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Buy and Sell / Re: MERCEDES BENZ C220 only 150k - RUSH SALE!
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:47:15 AM »
now selling for 120k.... just google:
ebay item number 200970524465

this is where you can buy the camshaft cheap. pay 150 and I'll LBC the camshaft to ypou from Australia in October.

this car will give you the potential to more than double ypour money. you could easily earn 150k on the sale of this vehicle but its only available for 120k till wed 3rd as I need the extra cash for another project.

Buy and Sell / MERCEDES BENZ C220 only 150k - RUSH SALE!
« on: August 26, 2014, 07:59:45 AM »
150k FIRM (or swap) mercedes benz c220 1995, prestige vehicle.
electric sun/moon roof, electric seats, electric mirrors, air con, etc etc etc...
good tidy interior with seat covers, good paint no fade.
passenger and drivers airbags
new tyres, nice mercedes mag whells with no gutter rash.
this car has a broken intake camshaft. (broke last week while wife was driving.)
its an easy repair, and doesnt need a mercedes mechanic to fix it. Any good repair shop should be able to do this in 1-2 days.
Brand new cam is 10,000p ($250). or you can find cheaper in Manila surplus.
I dont have the time to repair this car, but if it doesnt sell I will repair it next month and sell it for 290k-330k with dark tinted windows and a jensen head unit.
willing to sell for 150k or swap for automatic car for my wife. car is located in Bohol, but I can assist with towing it to the port for roro transport to cebu port.
this car is an excellent investment for someone who wants to make money and buy and sell the car for a good profit, or have a prestige vehicle with east to get parts (very common in Manilla and easy to get parts through Cebu mercedes or surplus.
this car is being sold cheap as its a rush sale!
On average these cars are worth 300-350k.
please reply in English!
location Dauis, Bohol. price includes towing to your workshop (if your in Panglao/Tagbilaran area).
Please txt/call 09179870080
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were looking for a house with 4 or more bedrooms to rent out.
we have 2 well bahaved kids and no pets.
but we do have 2 cars and a few bikes.

Im looking for a large house or a commercial property with rooms.
must be within 20 mins of HNU.
please message me if you know of anything!

hello everyone!
we have some shoes,clothes and toys I gathered from Australia to hand out. we started a facbook page called: AUSSIE GIVERS and the response has been great! we have another 20-30 balakbayan boxes full of goods to be sentnext month so will have more to give out then.

2 weeks after the quake we gave out goods in sagbayan, tubigon, clarin and through to calape. the most were given out in a small village badly affected near Catagbacan, between loon & calape.

at the moment we only have about 9 rice sacks full of goods but will bag them up so individual families get a bit of everything.

so can anyone suggest a good small brgy that will benefit from these goods? we have a car and can deliver the goods personally.

I'm looking for someone to just help out with my mother who is 86yrs old. My wife just cant cope with looking after 2 kids and her as well so we need a little extra help. It's really putting a strain on our relationship and if I leave it up to her to find someone it will never get done. So ill be d one to find!

Mum is a lovely person whos had a great life and loves to have a chat! She really just needs someone to keep her company while watching tv etc and needs help bathing and going to the CR as she recently broke her shoulder in a fall. Some basic duties will also need doing like a bit of dish washing etc.

We head back to Australia in a months time so i guess its short term just for now but we will return in a month after that for 6 months. Then we will need live in help so the position will be more permanent.

at the moment it will just be temporary and will give us time to get out and do things ourselves as someone has to be with her at all times.

please send me a message if your interested.

90k for the multicab for one week only!

very fast and comfortable honda 750cc sports touring bike.
absolutely firm at 90,000php.
no swaps.
need cash for a car.
located in Tagbilaran.
complete papers with original OR/CR.
we have been on many club rides on this bike. (bacolod/tacloban/siquijor etc).

phone/txt: 09158976388
be quick-only available a short while.
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also have a honda big bike, 750cc im selling for 90k firm... no swaps, just found the car I want so selling the multicab and the honda 750.IMGP0918-1 - Show Posts - our dream

we just transferred from Tubigon to Tagbilaran last week.
we used to live in Panglao 4 years ago and the roads were bad then...
now were back living here i can see the roads have got so much worse!

shocking really. huge resorts in Panglao with the worst roads going to them. Not to mention the lack of fresh drinking water for private houses in Panglao. Even the kids in the schools have no drinking water. Its a major concern that needs fixing.

I see the oceanside road from tagbilaran to panglao is full of bad pot holes. I now go via the central road that is so much better now its completed.

the roads around ICM are shocking as well. I hope they get it together enough to repair these roads and that will be a good start to promoting tourism.

on the other side of the coin Im inpressed with other roads in Bohol. the roads to the interior are good from Tubigon side of the island to catabigian, and many roads here are a pleasure for motorcycle riders. Especially through the man made forest to Bilar.

just my opinion as a foreigner hoping to be employed and promote tourism here...

sell for 110k for a rush sale...

looking for an automatic car or pickup for my wife to drive.
will even condsider a damaged car if price is right.

cash buyer with 130k to spend. must have complete papers.
please txt/phone 09158976388


for sale: custom suzuki scrum 4x4:

lift kit
225 yokohama tires (cost over 20k)
sunraiser mag rims
diff lockers
custom canopy and solid roll bar
intergrated airconditioning (compressor needs re-fitting, I still have it in a box)
12 valve 660cc engine with no leaks or rattles. does not blow smoke.
manual transmission.

many new parts:
new carburetor
new starter motor
new distributor
new front struts (still in box, need to be fitted)
new timing belt/ waterpump and idler pully.

removable rear seats ( seating for 8 people)

nice unit

please txt/phone- 09158976388
located in tagbilaran.

may swap for automatic car.
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Thanks Mike and Raquel, here is the number: 09272402735
salamat daghan!

also would consider house in Tubigon, or anywhere within 1 hour drive from tagbilaran... even Panglao.

Hi friends!
we are a respectable small family looking for a house to rent for 6-12 months, maybe longer.

We live in tubigon now, but soon want to move to tagbilaran, or anywhere close by.

I did see a pension house online for lease at 30k - this would have been good as we could have rented some rooms as well, but it is no longer available. We would also be interested in a commercial property to lease, like a pension house or small resort. As long as it had 3-4 rooms for us to live in.

we are good tenants. we are married, tidy and quiet with 2 kids and my elderly mother.
If you reply please reply in English or leave me your phone number and Ill get my wife to call you.

I am a handyman so dont mind fixing things if they break and dont mind paying rent in advance for the right property. All we need is 3-4 bedrooms and an area to park our car and a bike.

thankyou and please ask around - were desperate for a nice house and hope to be able to get one by early march!

heart surgery was not right for this guy. brain surgery would have been more appropriate!

there are poor people out there in more need than this guys surgery-he shopuld have been refused the surgery and give it to someone more deserving.. Many would have much better respect for thier families and themselves.

just my opinion. I have never had that sort of money and probably never will. If I did happen to win lotto i certainly wouldnt blow it all like that!

Help & Support / Re: Understanding Your Ranking in Tubag Bohol
« on: July 27, 2012, 04:09:58 PM »
thankyou for the info sir Mike. just out of curiosity, do you have to have more than 500 posts before you can post your avatar? or is it in my profile settings? thankyou...

Help & Support / Re: Help for LTO car registration, please
« on: July 27, 2012, 04:04:35 PM »
most car yards would offer advice, but ask many as the prices will vary. i think its a little hard as some new papers may take 3 months for processing.  just in my opinion. good luck with it...

Free Advertisement / Re: Mini Van 60k Only
« on: July 27, 2012, 03:41:07 PM »
this looks like a nice van Erwin. I really miss our old suzuki multicab. it was so good for getting around in the rain and for shopping and travelling with the kids. its a bit harder now as we only have bikes. hope one day to get another van!

good luck with the sale!

very meticulous Norweigan owner has kept this vehicle in excellent condition.

This is not a weemall (manila) item. this car is located in Bohol.


built in 2005.

its a 'V' model so has all the usual extras
it has 61,700kms
its a 3.0 diesel D4D.
four wheel drive
owner is asking 930k for it (negotiable).

please contact the seller directly on 09084543026. thankyou.

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