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Quotable Quotes / Live the questions now
« on: December 07, 2018, 07:33:57 PM »
“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

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Bohol Latest News / Fatal Accident in Albur, Bohol
« on: December 02, 2018, 11:13:39 PM »
Usa patay samtang duha angol human aksidente didto sa Albur. - by Joshua Fullido

Patay ang biktima gipaila nga si Ralph John Mumar, 18 anyos, taga brgy. Tagbuane , Albur   nga nakaangkon ug grabeng bun-og sa ulo nga maoy nakaingon sa hinanaling kamtayon , samtang ang driver sa multicab gipaila nga si Adriano Genovia Sr. , 52 anyos, minyo , ug  ang sakay niini nga si Adriano Genovia Jr. , 28 anyos, ulitawo , nga taga brgy. Alegria sur , Loay  nga pulos nakaangkon ug pangos ug bun-og sa lawas.

Matod pa ni PO3  Rodel  Aguipo  Albur Pnp  nga nahitabo ang aksidente pasado alas 5:30 sa buntag kagahapon nga nagmaneho sa rusco nga multicab si Genovia   gikan sa ilaha  unya paingon  unta dinhe sa dakbayan  apan pag-abot didto sa Tagbuane bridge , kalit lang kining nawad-an ug control gumikan sa dangog  nga kalsada nga nakaingon nga nabanggaan niya si Mumar nga naglakaw didto sa maong dapit.

Nahagbong ang multicab sa tulay  ug naapil usab ang biktima nga nakaingon nga gidali dayon kini pagrescue ug gidala sa tambalanan.

Tungod sa grabeng angol nga naangkon ni Mumar wa madugay nabugtuan kini sa hinuwam nga kinabuhi  samtang gumikan sa mga gagmay angol nga naangkon sa duha , gipapauli ra kini sa mga doctor.

FB Photo

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Bohol Latest News / International Airport in Bohol
« on: December 02, 2018, 11:04:38 PM »
What The Heck! Bohol Had Their New International Airport Already Done!
By: Y. A. Joey Tugung | 11/29/18

Unbeknownst to most of the Zamboangueños, Bohol, or the Boholanos for that matter, had their new international airport in Panglao Island inaugurated the other day, November 27, by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte himself. To the tune of P8.9 billion, it is ten times bigger than the old Tagbilaran Airport it replaced.

In 2003, NEDA gave the green light for the construction of this new airport. In March 2013, Japan’s ODA and JICA agreed to fund its construction. In short, in a period of 5 years, again let me repeat here, in 5 years’ time the country’s first “eco-airport,” whose runway is 2.8 km in length that sits in a 220- hectare expanse, the dreams of the Boholanos came into fruition. And by and large, it only took a decade or so (i.e., from feasibility study, to planning, project funding and project implementation) for the project to materialize.

Contrast this to our pathetic-looking Zamboanga International Airport, which, by the way, is the country’s 10th busiest airport, 3rd busiest airport in Mindanao and the Philippines’ Gateway to the Southern Border. Decades have gone by, and yet, up to now we are still in the FEASIBILITY STUDY STAGE!

Based on my cursory research, since the early part of 1990’s when NEDA approved the relocation and construction of a new airport, there have been over-all 6, again 6 feasibility studies that were conducted! And yet, more than 20 years thereafter and up to now, we still don’t have our dream airport transferred from Barangay Sta. Maria to a planned 104-hectare lot located between Barangays Mercedes, Talabaan and Taluksangay, which could possibly make it the largest airport in Mindanao (its runway being 3.4 kilometers in length).

And to add insult to injury, what is worst, at this juncture we are still mired and languishing in the feasibility study phase of the project! In obnoxious fashion, this latter part of this year, the bright boys of DOTr conducted anew another feasibility study, which has cost us a staggering amount of P17 million! And this is already the 7th study (geotechnical investigation) that has been conducted by DOTr. And accordingly, the projected amount to construct the new Zamboanga International Airport is between P40 to P60 Billion!!!, which would make it then 6 times more in cost compared to the new Panglao Island International Airport.

In the meantime, or while the government is still conducting the feasibility studies, yet on December 21, 2007, DOTC allotted some P257 million (US$5.2 million) for the improvement of the Zamboanga International Airport, which Band-Aid improvement we have not even tangibly felt nor aesthetically seen at all! Proof thereof, the runway still has potholes, the building still looks anemic, the toilets smell bad and malfunctioning, the Jurassic-like baggage carousel conveyor belt is creaking and the baggage push carts are few and are destroyed, such that, recently, comically certain private citizens even have to donate push carts.

I am addressing this to the past and current elected officials of Zamboanga City. I might be simplistic in my arguments, and perhaps ignorant of lots of things that had happened, but I have this one logical, sensible and practical question for them: For decades (2 decades in fact!) all of you have permanently ran under the platform of government and campaign promise to move the current airport to the east coast, and yet, despite having been elected into office (in fact over and over again to the point where we puke when we see your faces), how come that up to now we are still in the feasibility study phase of the project? Understand bozos and morons, we are not only talking here about the first feasibility study but 7, again 7 feasibility studies! which have already costs us approximately a total of P32 million! out of an allocated budget of P70 million just for the feasibility studies alone!

But this is what I know, under such glaring circumstances (this not to forget their constant promises to the electorates in every election cycle to fix the perennial brownouts, traffic, floods, deteriorated infrastructures, garbage problems, among many others, we have in the city), our local and national elected leaders are nothing but all talk (aka INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT!). And yet, they still have the gall and the temerity (aka THICK FACE) to seek our votes again in this forthcoming mid-term elections with the same old promises! And stupid us, we still vote for them again, again and again! Indeed, the Gods must be crazy in Zamboanga City!


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Learn English Online / Perfunctory
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:08:25 PM »
perfunctory /pəˈfʌŋ(k)t(ə)ri  /
▸ adjective (of an action) carried out without real interest, feeling, or effort:
he gave a perfunctory nod.
perfunctorily /pəˈfʌŋ(k)t(ə)rɪli  / adverb
perfunctoriness /pəˈfʌŋ(k)t(ə)rɪnəs  / noun
– ORIGIN late 16th century : from late Latin perfunctorius ‘careless’, from Latin perfunct- ‘done with, discharged’, from the verb perfungi.

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Philippine Daily News / Clean up the river
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:55:35 PM »
CEBU CITY -- Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Roy Cimatu on Thursday ordered all regional directors of the agency to have all the rivers under their jurisdiction cleaned within a one-year period.

Cimatu issued the order here during the opening of the 4th International River Summit at Radisson Blu Hotel.

The Environment secretary said it is the DENR’s responsibility to improve the conditions of the rivers in the country and he is giving the agency’s regional heads one year to comply with his directive.

He said he will be checking on all the rivers in the country six months from now and the region with the cleanest river will be duly rewarded and recognized.

Regional directors who fail to comply with the order, according to Cimatu, will undergo an evaluation process of their performance and may face sanction or be replaced.

The International River Summit is a biennial multi-partner initiative organized to intensify promotion of clean river advocacy and governance.

The ribbon-cutting and opening ceremonies were spearheaded by Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing and attended by Cimatu and Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, among other guests.

The 4th edition of the Summit is being hosted by the Mandaue City government in partnership with the League of Cities of the Philippines and the DENR-River Basin Control Office.

With the theme “Raising Awareness, Commitment, and Resources for the Rivers,” the Summit will provide a venue for information and knowledge exchange on the latest technologies and trends on basin governance, discussions on issues and concerns, and sharing of innovations and solutions to synergize strategies and practices on river basin management.

The rehabilitation of Cebu’s Butuanon River will be among the subjects to be tackled in the three-day summit, which ends Saturday. (PNA)

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Philippine Provinces / Mister Gikulata ni Misis kay Nanungog nga Tambok
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:10:48 PM »
kay nanungog nga tambok og dako’g kaon
By Brigada News FM

Nakalukat pina abtik og medical certificate ang usa ka bana human kini giayo’g bokbok sa iyang asawa gumikan sa iyang pagsungog sa Buhangin, Davao City.

Ang biktimang si alyas Romel, 37 nagpakitabang sa Buhangin Police Station kon asa iyang gireklamo ang iyang asawa nga si Evelyn, 39.

Sumala pa ni Romel nga igo lamang niyang gisungog ang iyang asawa tambok ug dako’g kaon ug didto na kini giatake dayon gikulata.

Tata ang baba ni Romel ug napuno usab og kinawrasan ang lawas niini rason nga gitambagan na lamang kini sa pulis nga sigurohon nga maka kuha og medical certificate aron magamit niini kung buot niyang mupasaka og kaso.

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Re: Mister Gikulata ni Misis kay Nabitin
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:44:24 AM »
kulang sa lesson sa Kamasutra :)

Philippine Photo Gallery / In Maguindanao
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:41:06 AM »
Selling balloons39885d1bb2e0481ba15951b527b1982a - Show Posts -

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Philippine Provinces / Nagduwa sa laing kalayo
« on: November 22, 2018, 05:38:00 AM »
RMN Gensan - Asawa nadakpan sa akto sa iyang bana nga nagdulog sa laing binuhat

General Santos City—Dakpan sa akto sa usa ka bana nga itago lang sa pangalang Bernie, legal age, Mananagat,  residenti sa Barangay Labangal, Gensan ang iyang asawa nga adunay kadulog nga laing lalaki sa usa ka balay didto mismo sa ilang lugar.

Nasayran nga midangop sa buhatan sa Police Station 2 ang bana human nga dili niya madawat ang pag dula matud pag kalayo sa iyang asawa nga itago lang sa Pangalang Kristel ug sa kukadidang niini nga itago lang sa pangalang Leo, residenti gihapon sa maong lugar.

Buot karon sa bana nga mapriso ang duruha gumikan matud pa sa pagbudhi kaniya.

Sa karon nagpadayon pa ang gihimong imbistigasyon kalabutan sa maong insidenti.

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Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Tago gyud Ming kay impatso ka kung makit-an
« on: November 19, 2018, 05:29:57 PM »
Hide for lifee1b2e835b486112aa3f1f76e2b3f346a - Show Posts -

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Philippine Daily News / AFP Pension
« on: November 14, 2018, 05:20:04 PM »
Vice Chair, Special Committee on Senior Citizen
Member, Committee on Veterans Affairs & Welfare
09177292437 | Facebook


Rep. Datol suggests tax on firearms, bullets, explosives imported by private sector.

Senior Citizen Party-list Representative Francisco Datol assured retired and retiring military personnel that he will champion the bill fixing the Armed Forces of the Philippines pension plan which involves the creation of an office or subsidiary to be run by the Government Service Insurance System.

"I agree with the broad strokes of the solution Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez and Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno have disclosed so far and I am hereby committing to file and push for the draft bill as soon as the DOF and DBM have finalized it," said Rep. Datol, who is Vice Chair of the House Special Committee on Senior Citizens and Member of the Committee on Veterans Affairs and Welfare.

Datol is also on the House Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation and Committee on Social Services.

"To lessen the premiums burden on retired soldiers who are now senior citizens and on the retiring military servicemen, I suggest that there be a particular tax on firearms, ammunition, and explosives imported by the businesses and private individuals and that proceeds of this tax go to the soldiers' pension fund," the senior citizen congressman said.

Datol also said he is open to discussing with the DOF and DBM other options to ensure the financial health of the military pension fund. (END)

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Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Mister Gikulata ni Misis kay Nabitin
« on: November 13, 2018, 07:37:45 PM »
By Brigada News Davao


BUN-OG samtang  nagping-it sa kasakit nga midangop sa Toril Police station ning siyudad sa Davao ang usa ka bana human nga sumala pa gikulata ug gidunggab siya sa iyang kaugalingong asawa.

Nagkalagom-lagom ang kalawasan nga midangop sa kapulisan ang biktima nga si Alyas Roger diin saysay niini nga tunga-tunga sa loving-loving sa iyang misis nga si alyas Marie, kalit nalang matud pa silang naglalis tungod  wala nakuntento ang asawa sa performance sa bana.

Nasayran nga unang gikulata sa asawa ang iyang bana apan wala pa makuntento diin mipunit kini og kotselyo ug nanunggab.

Gitambagan ang reklamante nga ipadangat ang kaso sa Barangay arun mahatagan og pasiunang solusyon samtang gipatambalan ang mga pangos ug samad sa Southern Philippines Medical Center kun SPMC.

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Bible Study / God's Instructions to Joshua
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:52:50 AM »
Book of Joshua 1
God’s Instructions to Joshua

 1  After Moses, the servant of the LORD, had died, the LORD spoke to Nun’s son Joshua, announcing to him,

 2  “My servant Moses is dead. Now get ready to cross the Jordan River—you and all the people—to the land that I’m giving the Israelis.

 3  I’m giving you every place where the sole of your foot falls, just as I promised Moses.

 4  Your territorial border will extend from the wilderness to the Lebanon Mountains, to the river—that great River Euphrates—all the land of the Hittites—as far as the Mediterranean Sea where the sun sets.

 5  No one will be victorious against you for the rest of your life. I’ll be with you just like I was with Moses—I’ll neither fail you nor abandon you.

 6  “Be strong and courageous, because you’ll be leading this people to inherit the land that I promised to give their ancestors.

 7  Only be strong and very courageous to ensure that you obey all the instructions that my servant Moses gave you—turn neither to the right nor to the left from it—so that you may succeed wherever you go.

 8  This set of instructions is not to cease being a part of your conversations. Meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to carry out everything that’s written in it, for then you’ll prosper and succeed.

 9  I’ve commanded you, haven’t I? Be strong and courageous. Don’t be fearful or discouraged, because the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

Joshua Gives Orders to His Leaders
 10  Then Joshua gave orders to the officials of the people.

 11  “Go through the camp,” he said, “and command the people, ‘Prepare provisions for yourselves, because within three days you’ll be crossing the Jordan River to take possession of the land that the LORD your God is giving you—so go get it!’”

 12  Joshua told the descendants of Reuben, the descendants of Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh,

 13  “Remember what Moses commanded you when he said, ‘The LORD your God will provide you rest, as well as this land.’

 14  Your wives, your young children, and your livestock will remain in the land that Moses gave you on this side of the Jordan River, but you and all your warriors will cross, ready for battle, in full view of your relatives, and you will help them

 15  until the LORD gives relief to your relatives, as he did to you. Then they’ll take the land that the LORD your God is giving them as their inheritance. You’ll return to the land of your heritage and receive the inheritance that Moses the servant of the LORD gave you on the east side of the Jordan River, in the direction of the sunrise.”

The People Reaffirm Their Commitment
 16  “We’ll do everything that you commanded,” they replied. “We’ll go wherever you send us.

 17  We’ll listen and obey you in everything, just like we did with Moses. Only may the LORD your God be with you, just as he was with Moses.

 18  Anyone who rebels against what you say and doesn’t listen to your words regarding everything that you command will be executed. Only be strong and courageous.”


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Bible Study / Jesus Appears to Seven of His Disciples
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:50:35 AM »
Gospel of John 21
Jesus Appears to Seven of His Disciples

 1  Later on, Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias. This is what happened:

 2  Simon Peter, Thomas (called the Twin), Nathaniel from Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two of his other disciples were together.

 3  Simon Peter told them, “I’m going fishing.” They all told him, “We’ll go with you, too.” So they went out and got into the boat but didn’t catch a thing that night.

 4  Just as dawn was breaking, Jesus stood on the shore. The disciples didn’t realize it was Jesus.

 5  Jesus asked them, “Children, you don’t have any fish, do you?” They answered him, “No.”

 6  He told them, “Throw the net on the right hand side of the boat, and you’ll catch some.” So they threw it out and were unable to haul it in because it was so full of fish.

 7  That disciple whom Jesus kept loving told Peter, “It’s the Lord!” When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put his clothes back on, because he was practically naked, and jumped into the sea.

 8  But the other disciples came in the boat, dragging the net full of fish. They were only about 200 cubits away from the shore.

 9  When they arrived at the shore, they saw a charcoal fire with fish lying on it, and some bread.

 10  Jesus told them, “Bring me some of the fish you’ve just caught.”

 11  So Simon Peter went aboard and dragged the net ashore. It was full of large fish—153 of them. And although there were so many of them, the net was not torn.

 12  Then Jesus told them, “Come, have breakfast.” Now none of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?”, because they knew it was the Lord.

 13  Jesus took the bread, gave it to them, and did the same with the fish.

 14  This was now the third time that Jesus revealed himself to the disciples after he had been raised from the dead.

Jesus Speaks with Peter
 15  When they had finished breakfast, Jesus asked Simon Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” Peter told him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus told him, “Feed my lambs.”

 16  Then he asked him a second time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter told him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus told him, “Take care of my sheep.”

 17  He asked him a third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was deeply hurt that he had asked him a third time, “Do you love me?” So he told him, “Lord, you know everything. You know that I love you!” Jesus told him, “Feed my sheep.

 18  “Truly, I tell you emphatically, when you were young, you would fasten your belt and go wherever you liked. But when you get old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will fasten your belt and take you where you don’t want to go.”

 19  Now he said this to show by what kind of death he would glorify God. After saying this, Jesus told him, “Keep following me.”

Jesus and the Beloved Disciple
 20  Peter turned around and noticed the disciple whom Jesus kept loving following them. He was the one who had put his head on Jesus’ chest at the supper and had asked, “Lord, who is the one who is going to betray you?”

 21  When Peter saw him, he said, “Lord, what about him?”

 22  Jesus told him, “If it’s my will for him to remain until I come back, how does that concern you? You must keep following me!”

 23  So the rumor spread among the brothers that this disciple wasn’t going to die. Yet Jesus didn’t say to Peter that he wasn’t going to die, but, “If it’s my will for him to remain until I come back, how does that concern you?”

 24  This is the disciple who is testifying to these things and has written them down. We know that his testimony is true.

 25  Of course, Jesus also did many other things, and I suppose that if every one of them were written down, the world couldn’t contain the books that would be written.


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Bible Study / Jesus is Raised from the Dead
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:49:02 AM »
Gospel of John 20
Jesus is Raised from the Dead

 1  On the first day of the week, early in the morning and while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and noticed that the stone had been removed from the tomb.

 2  So she ran off and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, whom Jesus kept loving. She told them, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don’t know where they have put him!”

 3  So Peter and the other disciple took off for the tomb.

 4  The two of them were running together, but the other disciple ran faster than Peter and came to the tomb first.

 5  Bending over to look inside, he noticed the linen cloths lying there, but didn’t go in.

 6  At this point Simon Peter arrived, following him, and went straight into the tomb. He observed that the linen cloths were lying there,

 7  and that the handkerchief that had been on Jesus’ head was not lying with the linen cloths but was rolled up in a separate place.

 8  Then the other disciple, who arrived at the tomb first, went inside, looked, and believed.

 9  For they did not yet understand the Scripture that said that Jesus had to rise from the dead.

 10  So the disciples went back to their homes.

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene
 11  Meanwhile, Mary stood crying outside the tomb. As she cried, she bent over and looked into the tomb.

 12  She saw two angels in white clothes who were sitting down, one at the head and the other at the foot of the place where Jesus’ body had been lying.

 13  They asked her, “Lady, why are you crying?” She told them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I don’t know where they have put him.”

 14  After she had said this, she turned around and noticed Jesus standing there, without realizing that it was Jesus.

 15  Jesus asked her, “Dear lady, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?” Thinking he was the gardener, she told him, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will take him away.”

 16  Jesus told her, “Mary!” She turned around and told him in Hebrew, “Rabbouni!” (which means “Teacher”).

 17  Jesus told her, “Don’t hold on to me, because I haven’t yet ascended to the Father. But go to my brothers and tell them, ‘I’m ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’”

 18  So Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I’ve seen the Lord!” She also told them what he had told her.

Jesus Appears to the Disciples
 19  It was the evening of the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Jesus came and stood among them. He told them, “Peace be with you.”

 20  After saying this, he showed them his hands and his side, and when they saw the Lord, the disciples were overjoyed.

 21  Jesus told them again, “Peace be with you. Just as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

 22  When he had said this, he breathed on them and told them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

 23  If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven. If you retain people’s sins, they are retained.”

Jesus Appears to Thomas
 24  Thomas, one of the Twelve (called the Twin), wasn’t with them when Jesus came.

 25  So the other disciples kept telling him, “We’ve seen the Lord!” But he told them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands, put my finger into them, and put my hand into his side, I’ll never believe!”

 26  A week later, his disciples were again inside, and Thomas was with them. Even though the doors were shut, Jesus came, stood among them, and said, “Peace be with you.”

 27  Then he told Thomas, “Put your finger here, and look at my hands. Take your hand, and put it into my side. Stop doubting, but believe.”

 28  Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!”

 29  Jesus told him, “Is it because you’ve seen me that you have believed? How blessed are those who have never seen me and yet have believed!”

The Purpose of the Book
 30  Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples that are not recorded in this book.

 31  But these have been recorded so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and so that through believing you may have life in his name.


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Bible Study / Jesus is Sentenced to Death
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:48:10 AM »
Gospel of John 19
Jesus is Sentenced to Death
 1  Then Pilate had Jesus taken away and whipped.

 2  The soldiers twisted some thorns into a victor’s crown, put it on his head, and threw a purple robe on him.

 3  They kept coming up to him and saying, “Long live the king of the Jews!” Then they began to slap him on the face.

 4  Pilate went outside again and told the Jews, “Look, I am bringing him out to you to let you know that I find no basis for a charge against him.”

 5  Then Jesus came outside, wearing the victor’s crown of thorns and the purple robe. Pilate told them, “Here is the man!”

 6  When the high priests and the officials saw him, they shouted, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Pilate told them, “You take him and crucify him. I find no basis for a charge against him.”

 7  The Jewish leaders answered Pilate, “We have a law, and according to that Law he must die because he made himself out to be the Son of God.”

 8  When Pilate heard this, he became even more afraid.

 9  Returning to his headquarters, he asked Jesus, “Where are you from?” But Jesus did not answer him.

 10  So Pilate asked him, “Aren’t you going to speak to me? You realize, don’t you, that I have the authority to release you and the authority to crucify you?”

 11  Jesus answered him, “You have no authority over me at all, except what was given to you from above. That’s why the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”

 12  From then on, Pilate tried to release him, but the Jewish leaders kept shouting, “If you release this fellow, you’re not a friend of Caesar! Anyone who claims to be a king is defying Caesar!”

 13  When Pilate heard these words, he brought Jesus outside and sat down on the judgment seat in a place called The Pavement, which in Hebrew is called Gabbatha.

 14  Now it was the Preparation Day for the Passover, about noon. He told the Jewish leaders, “Here is your king!”

 15  Then they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!” Pilate asked them, “Should I crucify your king?” The high priests responded, “We have no king but Caesar!”

 16  Then Pilate handed him over to be crucified, and they took Jesus away.

Jesus is Crucified
 17  Carrying the cross all by himself, he went out to what is called The Place of a Skull, which in Hebrew is called Golgotha.

 18  There they crucified him, along with two others, one on each side of him with Jesus in the middle.

 19  Pilate wrote an inscription and put it on the cross. It read, “Jesus from Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”

 20  Many Jews read this inscription, because the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city. It was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.

 21  Then the Jewish high priests told Pilate, “Don’t write, ‘The King of the Jews,’ but that this fellow said, ‘I am the King of the Jews.’”

 22  Pilate replied, “What I have written I have written.”

 23  When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four parts, one for each soldier, and took his cloak as well. The cloak was seamless, woven in one piece from the top down.

 24  So they told each other, “Let’s not tear it. Instead, let’s throw dice to see who gets it.” This was to fulfill the Scripture that says, “They divided my clothes among themselves, and for my clothing they threw dice.” So that is what the soldiers did.

 25  Meanwhile, standing near Jesus’ cross were his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.

 26  When Jesus saw his mother and the disciple whom he kept loving standing there, he told his mother, “Dear lady, here is your son.”

 27  Then he told the disciple, “Here is your mother.” And from that hour the disciple took her into his own home.

Jesus Dies on the Cross
 28  After this, when Jesus realized that everything was now completed, he said (in order to fulfill the Scripture), “I’m thirsty.”

 29  A jar of sour wine was standing there, so they put a sponge full of the wine on a branch of hyssop and held it to his mouth.

 30  After Jesus had taken the wine, he said, “It is finished.” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.

Jesus’ Side is Pierced
 31  Since it was the Preparation Day, the Jewish leaders did not want to leave the bodies on the crosses during the Sabbath, because that was a particularly important Sabbath. So they asked Pilate to have the men’s legs broken and the bodies removed.

 32  So the soldiers went and broke the legs of the first man and then of the other man who had been crucified with him.

 33  But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs.

 34  Instead, one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water immediately came out.

 35  The one who saw this has testified, and his testimony is true. He knows he is telling the truth so that you, too, may believe,

 36  because these things happened so that the Scripture might be fulfilled: “None of his bones will be broken.”

 37  In addition, another passage of Scripture says, “They will look on the one whom they pierced.”

Jesus is Buried
 38  Later on, Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus (though a secret one because he was afraid of the Jewish leaders), asked Pilate to let him remove the body of Jesus. Pilate gave him permission, and he came and removed his body.

 39  Nicodemus, the man who had first come to Jesus at night, also arrived, bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes weighing about 100 litra.

 40  They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen cloths along with spices, according to the burial custom of the Jews.

 41  A garden was located in the place where he was crucified, and in that garden was a new tomb in which no one had yet been placed.

 42  Because it was the Jewish Preparation Day, and because the tomb was nearby, they put Jesus there.


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Bible Study / Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:46:55 AM »
Gospel of John 18
Jesus is Betrayed and Arrested
 1  After Jesus had said all of this, he went with his disciples across the Kidron valley to a place where there was a garden, which he and his disciples entered.

 2  Now Judas, who betrayed him, also knew the place, because Jesus often met there with his disciples.

 3  So Judas took a detachment of soldiers and some officers from the high priests and the Pharisees and went there with lanterns, torches, and weapons.

 4  Then Jesus, knowing everything that was going to happen, went forward and asked them, “Who are you looking for?”

 5  They answered him, “Jesus from Nazareth.” Jesus told them, “I AM.” Judas, the man who betrayed him, was standing with them.

 6  When Jesus told them, “I AM,” they backed away and fell to the ground.

 7  So he asked them again, “Who are you looking for?” They said, “Jesus from Nazareth.”

 8  Jesus replied, “I told you that I am the one, so if you are looking for me, let these men go.”

 9  This was to fulfill what he had said, “I did not lose a single one of those you gave me.”

 10  Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it and struck the high priest’s servant, cutting off his right ear. The servant’s name was Malchus.

 11  Jesus told Peter, “Put your sword back into its sheath. Shouldn’t I drink the cup that the Father has given me?”

Jesus before the High Priest
 12  Then the soldiers, along with their commander and the Jewish officers, arrested Jesus and tied him up.

 13  First they brought him to Annas, because he was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest that year.

 14  Caiaphas was the person who had advised the Jews that it was better to have one man die for the people.

Peter Denies Jesus
 15  Simon Peter and another disciple were following Jesus. Since the other disciple was known to the high priest, he accompanied Jesus into the courtyard of the high priest.

 16  Peter, however, stood outside the gate. So this other disciple who was known to the high priest went out and spoke to the gatekeeper and brought Peter inside.

 17  The young woman at the gate asked Peter, “You aren’t one of this man’s disciples, too, are you?” “I am not,” he replied.

 18  Meanwhile, the servants and officers were standing around a charcoal fire they had built and were warming themselves because it was cold. Peter was also standing with them, keeping himself warm.

The High Priest Questions Jesus
 19  Then the high priest questioned Jesus about his disciples and about his own teaching.

 20  Jesus answered him, “I have spoken publicly to the world. I have always taught in the synagogue or in the Temple, where all Jews meet together, and I have said nothing in secret.

 21  Why do you question me? Question those who heard what I said. These are the people who know what I said.”

 22  When he said this, one of the officers standing nearby slapped Jesus on the face and demanded, “Is that any way to answer the high priest?”

 23  Jesus answered him, “If I have said anything wrong, tell me what it was. But if I have told the truth, why do you hit me?”

 24  Then Annas sent him, with his hands tied, to Caiaphas the high priest.

Peter Denies Jesus Again
 25  Meanwhile, Simon Peter was standing and warming himself. Some people asked him, “You aren’t one of his disciples, too, are you?” He denied it by saying, “I am not!”

 26  Then one of the high priest’s servants, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, said, “I saw you in the garden with Jesus, didn’t I?”

 27  Peter again denied it, and immediately a rooster crowed.

Pilate Questions Jesus
 28  Then Jesus was led from Caiaphas to the governor’s headquarters early in the morning. The Jews did not go into the headquarters, to avoid becoming unclean and unable to eat the Passover meal.

 29  So Pilate came out to them and asked, “What accusation are you bringing against this man?”

 30  They answered him, “If he weren’t a criminal, we wouldn’t have handed him over to you.”

 31  Pilate told them, “You take him and try him according to your Law.” The Jewish leaders told him, “It is not legal for us to put anyone to death.”

 32  This was to fulfill what Jesus had said when he indicated the kind of death he was to die.

 33  So Pilate went back into the governor’s headquarters, summoned Jesus, and asked him, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

 34  Jesus replied, “Are you asking this on your own initiative, or did others tell you about me?”

 35  Pilate replied, “I am not a Jew, am I? It is your own nation and high priests who have handed you over to me. What have you done?”

 36  Jesus answered, “My kingdom does not belong to this world. If my kingdom belonged to this world, my servants would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But for now my kingdom is not from here.”

 37  Pilate asked him, “So you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. I was born for this, and I came into the world for this: to testify to the truth. Everyone who is committed to the truth listens to my voice.”

 38  Pilate asked him, “What is ‘truth’?” and then he went out to the Jewish leaders again and told them, “I find no basis for a charge against him.

 39  But you have a custom that I release one person for you at Passover. Do you want me to release for you the king of the Jews?”

 40  At this, they shouted out again, “Not this fellow, but Barabbas!” Now Barabbas was a revolutionary.


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Gospel of John 17
Jesus Prays for Himself, His Disciples, and His Future Followers

 1  After Jesus had said this, he looked up to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, so that the Son may glorify you.

 2  For you have given him authority over all humanity so that he might give eternal life to all those you gave him.

 3  And this is eternal life: to know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent—Jesus the Messiah.

 4  I glorified you on earth by completing the task you gave me to do.

 5  “So now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world existed.

 6  I have made your name known to these men whom you gave me from the world. They were yours, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.

 7  Now they realize that everything you gave me comes from you,

 8  because the words that you gave me I passed on to them. They have received them and know for sure that I came from you. They have believed that you sent me.

 9  “I am asking on their behalf. I am not asking on behalf of the world, but on behalf of those you gave me, because they are yours.

 10  All that is mine is yours, and what is yours is mine, and I have been glorified through them.

 11  I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by your Name, the Name that you gave me, so that they may be one, as we are one.

 12  While I was with them, I protected them by the authority that you gave me. I guarded them, and not one of them became lost except the one who was destined for destruction, so that the Scripture might be fulfilled.

 13  “And now I am coming to you, and I say these things in the world so that they may have my joy made complete in themselves.

 14  I have given them your word, and the world has hated them, because they do not belong to the world, just as I don’t belong to the world.

 15  I’m not asking you to take them out of the world but to protect them from the evil one.

 16  They don’t belong to the world, just as I don’t belong to the world.

 17  “Sanctify them by the truth. Your word is truth.

 18  Just as you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.

 19  It is for their sakes that I sanctify myself, so that they, too, may be sanctified by the truth.

 20  I ask not only on behalf of these men, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their message,

 21  so that they may all be one. Just as you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be one in us, so that the world may believe that you sent me.

 22  “I have given them the glory that you gave me, so that they may be one, just as we are one.

 23  I am in them, and you are in me. May they be completely one, so that the world may know that you sent me and that you have loved them as you loved me.

 24  Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am and to see my glory, which you gave me because you loved me before the creation of the world.

 25  “Righteous Father, the world has never known you. Yet I have known you, and these men have known that you sent me.

 26  I made your name known to them, and will continue to make it known, so that the love you have for me may be in them and I myself may be in them.”


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Bible Study / Warning from Jesus Christ
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Gospel of John 16
 1  “I have told you this to keep you from falling away.

 2  You’ll be thrown out of the synagogues. Yes, a time is coming when the one who kills you will think he’s serving God.

 3  They’ll do this because they haven’t known the Father or me.

 4  But I’ve told you this, so that when the time comes you’ll remember that I told you about them. I didn’t tell you this in the beginning, because I was still with you.”

The Work of the Spirit
 5  “But now I am going to the one who sent me. Yet none of you asks me, ‘Where are you going?’

 6  But because I have told you this, sorrow has filled your hearts.

 7  However, I’m telling you the truth. It’s for your advantage that I’m going away, because if I don’t go away, the Helper won’t come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.

 8  When he comes, he will convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment—

 9  of sin, because they don’t believe in me;

 10  of righteousness, because I’m going to the Father and you will no longer see me;

 11  and of judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.

 12  “I still have a lot to say to you, but you cannot bear it now.

 13  Yet when the Spirit of Truth comes, he’ll guide you into all truth. He won’t speak on his own accord, but he’ll speak whatever he hears and will declare to you the things that are to come.

 14  He will glorify me, because he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

 15  All that the Father has is mine. That is why I said, ‘He will take what is mine and declare it to you.’

 16  In a little while you will no longer see me, then in a little while you will see me again.”

 17  At this point, some of his disciples asked each other, “What does he mean by telling us, ‘In a little while you will no longer see me, then in a little while you will see me again,’ and, ‘because I am going to the Father’?”

 18  They kept saying, “What is this ‘in a little while’ that he keeps talking about? We don’t know what he means.”

Sorrow will Turn to Joy
 19  Jesus knew that they wanted to ask him a question, so he asked them, “Are you discussing among yourselves what I meant when I said, ‘In a little while you will no longer see me, then in a little while you will see me again’?

 20  Truly, I tell all of you emphatically, you’ll cry and mourn, but the world will rejoice. You’ll be deeply distressed, but your pain will turn into joy.

 21  When a woman is in labor she has pain, because her time has come. Yet when she has given birth to her child, she doesn’t remember the agony anymore because of the joy of having brought a human being into the world.

 22  Now you are having pain. But I’ll see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you.

 23  On that day, you won’t ask me for anything. Truly, I tell all of you emphatically, whatever you ask the Father for in my name, he will give it to you.

 24  So far you haven’t asked for anything in my name. Keep asking and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.”

Victory over the World
 25  “I have said these things to you in figurative language. The time is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language, but will tell you plainly about the Father.

 26  At that time, you will make your requests in my name, so that I will have no need to ask the Father on your behalf,

 27  because the Father himself loves you, and because you have loved me and believed that I came from God.

 28  I left the Father and came into the world. Now I’m leaving the world and going back to the Father.”

 29  Jesus’ disciples said, “Well, now you’re speaking plainly and not using figurative language.

 30  Now we know that you know everything and don’t need to have anyone ask you any questions. Because of this, we believe that you have come from God.”

 31  Jesus answered them, “Do you now believe?

 32  Listen, the time is coming, indeed it has already come, when you will be scattered, each of you to his own home, and you will leave me all by myself. Yet I’m not alone, because the Father is with me.

 33  I have told you this so that through me you may have peace. In the world you’ll have trouble, but be courageous—I’ve overcome the world!”


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Bible Study / Jesus the True Vine
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:43:52 AM »
Gospel of John 15
Jesus the True Vine

 1  “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vintner.

 2  He cuts off every branch that does not produce fruit in me, and he cuts back every branch that does produce fruit, so that it might produce more fruit.

 3  You are already clean because of what I’ve spoken to you.

 4  “Abide in me, and I will abide in you. Just as the branch cannot produce fruit by itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you unless you abide in me.

 5  I am the vine, you are the branches. The one who abides in me while I abide in him produces much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.

 6  Unless a person abides in me, he is thrown away like a pruned branch and dries up. People gather such branches, throw them into a fire, and they are burned up.

 7  “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask for anything you want, and you’ll receive it.

 8  This is how my Father is glorified, when you produce a lot of fruit and so prove to be my disciples.

 9  Just as the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. So abide in my love.

 10  If you keep my commandments, you’ll abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.

 11  I’ve told you this, so that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.

 12  “This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you.

 13  No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends.

 14  You are my friends, if you do what I command you.

 15  I don’t call you servants anymore, because a servant doesn’t know what his master is doing. But I’ve called you friends, because I’ve made known to you everything that I’ve heard from my Father.

 16  “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. I have appointed you to go and produce fruit that will last, so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.

 17  I am giving you these commandments so that you may love one another.”

The World’s Hatred
 18  “If the world hates you, you should realize that it hated me before you.

 19  If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as one of its own. But because you do not belong to the world and I have chosen you out of it, the world hates you.

 20  Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.

 21  They will do all these things to you on account of my name, because they do not know the one who sent me.

 22  “If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have any sin. But now they have no excuse for their sin.

 23  The person who hates me also hates my Father.

 24  If I hadn’t done among them the actions that no one else did, they wouldn’t have any sin. But now they have seen and hated both me and my Father.

 25  But this happened so that what has been written in their Law might be fulfilled: ‘They hated me for no reason.’

 26  “When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father— the Spirit of Truth, who comes from the Father—he will testify on my behalf.

 27  You will testify also, because you have been with me from the beginning.


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