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and so there goes the freedom expressions.  kudos to the moralistas ....;D

Panglao Island - Bohol / Re: Alona Beach in Panglao
« on: June 17, 2013, 09:30:13 AM »
Alona Beach is a 1.1 km beach stretch and is composed of 100 plus resorts and shops. Letting passenger vehicles to go down the beach will not ease the congestion.... One way of avoiding this is to control the traffic going down to the beach front. Vehicles should only be parked on the main road, meaning, the barangay should look up for a space to accommodate these transports.

Years back, I worked on proposed project which seeked the muscles of the barangay officals when a private resort owner offered her space for a parking area. They were supposed to make follow ups but due to their political inclinations, they didnt do anything until their term ended. Hoping that the same problem will be solved by the incumbent barangay leader as he was on the road, and he is everyday, nothing happened also.

It's not just the traffic condition but also the garbages that were left on the roadside, and were not picked up by the garbage collector on the daily basis.

Boracay is a small island compared to Panglao. But I admire it's Traffic management, garbage collection scheme, waste water treatment facility and the volunteerism of the locals in keeping their place safe and clean.

I cant wait to happen the same thing in Panglao.

Since there will be a new leadership that will take office this coming July 1,
I hope, We hope that things will get better and all these problems will be addressed.

for me, I wont... but you can tell that to the developers......

ARE U SURE ABOUT THIS??? The developers are planning to bring the mountains of Maribojoc to Panglao.  Meaning, they are going to quarry Maribojoc and supply the panambaks for the proposed project... That was and IS the real story...

Dia pa'y dugang nga info. Kining Dubai Island expected na nga mag-move mao bitaw na nga naay bukid sa Dubai nga gi-quarry nila ang bato. Ang mag-move kadtong mga gi-abuno nila sa ibabaw pero kadtong bas nga tua sa ilawom dili na to mag move kay compact na to.

Sa Panglao dili mahitabo nga mag-move kay bato ug mabaw ra ang tubig nga abunohan ug yuta. Swerte ang Bohol pero ug mo-entra na ang leftist idea nga anti capitalism mao nay ikamatay sa reclamation project.


Talk of the Town / Re: A new Hotel in Baclayon
« on: October 02, 2011, 04:22:27 PM »
Sir .. It's Astoria Hotel.. Asturias is a hotel in Palawan...

i hope it's an advancement and development of the shipping industry....

NOT drugs and human trafficking and more gambling dens as what some chinese's sources of fund..

kudos anyway.......

Philippine Business News / Re: Update Panglao Island Reclamation Scandal
« on: December 12, 2010, 10:58:09 AM »
sa tinuod lang, kanang mga nangusog may nay dakong interest dha... mao jud mamuhunan na ra man pamalit ug tao, ug prinsipyo, ug panuhol sa mga plotiko nga otro pod kutsaba.. timan i lang ug mahitabo, they're gonna be laughing all the way to the bank..

sigurado jud.. kanang proponent, ang presidente, kwartahan naman na daa. pero grabe jud ang greed... liman ka ug patagon iyang bukid aron itambak di ba dakong sapi?

sama sa ilang mga gpangyawyaw bisan sa radio, ilang gipang atake nang mga way labot ug tinuod nga kontra sa reclamation. maoy gipasumanginlang namalit na ug dumptrucks aron sugdan na pagtambak..

nonsense kaayo, na puy mga tao kusog mupaghot, pero in the end MAPALIT RA GHAPON. sama anang tgyawyaw nila sa radio nga apil man na sa una sa kontra sa reclamation. mao puy kusog mubandera nya mu reserach pa jud......nangkaron, di ba diay mao  na kuno ang spokesman...

haaaay.. the power of money over greed gyud.....

Philippine Business News / Re: New Bohol Airport (NBA) starts next year
« on: December 08, 2010, 07:47:56 AM »
yeah right...like palawan, 3 man siguro ilang airport ngadto.. puerto princesa, el nido and coron...

Philippine Business News / Re: Update Panglao Island Reclamation Scandal
« on: December 08, 2010, 07:38:09 AM »

mao na let's wait and see ug mag materialize jud..

shadow pa man gali hangtud karon ag airport.

pero, hoping they would consider other places in Bohol for development... Maluoy ta sila sa uban, ilang iapil sa ilahang mga plano for developments aron daghan lugar nga worth promoting.......

Philippine Business News / Re: Update Panglao Island Reclamation Scandal
« on: December 07, 2010, 04:43:07 PM »
nothing is wrong if done right........... there are so many things to be considered consider before such action can be done.

Panglao is developed already.. more and more are coming in to invests..

my point here is they can do it to panglao, why not do it to other places na wa pay developments.........


i am not telling that what the proponents are doing is right or wrong...... the same way im treating the opinions of the opposition....

Lisud ba nang sabton nga ug gusto development, gusto makatabang, ishare pud na sa lain. dili kanang mag concentrate sa usa ka lugar ra.....


Philippine Business News / Re: Update Panglao Island Reclamation Scandal
« on: December 07, 2010, 12:12:59 PM »
It is... but the locals are the ones resides in that particular area... should we call the philippine government to take action?  i bet musamot na kalubong kay tua mga dagkong buaya didto... mao bya puy gsaligan sa uban.. ANG CONNECTION SA PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT.............

Philippine Business News / Re: Update Panglao Island Reclamation Scandal
« on: December 07, 2010, 09:56:26 AM »
ipaagi na sa public consultation... dili kanang pabor maoy ray tawagon sa proponents..

ang againts maoy tawagon sa opposition...

panawgon tanan para sa dialogue..

kasayon ra unta storyahon ana basta naa ray mga buot nang mag atubang.......

Philippine Business News / Re: New Bohol Airport (NBA) starts next year
« on: December 07, 2010, 09:53:18 AM »
bahin bahina gud nang project ug asang dapita ang uban aron pud maka create tinuod ug employment... Naa naman ang panglao daan tungod sa turismo, butangan pud airport... gisugdan sa mhga politiko ug kakutsaba sa mga negosyanteng buaya sab, liman nka, nipalit sa yuta saairport sa panglao kadaghan private investors like the " T's " and "T's ", the M's, all from Tagbilaran...

Na puy reclamation gipanguluhan sa "O".. gapursige didto sa panglao kay double hit man triple pa man gali siguro... iyaha ang bukid nga patagon aron itmabak sa dagat, iyang komisyon sa pagpalitay ug yuta, ug mutaas kuno ag value sa iyang mga properties kay tungod anang reclamationn...BUAYA JUD.

Ang choco complex sakto naa sa carmen, nay loboc rivercruise sa loboc, nay danao extreme sa danao, nay farm sa ubay, nay caves sa nagka lain laing lungsod nga wa pa kaayo ma explore, kadaghan pag lugar nga prospectives ug open unta sa developments NGANONG  dili man sila butangan?

kay tungod WAY properties didto ang nga ga pushed anang mga projects?  mao ra jud nay valid nga rason ug NGANO...

daghan man tao ang gobyerno aron muhimo ug feasibility studies, dili kay mubayad pa sa lain para maka present ra... nangomisyon na pud.... sa dugo jud siguro o airborne nang pagka buaya kay dali ra makatakod noh?

sus... anus a pa man na magmata nang mga tawhana. kanus a pa kaha makakita.... gapatulog tulog , ug gapaka buta ra man nga naa naman unta sa ilang atubangan... bugoa oi

mao bya kasagara ug gamay nga lugar lang, ang broadkaster poy tg kampanya u tg promote sa politikos... naa jud na sila sa payrol ang kusog muabi abi or musipsip sa politiko.. ang mubira mao puy nawa sa payola kay tungod di ganahan niya ang politiko..... kadaghan nako kakita musuroy tga media nga kunohay interbyuhon ng mga politiko bisan gud dili o way angay... og sa artista pa, PRESS RELEASE. paid praises... mao ng talikod nila, gasunod nang sobre... kusog pud mubira ug cooruption against politician, labaw pang corrupt.

inaaaaaaaaay ra man do... pwera gaba sab....

I think it was not a way of silencing or suppressing the media... it is the way how a person like bompat be treated the way what he experienced from Goloso..

He is way out of his league..... an arrogant broadcaster who takes the cudgel of being a media practitioner to augment his daily needs..

I myself was a witness to his arrogance when a friend he confronted in front of the Dyrd station.. He was in no way included in the commotion, but being a practitioner himself, he intends to go beyond the line.. I didnt know him until I saw the incident and heard his invictives to the victim....and hurled again on his radio progarm...Saying " wa ka kaila nako do"


 HE'S  A TOTAL a**  so I say.

He deserves more than than what he received....

and mind you, I dont think he got followers on his program.. 

Sayang lang kwarta sa advertisers........

Why dont you try ask him if he got friends rather than enemies.... i suppose the counting will commence immediately

why dont we just put everything in the course of law.......... unless u woukd want to be involved

STOP NAMING NAMES........... or it'll come to you


What's the latest news about the project???

I heard, just heard from a source that few people who went againts the project are now PRO RECLAMATION...

These people where the one's who shouted out of their lung thei pros and cons of the project... The Reclamation issue was even the campaign heater during the previous election and has proven effective when all of the candidates who rumored to be in favor of or moneyed by the propopent perished to existence by the voting public... Now, after the election, one politician who lost in the last May election regain her power again at the barangay election.... Tha Kapitan was the one or one of the politicos who sild the people of her barangay... mirise pud nang barangaya, daghan bagutbot kesyo gibaligya sila nya kadaog man ghapon ilang kontra....  Di ba diay,. huuuuuuuuuuh.. kwarta ra nang storyaha... Gipalit na pud sila for the nth time... Na hala, mao man kahay ilaha, sagdi mauna mangaunlod inigtabon sa dagat.

Now back to the real issue, the people I was talking about were the one a100 percenter againts the reclamation, nya karon,   beofre the barangay election, gitawag man kaha, kuno, sa representatives sa proponent ug nahitabo ag usa pagkasinabtanay sa mga anak ni Hudas ngadto sa JJ's Seafood nRestaurant, kuno, sa syudad sa Tagbilaran... Nah mura, bantog ra kusog muawhag kay gapapansin ra man diay... Gibaligya pud ilang moral, kalag ug prinsipyo sa pipila ka pirasong pilak aron matuman ag ilahang mga damgo sa ilang kinabuhi.... Ug, gi saaran pa man kuno nga tagaan ug luna ngadto sa isla na ilang pagabuhaton....Dala sa sabot nga ilisan ug ngalan ang project, di na, kuno "  Panglao Reclamation Project,...  'ISLAND PROJECT ' na.......  Murag island citimall.... aw apil man kaha sila ani pud.........

Nakowh, mauwawh ekowh sa ilang gpambuhet... etay nangh mga tawhana,..eh mananapa..... labaw pa sa baksan mutukob.

Makatug pa ta mo ug tarong anang inyong kalaki.........

Talk of the Town / Re: Fiber optic cable around Panglao.
« on: October 10, 2010, 05:04:39 PM »
it's by pldt....for smart

« on: October 10, 2010, 05:02:39 PM »
well, its simply done without hesitations... I for one believed that the administration of this town is unfriendly to investors may it be foreign or local... connivance with the police?  why not?  when almost everybody  wanted to leave panglao pnp and the admin wanted to retain its police chief who cudgels another which is a counterfeiting artist... well,  let me  call them the  " power rangers ".. people who are greed in money, power and anything that comes in handy for them by harassing poor tax payers and not providing any improvement on the well deserved service of its contituents...........  dugay man ni kuhaon..........na puy higher office, otro pud buta, bungol, amang

General Topic / Re: Komento Ng Isang Foreigner... Grabe to!!!
« on: September 02, 2010, 03:07:03 AM »


reality ,...really bites....

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