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Health and Food / 9 Unexpected Stroke Symptoms You Need to Know
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:50:36 PM »

9 Unexpected Stroke Symptoms You Need to Know

Lauren Weiler
February 17, 2018

While many of us are eating and getting our diets right to prevent a future heart attack, we can’t forget about how deadly a brain attack — otherwise known as a stroke — could be. The National Stroke Association reminds us it’s the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and strikes someone every 40 seconds. While it’s possible to make a full recovery when you have a stroke, most people do not. In fact, more than two-thirds of survivors have some kind of disability associated with the attack.

Much like a heart attack, strokes can happen anywhere, any time, and it all starts when blood flow is cut off from an area of your brain. From here, your oxygen-deprived brain cells start to die, which then causes issues elsewhere or even death. There is good news for us all, however — most strokes can be prevented, and there are plenty of symptoms to warn you when this condition is about to strike.

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Philippine Government / Making sense of the ICC brouhaha
« on: February 18, 2018, 11:37:44 AM »


Making sense of the ICC brouhaha

By: Artemio V. Panganiban 
Philippine Daily Inquirer
February 18, 2018

Presidential spokesperson Harry L. Roque Jr. has the distinction of being the only Filipino allowed to practice as a defense counsel in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Only three ways. And Dr. Raul C. Pangalangan, his former professor and dean at the UP College of Law who recruited him to the UP law faculty after he became a lawyer, is the only Filipino now sitting as an ICC judge (ICC magistrates are called “judges,” not “justices”).

With such a singular distinction, Secretary Roque can speak authoritatively on the ICC. With his leave, however, may I humbly clarify a few inaccuracies that have appeared in the local newspapers on the recent ICC brouhaha so our people can make a correct sense of its context?

Jokes and Humor / Kung Hei Fat Choi!
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:29:59 PM »

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Why is America unable to halt this epidemic of deadly gun violence?

It was the 18th incident of gun violence at a US school in 2018

Andrew Buncombe
New York
February 16, 2018

Barack Obama used to say it was the part of the job he hated the most – speaking in the aftermath of mass shootings and trying somehow to act as consoler-in-chief.

He had plenty of practice – Orlando, Kalamazoo, San Bernardino, Charleston and Aurora. He spoke after each, and wondered aloud why the US had succumbed to a pattern of mass shootings “that has no parallel anywhere else in the world”.

Perhaps the toughest speech he had to deliver was in December 2012, when 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Four years later, appearing in the Oval Office with some of the parents of those youngsters who lives were stolen, and appealing for support for gun control measures, he wiped tears from his eyes. “Every time I think about those kids, it gets me mad,” he said.

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Geniuses at work
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:06:16 PM »

23 Pictures That Are The Pure Embodiment Of Genius

13 February 2018

When we don’t really want to do something, we can sometimes find a way to give as little effort as possible. People say that laziness is the engine of progress, and there is a reason for that. By the way, the resourcefulness and sharpness of mind of people in such cases are beyond all expectations.

GIGGAG collected 23 photographs that prove this idea.

Philippine Government / CHARTER CHANGE: So Far (Series 1)
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:52:07 PM »

Changing the Constitution: What are being proposed so far

We track the proposed revisions to the 1987 Constitution, based on draft constitutions and proposed changes by the House of Representatives

February 03, 2018

MANILA, Philippines - More than 3 decades since its ratification, the 1987 Constitution seems poised for an overhaul.

Efforts are currently underway in Congress to revise the current Constitution, mainly to set up a federal form of government.

Proposed revisions have been reflected in the following documents:

#Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) Number 8, which was consolidated in House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) Number 9

#Proposed Constitution by the PDP-Laban Federalism Institute (FI)

Philippine Laws / Can SC reverse ruling on deputy ombudsman?
« on: January 31, 2018, 01:55:19 PM »

EXPLAINER: Can SC reverse ruling on deputy ombudsman?

Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang can now challenge the suspension order before the Supreme Court

Lian Buan
January 30, 2018

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SUSPENDED. Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang is suspended by  Malacañang for 90 days. Can he challenge it?   

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – After Malacañang issued a 90-day suspension order against him, Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang can now go to the Supreme Court (SC) and challenge it.

Carandang may challenge it on the ground that a 2014 SC ruling declared unconstitutional the power of the President to discipline or remove the Ombudsman or her deputies.

Retired Supreme Court justice Vicente Mendoza said that it is Carandang, as the aggrieved party, who can go to the SC and not Malacañang as earlier implied by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

Talk of the Town / Fact Check: Dutertes fail to declare 100M investments
« on: January 27, 2018, 05:16:14 PM »

Duterte, Sara fail to declare P100M investments, documents show

JANUARY 21, 2018

President Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter Sara omitted to fully disclose their joint deposits and investments at the Bank of Philippine Islands, which conservatively exceeded P100 million in some years, when they were mayor and vice mayor of Davao City, our analysis of bank records submitted to Congress and their annual net worth declarations shows.

According to the bank records, Duterte and Sara’s transactions with BPI, initially its Greenhills-EDSA branch and later the Julia Vargas branch, included:

-A P48.17 million placement in 2006 that grew to P55.13 million by 2013
-A P40.55 million investment in 2009 that stood at P41.72 million in 2013
-About $220,000, roughly P10 million, from 2006 to 2012
-The purchase of P80 million in insurance policies in 2014
-A P16.85 million investment begun in 2014


Places where Mayon is now...


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Esther Margaux J. Uson, aka Mocha
Assistant Secretary
Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)


LIST: Controversial features of proposed federal charter by House sub-committee

By Ian Nicolas Cigaral
January 17, 2018

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The issue of amending the Constitution is a sensitive topic in the Philippines, a country once under Marcos dictatorship for two decades, over fears that it will be used to prolong the term of the chief executive. File photo

MANILA, Philippines — As Philippine lawmakers buckle down to work for the country’s shift to federal system of government, Congress cannot amend the 30-year-old constitution, which was designed to stop a repeat of dictatorship, without stirring controversies.

The switch to a federal system was one of the key planks of President Rodrigo Duterte’s election campaign. The country currently employs a unitary form of government with much of the power emerging from the central government.


BDO to disable magnetic stripe cards come Feb. 1 amid shift to EMV

By Ian Nicolas Cigaral
January 25, 2018

BBIbo65 - Show Posts - islander
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas had issued a memorandum giving banks until June 30, 2018 to fully comply with the shift to the mandatory EMV technology. Wikimedia Commons, File

MANILA, Philippines — BDO Unibank Inc. on Thursday announced it would be deactivating old automated teller machine cards come February 1, with the lender set to complete the initial shift to the Europay Mastercard Visa technology ahead of the deadline set by the central bank.

“The bank has been advising clients to get their EMV Debit Card since it became available in the third quarter of 2016. For those who still have the magnetic stripe card, they are encouraged to have it replaced at the branches on or before January 31,” the country’s largest bank said in a statement.

EMV is a global security standard for payment transactions that is more secure than a magnetic-stripe card.

Philippine Government / 2 former chief justices split on federalism
« on: January 25, 2018, 11:37:41 PM »

2 former chief justices split on federalism

By: Christine O. Avendaño, Jocelyn R. Uy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 18, 2018

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LEGAL LUMINARIES Former Chief Justices Hilario Davide Jr. and Reynato Puno led the panel of resource speakers who spoke at Wednesday’s Senate hearing. —LYN RILLON/INQUIRER PHOTO

Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. warned the Senate on Wednesday that shifting to federalism, as proposed by the Duterte administration and its allies, was a “lethal experiment” as it did not suit the Philippines and the “people of our generation and even those of the succeeding generations.”

But another former Chief Justice, Reynato Puno, told the senators that the Philippines was a failing democracy under the unitary form of government, where some powers were merely decentralized to local governments.

Davide, the 20th Chief Justice of the Philippines, and Puno, the 22nd, spoke at the opening of the Senate’s hearing on proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution for a shift to the federal form of government.

Davide: Shift to federalism ‘lethal experiment, fatal leap, plunge to death, leap to hell’

By: Pathricia Ann V. Roxas
January 17, 2018

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“A shift to federalism is a lethal experiment. A fatal leap. A plunge to death. A leap to hell.”

This was how former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. strongly opposed on Wednesday the proposed shift to a federal form of government amid talks of Charter change (Cha-cha).

Davide said he would take the subject up in another setting as the Senate constitutional amendments and revision of code committee hearing only tackles the proposed revision of the 1987 Constitution.

Philippine Government / Pros and Cons of Federalism
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:17:30 PM »

Extract from Rappler's Will federalism address PH woes? Pros and cons of making the shift by Pia Ranada and Nico Villarete, January 31, 2016)

What is federalism?

It is a form of government where sovereignty is constitutionally shared between a central governing authority and constituent political units called states or regions.

In basic terms, it will break the country into autonomous regions with a national government focused only on interests with nationwide bearing: foreign policy and defense, for example.

The autonomous regions or states, divided further into local government units, will have primary responsibility over developing their industries, public safety, education, healthcare, transportation, recreation, and culture. These states will have more power over their finances, development plans, and laws exclusive to ther jurisdiction.

The central government and states can also share certain powers.

Tira-Pasagad | Saksak-Sinagol / Watching a parade?
« on: January 21, 2018, 03:52:25 PM »

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Philippine Laws / Statesmen in the Senate
« on: January 19, 2018, 02:46:29 PM »

posting this here so we'll have a ready reference, now and in the future.


Statesmen in the Senate

Philippine Daily Inquirer
January 19, 2018

It was good to see some of the country’s elder statesmen appear at the Senate on Wednesday to speak their mind on the proposal to amend the 1987 Constitution: It was tonic for the citizen wearied and dispirited by the brazen politicking, the blatant positioning for power and advantage, of the Duterte era.

They did not agree on every issue; they did not always speak the same language even on those issues where they were in agreement; they certainly did not give similar answers to some of the most fundamental questions.

Health and Food / Heart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:52:27 PM »

Heart Attacks And Drinking Warm Water

This is a very good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about heart attacks. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals, not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating.

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is very harmful to have cold drink/water during a meal because the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

Weird and Extreme / NASA was sued for trespassing by men who claim Mars
« on: January 17, 2018, 05:24:36 PM »

In 1997, NASA was sued for trespassing by men who claim Mars belonged to their ancestors 3,000 years ago

asdsdggfh - Show Posts - islander

You don’t get a lot of property related lawsuits (or do you) when you are in the business of sending rovers and satellites onto distant planets, but this happened to NASA 18 years ago. It was back in 1997 when three guys from Yemen decided to file a lawsuit to the country’s prosecutor general in Sana’a. The case was not about intellectual property; they claimed they owned Mars! They were suing NASA for trespassing.

“We inherited the planet from our ancestors 3,000 years ago,” they told the weekly Arabic-language newspaper Al-Thawri.

Inspiration & Hope / Church signs to live by
« on: January 17, 2018, 04:13:41 PM »

5 Church Signs With Wise Words To Live By

By RyanFord

xyFRCKPBxAqO5wprjwH6nPULruh9Ukk25SnwgDX7pbQXt5be9fhHWXvXu1cT687RR0aR8vOQMzuQL25BuGiIkGPMXCojqXwS3Gtqj5stgDFNI1ZwY2LQOXCl0BfFsUNcGKblros89MMiGQ=w530-h277-p-k - Show Posts - islander
Churches in this day and age have become renowned for their clever signs. There are a lot out there that have shown a flare for humor with their signs, but fewer that have actually figured out how to show off their wisdom.

But the wise words stick out so much better. The churches that have reduced fundamental truths to sayings small enough to fit on a lawn sign deserve a shout out, don't you think? These are words to live by!

English Dictionary / Difference between 'complete' and 'finish'
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:10:04 PM »

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