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i have heard that a certain official in the 2nd district hire goons from bukidnon, misamis, ozamis and cagayan. what has happened to bohol? is there gonna be a bloody election?? as i recall, 2 months ago, the bomb on the CONA thingy between aumentado and cajes exploded. and the conspiracy made by chatto and cajes against aumentado was exposed. i cannot fathom what kind of politicians we have nowadays. many would just say that this is the reality of politics. is that so? i beg to disagree. if we live on the ideals of justice, humility and service then our idea on politics is not this dirty. let us not put a stop to the hopes of our youth. it is the character of the person that makes politics. so corrupt leaders will make corrupt politics. fake officials will make a deceitful government. if we just accept and submit ourselves to politicians like chatto whom i can give my standing ovation for deception and manipulation, then what has left for the future politics, our future bohol? if this is really politics then i could say that there's no more sense for our children's children to live; even I to live in this province. i'm sure that many of you, young people, like me dream of a better philippines. i could say that for several years in bohol, peace and progress were not questioned because of the performance made by some of our local leaders spearheaded by aumentado; not until chatto and cajes broke all our trust. why did i say "all of our trust" when in fact only aumentado and some of the LAKAS partymembers (mayor bertsal, art yap, mayor item of talibon)were the only ones involved in this turmoil? it is for the following reasons: if chatto, as the provincial chairman of LAKAS party, cannot bring in harmony and failed to organize the provincial LAKAS party, would there be a way that he can lead favorably the province knowing that the majority of the electorates like you and me are just coming from middle class and some from the lower class? is there a guarantee that he would not in any way, manipulate us, young and old people alike? how would he handle the Provincial Capitol? for sure, he would make use of his power and abuse our vulnerability. and what has happened to the december issue on the cona exhibits chatto and cajes greed for power and wealth. they want to fast track their ambition to build up dynasty and to protect to their businesses.

base from collected thoughts and facts, aumentado was the patron of the cajeses. they would not be what they are now if not because of aumenatdo. yes, lady cajes has every inch the right to run and be elected in the 2nd congressional seat. it is her right. no question to that. and as i understand from the situation, aumentado was never threatened of her political ambition. what is aumentado fighting for is justice within the party. he delivered uncontested victory for the lakas party in many past elections and he was nominated to be the official candidate. and minutes before the deadline of the filing of COC, he was charged of acts inimical the party? and that charges was based from intelligence report coming from cajes and chatto. let's not forget what has chatto done to mayor bertsal. he ousted from the party in favor of relampagos who was not an original lakas member. you see? it's clearer now: chatto favors people whom he has the same personal interest over those whom he shares the same political and governmental aspirations with.

let me go back to the issue on this top official who hires goons for election. i have in mind who that is, but i choose to not to disclose their family name here. i could not believe this is happening to bohol. this politician uses 3Gs for election: goons, guns and gold. what for? to terrorize his worthier and undefeated opponent? though old, (i'm referring to this couple's opponent) nothing compares his brilliance and performance. even leaders from other provinces would really praise him in the 2nd congressional seat for being the leader bohol never had. so bringing in goons and dispersing off millions and even billions would never ever make this couple (or family) a great and unforgettable leader. i am asking, you people, what good would a young congressman with an ambitious intention bring to us?

in this age, i am young, carefree and sometimes "why do i give a damn to politics?", but i am not apolitical. i know certain issues and i know what is happening. i've known a lot of poor, desperate people and i listen to their hopes. all i can say to the fact that chatto and cajes did conspire against aumentado is that there is a big possibility that they would conspire against us people! they did that to the most outstanding governor, to the self-made man who bring in progress to bohol that was never this progressive, to the leader who put the people first before his own, who favors others above his family.. how much more us? simple and ordinary people.

there is no way we can escape from the hands of these self-serving politicians. i would rather vote for someone who does not tap my shoulder when he sees poor people like me, than to vote for someone who smiles and promises me stars and moon, but then enriches himself and his family with the people's money, our money, and worse- poisons us until we get killed. :(

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