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Poems and Poets / "Girl in the Internet"
« on: May 09, 2012, 07:07:03 am »
"Girl in the Internet"
I met her once across my mind,
She is a beauty to behold! A girl;
Whose face is as lovely as a rose I feel.
Sweet girl please tell! A lovely star
That shines at dawn; Are you not Venus?

There is no answer or heed my call,
As if I'm talking all alone;
She's just a dream and it's unre'l,
That makes me say the way I feel;
Such thing's a vision of a fool.
But there she is this beautiful girl!
Like in my dream as she appeared...
I always call her name I swear.
And on my face she stares at me,
In flesh and bone she is so re'l,
An ideal girl in any way,
But still a dream away from me.
Standing on the sands of time,
She's now a woman of reality...
Her breadth of smile all teeth reveal,
It looks to me a lace of pearls,
A sculpted figure to behold and fear;
A masterpiece for all who care.
Her breathless charm still dwell in her,
It stays the same without no change,
Her lovely face I can't argue;
Never effaced through Time and Space,
Relive a scene 'twas in a dream...

Her charm that captivated me again.

Poems and Poets / "Waiting For You"
« on: April 28, 2012, 06:55:11 am »
"Waiting For You"
In the garden in the middle of the forest,
 The moon prest by the night agreed to rest.
 Shines not; amid the thick foliage deprived,
 Me to you... and my eyes forced to subscribe.
Vantagely standing at the point of my mind,
 I see you! In front of me and from behind.
 From the command of the sky; a voice so faint,
My heart leap'd to hear you singing in the wind.
And all of a sudden the whole heaven refrained,
 A choir of angels with its radiance and wings,
 But me as an earthling in the thicket below;
 Struggling to jump, to reach and to see you.
The stars return like the shimmering candlelights,
 And the moon resists with its beam on the rise.
They are partakers in prolonging the night,
 Give back its light to lead my steps aright.
In the forest, from the furor of the dark,
 Alone, bedraggled and with my sanity intact,
 A long time ago since that bleak December,
 I held your hand again and we will part never.

Poems and Poets / "I Close My Eyes"
« on: April 04, 2012, 05:13:42 am »
I close my eyes, and into my sight,
 I see darkness covers the light,
 It whists the silence of the night.
The whistling wind, I am aware;
It's in my ear, I float on air.
I close my eyes, my thoughts on fire,
 The drifting cloud takes me afar...
 A picturesque world and folks so fair,
 The mood I feel addling my mind;
 In every sense I can't explain.
I close my eyes, a baffling scene,
 This phenomenon behind my realm.
 What's this for you and me to mean?
 An inferior being cannot break in,
The world inside a human brain.
I close my eyes, the scene remains,
 The girl long gone is here again,
As it is true the story's told,
 The rainbow's end and I behold,
 When she and I all bathe in gold.
I close my eyes, and off we go,
We soar'd to watch the scene below,
 Over land and sky, stars at night,
Mountain tops; I touch them whole,
As Nature's in my hand all in all.

I close my eyes, to seek the land,
Which I believe where life began.
 My sight is clear, my mind is bland,
 Into the night it was so grand,
It was a dream; I sigh and then I cry.

Poems and Poets / 'Lonely'
« on: April 02, 2012, 10:27:20 am »
I float lonely as a leaf.
Blown by the wind; swayed in air
Balanc'd in the breeze; it fell...
It reach'd the ground
And rot forever!

I fly lonely as a bird.
It soar'd the vast horizon;
Down the borderless sky,
It glid'd to the wind...
And never seen again!

I find lonely is my heart.
Sadness everywhere; it cried
And sobb'd, it is uncar'd.
It whisper'd; 'your name is Heart',
But Love is nowhere!

I feel simply as a man.
This pathless world I roamed,
It doesn't mean to me at all.
The lapidarian I met just said;
'Here lies a man, a lonely man! '

Poems and Poets / 'In Tagbilaran At 64'
« on: April 01, 2012, 05:05:30 pm »
Where I was born looking above that solitary hill,
I stand alone; no forest growth blurring my eyes,
Of gulls and birds enjoy their freedom in the sky.
A many horizons I have seen, you with me a witness;
To the breaking of dawn and sunlight down the west,
The infinite opens its grandeur for me and us to see.
Any rascal dared not challenge of what I want to say,
My point of view, my faith in God and life with you.
At 64 there is something always grinding in my mind,
I want to say a word or two without a line to rhyme.
People would like to breach the wall along its fold
Its boundary planned parting neighbors in days of old,
Designed a stile to talk free and spend their rights;
From morn till dark they talk whole day and night.
Spend the hours in today's sophisticated talking site.
I stand alone at 64, and from atop that solitary hill;
It caught my eyes the town below that fills my soul...
With fonder memories of folks I love and friends of old.
And from afar that solitary hill I saw a world at peace,
With growth of trees I feel so sad this ghoulish place;
My friends in deep their names forever etched upon a rock,
I asked; "why bother you to think this morbid nook?"
This will give us the difference between Life and friends!

Poems and Poets / 'I Look At You'
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:14:46 am »
My soul is muffed as I look at you in a moonless sky,
Behind that farthest star above unreach'd by sight...
Filled my heart with deeper longing my being can endure,
You left a thought, my spirit talks with somber music
That gives me the truer meaning of life in dark of night.

The night emptied all my dreams! I lit a little star,
It shimmers in my eyes but failed to illuminate the part
You left behind. A hidden spark lights the darken path,
The old and worn out thoughts will live and in a while...
Will put together the timeless words and shattered dreams.
Again I look; you put that star above to see you smile,
Rekindling a flame frozen in time, a feeling undefiled,
With words unsaid need to be uttered; with love unseen
Ought to be sung. Away from my grasp my happiness is far,
That I'm not worthy to hold a flower or a song in my heart.
You are that beautiful flower and you are the sweetest song.
"To you as well" are words you whispered like sound of music
In my ears. And into the night I'll listen until some magic,
Enchant my soul with flowers, with songs and bottled wine.
And here's to you and to all ethereal beauties of the sky.
I look at you again and I realize that it's been a long time,
Since I was drinking wine with you in a garden with friends...
And singing songs under your roof. You called me by my name,
You sheltered me from the rain; But now the time has changed,
I walk on soddy path that soils not my senses. Stil is the same!

Poems and Poets / 'Oh! Dreams At Noontime'
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:04:49 am »
There is nothing meant from a dreamer.
Echoes of the past; annoying and pestering!
Intended not to put you awkwardly,
Words spoken in my inner being, my thoughts are...
Time-less words coming out not so easily.

Beat up Time and Love is dead!

Poems and Poets / 'Oh! Dreams At Noontime'
« on: March 31, 2012, 09:00:21 am »
There is nothing meant from a dreamer.
Echoes of the past; annoying and pestering!
Intended not to put you awkwardly,
Words spoken in my inner being, my thoughts are...
Time-less words coming out not so easily.

Beat up Time and Love is dead!

World Daily News / US Presidential Campaign
« on: July 31, 2008, 11:43:56 am »
Obama's sojourn in Europe is just ego-tripping. This is only for image building in his campaign for the presidency of the United States. The truth is, he is a typical liberal. “Ug sa ato pa; Magasige lang ug paling-paling ang baruganan.” If he is elected president I think he will be another weakling in the White House like ex-president Jimmy Carter.

A politician like Obama is not new to me. We have plenty of that kind in the Philippines who can deliver political oratory on stage but short on substance but one thing is that his flip-flopping opinion is sweet music to his ultra left wing supporters.Obama's sojourn to Europe is just ego-tripping. This is only for image building in his campaign. The truth is, he is a typical liberal. “Ug sa ato pa; Magasige lang ug paling-paling ang baruganan.” If he is elected president I think he will be another weakling in the White House like ex-president Jimmy Carter.

A politician like Obama is not new to me. We have plenty of that kind in the Philippines who can deliver political oratory on stage but short on substance but one thing is that his flip-flopping opinion is sweet music to his ultra left wing supporters.

In the case of the military surge ordered by President Bush and backed by John McCain though it’s working he still opposes it because he don’t want to antagonize his left wing supporters who are anti war, anti military, anti surge and in other words will accept defeat and surrender of the US forces in Iraq. McCain is right that Obama is playing politics at the expense of the US fighting force.

Once he [Obama] spoke in front of a pro Israel lobby group AIPAC, he told them of his support of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish state. And just recently while visiting Ramallah in the West Bank he told Abbas and the Palestinians, as president, he is going to help them look for solutions of the Jerusalem problem. In this situation as the late July Ferniz would usually say; “Depende na sa audience.” Boot pasabot depende ug kinsay gapatalinghug. You see, what Obama is doing is pure and simple politics. He has to lie in order to accommodate his listeners.

But his lies are blared all over the world! When confronted he would readily answer that we do not understand or we are not listening to him. He believes he’s unerring to his pronouncement.


Way Nada

LGU Philippines / Global Terrorism
« on: November 07, 2007, 06:17:54 am »
I was watching CNN sometime ago and there was this Taleban Afghani who was interviewed by a CNN reporter. This Afghani is a 'would be' suicide bomber and while about to explode the bomb strapped around his body, the detonator to the bomb malfunctioned. He lived to talk about his mission. He is now held by government authority.

During the course of the interview... he was asked why he is going to kill himself and drag innocent civilians to go with him to his death. He answered that; "God spoke to him to drive out all foreign fighters in his country and to do this... is to go on a suicide attack. And when he killed himself in a jihad, he will go directly to paradise." Furthermore I learned from him that he was trained in Bannu, a town in northwestern Pakistan.

In my view this is the kind of enemy that is always overlooked by many sectors of the American society especially politicians who are opposed to the war in Iraq, the Iraq Study Group led by James Baker and Hamilton, the liberal democrats and the far left bloggers in the internet,  and the leftist extremists. Sad to say... They comprised 75% of the American people in the survey. Even the U.S.
mainstream media is critical of the war and they are kowtowing to the propaganda of the extreme left and their Arab patrons. The recommendation of the Democrats in congress as well as James Baker and the Iraq Study Group to talk peace with the enemy of America in the negotiating table is commendable based in the principle of political correctness. But what James Baker and these American politicians cannot fully understand is the characteristic of this kind of  enemy. They don't know they would be dealing with islamic fanatics. One thing I am sure of this Muslim fanatics is; They cannot comprehend and understand what is the meaning of political correctness as is being understood in the west.

I wrote an opinion before regarding this kind of enemy. I am refering to my opinion in the past about General Bautista of the Philippine Army who agreed to make peace with Usman Sali in Patikul, Sulo. Before the participants of the peace talks started the negotiation, men of Usman Sali from behind opened fire at the Philippine government negotiating panel and killed all of them except a driver who was able to escape the massacre. This is what I mean... The treachery, the untrustworthiness and the perfidious characteristic of Muslims that they cannot be trusted and relied upon whenever they settle disputes with their enemy, whom they called as the infidels.

To engage the U.S. in peace negotiation with the Iranians or the Syrians is no different to General Bautista's aborted peace talks with Usman Sali, even if the supposedly Sali/Bautista talks involved only the local politics of the Philippines. Adding to the notion that it happened only in an obscure town of Patikul, Sulo... doesn't make any difference either. But what happened to General Bautista may also happen to the American negotiators if ever peace talks will occur, maybe not in the same fashion, but the possibility of the Iranians or the Syrians committing treachery if ever there is peace talks is always a possibility. Because Muslims did not obtain their studies in politics and diplomacy from Harvard, George Washington university or Oxford and Cambridge in England. What Usman Sali, Ahmedinejad, Bashir Al Assad, Hassan Nasrallah or Hamas, Al Queda, Hezbollah, the Palestinian terror groups, and that Taleban Afghani "would be" suicide bomber have in common is; They knew and learned their science of politics and diplomacy from one and the same book... the Koran. Practically the basis of their political belief is in the Koran.

James Baker who pressured the Bush administration to talk to the Iranians and the Syrians, may have the savvy of a seasoned diplomat and no doubt an expert negotiator. Peace talks is better than no peace talks at all, but I doubt if he can win and succeed talking to Ahmedinejad or Basher Al Assad whose mentality run similar to people like Yasser Arafat, Hassan Nasrallah, Usman Sali or the Afghani suicide bomber. George W. Bush Jr. may not be an expert diplomat like James Baker [or Nancy Pelosi?], but he has a prophetic vision revealed to him by his political prophets, the neo conservatives and from Israeli think tank whose political expertise in the Middle East I believe, is beyond question.

But talking peace in the negotiating table with the clear possibility of your counterpart to cheat on you, is better than not to talk peace with them at all. George W. when he first stepped into the oval office totally ignored the peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. That peace talks negotiations was there going on already for more than 30 years and not a glimmer of hope to succeed is seen. How can it succeed if Palestinians are far more interested in spreading terror in the streets of Jerusalem, bombings inside restaurants in Tel Aviv and suicide bombings inside passenger buses... than promoting peace talks. I think the issue of global terrorism is the main reason why the Bush administration is reluctant to talk peace with Iran and Syria. Another glaring proof of the perfidious characteristic of Muslims or for that matter Iran, is the manner on how the Iranians tried to hide from the UN their intention to develop a nuclear device. While they are denying accusations that they are developing a nuclear weapon, clandestinely they keep on a fast pace of enriching uranium which is a step in the development of a nuclear bomb.

Countering terror is not by soft talks alone but by force of arms. As the former U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt once said; "Speak softly but carry a big stick." The meaning is simply put this way... If diplomacy fails use your guns.

Going to the topic of Guantanamo bay Detention, I think there is something wrong in the management of terrorist prisoners incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay Detention  in Cuba. It is not the tactical interrogation doned by the National Guards to the inmates, as some people believe, is a violation of Human Rights. One thing that is overlooked not only by prison authority in Guantanamo Detention but by the Pentagon strategist in the war against global terrorism, is the hardenned wall of religious fanaticism among Muslims. It seems to me that this is the hidden enemy within that should be vanquished. These inmates should not be pampered by reading the Koran alone. Since they are under the power of their captor, their mind should be cracked open by intoducing inside the prison walls the democratic doctrine of free expression, the freedom of thought and ideas. Most of all they should be re-indoctrinated back to civilization since they are still harboring belief that did not change since the 7th century.

Guantanamo Bay Detention center should be invaded not by an army of soldiers but by religious army from the evangelical Christians, priests and nuns, pastors and born again Christians. The purpose is to open up their minds and teach them that going to paradise is not through violence in a Jihad. Evangelist Jerry Falwell, Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Filipino El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde... They should lead in conquering fanaticism. Just like from one cult to another... At least these Muslim fanatics have a choice.


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