

(b) To promulgate rules and regulations not contrary to law as may be necessary to carry out the purposes and function of the College;

(c) To receive and appropriate all sums as may be provided for the support of the College in the manner it may determine in its discretion, in order to carry out the purposes and functions of the College;

(d) To import economic, technical and cultural books and/or publications;

(e) To receive in trust legacies, gifts and donations of real properties of all kinds and to administer and dispose of the same when necessary for the benefit of the College, and subject to the limitations, directions and instructions of the donor, if any;

(f) To fix the tuition fees and other necessary school charges such as, but not limited to, matriculation fees, graduation fees and laboratory fees, as the Board may deem proper to impose, after due consultations with the involved sectors.

Such fees and charges, including government subsidies and other income generated by the College, shall constitute special trust funds and shall be deposited in any authorized government depository bank, and all interests that shall accrue therefrom shall form part of the same funds for the use of the College.

Any provision of existing laws, rules and regulations to the contrary notwithstanding, any income generated by the College from tuition fees and other charges, as well as from the operation of auxiliary services and land grants, shall be retained by the College and may be disbursed by the Board for instruction, research, extension or other programs/projects of the College: Provided, That all fiduciary fees shall be disbursed for the specific purposes for which these are collected.

If, for reason beyond its control, the College shall not be able to pursue any project for which funds have been appropriated and allocated under its approved program of expenditures, the Board may authorize the use of said funds for any reasonable purpose which, in its discretion, may be necessary and urgent for the attainment of the objectives and goals of the College;

(g) To adopt and implement a socialized scheme of tuition and other school fees for greater access to poor hut deserving students;

(h) To authorize the construction or repair of its buildings, machinery, equipment and other facilities, and the purchase and acquisition of real and personal properties, including necessary supplies, materials and equipment;

(i) To appoint, upon recommendation of the President of the College, Vice Presidents, deans, directors, heads of departments, faculty members and other officials and employees of the College;

(j) To fix and adjust salaries of faculty members and administrative officials and employees, subject to the provisions of the Revised Compensation and Position Classification System and other pertinent budget and compensation laws governing hours of service, and such other duties and conditions as it may deem proper; to grant them, at its discretion, leaves of absence under such regulations as it may promulgate, any provision of existing laws to the contrary notwithstanding; and to remove them for cause in accordance with the requirements of due process of law;

(k) To approve the curricula, instructional programs and rules of discipline drawn by the Administrative and Academic Councils as herein provided;

(1) To set policies on admission and graduation of students;

(m) To award honorary degrees upon persons in recognition of their outstanding contribution in the fields of agriculture, public service, arts, science and technology, education or in any field of specialization within the academic competence of the College; and to authorize the awarding of certificates of completion of non degree and nontraditional courses;

(n) To establish and absorb nonchartered tertiary institutions within the Province of Cebu as branches and extension centers in coordination with the CHED, and in consultation with the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), and to offer therein programs or courses to promote and carry out equal and greater access to educational opportunities as mandated by the Constitution;

(o) To establish research and extension centers of the College where such will promote the development of the latter;

(p) To establish professorial chairs in the College and to provide fellowships for qualified faculty members and scholarships to deserving students;

(q) To delegate any of its powers and duties provided for hereinabove to the President or Officer-in-Charge and/or other officials of the College as it may deem appropriate, so as to, expedite the administration of the affairs of the College;

(r) To authorize an external management audit of the College, to be financed by the CHED, subject to the rules and regulations of the Commission on Audit (COA); and to institute reforms, including academic and structural changes, on the basis of the audit results and recommendations;

(s) To collaborate with other governing boards of state universities and colleges within the Province of Cebu or Region VII, under the supervision of the CHED and in consultation with the DBM, and work towards the restructuring of the College to become more efficient, relevant, productive and competitive;

(t) To enter into joint ventures with business and industry for the profitable development and management of the economic assets of the College, the proceeds from which shall be used for the development and strengthening of the same;

(u) To develop consortia and other forms of linkages with local government units (LGUs), institutions and agencies, both public and private, local and foreign, in furtherance of the purposes and objectives of the College;

(v) To develop academic arrangements for institutional capability building with appropriate institutions and agencies, public and private, local and foreign, and to appoint experts/specialists as consultants, part-time or visiting or exchange professors, scholars or researchers, as the case may be;

(w) To set up the adoption of modern and innovative modes of transmitting knowledge such as the use of information technology, the dual learning system open learning or distance education and community laboratory for the promotion of greater access to higher education and graduate studies, as the case may be;

(x) To establish policy guidelines and procedures for participative decision-making and transparency within the College;

(y) To privatize, where most advantageous to the College, the management of nonacademic services such as health, food, building, grounds or property maintenance and such other similar activities; and

(z) To extend the term of the President of the College beyond the age of retirement, but not beyond the age of seventy (70), whose performance has been unanimously rated by the Board as outstanding, based on the guidelines, qualifications and/or standards set by the Board, after unammous recommendation by the search committee.

SECTION 8. Meetings of the Board. - The Board shall regularly convene once every three (3) months. Whenever necessary, the Chairperson of the Board may call, upon three (3) days' prior written-notice, a maximum of two (2) special meetings within the same period.

A quorum of the Board shall consist of majority of all its members holding office at the time of the meeting: Provided, however, that the Chairperson of the CHED or the President of the College is among those present in the meeting.

In the absence of the Chairperson of the CHED, a Commissioner of the CHED, duly designated by him/her, shall represent him/her in the meeting with all the rights and responsibilities of a regular member: Provided, however, That during this meeting, the President of the College as Vice Chairperson shall be the Presiding Officer: Provided, further, That this proviso notwithstanding, the Chairperson of the CHED is hereby authorized to designate a CHED Commission as the regular Chair of the Board, in which case said, CHED Commissioner shall act as the Presiding Officer. In case the Chairpersons of the Congressional Committees on Education shall not be able to attend the Board meeting, they may duly designate their respective representatives to attend the said meeting, who shall have the same rights and responsibilities as a regular member of the Board.

The members of the Board shall not receive any salary but shall be entitled to reimbursements for actual and necessary expenses incurred, either in their attendance to meetings of the Board or in connection with other official business authorized by resolution of the Board, subject to existing laws and regulations.

SECTION 9. The College President. - The College shall be headed by a President, who shall render full-time service. He/She shall be appointed by the Board, subject to the guidelines, qualifications and lord standards set by the Board. Upon recommendation of a duly constituted search committee.: He/She shall have a term of four (4) years and shall be eligible for reappointment for another term.

Pending the appointment of the first President of the, College, the Chairperson of the CHED shall appoint an Officer-in-Charge of the College.

Within six (6) months before the expiration of the term of office of the incumbent President of the College, the Board shall constitute the Search Committee for the Presidency (SCP).

In case of vacancy in the Office of the President by reason of death, compulsory retirement, resignation, removal for cause or incapacity of the President to perform the functions of his/her

office, the Board shall designate an Officer-in-Charge of the College within six (6) months from the date of vacancy, pending the appointment of a new President.

In case of vacancy in the Office of the President as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph, his/her successor or the Officer-in-Charge of the College shall serve only the unexpired portion of the term.

The powers and duties of the President of the College, in addition to those specifically provided in this Act, shall be those usually pertaining to the Office of the President of similar colleges, and those delegated by the Board.

The salary of the President of the College shall be in accordance with the Revised Compensation and Position Classification System and shall be comparable to that being received by the Presidents of similar educational Institutions.

The President of the College shall be assisted by a Vice President for Academic Affairs, who shall be appointed by the Board upon the recommendation of the President.

SECTION 10. The Administrative Council. - There shall be an Administrative Council consisting of the President of the College as Chairperson, Vice Presidents, deans, directors and other officials of equal rank as members, whose duty is to review and recommend to the Board the policies governing the administration, management and development planning of the College.

SECTION 11. The Academic Council. - There shall be an Academic Council to be composed of the President of the College, who shall act as Chairperson, and all the academic staff with the rank of at least an assistant professor, as members.

The Academic Council shall have the power to review and recommend the curricular offerings and rules of discipline of the College, subject to the approval of the Board. It shall fix the requirements for the admission of students, as well as for their graduation and conferment of degrees, subject to review and/or approval by the Board through the President of the College. It shall have the disciplinary power over students of the College and shall formulate academic policies and rules and regulations on discipline, subject to the approval of the Board.

SECTION 12. The Secretary of the College. - The Board shall appoint a secretary, who shall serve as such for both the Board and the College and shall keep all records and proceedings of the Board. He/She shall serve upon each member of the board the appropriate notice of the Board meetings.

SECTION 13. The Treasurer of the College . - The Treasurer of the Philippines shall be the ex officio treasurer of the College.

SECTION 14. The Faculty . - No political beliefs, gender preference, cultural or community affiliation or ethnic origin, and religious opinion or affiliation shall be a matter of inquiry in the appointment of faculty members of the College: Provided, That said appointment shall be subject to the guidelines, qualifications and/or standards set by the Board: Provided, further, That no member of the faculty shall teach for 6r against any particular church or religious sect.

SECTION 15. Scholarship Program/Admission. - The College shall provide a scholarship program and other affirmative action programs to assist poor but deserving students who qualify for admission to the College.

No student shall be denied admission to the College by reason of sex, religion, cultural or community affiliation, or ethnic origin.

SECTION 16. Authority to Loan or Transfer Apparatus/Equipment/ Supplies and Detail of Personnel. - The heads of the bureaus and offices of the national government are hereby authorized to loan or transfer, upon the request of the President of the College, such apparatus, equipment or supplies a s may be needed by the College, and to detail employees for duty therein when, in the judgment of the head of the bureau or office, such apparatus, equipment, supplies or services of such employees can be spared without serious detriment to public service.

The employees so detailed shall perform such duties as required of them by the President of the College, and the time so employed shall be counted as part of their regular services.

SECTION 17. Campus Site/Assets. - The College shall have an area of not less than five (5) hectares, at least three (3) hectares of which are contiguous to the main campus, for its exclusive use as campus site for its academic and instructional programs, research and development activities and experimental and laboratory facilities.

The Board shall forthwith recommend a suitable site within the City of Talisay for this purpose. The parcel of land to be occupied by the Talisay City State College is hereby declared to be property of the College, and shall be titled under that name: Provided, That should the College cease to exist or be abolished, or should said parcel of land aforementioned be no longer needed

by the College, the same shall revert to the LGU concerned.

SECTION 18. Tax Exemption on Importation and Donations.- The importation of economic, technical and cultural books and/or publications, which are for economic, technical, vocational, scientific, philosophical, historical or cultural purposes made by the Talisay City State College upon certification by the CHED, shall be exempt from customs duties in accordance with the provisions of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines, as amended.

All donations in any form to the Talisay City State College shall be exempt from the donor's tax and the same shall be considered as allowable deduction from the gross income in the computation of the income tax of the donor, in accordance with the provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended.

SECTION 19. Appropriations. - The amount necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act shall be included in the annual General Appropriations Act of the year following its enactment into law and thereafter.

SECTION 20. Development Plan, Management Audit, Organizational/Administrative/Academic Structure. – Within the period of one hundred twenty (120) days after the approval of this Act, the College shall accomplish the following:

(a) Submit a five (5)-year development plan, including its corresponding program budget to the CRED, for corresponding recommendation to the DBM;

(b) Undergo a management audit in cooperation with the CHED; and

(c) Set up its organizational, administrative as well as academic structure, including the appointment of the key officials of the College.

SECTION21. Filing of Report. - On or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the second (2nd) month after the opening of the regular classes each year, the Board shall file with the Office of the President of the Philippines, through the Chairperson of the CHED, and with both Houses of Congress a detailed report on the progress, conditions and needs of the College.'

SECTION 22. Suppletory Application. - The provisions of Republic Act No. 8292, otherwise known as the "Righer Education Modernization Act of 1997", shall be an integral part of this Act and shall serve as part of the Governing Charter of the College.

SECTION 23. Parity Clause. - All other powers, functions and privileges, responsibilities and limitations to state colleges and/or their officials under existing laws shall be deemed 'granted to or imposed upon the College and/or its officials, whenever appropriate.

SECTION 24. Compliance with CHED Requirements. – The provisions of this Act notwithstanding, the establishment or conversion of the institution into a state college shall become effective only upon the determination and declaration by the CHED, based on the recommendation of a panel of experts, that the institution has complied with the requirements for a college status. The CHED, through its regional office, shall regularly provide technical assistance to the institution and monitor compliance with the requirements of the Commission.

The CHED shall designate a panel of experts who shall prepare a recommendation to the Chairperson of the CHED, on whether the institution has substantially complied with the requirements for the grant of college status.

The following are the operational requirements for a college:

(a) Level III accreditation or equivalent under CHED policies for at least four (4) of its undergraduate programs, one (1) ill liberal arts and one (1) ill the sciences, and two (2) of its graduate programs;

(b) Ratio of qualified full-time faculty with requisite degrees to number of students;

(c) Adequate library and laboratories;

(d) Research and development output of practical and commercial application to the community;

(e) Relevant linkages and outreach programs that are of service to the community; and

(f) Relevant academic policies, systems and processes.

The institution shall return its status prior to the effectivity of this Act, unless in the meantime it is able to comply with the requirements provided herein, within a period not exceeding

January 1, 2016.

SECTION 25. Implementing Rules and Regulations. – The Board, in consultation with the CRED, shall formulate the guidelines to fully implement the provisions of this Act.

SECTION 26. Separability Clause. - If, for any reason, any part or provision of this Act is declared invalid or unconstitutional, the remaining parts or provisions not affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 27. Repealing Clause. - All laws, presidential decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 28. Effectivity. - This Act shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in two (2) newspapers general circulation.


President of the Senate
Speaker of the House
of Representatives
This Act which originated in the House of Representatives was finally passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on February 6, 2013 and February 4, 2013, respectively.

Acting Secretary of the Senate
Secretary General
House of Representatives
Approved: JUN 04 2013

President of the Philippine

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Philippine Laws / Article 1 1987 Philippine Constitution
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:16:06 AM »
National Territory
The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein, and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial, fluvial, and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other submarine areas. The waters around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their breadth and dimensions, form part of the internal waters of the Philippines.

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Philippine Laws / Preamble of the 1987 Philippine Constitution
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:13:52 AM »
Preamble of the 1987 Philippine Constitution

We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.

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Poems and Poets / A Far Cry From AfricaBy Derek Walcott
« on: December 07, 2019, 06:05:46 AM »
A Far Cry From Africa
By Derek Walcott

A wind is ruffling the tawny pelt
Of Africa, Kikuyu, quick as flies,
Batten upon the bloodstreams of the veldt.
Corpses are scattered through a paradise.
Only the worm, colonel of carrion, cries:
'Waste no compassion on these separate dead!'
Statistics justify and scholars seize
The salients of colonial policy.
What is that to the white child hacked in bed?
To savages, expendable as Jews?
Threshed out by beaters, the long rushes break
In a white dust of ibises whose cries
Have wheeled since civilizations dawn
>From the parched river or beast-teeming plain.
The violence of beast on beast is read
As natural law, but upright man
Seeks his divinity by inflicting pain.
Delirious as these worried beasts, his wars
Dance to the tightened carcass of a drum,
While he calls courage still that native dread
Of the white peace contracted by the dead.

Again brutish necessity wipes its hands
Upon the napkin of a dirty cause, again
A waste of our compassion, as with Spain,
The gorilla wrestles with the superman.
I who am poisoned with the blood of both,
Where shall I turn, divided to the vein?
I who have cursed
The drunken officer of British rule, how choose
Between this Africa and the English tongue I love?
Betray them both, or give back what they give?
How can I face such slaughter and be cool?
How can I turn from Africa and live?

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Poems and Poets / A City's Death by FireBy Derek Walcott
« on: December 07, 2019, 05:44:52 AM »
A City's Death by Fire
By Derek Walcott

After that hot gospeller has levelled all but the churched sky,
I wrote the tale by tallow of a city's death by fire;
Under a candle's eye, that smoked in tears, I
Wanted to tell, in more than wax, of faiths that were snapped like wire.
All day I walked abroad among the rubbled tales,
Shocked at each wall that stood on the street like a liar;
Loud was the bird-rocked sky, and all the clouds were bales
Torn open by looting, and white, in spite of the fire.
By the smoking sea, where Christ walked, I asked, why
Should a man wax tears, when his wooden world fails?
In town, leaves were paper, but the hills were a flock of faiths;
To a boy who walked all day, each leaf was a green breath
Rebuilding a love I thought was dead as nails,
Blessing the death and the baptism by fire.

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Poems and Poets / Love of Jerusalem by Yehuda Amichai
« on: December 07, 2019, 01:23:13 AM »
By Yehuda Amichai

There is a street where they sell only red meat
And there is a street where they sell only clothes and perfumes. And there
is a day when I see only cripples and the blind
And those covered with leprosy, and spastics and those with twisted lips.

Here they build a house and there they destroy
Here they dig into the earth
And there they dig into the sky,
Here they sit and there they walk
Here they hate and there they love.

But he who loves Jerusalem
By the tourist book or the prayer book
is like one who loves a women
By a manual of sex positions.

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Poems and Poets / I woke up, it was the house where I was born
« on: December 07, 2019, 01:18:47 AM »
The House Where I Was Born
By Yves Bonnefoy

I woke up, it was the house where I was born.
It was raining softly in all the rooms,
I went from one to another, looking at
The water that shone on the mirrors
Piled up everywhere, some broken or even
Pushed between the furniture and the walls.
It was from these reflections that sometimes a face
Would emerge, laughing, of a gentleness
That was different from what the world is.
And, with a hesitant hand, I touched in the image
The tossled hair of the goddess,
Beneath the veil of the water
I could see the sad, distracted face of a little girl.
Bewilderment between being and not being,
Hand that is reluctant to touch the mist,
Then I listened as the laughter faded away
In the halls of the empty house.
Here nothing but forever the gift of the dream,
The outstretched hand that does not cross
The fast flowing water where memories vanish.

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Poems and Poets / And then the day came by Yves Bonnefoy
« on: December 07, 2019, 01:16:19 AM »
By Yves Bonnefoy

And then the day came
When I heard the extraordinary lines in Keats,
The evocation of Ruth “when, sick for home,
She stood in tears amid the alien corn.”

I did not need to search for the meaning
Of these words,
For it was in me since childhood,
I had only to recognize and to love it
When it came back from the depths of my life.

What could I take
From the evasive maternal presence
If not the feeling of exile and tears
That clouded that gaze searching to find
In things close by the place forever lost?

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Poems and Poets / By Yves Bonneflor
« on: December 07, 2019, 01:13:34 AM »
By Yves Bonneflor

I woke up, it was the house where I was born,
It was night, trees were crowding
On all sides around our door,
I was alone on the doorstep in the cold wind,
No, not alone, for two huge beings
Were speaking to each other above me, through me.
One, behind, an old woman, stooped, mean,
The other standing upright outside like a lamp,
Beautiful, holding the cup that had been offered her,
Drinking greedily to calm her thirst.
Did I think to mock her, surely not,
Rather I let out a cry of love
But with the strangeness of despair,
And the poison ran throughout my body,
Ceres, mocked, broke the one who loved her.
Thus speaks the life walled up in life today.

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