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Philippine Government / On Charter Change
« on: Today at 01:16:24 PM »

Consultative committee members slam House federal charter

Robertzon Ramirez
The Philippine Star
December 13, 2018

MANILA, Philippines — Members of President Duterte’s consultative committee (Concom), tasked to review the 1987 Constitution were dissatisfied with the version of the federal charter of the House of Representatives.

Former senator and Concom member Aquilino Pimentel Jr. vowed to denounce the House’s version in every engagement where he will be invited to speak.

Pimentel suspected that a hidden agenda “may be attributed” to Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. 


9 Recycling Tips That Everyone Should Know
December 13, 2018, 12:25:07 PM

Erin Doman
December 11, 2015

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Statistics show estimates that nearly 100,000 pounds of waste will be created from your very being over your lifetime, creating a substantial impact on environmental issues such as landfills, energy conservation, contamination and the diminishing of resources. Recycling is a practice that can be implemented in your day-to-day life that can help you maintain a green home and reduce your negative effect on the earth. Here are nine recycling tips to help you out.

Philippine Government / When pigs fly from Davao City
« on: December 10, 2018, 06:56:03 PM »


When pigs fly from Davao City

By: Antonio Montalvan II
Philippine Daily Inquirer
December 10, 2018

Rodrigo Duterte and his family are an amusing lot. Never before in the history of our country have we had a president who is exceptional in comical amusement. Not even the self-deprecating Erap Estrada, who loved to poke fun at himself through the so-called “Eraption” jokes, comes on par with the Duterte family’s capacity for hilarity.

This past week, a member of Davao City’s forever-ruling family had sustained the beloved tradition of its patriarch to expose lists of what in their perception are society’s pariahs. The latest list (which has been deleted from the source) is called “ANTI-ADMINISTRATION GROUP—OUST-DUTERTE MOVEMENT.”

Let us analyze the supposed list and see who are in it. It begins, first of all, with Vice President Leni Robredo, former vice president Jejomar Binay and Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. If they will answer such accusation in the next few days, we do not know. I suggest they just remain entertained. Laughter is good medicine.

Philippine Government / The marriage of business and politics
« on: December 10, 2018, 06:43:36 PM »


The marriage of business and politics

By: Joel Ruiz Butuyan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
December 10, 2018

Politics is married to an assortment of vested interests in the Philippines. It is married to business, religion, show biz, and even to shady ventures like gambling and illegal drugs.

We have businesspersons who use their wealth to enter politics. We have religious groups that convert their influence into political power. We have show biz personalities who translate their popularity into forays in politics. And we have gambling and drug lords who utilize their fortunes to invade the arena of politics.

The reverse is equally true. Politicians employ their powers to enter into business or expand their current commercial interest. Others position themselves as fattened beneficiaries of gambling and the trade in illegal drugs.

Philippine Government / The Du30 Death Squads
« on: December 06, 2018, 10:33:53 PM »

from 'The Duterte Death Squads'
The Manila Times
DECEMBER 03, 2018


Decriminalizing the death squads

Most of DU30’s problems are self-inflicted. To his many such injuries, his latest addition takes the cake: the “Duterte death squads” against the New People’s Army (NPA), with whom the Armed Forces of the Philippines is still engaged in an armed conflict. What does this mean? The creation of a “death squad,” whatever its target, can only be the act of a crime boss, never that of a constitutionally elected president of a democratic and republican State.
What will DU30’s death squad do? Assassinate suspected NPA members, without recourse to the just rules of war, as governed by international conventions and treaties? It doesn’t make any sense.

Science and Research / No to designer babies!
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:20:55 PM »


Cautionary tales

By: Kay Rivera
Philippine Daily Inquirer
December 03, 2018

Anybody who’s ever seen a futuristic sci-fi film or read a dystopian novel would caution that this is the turning point in our timeline when things go awry. To the horror of the worldwide scientific community, a Chinese researcher claimed this week that he had used CRISPR, a gene-editing technology, to create the world’s first genetically edited babies. The twin baby girls reportedly had their DNA altered to protect them from future infection with HIV (which, by the way, is now considered a treatable condition). The details of the experiment have not been recorded in any peer-reviewed journals. At this time it has only been revealed that the researcher, He Jiankui, secured consent from the parents, but details about funding and supervision remain unclear. We have also yet to see the genetically altered babies, or to prove that they did arise from an experiment.

Philippine Government / Poor Rappler
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:30:19 PM »

She exposed Duterte's drug war, now she faces prison in the Philippines

By James Griffiths, CNN
Updated 2037 GMT (0437 HKT) December 1, 2018

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSSIgBz-sL3vnQ75678GCrynoiF2WiS0NoBJxxS26DlazyVKua - Show Posts - islander

(CNN)Images and stories from Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's brutal war on drugs have shocked audiences worldwide, as bodies have stacked up in cities across the country, many of them victims of extrajudicial and vigilante killings.

While the government has hardly been shy about its intention to go after both dealers and users, hard data on the number of killings has often been tough to come by. One indispensable source of information, both for the international media and readers in the Philippines has been the upstart news site Rappler, which is now facing a reckoning with the government it has been a dogged check upon.

Health and Food / Nature's Most Powerful Antibiotics
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:28:37 PM »

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Philippine Government / Mock elections, anyone?
« on: November 26, 2018, 11:36:54 AM »

from ‘Bobotantes’? Educate voters via mock election
GOTCHA - Jarius Bondoc
The Philippine Star)
November 26, 2018


Conscientious citizens are aghast. Leading in surveys on the May 2019 balloting are the traditional politicos, dynasts, and crooks. They blame it on respondents who go only for the popular, not the worthy.

Voters must subject candidates to the LASER test. Aspirants for senator, congressman, and local posts need assessing in terms of:

Lifestyle - Does s/he live modestly, in line with constitutional rules for public officials? Does he have unexplained wealth, incommensurate to his salary or lawful income?

Actions – Does he have a track record of competence and servant-leadership? Is he for the common good, not a vested interest?

Supporters – Who are his campaigners and contributors? Will dealings with them compromise him? Does his family uphold integrity?

Election conduct – Does he obey election laws and respect the rights of voters and rivals? Or buy votes, overspend on ads, use government property, and has posters outside prescribed areas?

Reputation – Has he been involved in scandal? Aside from attending Mass and public prayers, is he God-fearing and morally upright?


The 2018 Oxford Word of the Year isn't nice, it's toxic

Associated Press  Associated Press
Thu, Nov 15

LONDON (AP) — What single word best captures the tone of the past year? Oxford Dictionaries says it's "toxic."

Oxford University Press monitors changes in the English language and each year selects a word that catches the annual mood.

Its lexicographers said Thursday that "toxic" grew into "an intoxicating descriptor for the year's most talked about topics."

Beyond its literal sense, people also employed it to describe relationships, politics and habits.

The word beat other shortlisted possibilities, including gas-lighting ("manipulating someone by psychological means into accepting a false depiction of reality or doubting their own sanity") and orbiting ("the action of abruptly withdrawing from direct communication with someone while still monitoring, and sometimes responding to, their activity on social media").

Toxic succeeds last year's word of the year, youthquake, which recognized the millennial generation's power.

Philippine Government / Mahathir and Duterte: a world of contrasts
« on: November 20, 2018, 01:47:29 PM »


Mahathir and Duterte: a world of contrasts

By: Richard Heydarian
Philippine Daily Inquirer
November 20, 2018

I always attend meetings. It’s my duty,” said Malaysia’s 93-year-old Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, a survivor of elective coronary bypass surgery, amid the “nap-gate” affair in Singapore. President Duterte, 20 years his junior, apparently was too tired to attend more than half of the scheduled meetings during the opening day of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit last week.

Malacañang was quick to defend the President’s no-show by saying he was too tired from work earlier and needed “power naps.” Never mind that power naps are supposed to be under an hour before slow-wave sleep (SWS) kicks in, and that the Philippines occupies a crucial role as the Asean-China coordinator.


Stunning Pinwheel Nebula Is a Cosmic Cataclysm in the Making

George Dvorsky

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Apep, the first Wolf-Rayet star system to be discovered in the Milky Way.
Image: ESO/Callingham et al.

This image of a dusty, gas-rich nebula looks pretty, but appearances can be deceiving. Known as a Wolf-Rayet star system, it’s poised to unleash a catastrophic gamma-ray burst when it finally goes supernova. What’s remarkable about this particular Wolf-Rayet system, however, is that it’s the first to be discovered in our own galaxy. Cue the ominous music...

This Wolf-Rayet star system is formally known as 2XMM J160050.7-514245, but to the researchers who recently investigated this enigmatic object, it’s simply “Apep”—an exotic object named for the serpentine ancient Egyptian god of chaos. In a press release, Joseph Callingham, the lead author of the new study and an astronomer at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON), said “it’s the first such system to be discovered in our own galaxy”—a system he never expected to find “in our own backyard.” The details of this research were published today in Nature Astronomy.

Indeed, astronomers have observed Wolf-Rayet stars before, but only in other galaxies. These massive star systems are on the verge of entering into their death throes, at which time they’ll generate a type of supernova that emits an extremely powerful and narrow jet of plasma—the dreaded gamma-ray burst.

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Artists and their PETS
« on: November 17, 2018, 03:42:25 PM »

50 Intimate Portraits of Famous Artists and Their Pet Cats

By Emma Taggart
November 12, 2018
tumblr_nkp54u647p1s7xgzco1_500 - Show Posts - islander

When considering the “artistic type,” many could be described as non-conformist, impulsive, or even introverted. It’s no surprise then that the typically aloof domestic cat makes the perfect pet for creative individuals. In fact, cats have inspired artists for centuries, serving as constant companions in artists’ studios. New to the My Modern Met store, Alison Nastasi’s book, Artists and Their Cats, features over 50 legendary creatives and the stories behind their feline friendships.


The $10bn question: what happened to the Marcos millions?

In the 21 years Ferdinand Marcos ran the Philippines, billions went missing. As his son stands for vice-president, will the stolen fortune ever be recovered?

by Nick Davies
Sat 7 May 2016 08.00 BST
Last modified on Thu 4 Oct 2018

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Imelda Marcos in her Manila apartment in 2007; the paintings disappeared before a raid in 2014. Photograph: Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images

IN THE EARLY HOURS OF A FEBRUARY MORNING IN 1986, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos flew into exile. After 21 years as president of the Philippines, Marcos had rigged one too many elections. The army had turned against him, and the people had come out on to the streets in their thousands. The Marcoses had seen the crisis coming and been able to prepare their escape, so when they landed that morning at the Hickham USAF base in Hawaii, they brought plenty of possessions with them.

The official US customs record runs to 23 pages. In the two C-141 transport planes that carried them, they had packed: 23 wooden crates; 12 suitcases and bags, and various boxes, whose contents included enough clothes to fill 67 racks; 413 pieces of jewellery, including 70 pairs of jewel-studded cufflinks; an ivory statue of the infant Jesus with a silver mantle and a diamond necklace; 24 gold bricks, inscribed “To my husband on our 24th anniversary”; and more than 27m Philippine pesos in freshly-printed notes. The total value was $15m.

Philippine Archive / Bias and the future of journalism
« on: November 08, 2018, 03:12:55 AM »

Bias and the future of journalism

Cebu Journalism & Journalists
September 24, 2015 9:57 pm
17 Min Read

By Dr. Resil B. Mojares

bias1 - Start new topic
POLITICAL BENT. In the 1900s, all the major newspapers of the prewar period were either owned by or allied to politicians.

Bias—a term that is not necessarily pejorative—has always characterized media from the beginning.

From the introduction of the printing press in 1593 and the appearance of the country’s first newspaper (Del Superior Gobierno) in 1811, until the mid-19th century, the printing press was a virtual state and church monopoly. The press was the voice of the ruling authorities; it was essential in the functioning of state and church, from disseminating information on civil and ecclesiastical decrees, programs and activities, and commercial information (shipping schedules, market prices) vital to the functioning of the economy, to propagating the knowledge and values useful to the formation of good colonial subjects and Catholics.

It was not until the mid-19th century that the press began to be privatized and secularized as persons and groups outside church and government came to own and operate print shops and publish materials out of them. While the state exercised licensing and censorship powers, this time marked the appearance of socalled “independent” and “commercial” newspapers.

The mid-19th century also saw the birth of a “public,” since the idea of a “public” presupposes the claim to a source of authority (“the People”) apart from church and state, and puts the premium on rational discussion, debate and consensus rather than simple obedience. (Where the authority of Pope or King is absolute, there can be no “public,” only believers and subjects.)

The press is both cause and result of the rise of a public. This is when the press begins to make the claim of being the articulator of “public interest,” medium of “public opinion,” and voice of “the people.”

The reality, of course, is much more complicated.

Health and Food / Five Rules for a Better Life
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:20:03 AM »

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Health and Food / Asia's meth boom: How a war on drugs went continent-wide
« on: November 03, 2018, 01:50:44 PM »

Asia's meth boom
How a war on drugs went continent-wide

Asias-meth-boom-350x200 - Show Posts - islander

By Joshua Berlinger, CNN

Hong Kong (CNN)From the jungles of Myanmar to the streets of Hong Kong, police throughout Asia are fighting a war against methamphetamine.

By many indications, they're losing.

Demand for both crystal meth and yaba, tablets that typically contain a mixture of meth and caffeine, is skyrocketing. Production is increasing at an unprecedented clip, and so is the body count. Leaders in places like Bangladesh and the Philippines are waging deadly drug wars that have cost thousands of lives.

Health and Food / Vitamin D Deficiency
« on: November 03, 2018, 01:28:59 PM »

Vitamin D Deficiency

In this article:

#Symptoms and Health Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency
#Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency
#Tests for Vitamin D Deficiency
#Treatment for Vitamin D Deficiency

If you shun the sun, suffer from milk allergies, or adhere to a strict vegan diet, you may be at risk for vitamin D deficiency. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is produced by the body in response to skin being exposed to sunlight. It is also occurs naturally in a few foods -- including some fish, fish liver oils, and egg yolks -- and in fortified dairy and grain products.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, because it helps the body use calcium from the diet. Traditionally, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with rickets, a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities. But increasingly, research is revealing the importance of vitamin D in protecting against a host of health problems.

Philippine Government / Who’ll now police the police, general?
« on: October 30, 2018, 05:50:00 PM »


Who’ll now police the police, general?

Federico D. Pascual Jr.
The Philippine Star
October 30, 2018

1804858 - Show Posts - islander

The question of who will police the police is an adaptation of the Latin phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” found in the work of the Roman poet Juvenal which translates as “Who will guard the guards themselves?”

Its original context was in watching out for marital infidelity (which even at that time in the 1st/2nd Century referred, unfairly we think, only to a woman’s cheating on her husband), but it still reflects our being wary of “bantay salakay,” or the guards themselves looting the premises.

Our raising the point was prompted by a GMA News video showing NCRPO Director Guillermo Eleazar bawling out PO1 Eduardo Valencia who had allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in exchange for the release of her parents who had been arrested on drug charges.

Obituary / Hail to the hoaxer-in-chief
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:38:45 PM »

One born every minute

Obituary: Alan Abel died on September 14th
America’s hoaxer-in-chief was 94

20181006_OBP002_1 - Show Posts - islander

The Economist
Print edition
Oct 4th 2018

SINCE there are few folk more gullible than editors and reporters desperate to fill the front page, an invitation covertly devised by Alan Abel was sure to pull them in. The venue was often some swank hotel, with food and liquor served. And the guest would fit the fever of the moment. In 1972 journalists packed in to see Howard Hughes, the reclusive billionaire, who appeared scarved in bandages to announce that he was going to be frozen cryogenically, and would emerge when the stock market peaked. In 1974 they were summoned to hear a former White House employee play the missing 18½ minutes of the Watergate tapes on an impressively cumbersome, but mute, machine. Two years later 150 pressmen elbowed each other frantically to meet Deep Throat, the source of Watergate secrets, who to their surprise mostly spent the conference arguing with his wife, and left in an ambulance.

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