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LGU Philippines / Re: Mitt Romney Attacks China
« on: October 31, 2012, 02:36:31 PM »
Thanks Lorenzo; you have good assessment of the Obama administration. In my own understanding of how the Chinese manipulate their currency is simple. They have 2 currencies; one is the "rin min bi" which is the official money of China and the other is the "yuan" which is used for international exchange. This rin min bi currency is used inside China and does follow the international value of the dollar or the yuan.

The other issue against Obama is the tragedy in Benghazi. In my opinion Obama's actuation during the crisis violate his mandate under the constitution. His failure to defend a piece of US territory resulted in the death of 4 american personnel including the US ambassador. As CC of the US military he denied a CIA's request for military intervention in the crisis. 



The assassination of the US ambassador to Libya and 3 others and the burning of the consulate was an act of war that coincides with the anniversary of 9/11... and the Obama administration because of its policy of leading from behind accused a film maker that according to the state department caused the riot in the muslim world. The irony is the film maker was shown on TV handcuffed as if he is the culprit for the riot and murder of 4 persons connected to the US embassy in Libya for making the film.

Philippine Daily News / Re: Cybercrime law was 'cut-and-paste' lawmaking?
« on: October 11, 2012, 06:42:44 AM »
I have not read the law but I believe it's a law preventing the criticism the concept of god, the prophet and religion. This is like appeasing one class of people and its religious practices. But if it is the law then your right to offend, insult and blaspheme the concept of god is curtailed. Now we are going back to the dark ages.   

The revelation of identities does not in any way fortify puny arguments.

Hiding behind an alias and hurling stupid comments is a sign of cowardice... this is why I told you my real name that in a way we can talk in a polite manner with us knowing each other. If you think my argument is easy to destroy then try it. I think you are man who doesn't use your mental faculty in a proper decorum because the last time I engaged with you in an issue you suddenly burst into anger. Are you still young? Why are you so aggressive? So, what can I expect from you but madness. Puny arguments! Hehehe.... You're a sissy to me in argumentation! That is the truth!

Hmm, you will stick to your ridiculous, ignorant, clueless usage? Bwahaha! If your vocabulary is that deficient, why should I venture tangling with you in the more complicated discipline of logic?


It is you who is pretentious! You can talk to me like that because you are hiding behind an alias. But the truth is; you are a coward! You are engaging me in a quarrel of words and not in the deliberation of issues. That's how illogical and stupid you are! Wake up and be a man! Ayaw si'g binayot diha Doy!

actually, the environmentalism seen in california was not because of obama, but because of the policies enacted by past presidents such as bush sr, clinton, and even bush jr. the total and complete blame should not be placed on obama, who actually inherited a devastated american economy.

you're right tho, isles, american overconsumerism is a pivotoral reason for the financial catastrophe of '08; one contributing factor were the sub prime mortgages on homes, the uncontrolled loaning to home-owners, as well as student loans. the problem was that there was a lack of regulation. when the economy tanked, considering how the US economy is linked with the global economy, the waves was felt worldwide.

i believe that we are learning from our mistakes ; a better fiscal policy should be enacted if the united states wishes to evade similar incidents later on. but only time will tell.

The decline of America cannot be blamed on past presidents but to the present administration of Obama. The reason is because he is a leftist president. At the start of his administration he was able to obtain from congress 8 billion stimulus money. What happened to this 8B stimulus? Part of it he made as  giveaways to the unemployed... when in the past there were only 20 million Americans looking for the food stamps today with Obama there are now 45 million Americans asking for food stamps. According to Newt Gingrich he [Obama] is the best food stamp president in American history.

The other part of the stimulus were used to subsidize his cronies making solar panels and wind turbines. These gamble in the "greening of America" went flop with Solyndra fold up shop with the loan gone. And another in California "green" plant closing shop. Who will pay for the loan they acquired? Of course the future Americans!

The Obama administration is already loaning the future of Americans to come. He is now borrowing money from China that no president ever did. The US debt at present is beyond the total GDP of America which is 16 Trillion dollars. During the campaign my political adversary in Bohol-Forum argue that America is too big to fail with its 16 Trillion GDP. 

In the case of California their bankruptcy of the state is to be blamed only to the Californians. Every American state have their own system of laws. California in the 1960's their economy is equivalent to the whole continent of Europe. Why is this state declining? In California liberalism is now mixed up with European Socialism. They are electing leaders in their state that made their state went bankrupt a long time ago. The state of California owes 15 Billion dollars to the bank and they have no idea where to get the money from because businessmen are going out of California. New York and Ohio have the same problem. Wisconsin was able to breath fresh air when they  brought back to the state capitol Scott Walker in a recall election.

This the picture of left wingers who want to takeover a capitalist government.

Panglao with its poor community will never prosper if we listen to leftist and socialist ideas. But you may ask; why the nation of Sweden, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and etc... etc...? Why? The answer is because they have a good control of their population.

I try not to be dragged into pedestrian thought processes but this kind of pretentious analysis makes me sick. Any tenth-rate intellectual who says "vain" instead of "bane" is a vain TB member who is a bane to this forum.   

Pretentious? Then show to me your unpretentious opinion. If you believe you are correct I'm sorry to tell you I'll stick to my usage of the word "vain". I dare you to argue with me dealing only with issues. If you are really a good english speaker com'n my friend.... don't get mad! My name is Odan Matig-a of Tagbilaran. Tell me what's yours and don't hide with an alias. The issue here is Panglao reclamation!   

Islander says:

[in 2010, yes, along with 29 other states, according to one data.  we all know the role of wall street in the world of finance.  well, wall st. isn't exactly leftist, huh?



Walay "role" ang wall street sa akong boot pasabot. Imo mang gikutlo "out of context" ang akong gisulti. Ug di gani wa lang jud masabti ang ahong gisuwat. Mao ni ahong gisuwat;

"This is also the reason why California, New York, Ohio and other American states are bankrupt because of the leftist union in America. Wisconsin is trying to recover through the reform programs of Gov. Scott Walker."

Kana ako nang gisuwat dugtong mahitungod sa mga leftist nga ang gusto i-bangkarote ang mga negosyo.

Ang akong boot pasabot sa akong gisuwat ug pananglitan ang California ug nganong na-bangkarote? Tungod sa sobra ng abuso sa "government union" sa ilang "entitlement" nga dili na sayon ihatag ang ilang entitlement tungod sa kataas. Niadtong nagpakanaog ang gobierno ug mga balaod aron buhisan ang mga kapitalista wa sila [kapitalista] mosugot nga taasan ang ilang buhis mao kining mga kapitalista sa California nanglayas ngadto sa Texas, Florida, South Carolina ug sa uban pang mga estado diin sila maka negosyo nga gamay ra ang bayronon sa buhis. Mao na nga na-bangkarote karon ang California.

Islander says:

[how do i know?  i passed high school biology, that's how i know.  i've also read up the pros and cons of this project sans ideological stereotypes.  unsa man diay ang mahitabo kun pananglit matuman ang reclamation project, ang manginhasay sa una mahimong hoteliers?]


You passed HS biology? There are many in Tagbilaran who gradutated course in Commerce but right at this very moment they are driving trycicle. In the countryside they cannot be employed as accountants so they are taking over the work of their father as farmers. But most they go to the Middle East to work or as domestic helps in some other countries. The chance to progress in your own land is nil because so-so folks always tried to block development projects initiated by the the capitalists.

Islander says:

[my apologies if i wonder what your basis is for such a sweeping claim (i.e., “normally leftists all over the world always try to prevent development initiated by capitalists”).  it may not stand scrutiny because it may also mean that leftists won't prevent development initiated by other sectors other than those by capitalists.]


That is not only a claim but it is based on leftist belief that the government is the sole mover in the management of the economy. If the private sector will participate they should be taxed to the hilt. Mura'g sharia law ning klaseha sa gobierno.

Other sectors like the academe, the church, the media and others are also influenced by the left demonizing capitalists as a vain to society. They always initiate class warfare. Try to scrutinize the Obama administration. 

Islander says:

[i shudder at the jumps to a series of conclusions here; from leftists all over the world preventing development projects to china's transformation because those leftists drove the europeans to it.]


The style of the left disrupting economic development is true! Example in the Philippines is Carnation Milk Cannery located in Marikina before... crippled in a strike by KMU workers was bought by Alaska Milk Corporation. Through arbitration the workers at Carnation Milk were integrated by Alaska at their warehouse at San Pedro, Laguna. Since the workers were affiliated with KMU they influenced the workers of Alaska Milk and the same occurrence in Marikina where they destroyed canning machinery they also employed at Alaska Milk. These leftist workers are destructive. They are not after the protection of their jobs but the destruction of the Philippine economy. This is only an example happened in the Philippines and it is also happening in other parts of the world in other shape or form.

Islander says:

[oh, one more thing, why equate capitalism with government projects and dub those against these as leftists?  is the world that black and white?]


Why should I equate Capitalism with government projects? When I asked; "Who are against the reclamation development of Panglao... the capitalists?" These capitalists are also part of the people and of course they are not against the development of Panglao therefore what I mean is; it's the leftist who are against the development project.

Islander says:

[china was transformed because the europeans went to it from the philippines, where they shied away from leftists?  incredible.]


Why incredible? Are you not aware of Mattel a British company packed up their things in Bataan EPZA and tranferred them to China because the KMU were destroying their machinery? Dunlop the makers of tennis balls are gone also. Try to put this in your mind! Chinese in the 70's are all wearing Mao shirts and do not understand what is Capitalism. Now China is a capitalist country.

Islander says:

[despite china's transformation today (thanks to its “leftist” aka communist and thus anti-capitalist government, if we have to go by your definition), the Bataan Export Processing Zone (BEPZ) exists today.]


Do not put your political mind in a rigmarole. Simply put it this way. China with a communist government is adopting a capitalist economic system. That is the transformation of China. If they have workers like the KMU China cannot transform what she is today.

Islander says: 

[[It] is located in a cove at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula. It is about 172.3 kilometers from Manila via the Bataan Provincial Expressway and North Luzon Expressway, Gapan-Olongapo Road and Roman Highway. It has a total land area of 153.9km² representing 12% of the total land area of Bataan. (wikipedia)]


No comment!

Islander says:

[lastly, china, a communist country (leftist to you) fired its economy with capitalistic ventures.  by making the country an example of enviable economic development, you've just revealed that being leftist and capitalist can go hand in hand after all.]


Yes... they are adopting the capitalist economic system but is there presence of labor unions with the ferocity of a wild animal like the KMU? Does the communist system of government allowed the organization of labor unions in the public and private sectors and have granted workers the right to strike?

Of course leftist and capitalist can go hand in hand if the left does not put politics above the country's progress. Just like America before the rise of Obama. The Social Security which was initiated by Roosevelt was a leftist agenda but it did not advocate for a change in the system. This is what Americans called Liberalism!

Islander says:   

[thus, "normally all leftists all over the world try to prevent development initiated by capitalists" it isn't.]


Don't say it is not... because right now in front of your eyes it is happening. For example in Europe big companies are taxed for polluting the environment. Airlines entering European air space are to be taxed for polluting the air. The government of Obama is trying to pass a "Cap and Trade" laws to tax plants accross the US believed to be polluting the environment. In Australia the government passed the Carbon Tax Law. All of these is war against Capitalism.

Islander says:

[1. it does not follow that leftist ideology is involved just because some people are against certain government projects.]


Normally leftists all over the world always try to prevent development initiated by capitalists. For example is the EPZA in Bataan. Developed in the 1970's  during the time of Marcos when the chinese people were still raising in their hands Mao's red book. The workers in Bataan were infiltrated by leftists and wanted to bankrupt the processing zone through labor strikes. The workers were told by their leftist patrons to destroy the machinery making the European investors shied away from the Philippines and went to China. And we can see the transformation of China today.

This is also the reason why California, New York, Ohio and other American states are bankrupt because of the leftist union in America. Wisconsin is trying to recover through the reform programs of Gov. Scott Walker. 

Who are against the reclamation development of Panglao... the capitalists?

And asks:

[a case in point is the church's stand against the rh bill.  does that make the church leftist?]


In this case the church is conservative.

Islander says:

[2. the reasons given by opponents of the reclamation are there for the taking.  those environmental concerns don't need a passe political ideology to lean on.]


Passe political ideology? Obama's program of government is the greening of America advocated by leftist ideology. He (Obama) is a leftist. He was elected president for being a community organizer. Are you not aware of that? IPCC is a powerful committee in the UN and all leftist governments all over the world agree to this IPCC. At present leftist governments want to take over the economy of the world. Global warming is their rallying cry.

Islander says:     

[3. talk of capitalism, and here we have a capitalist who sorely lacks capital for a project like this reclamation.]


There you are! you got the point! So it is not about the environment but capitalists lacking capital. As far as I know developers of this project are from the Arab world. So they will be bringing petro dollars to Bohol. This is a bonanza but I believe there is truth to the rumor that Filipinos adopt in their way of life... the culture of envy.

Islander says:

[4.  no shallow sea water is ever unproductive.]


How do you know? Of course that shallow water still has sea shells as production. Gusto ba lang nimo nga ang mga taga Panglao magasige na lang ug panginhas?

Islander says:

[it may not have whales and sharks, but it has planktons and other organisms that contribute to the biodiversity, and thus the very existence, of the whole environment.]


I thought the ideology from the left is passe but here you are displaying your leftist ideology. Planktons? Are you talking about planktons? This organism are all over the oceans of the world. Try to look at the map of the world and point with your finger where Panglao is?

ARE U SURE ABOUT THIS??? The developers are planning to bring the mountains of Maribojoc to Panglao.  Meaning, they are going to quarry Maribojoc and supply the panambaks for the proposed project... That was and IS the real story...

I don't know about the issue of the Panglao reclamation is pushing through but if the project will continue my opinion is; "the engineering works are not like Dubai". I saw the area planned to be reclaimed. The water is up only to your knees and the bottom level is rock and connected to the mainland Panglao. If you try to analize that part of the seashore in Panglao... it is like a wasteland. It is unproductive because it too shallow. And you don't need to destroy mountain of Maribojoc to reclaim that part of  the seashore.

Kining gikabingkilan nga pulo mao ning gitawag ug "Scarborough Shoal". Kini walay tawo gapuyo ini ug mao ni gihimong "target practice bombing" sa mga merkano sa panahon nga diha pa ang military bases dinhi sa Pinas. Dool kaayo ni sa Zambales, Bataan ning [mga] islaha. Niadtong panahona wa jud moingon ang China nga amoa ang Scarborough Shoal. Wa sila mo-angkon ug wa'y gisuwat nga record nga hing-angkon sila ining islaha.

Karon mao ni ang nahitabo! Sa nahimong propesor sa UP si Jose Maria Sison iyang gi brainwashed ang iyang mga estudyante nga dautan ang pamaagi sa pamulitika sa Amerika ug komo kay kuno "itoy" man kuno ang mga Pinoy sa Amerika hing sunod kuno ta sa dautan nga pamulitika. Busa ang iyang tudlo sa mga estudyante sa panahon sa mga tuig 1960's nga kinahanglan makakat-on ang Pilipino sa panghuna-hunang pulitikanhon ni Lenin ug ni Mao Tse Tung. Tan-awa ra gud na!

Mao na ni karon nga sa hing kat-ag sa Pinas ang gitawag ug "romanticism" sa mga bata nga wa pa masakto ang ilang panghuna-huna sa pulitika ug migakos lang sila dayon sa usa ka pagtoong pulitikanhong komunista nga wa pa mamatud-i ug sakto ba kung  itandi sa demokrasya. Ang mga bata kaniadto gimaayo ug panton ang ilang huna-huna nga kita matud pa sa mga aktibista nga dili kuno nato kontra ang Tsina. Ang kontra kuno sa Tsina mao ang Amerika ug ang mga missile sa Tsina nakati-on na kuno sa Pilipinas tungod kay ang military bases nia man kuno sa Pilipinas. Mao ni gitawag ug "scare tactic" sa mga aktibista. Pareho karon ang "scare tactic" nila karon mao nang global warming.

Tuod man tungod sa maayong brainwashing nga gihimo nila mao nga nahimong isyu nga papahawa-on nato ang US bases. Ug kalingaw nato makita ang mga demonstrasyon ug rally batok sa mga Merkano. Ambot lang kung may nasayud ba kaninyo nga mo-abot sa Pilipinas ang ubang "leftist" sa tibook kalibutan para mo-uban sa rally.

Karon nga ming hawa na US bases nag pakita na karon ang Tsina sa iyang kabangis ug gusto na mangaw-kaw ug yuta nga dili iya. Ang pangutana; saa na man ang mga tawo nga gusto mopapahawa sa US Bases? Nganong dili man sila mag rally sa tugkaran sa Chines Embassy? Dili mahimo nila tungod kay ang China maoy hing tabang nila ug padala ug armas sa mga rebelde didto sa La Union sakay sa barkong M/S Karagatan.

Numdum mo ining hitaboa? Para ni Joma Sison mas maayo pang sakop ta sa insik kay sa mga Amerkano.


Poems and Poets / "Girl in the Internet"
« on: May 09, 2012, 07:07:03 AM »
"Girl in the Internet"
I met her once across my mind,
She is a beauty to behold! A girl;
Whose face is as lovely as a rose I feel.
Sweet girl please tell! A lovely star
That shines at dawn; Are you not Venus?

There is no answer or heed my call,
As if I'm talking all alone;
She's just a dream and it's unre'l,
That makes me say the way I feel;
Such thing's a vision of a fool.
But there she is this beautiful girl!
Like in my dream as she appeared...
I always call her name I swear.
And on my face she stares at me,
In flesh and bone she is so re'l,
An ideal girl in any way,
But still a dream away from me.
Standing on the sands of time,
She's now a woman of reality...
Her breadth of smile all teeth reveal,
It looks to me a lace of pearls,
A sculpted figure to behold and fear;
A masterpiece for all who care.
Her breathless charm still dwell in her,
It stays the same without no change,
Her lovely face I can't argue;
Never effaced through Time and Space,
Relive a scene 'twas in a dream...

Her charm that captivated me again.

I read in the Shameless Poppery blog that the Apocrypha is also called LXX.

LXX means seventy. This is refering to the Septuagint which also means 70. Seventy because Ptolemy II of Egypt commissioned 70 rabbis to translate the hebrew bible into greek.



These 7 books include: Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach, 1 and 2 Maccabees, and parts of Esther and Daniel.

The 7 books above are the deuterocanonical. They are part of the catholic canon of the bible which are also included in the Septuagint. The apochrypal are hidden books of the bible or scriptures not included in the bible. Example are the gnostic bible, docetist and the early christian writings. There are characters in the church that are not found in the bible but it is written in the apochrypal books. Example are; Estas and Dimas, Saint Veronica, St. Longinus etc... The Didache is considered apochrypal.


If one wants to read the bible, read the Bible that was promulgated by the Council of Nicea, the Roman Catholic Bible.


The primary goal in the Council of Nicea was to proclaim the divinity of Jesus because there was a certain bishop by the name of Arius whose taught that Jesus is only a human being. Until now the divinity of Jesus is still being debated because there are cults in the Philippines that do not believe Christ as God; like the INC of Manalo, ADD of Eli Soriano [ADD does not believe Jesus is a supreme God], Witnesses of Jehovah [this sect believe that Jesus is the archangel Michael] and islam.


Kaliwat Bol-anon / Re: Looking for a Lost Family in Bohol
« on: May 02, 2012, 07:50:10 AM »
Matabao is a barrio of Tubigon.

Yes, one can easily do this by reading the SEPTUAGINT.


The word "septuagint" means seventy. The Septuagint Version was authorized by Ptolemy II to be translated by hiring 70 rabbis. "There should have been no new testament if the Septuagint Version was not written." That's the catch if anybody here will try to understand.


One cannot help but ask, "what authority did Martin Luther have to remove 7 books of the Holy Bible?"


Martin Luther has no authority except taking out other books in the bible that contradict to his heretical teaching. Example is the book of 2 Maccabees 12:43-46 which is one of the bases in our teaching of purgatory. It says;

"43And making a gathering, he twelve thousand drachms of silver to Jerusalem for sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the dead, thinking well and religiously concerning the resurrection,

 44(For if he had not hoped that the that were slain should rise again, it would have seemed superfluous and vain to pray for the dead,)

  45And because he considered that the who had fallen asleep with godliness, had great grace laid up for them.

  46It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.

To evade those verses above Martin Luther took out Maccabees in his new canon of the bible without authority.


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