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Philippine Business News / Re: Receipts for Donations
« on: October 30, 2010, 11:12:15 PM »
The news I have to report is good.

I made an announcement that anchorman Gerry Pabe was on his way into the meeting. He went to the meeting and cleared up any miss-communications amongst the board members on how the donations are being kept track of at DYRD and Chronicle outlet.

Everyone who was having bad feelings amongst ourselves as a group were out in the open many apologies and even a hug were given to the secretary from both Pabe and me....

I was asked to give the closing prayer and closed it with words coming from my heart and the real spirit of God and his son Christ and with that the meeting ended on a very high and positive note.....

Merry Christmas everyone! :)


Philippine Business News / DYRD AM LIVE ELECION Barangay/SK Results
« on: October 25, 2010, 11:56:54 PM »
Live election results are being called over DYRD this day and will continue until the wee hours in the morning expected time to end live reporting will be 1AM.

Dampas, Bool, and Dao so far are the latest areas to report their final results as of this time....

Catch DYRD live over the internet during the live coverage of SK/Barangay election results....

Studio reports given by Joseph Ligan

With reports given by Rey Totas, Willie Maestrado, Herman Parades, Danny Reyes.

Technician Gilberto Tulop

This live coverage is being sponsored by the following businesses.

Pizza Hut

 Petronbest Petron Station.....Plaza Rizal

ICM Dampas

Volunteer reporters are from CHARL DX7 145.00 MHZ600 KHZ Duplex (Radio amateur league).

Philippine Business News / Re: In Bohol: 3 Hold-ups or more in a day
« on: June 01, 2010, 12:05:27 AM »
Does anyone want to say this is still an over-all safe place to be?

For me so far I have been a victim of having my purse slashed at Christmas time in the mall here. I have been a victim of persons who have asked a lot of funds from me never returned not even a friendship in return continued...

Those persons who got the money are nothing but slippery slimy con-artist who just go around denying their dirty deeds. There are other forms of being robbed here and that is the betrayal of those whom you are to trust do not care...

I was even sold a recording device hand held size for over 2 thousand pesos it never worked since the day I bought it...

Same person who sold me that piece of none working media crap tool stiffed me or should I say conned me out of thousands.

Hold ups are just another way way in how money and properties are taken here in Bohol.

Con artist style is just a way in where it does not look so offensive as a hold up!

Its not the first time people here are getting more clever to get things from others it is just being more recognized as people are a bit more bolder in the style of how they do things now.

Where are the comments from people who live here in Tagbilaran City or in Bohol on this post? I am sure your all chomping on the bit having mouthfuls of what to say but maybe you are afraid knowing the consequences are there if you do.

Then there are those of you in the media who are using money to be kept shut-up about the real happenings here. They always say "Money Works!".

Some guys have the audacity to ask me how they are doing as a fair and equal media man?

I say what have you done to help out our colleague Jerry Pabe? What has the powerful Catholic Church done to help out a good brother?

Then come ask me what type of a media mover and equal media man radio man that you think you are.

I am sick and tired of listening to the same old fighting everyday over the radio the election is done move on... Would you please!!!

I know and I see the things happening here and I think it stinks!

I have more I want to say.... I had plenty I wanted to say during the election but I kept it silent thinking that people here would have wizened up about their voting choices. .....

Philippine Business News / Re: Tulis in Bohol Becoming More Rampant
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:50:21 PM »
Today a hold up happened with an ICM Mall employee and another hold up was at BQ Mall!!!! Grabe!

I know other media are reading this.....

And they are silent.

The one foreigner who has been physically assaulted by one of the media popularity here said that others who know about what are happening asked why is it that he does not file a case against this media man?

He seems interested to do it but maybe at the same time he is thinking this man will someday reconcile with him?

If anyone wants to take a guess on who these media are doing these things to people feel free to write about it.

Why be inhibited about it?

Honesty is important on what you may know.


The young lady who I had posted about at the start of this topic has not returned to the program as of yet to try to ask for more help.

I have been in a great mood ever since she had expressed so must excitement even after the TBN show the night she had received generous calls who donated to her cause.

I hope I can see more nights like that on TBN.

Last night Jerry Pabe was sporting his new black colored shirt beautifully printed with TBN Ireland on it.

It is my understanding the person spearheading the group in Ireland is either a nurse who is a neice or a daughter of Jerry Pabe the anchorman of the show TBN. We had worn it the first time very proud while over-air.

And by the way Pabe looked super great in his new printed shirt from Ireland!!! Jerry could not stop smiling that night he was even making jokes that night with visitor's asking help.

LGU Philippines / Re: Montano supports Edgar Chatto.....
« on: May 13, 2010, 03:25:59 AM »
The congrats have been given.....

Now it is time to move on.... Does anyone out here have the results for the 2010 election in the municipio of Anda? Please if anyone has any updates as to who is mayor please post or send me a private message on who were the winners on their local level. Thank you!

Sad truth is everyday Bohol has some sort of a motor fatality daily. How many more accidents and deaths need to be made here for them to finally get things implemented and handle in the right way so less traffic fatalities happen here? As soon as I can get any further feeds on this matter I will let you know. Ingat!!!

Way before the campaign was even started and that of even Cesar admitting his run for Governor, Cesar was there for the group of Expats. He did not even hesitate to be a special guest and share stories about his love for Bohol and he also gave his insight for foreigners also in love for Bohol.

He did not need a formal letter of proposal to be considered he was more than willing to meet foreigners living here also helping other Bohol people out.

He was tickled pink in his warm reception from the local foreigners from almost one year ago.

I watched him in a press conference today he was coming from his heart, and his good head, and you could see the sincerity from his eyes.

All three candidates are my friend may the best one win and not because you sold yourselves cheap to vote buying. Be wise do not act in illegal and corrupt ways in voting do not complain of corruption when vote buying is also an act of being corrupt....Do you like to be thought of as corrupt?

I seen him recently and he is not exactly my size for me to beat him..... he is tall and lanky looking with tattoos on his arm, and has a none smooth skinned face complexion, and his hair is long light brown to blond  and has a colored ponytail to tie his hair back with.

Sorry about the hurried up writing on this topic, but it has been a long day filled with many press conferences.

Mike buddy if you have time could you please edit this topic. I am also not given the option for modifying the topic.

Again everyone happy and safe election.

Good luck to all promising and true hearted candidates.

According by the words of a female block-timer on board at a local radio station in Tagbilaran City reported that during her afternoon show she had many callers showing support for candidate for Governor Cesar Montano.

The report came in during Montano's last minute press conference held with 7 local media men at venue Food Options.

Montano was happy in the good news received from the lady block-timer. During his press conference he was interviewed live over a local radio station and told the listeners that he will not be a vote buyer. He will not be a part of dishonesty from the Boholano people in this widely known habit during election time and feels sad he said when he knows that Boholanos would be known to do such a thing.

Montano said he has really been super pleased with his rally turn outs across the province in support of him.

He also mentioned that he is fighting very hard against this unlawful action of vote buying.

He loves Bohol and said he wants to help Bohol.

He also said he has a beautiful life in back in Manila with his show life and singing bee program but he is in Bohol to offer his chance to the citizens of Bohol to win as the next Governor of BOHOL in order to help Bohol persons here.

Cesar has been through a lot and since the beginning of this campaign from his sons recent death until now Cesar keeps fighting for you the good people of Bohol.

When asked about vote buying Cesar said " Yes it is true I will not be buying votes." "Boholanos deserve a a new leader and a better leader to make things change." "If Bohol is not ready for change than God help it."

Montano stressed that Boholanos are being a part of what is considerd as being a corrupt province when it comes to vote buying and that he does not like the sound of it and said to the media that he was sure that they did not also like the sound of it.

Montano when asked about the Grand alliance he said he did not invite anyone to it.

Another question facing Montano was in regards to having the May 10, elections postponed, Montano said he was not in support of having it postponed and that he feels very opposed of it saying the election day this May 10, 2010 day has been already long awaited for......

Montano said Bohol people are not in anyway stupid he prided Bohol very much in saying people in the province are very kind and are very smart.

Bohol people know what is right and what is good thing to do when they will be voting this coming Monday.

May I wish everyone a happy and safe election.

May 7th, 2010
Illegal actions by a German national and Lila Barangay Captain-Considered as Bohol’s first COMELEC/PNP Accomplishment. 

During last Friday mornings a press conference with newly transferred PSSUPT Rodolfo Llorca Together with Atty. Eliseo RZB Labaria, and BGEN Allan R. Luga from the Philippine Armed Forces. PSSUPT. Llorca had reported to the media and other legal sectors of the National PNP in an updated power point presentation on the latest actions accomplished by the local and the provincial PNP as of press time. Part of the presentation involved a Barangay Captain and a foreign national in were they were involved in actions against laws of the local and national COMELEC.
The details below of the unlawful incident that had taken place according to police reports given by the Bohol PNP to the local media. Where on May 5th, 2010 around 1100 hrs at Barangay Nagsulay, Lila Bohol, PIB operatives and Lila PNP were able to arrest one (1) Henry Raul  Y Hambora, 48 years old, married, a barangay captain and resident of the same place for violation of R.A. 8294 and violation of R.A. 7166 (COMELEC Gun ban), resisting arrest and direct assault who was caught in flagrante delicto of selling firearms to a certain Siegfred Marenke of legal age, German national and temporarily residing in at Barangay Nagsulay of same municipality.
Subject person tried to resist the arrest which resulted to a scuffle with the PNP operatives and has consequently caused the inflicting of cut/wound above the right eye of C. PIB. The team confiscated from possession and control of control of Henry Raul one (1) 12 gauge shotgun, Armscor model 30 with serial number 124469 with five (5) ammunition and one (1) 22 magnum, black widow with marking of North America Arms with five live (5) ammunition.
The incident is still under further investigation as of press time according to PNP Camp Dogahoy personal.

I did not see any foreigners here from the AP interviewing him in person here, neither did any AP come to get his side of the story in person. Did I say he is denying what happened? No I did not.

Yes i have repeated what he said to me alone. but you people do not understand what I am saying so it is at this point at the end of my long sleepy day of doing a medical mission to say that I am tired to keep posting now.

I just want to justify how he had entertained me on the issue. I know now he is a a good person and nice to me.

No one is perfect we live from our mistakes. while we allow our past to haunt us also at the same time.

The story in Post is identical to the AP version at the beginning of this topic?

Because the one I read is written the same way as the the post version without byline.
I will ask him  next time I will see him if he refused comment with any media regarding this matter as he knows my association as a PRO for many organizations here. I will try my best to update this matter.
and Good night all!!!

Bohol Latest News / Re: Bohol Police Director Leaves His Post
« on: April 25, 2010, 12:34:42 AM »
Does anyone have any news on how this new provincial police superintendent will be at his post?

Or know about his work ethics to keep the peace in Bohol?

Thank You!

I will divulge it if I want to as I am amazed that people in here do not truthfully know how media really works here.

I know the old cheaters rule of lets do the story and even if we do not have his side we will say he was not available for comment.

I actually spoke to him in person and asked him about what was all the stuff going on in the internet about him?

I did not have the faintest of ideal that a couple of days later that the Bohol newspapers would come out with the story on Father Joseph Skeleton.

I was not happy that I had read that he refused to have an interview or make a comment how contradicting of them to print no comments when on the other hand he spoke to me in front of my face with me in flesh and bones.

I am a witness that he is not having this no comment status about him. I wish I could see him again in person and have him sign a piece of paper to confirm what he is saying to me is true?

I am saying what I read in Sundays press releases is hard to believe and suspicious on the media level knowing what are the tricks and trades of how media works.

Why is it when you hear gossip or unbelievable things being said about a friend or someone that you may know and then those things you are hearing about them shock you to begin with. Why do you hear the advice from others to ask direct what is the real story?

 I did ask him in person and you would rather believe the Filipino Newspaper saying he was not available for comment when in fact he did talk to me in person, while passers by greeted him with kindness and respect.

He seems to be holding up very well on his own.

If I run into him I hope my atty is at my side to catch all that he sais.

I was able to confirm the incident of rumors running around that the mother of the deceased stabbing victim had passed away.

Attorney Jun Amora who is an attorney representing the case said that the mother of the victim is still alive.

There are three topics regarding information said about this alleged suspect.

One being posted first by Jellybean, then the other being posted by delikado and now another one being published by Mike our administrator.

How many threads does this guy need? Is he worth all this attention?

Hello me again.

I have an update after being absent from the PC for a couple of days.

You know me sleuth for the truth. I spoke with an interesting person today and she is a wife of a incarcerated individual who is an alleged of dealing Shabu. There is some sort of connection to the alleged drug dealer and the one of the mothers in the incident.
From a first marriage.

The drug pusher knows the alleged murder suspect who is sitting down below in the Tagbilaran City Jail together.

I was told by this person that the mother of the victim was found by the Dr. who was working on her that she had cancer.

I also heard that she has passed away this morning? This has not been confirmed by any media yet as I was told by the wife of the drug pusher who is in jail together with the alleged homicide suspect. She was not aware who I was as we spoke.

She also told me that the homicide suspect was at the hospital yesterday (Tuesday) getting his hands worked on she said that his bones where exposed and become infected while he was in the jail.

I was also told by this wife (who is five months pregnant) with a an alleged drug pusher husband who is in jail that the mother was preparing to go to the USA before this incident had happened.

I asked people at DYRD/Chronicle if they had heard anything regarding the death of the victims mother and was told that for safety reasons they only go off the blotter at the police station.

I was told that the Legal council handling the case is Atty. Amora.
Atty. Amora was not around to be asked about the case last night.%

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