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Anonymous Diary Blog / Thesis Writing and TB Posting
« on: February 07, 2009, 11:46:46 PM »
It's quite unusual. I just noticed that there's a direct relationship between thesis writing and TB posting. The more posts I have in TB (I am now a senior member), the more thoughts I acquired for my thesis. I am done with the most crucial part of my study which is the conceptualization of conceptual framework.

I just want to share the laughter guys. It's a very rare event. hahaha However, I know it won't work forever so I should give focus few minutes from now... :D :D :D

Learn English Online / Rewards are Potentially Harmful in Reading
« on: February 07, 2009, 10:46:37 PM »
A very interesting article I've read from my friend's blog,, who is an English teacher by profession talks about what she has learned from a seminar by Stephen Krashen ( who is globally renowned in the field of linguistics and language education.

The article has mentioned that giving rewards for reading is potentially harmful in developing a child in becoming a life-long reader. WHY? First, it has to be understood that reading is not something that should be done in order to get reward because reading is a reward itself. Their is pleasure every time we read.

Questions may arise as to how to convince children to read considering that most of them have negative attitude towards reading. SIMPLE! We have to understand that as human beings, we have unique interests and so why not capitalize on our interests? If a child is interested at toys, do not force him/her to read Science books because you would certainly lead the child to hate reading in his/her entire life. If a child likes robots, give him books that's all about robots. In that article, Krashen dubbed it as the HOMERUN in reading.

Anybody here who loves to read? I am very sure that all of you have this one book which reinforced your love for reading. Try to recall, I know you have it. That book is your homerun according to Krashen.

In schools, we could observe that children are, often times, rewarded for reading. However, what kind of books can we find in the library? Math, Science and other non-interesting books for the children. Next time, instead of awarding those readers, capitalize on purchasing books which are of children's interests.

Back in college, there were more students who would pay for membership and in-house reading at Matthew Book Club (along Lessage Street) than spend time reading at the college library. What's in Matthew Book Club that's not in the college library that students love to go there and pay instead of spending time at the college library for free? We all know the answer.

To develop children/adults to become life-long readers they don't need to be forced or rewarded. This coincides with "Choice Theory" of Dr. William Glasser ( which states that (1) all we do is behave, (2) almost all behavior is chosen and (3) we are driven by our genes to satisfy five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun.

Applying in the context of reading (or learning in general), we do choices everyday (eat or not eat, study or not study, learn or not learn, etc.) and so the same thing must drive the students to read (or learn):
1. Give them freedom (do not force them to read/learn)
2. The students will soon find reading (or learning) as way to feel love and belongingness
3. They will realize very soon that they need to read (or learn) in order to survive
4. Until they will strive to read (or learn) in order to acquire power


The Federation of Boholanos and Friends in Thailand (FBFT), a newly found Boholano organization in the lkingdom, will hold its First General Assembly and Teachers' Conference on 10 May 2008 at 5:30 PM. The venue is at St. THERESA-INTI COLLEGE- Surawong Campus, Bangkok, Thailand. REGISTRATION IS FREE!

The event shall be highlighted with different talks from prominent educators in Thailand. The Teachers' Conference is organized in cooperation with the Filipino Educators Council in Thailand (FECT).

For more information, please e-mail [email protected]


Help & Support / Help! Can't Open MSN in English
« on: March 12, 2008, 11:16:33 AM »
Maajong buntag kaninjong tanan. I am trying to sign up for hotmail pero THAI language man ang mogawas. Wala man yamoy English... Unsaon pag change sa language ani? do you know particular MSN website wherein pwede ta daun maka sign up for hotmail nga english?


« on: March 07, 2008, 09:51:48 AM »
Our country is facing a lot of crisis nowadays. Political crisis and economic crisis are just the prevalent few. We hear good/bad news from the television everyday about our country but most of the times bad. Some say, it's the government officials' duty to initiate the change we are hoping for our country. Some say, it's the responsibility of every citizen. SO NOW, WHAT? WHO SHOULD INITIATE THE CHANGE?

This thread is not just a leave-it-printed thread. We hope that the ideas that we can share towards the topic can help us realize our dreams.

God bless!

Most of the Boholano forumers here are working abroad. I think it's good if we can share our ideas on what can we do to help our small province and our country- the Philippines.


Tagbilaran City– LEST Boholanos too eager to find the proverbial greener pastures fall to the hands of unscrupulous illegal recruiters for Thailand, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) at the Kapihan sa PIA said, Thailand does not recruit teachers for now.

The warning came amidst observation that posters and flyers have been observed in the city calling for applicants for teaching posts in Thailand.

At the forum held at the Philippine Information Agency, CFO emigrant services officer Abigail Laguador advised Boholanos to approach the offer with caution.

It may be recalled that last week, news reported that a Boholano is illegally recruiting teachers for immediate employment in Thailand. In fact, according to the same report, he has already sent several workers there whom he promised decent jobs as teachers.

Many of those who passed through him ended up left to fend for themselves in Thailand.

SiamPinoy, a group of Filipino expatriates based in Thailand last week named the Boholano as Winston Pedro Bayron. It was not immediately known however where he hails in Bohol.

SiamPinoy earlier accused him of illegally recruiting teachers from Bohol, GMAnewsTV said.

In an email sent by the group to the PIA, it said some of the victims had approached the Thailand based-group while narrating sad experiences of Bayron’s illegal activities.

Bayron accordingly recruits Filipinos with any college background to teach in Thailand while promising immediate employment with high salaries.

Bayron allegedly convinces potential recruits about the easy life in Thailand and how he will help them get one job as long as they attend a training seminar he organizes.

According to the victims, the training seminar costs P3,500 ($70), which they willingly took as Bayron promised them immediate employment with 30,000 Thai Baht or roughly P43,800 monthly salary.

To make his business look genuine and to assure clients there are teaching jobs in Thailand, Bayron shows job postings on, a legitimate jobs site, reports said.

Recruits then are asked to pay an additional P45T as recruitment fee, which is supposed to cover transportation to Bangkok, and board and lodging for one month.

While in Thailand, recruits claimed they were herded in a small apartment and fed one or two meals a day. They said Bayron told them they were illegal aliens and would be arrested and deported if they complained.

“After paying recruitment fees, some recruits were reportedly taken to isolated parts of Thailand to fend for themselves,” the group said.

Eager to find high-paying jobs abroad, the victims told SiamPinoy they had to borrow money from moneylenders in the Philippines for their placement fees. Some had even pooled life savings from family members.

As this continues, SiamPinoy issues the alert on Bayron’s “recruitment business” while adding that they are also informing Philippine authorities about the matter. (PIA)

Bohol Tourism | Bohol Travel & Tour / BOHOLANOS IN THAILAND
« on: January 04, 2008, 06:09:15 PM »
Maajong adlaw!

We are informing everybody that some Boholanos in Thailand are now on their first move to organize a Boholano Community in the "Land of Smiles". The core group are planning to meet on the first week or second week of February (it will depend to the availability of the members).

We are looking forward on uniting all the Boholanos in Thailand and helping every Boholano around the globe. This might be a very ambitious dream but with the help of everybody, we will be able to make it.

We need the support of every Boholano in Thailand. If you can offer a part of your time for us to make this dream come true, your effort is highly appreciated. For more information, e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 0851755243. We need your help to make this Boholano dream come true. Thank you so much!

« on: December 29, 2007, 03:42:41 PM »
BOHOL WILL BE FEATURED IN ASEAN SNAPSHOTS tonight... For those who are watching Channel News Asia, do not forget to watch this episode. If I'm not wrong, the program starts at 10:30 tonight. I'm not sure if it will be shown at the same time to different countries...

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