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Youtube Replay / An Unlikely Ambassador - trailer
« on: March 18, 2008, 02:39:22 PM »
An Unlikely Ambassador - trailer
<embed src=" " flashvars="m=27162613&v=2&type=video" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="430" height="346"></embed>

Talk of the Town / Vote for Chocolate Hills
« on: March 18, 2008, 02:07:22 PM »
Vote for Chocolate Hills
By Jerry Sisican
The Chocolate Hills is an unusual geological formation in Bohol, Philippines. It is composed of around 1268 perfectly cone-shaped hills, all about the same size, spread over an area of more than 50 sq km The hills are covered in green ...
Bohol On My Mind -

Bohol Latest News / Flashfloods sweep Bohol barangays
« on: March 08, 2008, 05:50:11 AM »
PIA Press Release
Flashfloods sweep Bohol barangays

by Rey Anthony Chiu

Tagbilaran City (7 March) -- LIKE A real lady, La Niña came accompanied by graceful showers to occasional surging downpour, but long and steady to gather enough water in upland catch basins, spill and cause flash floods in certain parts of Bohol, leaving in its wake yet undetermined damage to crops and property here.

In low-laying barangays of Pondol and Catagbacan Jandig in Loon, water from the mountains swelled the Pondol and Catagbacan creeks rendering some highway portions impassable to vehicular traffic for hours, Loon police reported.

Some 13 kilometers from the flooded roads in Loon, Calape councilor and civil defense deputized agent Engr. Lucio Carajay reported an overflowing of water on the banks of Liboron River on almost the same time between midnight of March 6 to early morning of March 6.

Moreover, low-laying areas in the next town Tubigon suffered similar fates, said Councilor Marlon Jamila, the towns civil defense agent.

He reported that flash floods were experienced in barangays Panaytayon, Pandan and Centro specifically in Sitio Ingod, due to the overflowing Bateria river.

Initial reports from Jamila said at least the flashfloods damaged some pumpboats and caused a fence to collapse in Tubigon.

Heavy and continuous rains also caused another flashflood in Bacani Clarin, specifically down the Bacani bridge, as reported by Clarin civil defense deputized coordinator Isidro Arcales.

No casualties however were reported in separate incidents.

Just as calls for weather updates swarmed the local Philippine Atmospheric and Geo-Physical Services Administration (PAG-ASA) weather station here, weather forecasters report no storms on the Philippine area of responsibility.

The rains, they said were caused by the cold front across Extreme Northern Luzon, while the wind convergence affected the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

The cold front, a complex weather system that brings the rains even in the beginning season of summer has actually heightened the effects of the onset of the La Niña phenomenon, said Engr. Emmanuel Oronan of the local weather station.

Bohol Civil Defense Coordinator Engr. Ver Neil Balaba and the Provincial Disaster Coordinator immediately went to inspect the areas affected while triggering municipal disaster teams to investigate and evaluate the damages.

As this developed, Balaba has urged communities settled along possible landslide and flash-flood prone areas to be vigilant and keep a watchful eye on the telltale signs of impending disasters, especially with the rains still expected until August. (PIA)

Bohol Latest News / It's going to be watery summer
« on: March 01, 2008, 12:40:12 PM »
PIA Press Release

It's going to be watery summer

by Rey Anthony Chiu

Tagbilaran City (29 February) -- IT's going to be a watery summer it that would technically be a summer at all!

But if it's any consolation, there wont be storms, says Bohol chief meteorologist at the local weather station here.

Emmanuel Oronan, Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) says the weather aberration is due to the La Niña.

Guesting the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday, Oronan came up with the La Nina situationer and expounded on the climate changes including the La Nina as experienced by the world and as brought about by the phenomena of global warming.

The La Niña, which is a generally wet season caused by unusually lower and sometimes extensive cooling of the ocean-atmosphere as affected by different factors. This impacts in several areas across the globe, sometimes causing events that are generally associated with wetter conditions.

According to Oronan, as per latest La Nina advisory that his office received, the weather aberration intensity has gone from moderate to strong.

He said the La Niña forecast could extend the wet climate from March to May, the summer months. Moreover, the rains may be relentless from July to August, when the rains dwindle to its normal conditions.

If this forecast would be true to the dot, then there could be no more summers the By this, rains in May, the hottest part of the year may be expected, one that could probably impact again on the local farming practices.

And when the rainy days officially start in June, it would not be announcing itself as the rains have emphatically preceded its coming.

In fact, according to reports, the rains that came last month was above the normal 70 millimeters and in this month, Cebu weather monitors have recorded more than 100 millimeters of rainfall.

As this developed, weather forecasters here have been on the constant alert for rain induced landslides which may pose danger to lives and property.

Local disaster coordinating council here in tandem with the Office of the Civil Defense have strengthened their community based disaster alert system based on the newly crafted disaster maps.

At the forecast, the weather watchers would rather ask farmers to go shift for crops that could withstand the generally wet season through August.

Failure to do so may again prove disastrous to the local agricultural harvest and could impact not just on the farmer's projected income per planting season but on the local food production as well. (PIA)
(always the weather watcher! stay tuned for more climate change...joey)

World Daily News / Is the US Presidential 2008 election a world election?
« on: February 28, 2008, 01:58:14 PM »
This topic has come up on many national and international news broadcasts and media here in the US. It is said that the US Presidential 2008 election is talked about in many bars, cafes and coffee shops all over the world. It is said that Obama fascination is sweeping the world! Is this true in Bohol?...joey

Jokes and Humor / There's a Joke in Bohol
« on: February 15, 2008, 06:24:01 AM »
Google Blogs Alert for: Bohol

There's a Joke in Bohol

By frank cimatu(frank cimatu)

that natural family planning is the method used by priests who have children and modern contraceptives are the ones used by priests who have none.
pine for pine -

This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

Bohol Directory / Tagbilaranons of Eastern USA
« on: February 10, 2008, 10:51:02 AM »
Anyone here on this bbs a member of this org?4e3f - Show Posts - jtabaco

Bohol Directory / Philippines Tarsier Foundation Inc
« on: February 07, 2008, 12:20:33 PM »
I just watched a tv program tonight here on Long Island, NY on WLIW on Wed, Feb 06, 9:00pm, called Wild! episode # 305 Peculiar Primate: Tarsier, Description: Witness the world's oldest primate in their natural habitat and learn wh they may soon disappear. (Closed Captioning) (Stereo).

The main character was Carlito Pizarras, the caretaker at the Philippines Tarsier Foundation Inc sanctuary in Corilla, along with some primatologist from Manila named Irene Arboleda, who was there to do research on her Master's thesis. She was originally from somewhere on Mindanao and spoke Visayan.

Does anyone know if there is a website or email address for this org? The ones I found online do not work!

Anonymous Diary Blog / Fr Al Botero
« on: January 04, 2008, 07:56:36 AM »
Does anyone have Fr Al Botero's email address? Just got a slomail Christmas card from Molde, Norway from him and would like to send him a message. Please reply only to jtabaco. Salamat…joey

Introduce Yourself / About Joey Tabaco
« on: January 03, 2008, 06:49:40 PM »
I was asked by Mike that he wishes to know more about me so I thought I'd put it in this thread where it's supposed to go. Been into computers since HS, online since the early 80s at work with the NWS and at home since the late 80s with the now defunct GENIE network. My CV pretty much covers my work life. Click the links for the details.

My parents and grandparents were all from the barrios of Tagbilaran. My dad came to NYC to work for the UN in 46, my mom in 47. Since dad worked for the UN, he had home leave privileges back then which allowed the whole family to go back to Bohol almost every 2 years during summer vacation til each kid turned 18 until the old man retired.

The last time I did that was in 67. But while I was stationed on Guam with the USAF, I took an R&R leave to Bohol in 72. After I retired from the NWS in 04, I finally got a chance to go back to Bohol in Feb 05, since I was a NaFFAA delegate to the 3rd Global Filipino Networking Con held in Cebu during the last week of Jan 05.

I just became a lolo for the 4th time. Click on Connor's pic for more pics. I got 3 kids. My baby pinay princess daughter still lives with me. My older son was a web designer during the .com bubble and when it went bust, he went to work for Verizon stringing fiber. My middle son was everything from a commercial fisherman, contractor to now a sou chef in a restaurant in Manhattan that I can't afford to eat at.

My wife's family is from Lubang, Occ Mindoro and she's been here in NYC since she was 8. Her dad retired from the US Navy as a CPO. Most of her siblings are here in the US except for one in Australia. She has no desire to go back to the RP other than for a vacation. She still is working as a Sr Manager for a large private radiology group here on Long Island, NY where we own a house in Ronkonkoma.

I'm also on Facebook, Friendster and Myspace, tho I hardly log into the last 2 social networks anymore. Other than my part time job on most weekends and babysitting my grand-daughter Mon thru Thu, I do volunteer computer and web work for a few NGOs, non-profits and veterans orgs. I am the Admin for the Metro NY Chapter of FANHS.

My laptops has a WLAN card my son got me from his job at Verizon so anywhere I go with it, I have broadband access to the internet, even in a car, train or plane. I haven't figured out how to do it while I'm riding my bicycle but I'm working on it. You might say I'm a semi-retired geek...joey

Obituary / Natalio D. Tabaco
« on: January 03, 2008, 07:36:39 AM »
Death Notice in Newsday

Obituary by Rene Sumobilla from the TANOCAL 25th Anniversary Album.

click here for pix from the burial, then click slideshow. (thanx to Roring Pinaflor Perez)

Another WWII vet passes away! His wife, Venancia Catay Tabaco, passed away in 2002.

The last of this line of the Tabacos who called Bohol "home"...joey

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