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check this out  http://www.timawa.net/forum/index.php?topic=32702.0

among the claimants country in the west philippines, china is more focus on us

2 Maestrale Class Frigates
3 Hamilton Class Frigates (soon to be upgraded with more firepower)
3 Pohang Class from Korea
12 TA-50 Golden Eagle Jets from Korea

Im glad that President Aquino is serious in modernizing the Armed Forces


Country   ITALY
Displacement   2,700 / 3,200 t
Length   122.75-123 m
Beam   12.9 m
Draft   4.1-4.2 m
Speed   32-33 kts
Crew   224-232

Propulsion    CODOG
2 gas turbines FIAT LM/2.500 @ 50.000 SHP total
2 HP Diesel GMT 2.320 @ 11,000 SHP

1 Otomat missile TESEO on 4 rails
1 Albatros launcher w/ 8 cells
1 127/54 milimeter OTO gun
2 anti-missile DART w/ twin 40/70mm machine-gun
1 2 SCLAR multiple rocket launcher
2 torpedo launcher MK 32 triple A/S or light ILAS-3 for 2 torpedo torpedo blade

2 AB-212

Photos Unlimited / Re: Female Israeli Soldier
« on: July 17, 2012, 06:40:36 PM »
make love not war... yeah

Weird and Extreme / Re: China Shocks the World - Here's Why
« on: July 02, 2012, 05:20:38 PM »
i think China is becoming an EVIL EMPIRE... the nation has a history of killing millions, the great abortionists, brain washed and mind controlled by the chicoms, slowly invading the world and probably then moon...

seriously speaking, i think death penalty should be abolished in any nation on earth.

Lifestyle, Culture and Arts / Re: 5 Signs You are a Sex Addict
« on: June 25, 2012, 08:05:45 PM »
patay, naigo man ko

go go go Joel Bulabos idol!

History / Re: China a Threat to Philippine Existence
« on: April 29, 2012, 05:23:30 PM »
i salute those philippine coast guard personnel who are currently onboard in PCG vessels currently in stand off with the chinese vessels in the scaborough shoal. defend our territory, defend our sovereignty, we are filipino, dagohoys blood is in our vein. God doesnt give us the Philippines for nothing, we will defend our land! Pilipinas para sa Pilipinas! i am not advocating war here, i just want the Filipinos to be a real Filipinos. Walang totolong sa Filipino kundi ang kapwa Filipino! Let the world knows that we are a peace loving peolple, we respect the law and we are not greedy and warfreaks like the chicoms, but let  also the world knows that we are one, and we will die for our rights for the "las islas filipinas". Long live Philippines! Dont be coward like our old politicians who only think about theirselves and their family neglecting our armed forces for so many years!

History / Re: China a Threat to Philippine Existence
« on: April 21, 2012, 12:59:07 PM »
The problem is that the Chinese still maintain their "Zhonguo" (Middle Kingdom)  mentality in which China is the Cornerstone of Asia. They need to stop this old mentality.

it is now time for our government to seriously modernized our long time neglected armed forces and stop on relying to uncle sam for our defence. if we dont have a credible force to back our claim, we will pushed around by this greedy dragon

what's a troll, greeny, and is that really hair on top of your head? ;D

a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

I know from talking to some high ranking officials in Bohol that he is a very corrupt guy. It is about time his tenure is ending.

Let us hope that Tagbilaran's future mayor does better than him.

mao bitaw, there are thousands of holes in tagbilaran city roads.. kanunay nalang ko ma shot sa buho, kasakit sa akong lubot! dako kaau ug bayranan sa franchise ug permit sa mga tricycle and in return, wlay maayong dalan sa mga motorista! paet! kinahanglan mahuman na ang paghari sa mga tradisyunal nga mga politisyan sa bohol.

I think dili insakto ang word na decenti based on my observation sa inyung mga conversations
from the past.
But,naa sad kay point..pwede na sad..

yes, your correct! some members of tubagbohol are feeding the troll, or a troll himself

Philippines is possibly going to get a Missile Frigate (Italian-Made). I hope this goes through!

Deep Water Patrol Vessel (DWPV)

This requirement came out during the recent visit to Italy of a Philippine delegation led by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. The Philippine DND delegation signed an agreement with their Italian counterparts for possible purchase of Italian weapons systems. This visit include inspections of combat ready ships of the the Maestrale and Soldati classes of the Italian Navy, which are scheduled for retirement, with the earliest possibly by 2013. No indication of sales was made yet.

Lets bring back the Glory of the Philippine Navy! The airforce modernization must follow soon, at least 2 squadron of multi role fighters!

Come on, get real. No amount of upgrading of Philippine military hardware within Philippine financial capability will deter any Chinese intention of encroaching into Philippine waters. If the Chinese will not attack the Philippines, it is not because of our ability to retaliate, but because of what they might expose themselves to for picking on a pushover.

modernizing the philippine navy fleet doesnt mean that we have to stand toe to toe with chinese navy, which is im sure that we will be defeated even if our ships are modern and heavily armed considering the current fire power status of the chinese navy. The main purpose of deploying bigger and more modern philippine ships at west philippine sea is to have a presence of force, a credible force at west philippine sea, to enforce our rights of the potentially oil and gas rich region. if we dont have forces station there, they will just eventually take over this region. we will not be bullied, we will rise our flag there. it our pride!

The two Hamilton Class vessels acquired by the PHilippine NAvy are nothing if they dont have anti submarine warfare capabiltity and a missile capability. The Navy should upgrade its armaments to serve their great purpose in showing our flag in WEST PHILIPPINE SEA.

i hope that the us government will not remove the Phalanx CIWS missile defense gun of USCGS Dallas. And i hope that the philippine navy will name it BRP FRANCISCO DAGOHOY

installing harpoons in BRP Gregorio del Pilar and the another coming WHEC is 100 percent possible. WHEC Mellon is the first Hamilton Class ship to fire a Harpoon Missile.

acquiring two hamilton class ships, delivery of 8 sokol combat helicopters to replace our aging hueys, and the plan of acquiring a squadron of f16s or any multirole fighter are good signs that the aquino administration is serious in modernizing the AFP. The current status of Philippine Airforce is in sorry state, where we dont have a supersonic capability, with only trainer subsonic s211, C-130s, crashing OV 10s, nomads in our plane inventory. In our current state where we dont have enough capable ships to patrol the west philippine sea, we must also consider installing radar system in our occupied spratly islands, putting land based missile batteries in palawan, hidden in a container van system. I think chinese will hesitate intruding our territory upon knowing that we have missile batteries installed in palawan facing the recto bank, where it is believe to have a vast oil or gas deposits dwarfing the current malampaya.

hinaot unta nga intact gihapon ang iyang nga modernong kahimanan inig transfer na sa philippine navy sama sa CIWS, ug uban pa. Ug hinaot unta butangan sa navy ang duha ka Hamilton class ug anti submarine warfare capability ug missile system

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