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Youtube Replay / Charice Sings With Celine Dion
« on: September 17, 2008, 09:32:24 PM »
 :'( You moved me young lady.


Youtube Replay / The Philippines 1930s
« on: September 11, 2008, 07:47:27 AM »
Nauso na diay sa una ang bahay ampunan no?I just knew this jod. ::)


Special Dates and Events / aa Happy Birthday To You
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:32:33 AM »

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Health and Food / Kwek Kwek
« on: August 30, 2008, 11:23:32 PM »
I will try this,dali ra jod.Nalimot man ko nga murag naay gi post na ani, :-[.


General Topic / How The Beijing Olympic Logo Was Made
« on: August 29, 2008, 04:49:00 PM »
 ;D ;D

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World Daily News / Stampede kills 145 at remote Hindu temple in India
« on: August 04, 2008, 08:32:55 AM »
(Stampede kills 145 at remote Hindu temple in India By GAVIN RABINOWITZ, Associated Press Writer
Sun Aug 3, 4:04 PM ET)

Thousands of panicked pilgrims stampeded Sunday at a remote mountaintop temple in northern India during celebrations to honor a Hindu goddess, sending dozens of people plummeting to their deaths and trampling scores more. Police said 145 people were killed.

Rumors of a landslide apparently started the panic at the shrine in the foothills of the Himalayas, said C.P. Verma, a senior government official in the Bilaspur district.

Pilgrims already at the Naina Devi Temple began running down the narrow path leading from the peak. There, they collided with devotees winding their way up.

With a concrete wall on one side and a precipice on the other, there was nowhere to escape and they were crushed. At one point a guard rail broke and dozens of people fell to their deaths.

The bodies of the devotees — many dressed in brightly colored holiday clothes — carpeted the path, intertwined with flattened iron railings. Many still held the flowers and food they planned to offer at the temple.

Police said they used a cable car at the shrine to ferry some of the bodies down, and helicopters flew in to take the wounded to hospitals.

At the Bilaspur hospital in Himachal Pradesh state, rescue workers unloaded bodies wrapped in brown blankets from a truck and laid them in neat rows so they could be identified by relatives.

"I rushed to the spot in search of my three children who had gone to pay obeisance at the hilltop shrine," Jawahar Khurana told the Press Trust of India news agency as he searched the bodies.

"I fail to understand why God was so cruel to us," he said.

All the bodies were taken to the Anandpur Sahib hospital in the neighboring state of Punjab where authorities were carrying out autopsies, senior police officer R. N. Dhoke told The Associated Press by telephone from the hospital. He said the death toll was not expected to rise further.

Many of the dead were women and children, he said, and another 37 people were injured and in hospital.

Tens of thousands of worshippers had flocked to the remote temple in the foothills of the Himalayas to celebrate Shravan Navratras, a nine-day festival that honors the Hindu goddess Shakrti, or divine mother.

The temple is about 155 miles northeast of New Delhi.

Deadly stampedes are a relatively common occurrence at temples in India, where large crowds — sometimes hundreds of thousands of people — congregate in small areas lacking facilities to control such big gatherings.

Sunday was the second day of the festival and authorities sought to reassure other pilgrims. "There is no need to panic, everything is normalized now," Verma said.

Photos Unlimited / Summer Time 2008
« on: August 03, 2008, 10:07:04 PM »
It's so hot today,so we decided to;

Get up early from the banig,go to another prefecture (Yamanashi),just to see some cows? ;D

(More pics soon,we're still thinking where to go and create real fun with kids)

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Anonymous Diary Blog / Life STory Of Charice Pempengco (MMK)
« on: July 27, 2008, 10:46:08 PM »
For those who missed watching her story ,click her name to view her story.

Charice Pempengco (MMK)!

(Rem. Andam lang ug panyo daan ha)

Philippine Laws / Kumusta Man Ning Kasuha?
« on: July 23, 2008, 01:45:16 PM »
Unsay new bahin ani?Kinsay nakahibalo?Share mo palihug ha.


Philippine Video and Music / Butete
« on: July 21, 2008, 09:10:42 PM »
I don't know kung ganahan ba mo ha,pero kung paminawon jod ug maayo murag there is something funny.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Me and TB a Perfect Harmony
« on: July 21, 2008, 01:46:21 PM »
This is my 7000th post.All I can say,I love TB!

For good times and bad times,TB ra jod ang akong dalan.
Thanks sa mga buotan nakong mga bros. and sis dire sa TB.I love you so much.Bisan daghang atimanon,di jod ko kaagwanta nga di ko kalili ninjo.Daghang salamat!
Mike,daghang salamat jod sa pagmugna ani nga payag.My home away from home.

General Topic / Water Car
« on: July 13, 2008, 07:36:49 AM »
Mahal na ang gasolina,sa water car na ta.


General Topic / Kung Walay Lingaw
« on: July 12, 2008, 11:47:07 PM »
Naay time jod nga boring kaayo,walay tawo bisan daghang nanglili sa site,walay mutubag bisan daghang online.Kay basin parehas nako wala sa kondisyon pod usahay itubag na?At this time unsay injong buhaton ha?  ???

 ;D Sa ako lang,manawag ko sa Pinas,kamo unsay injong buhaton ha?

Talk of the Town / 18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake
« on: July 08, 2008, 10:57:54 PM »

Hello Guys, have you read this prophesy from Juseleeno?.
Do you think this is a hoax?.

Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose is Brazilian, born in 1960, 47 years old now, his occupation is a teacher, he is a normal citizen, having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indication of the year, month date of the disasters, incase any third party wants to confirm the facticity of his prophesy, Mr. Juselleno always put the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for the approval.

Somebody asked him, how old did he start the prophesy dream, he answered: 9 years old, from 1969, he dreamed 3 events a day, sometimes 9 events, the times he dreamed is different every day. He said all the prophesy dreams were automatically in his dream. When Mr. Juseleeno was 19 years old, he met the famous Brazilian prophesy Saint Mr. Franciscoshabiz, after that the worldwide disaster events were increased in his prophesy dream. Mr. Franciscoshabiz was two times the candidate for the Nobel Prize, he is a very famous differential functional person, at the same time he is also the Charitarian. The events which Mr. Juseleeno predicted are already more than 80000, firstly let’s look at below a few big worldwide events and huge disaster from his prophesy.

? Princess Diana was assassinated;
Mr. Juseleeno sent a warning letter to Diana via post office on 4th March,1997 “ I got the message from the God that someone is planning to kill you in the car accident, your life will be dangerous, 7 angels told me about this. You may die in this car accident and the specialist may close this case as a driving mistake, but they are totally wrong. The murder is close to you…. And it will happen before 2000”
Juseleeno also send this warning letter to the time, Darlytelegraph and Guardian etc. new agents in England, but never published. The car accident was happened on 31st August,1997, 5 month after the warning letter was sent out. Just as the prophesy said that the case was closed as driving mistake. The accuracy of this prophesy is not only to predict the huge event but also the truth of the intrigue behind the event. There are a lot of rumors after the accident, Diana was killed by the England royal family centered by queen Elizabeth.

The prophesy said it will happen before 2000, though there isn’t exact date on, but this prophesy was sent to the president(FernandoHenriqueSilvaCardoso) of Brazil 2 years before the accident and mentioned about “from 1997 to 98 that Diana will die” etc.

? The second attack of World Trade Center, it is 911
Jeseleeno sent the warning letter to the president of USA in 1989, the warning letter had also published at a notarization office which run by Mr. Klicheeba in the town of Palana. This warning letter also predicted that the World Trade Center will get the first attack in 1993, though there was no exact date on but the second attack was clearly told 11th September,2001. Everyone knew the result, the first attack was happened on 26th Feb.1993 three and half year after the warning letter sent out, the parking place was blow up and many people injured, the second attack was happened on 11th Sept.2001, 13 years after the warning letter sent out, it is the 911.

The exclamatory thing is, this prophesy also told about Afghanistan and Iraq war will start after 911, after Iraq lost, the president Haisan will run to Adawr the middle of Iraq etc. are all in the letter, like you all know, the events in the prediction letter were happened one by one.

? Sumatra Indonesia earthquake
Juseleeno sent the warning letter about Indonesia Sumatra Earthquake to the India Embassy on 16th September, 1996, about 8 years before the disaster. This warning letter predicted that there will be 8.9 earthquake in Aceh Indonesia in the morning of 26th December,2004. India and Indonesia will be attacked by the tsunami. He sent the warning letter to the president of Indonesia on 30th April, 1997, the letter is about “ I dreamed that 7:00am 26th Dec, 2004, South Asia will be attacked by 8.9 earthquake, at the same time will get the tsunami, the area will be Aceh Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maladiv, Bombay. And many people will be dead……
The result is- the earthquake was happened at 07:58am 26th Dec. More than 200000 people dead, the biggest tsunami was about 30 meters, a lot people were dead by the tsunami. He also sent the same letter to Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand and other Embassies. He also got the thanks letter from these countries.

The thanks letter from Meigawadi said “ about the 2004 earthquake and tsunami, to prevent the disaster, we must do a lot of things, but in another hand, we can do nothing”. The thanks letter from Indonesia Embassy said “…..we will send this letter to our government, if you have any update information, please let us know”.

From above information, Juseleeno already predicted that there will be more than 200000 people die in the tsunami and earthquake 8 years before the disaster, he sent the warning letter with detail date on to these countries, but nobody did any preventive measures.

The writer pick up a few events which Juseleeno predicted for the future.

Tornado attacked Brazil, thousands people dead.
2007 or July of 2008 Japan will get earthquake and get 30 meters tsunami.
Japan will get earthquake and typhoon in October, He predicted that the huge typhoon will happen on 26th October in the warning Letter
USA will get the terror attack on 17th December.

Will find the medicine for AIDS and Dengue
18th July, Philippine will get 8.1 earthquake, thousands people will die
The Empire State Building New York will get terror attack in September.
13th of September, China will get 9.1 earthquake in Nanning and Hainan, at the same time will get 30 meters Tsunami, millions people will die, the tsunami may go to Japan Directly.

25th January. 8.9 earthquake will attacked Japan, Hundred thousands people will die.
November, Japan will get earthquake again. Thousands people will die.
Brazilian government can not pay the insurance because of the finance problems. Will get the riot.
24th August, Istanbul Turkey will get 8.9 earthquake. The road will be parted.
16th December, Sumatra Indonesia will get 7.8 earthquake. Thousands people will die.

The temperature will reach 58 degrees in many countries of Africa, at the same time will lack of water.
15th June, the New York stock market will be
The temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees, it is unbelievable number, but in May 2007, people who travel around Africa said the temperature in Greece and Turkey are already 39-40 degrees, Iraq and Arabia is about 45-46 degrees, it is possible to happen in the summer but not in may, we can imagine that in the summer of 2010, the world will become warmer and Africa will get the high temperature.

Will found the treatment for Cancer. But another new cancer will occur.
A serious disease will occur, it will be called ALS, People will die after 4 hours get ALS
Bird flu H5N1 will infect to human, 7300000 people will die till 2013.
Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy is not only for the disease and earthquake but also for the exact name. For example the formal US president Gore famous book “ An Inconvenient Truth”. The name of tornado which will attack Brazil, and thousands people will die, the name of infectious disease ( ALS), the name for San Francisco’s earthquake ( the Big One) and etc. events.

The area of glebe will be extended regarding the aridity and become desert, from 2015 till 2020, the trees will disappear in Amazon.
From 6th Dec. the sky will start the black cloud time, it is called weather cloudy.
Human start die because of the infectious disease’s overspread.
Find the treatment for cancel except the brain cancel.
Bahamas of West Indies, from 1st Nov. till 25th the Volcano will break out and bring the earthquake too, after that will be 150 meters huge tsunami, about 80 meters tsunami will go to Caribbean, About 15 kilometer to 20 kilometer to USA , Brazil and other countries. The sea will go down 6 meters before the tsunami and the birds will move away too.
Mr.Juseleeno predicted that when the cats and dogs know the disaster is coming, they want to get away from the venue, they will have strange behaviors 24 hours before the disaster, so we can use that for the standard of judgement.

The small planet will be closer to the earth and may knock together, the exist of this small planet will influent the issue of human live.

In November, the average temperature will reach 59 degrees, many people will die, the world confusion will be bigger.

In the middle of April, huge typhoon will attach some cities of China, about one thousand people will die.
The US president Bush will be in the hospital suddenly, has serious sickness.

About the issue of small planet will be closer to the earth, the leaders of each country will gather together to discuss the countermeasure, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted in 2000, and informed the NASA of USA about the exist of the small planet. On 31st June,2002, NASA confirmed and called this small planet 2002ZNT7??

May find out the science power solution, if the small planet knock together, 1/3 population of the world will die. Mr. Juseleeno predicted that the percentage for the small planet knock the earth will be 60% .
In June, the east sea of Japan will get the Tsunami, bigger then the Indonesia tsunami.

Astronomer will find new planet, it may knock the earth again, the possibility will be 80%.

In July, San Francisco will get huge earthquake, it is called “ the big one”, San Andreas Fault will be destroyed, California will disappear, a lot of crater will start again, the tsunami will be more than 150 meters.

The world population reduced, about 80% people dead in the disaster.
Will 2008 Beijing Olympic Game be held smoothly?
As above said, in 2008, China will get 9.1 earthquake and more than millions people will die, according to Mr. Juseleeno’s prediction that the earth quake will be 13th September,2008, and Olympic will hold on 8th August-24th, In this schedule, the earthquake will happen after Olympic, but before the big earthquake, there will be a lot of small earthquake, it will make the country and people upset.
There will be a lot of small earthquake before the big one, although Juseleeno didn’t predict the exact date, but if we presume the small earthquake will happen one or two month before and it may be the period of Olympic, if so it may make the host and athletes give up. When the writer read this prophesy from Juseleeno, he suddenly remember the space time traveler John Titoer’s last word “ 2004 Athens Olympic Game will be last one”

But, if the earthquake is in the south of China, Nanning and Hai Nan, and there are no Olympic games, the Beijing Olympic Game will close successfully. But the problem is that China government is only care about the reputation and successfully of the Olympic game, ignore the small earthquakes, and no preparation before the big one. China may control the report, closed all the news . If so there will be a big disaster as the prophesy said. In Mr. Juseleeno’s warning letter said “ if there is no preparation to protect the citizens, will get huge loss’

Mr. Juseleeno also predicted that glacier period is coming.
He also has the right prophesy for the weather, one of them is, in 2003, Europe got high temperature, 29th October, 2001, the warning letter said “ the nature world will beat back to the world, the temperature of France, Germany and Portugal will become higher, more than ten thousand people will die, this disaster will happen between 2003 and 2004” . the truth is, the temperature in the summer of 2003 had reached the highest one which they’ve never had in Europe, about 35.000 people dead, especially France and Germany, about 14,000 people dead in France and 7000 people dead in Germany.

From Mr.Juseleeno’s prophesy, the earth temperature will get higher every year, till 2012, the temperature in Africa will reach 58 degrees and the same time will have serious water problem, after the temperature will be even higher, till 2015, the average temperature of earth will reach 59 degrees, a lot of people will die, the human will get frighten all over the world. If this is the truth, the countries will against each other because of the aridity and not enough food, Mr. Jeseleeno also predicted that there will be some new wars because of the aridity, but he didn’t have clear prophesy, but he felt it won’t be the normal war.

Anyway, the temperature is getting higher is not like the aerography said ( the speed is very slow), actually very quick. However the warmness seems not always incessancy, after the high temperature, a big part of ice of Greenland and South Pole will be dissolved and go to the sea, the circulation of the sea will be lower and become colder, it means a new glacier time. In Juseleeno’s prophesy seems also said after 2027, there will be a new glacier. Details of the prophesy as below:
The volcano of America yellow park will break out, the smoke and magma will go 1,600 kilometer far, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana will all get damaged. The break out of the volcano is not only in Yellow park, but also some other place in the world. these smoke will blot out the sun, the circulation of see will stagnate and active the cold phenomena.
Eir and kol got Nobel award
As we all know, the formal president Gore dedicate on study of earth temperature, his famous book “ An Inconvenient Truth” was made to a movie and also get the Oscar award. Actually 19 years ago, Mr. Juseleeno already predicted about this, the phophesy had been published on Moon Magazine in June, in the end of may, before the publish, the editor told the writer about this, I really got surprised for a while..

According the letter which Juseleeno sent to Gore, this prophesy letter already inform Gore that from 1993 to 2001 he won’t be the vice president anymore, he will dedicate on protect the world environment activities, and he will write a book “An Inconvenient Truth” to become famous, the English letter Juseleeno wrote to Gore also told the books name and he will get the 2007 Nobel award, we will know this autumn, Let’s looking forward for the prophesy for Mr. Gorel. We can’t deny Mr. Juseleeno’s prophesy.

There are not much time for Human, from December 2007, the Black Cloud will extend all over the world, as Mr. Juseleeno predicted that if the human still keep the actuality, human will have terrible life from 2008 till 2012 , the black cloud will full of the sky before the disaster. If we want the disaster, and war stay away from us, the deadline for human is the end of 2007. Mr. Juseleeno expected the world consciousness will change in the end of 2007.

The situation is very serious now, if we still want to depend on other’s power, Mr. Juseleeno’s prophesy “ the black future” will happen. We must understand the serious situation, individual to individual, group to group, country to county, hold you own responsibility, take action, because the deadline will come soon.

Inability and tiny ability is totally different, inability is no matter whatever we do, it won’t help. But tiny ability mean more people contribute and the power will become strong. We have do start from ourselves, one people’s power is small but if we put everyone’s power together, It will be strong to change the future disaster.



Showbiz & Celebrity / I'm alive! Aw,Elvis Presly is Alive!
« on: July 08, 2008, 10:27:45 PM »
 ;D watch this,and you'll see Elvis.


Job Opportunity / Job Opportunity (Caregiver)
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:14:10 PM »
Calling All Who Have Caregiver License Holder


The I.S.B, a Man Power Agency is offering an opportunity to the caregiver license holder persons to work in hospitals or home for the aged around tokyo and yokohama...for more details and information please contact (Sharon) # 080-3279-6821 for Yokohama Area, and (Moises) # 080-3279-6824 for Tokyo Area...

This is now your oppurtunity to easily get the job with assurance and worry free!

Bohol Tourism | Bohol Travel & Tour / San Juan Na!
« on: June 30, 2008, 11:04:57 AM »
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Na gabhi-an mi sa dagat.Nalingaw ko sa BINGO da.hmn,enjoy pod ug usa ka adlaw.

Weird and Extreme / Fil-Am 'pregnant man' expects baby girl on July 3
« on: June 30, 2008, 09:12:14 AM »

06/26/2008 | 02:25 PM

Email this | Email the Editor | Print | Digg this | Add to NEW YORK — Any day now, “pregnant man" Thomas Beatie – a Hawaii-born Filipino – is scheduled to deliver his first baby.

Beatie, 34, whose birth name is Tracy Lagondino, is expecting a girl. Since his operation to make himself look more masculine, Beatie has legally asserted his right to be called a man and is now married to a woman named Nancy.

"[I consider this] an average pregnancy," Beatie told Oprah Winfrey on her show earlier this year.

The Portland, Oregon transgender appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where he revealed the circumstances of his pregnancy and announced his scheduled date with the stork on July 3.

Up until that public confession, many of Nancy’s relatives did not know she is married to a transgender.

"It’s an incredible experience," Beatie told Winfrey on his then five-month pregnancy, showing off his belly bump.

The New York Times reported Beatie’s pending delivery as "partly a carnival sideshow and partly a glimpse at shifting sexual tectonics."

Beatie told Winfrey he was born a woman, but underwent chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy that would transform her into a man. He decided to keep her female reproductive organs in the event the couple decided to have children, as Nancy’s womb was taken out in an operation 20 years ago.

'Monster' baby

This is Beatie's second pregnancy.

In 2007, he also tried to have a child but was heartbroken to find out he had an ectopic pregnancy. He was about to have triplets.

"It was a life-threatening event that required surgical intervention, resulting in the loss of all embryos and my right fallopian tube," Beatie wrote in the Advocate, a magazine catering to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals.

Instead of receiving sympathy after the abortion, Beatie said his family had a different take on it.

"When my brother found out about my loss, he said, ‘It’s a good thing that happened. Who knows what kind of monster it would have been,’" Beatie wrote in the Advocate last March.

Reports claim that Beatie has a Caucasian mother and a Filipino father.

“My Father calls intermittently," he told Winfrey, “I believe he loves me. He just can’t see me that way."

Nine doctors, nine months

Beatie said he and his wife have endured public scorn since they came out with their story on Oprah. They’ve been ridiculed by family and friends and discriminated against by health care professionals.

A total of nine doctors turned Beatie down when they found out about his condition.
Beatie disclosed to Winfrey that one of the doctors he saw told him his staff was uncomfortable working with someone ‘like him.’

"This is why it took over one year to get access to a cryogenic sperm bank to purchase anonymous donor vials, and why Nancy and I eventually resorted to home insemination," he said.

After looking around for willing doctors, Beatie finally found a helping hand from Dr. Kimberly James.

"As soon as I met them, obviously a very devoted couple, there’s no way that I felt I could turn them down," James said in the Oprah show interview.

Despite the social stigma, Beatie said he is "so lucky" to have such a loving, supportive wife.

"I will be my daughter’s father, and Nancy will be her mother. We will be a family," he said. The Times said there is no good language to describe Beatie’s situation.

"As the first pregnant transman to go public, Mr. Beatie has exposed a mass audience to alterations in the outlines of gender that may be outpacing our comprehension," the NY times says.

"Issues like these have made Mr. Beatie’s story so compelling; the sense that trans identity in the Webster sense of the prefix signifies some threshold state of being – ‘across’ or ‘beyond’ or ‘through.’" - with reports from Mark Joseph Ubalde, GMANews.TV

Health and Food / 14 Ways To Super Charge Your Brain
« on: June 30, 2008, 08:01:13 AM »
Have you ever felt exasperated when you bumped into someone at the store but absolutely couldn't remember their name? Sure, it happens to all of us.

Despite being the strongest computer on the planet, our brains do lapse. It's hard to blame them really. As humans, we spend much of or existence stuffing our brains with stuff. Some stuff is worthless, some of it's meaningful, some of it, well, it's just stuff and there is an endless amount of it.

No matter how powerful our brains are, they need recuperation time, to be kept in shape, and even an occasional charge. Think of it as a tune up for your brain. Skipping brain maintenance is as silly as the person wandering the parking garage because they forgot where they parked. Is that you? Are you that person? Sure. We all are at some point. No worries, there is hope.

Now I am not a brain surgeon and I am not going to suggest you do anything surgical or dangerous. I am however an astute student of human behavior, so I always look for simple ways to super charge my brain.

Here are some things you can begin doing as soon as today to begin the great brain tune up.

1. Eat Almonds
Almond is believed to improve memory. If a combination of almond oil and milk is taken together before going to bed or after getting up at morning, it strengthens our memory power. Almond milk is prepared by crushing the almonds without the outer cover and adding water and sugar to it.

2. Drink Apple Juice
Research from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) indicates that apple juice increases the production of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, resulting in an increased memory power.

3. Sleep well
Research indicates that the long-term memory is consolidated during sleep by replaying the images of the experiences of the day. These repeated playbacks program the subconscious mind to store these images and other related information.

4. Enjoy simple Pleasures
Stress drains our brainpower. A stress-ridden mind consumes much of our memory resources to leave us with a feeble mind. Make a habit to engage yourself in few simple pleasures everyday to dissolve stress from your mind. Some of these simple pleasures are good for your mind, body and soul.

* Enjoy music you love
* Play with your children
* Hug a stranger
* Appreciate others
* Run few miles a day, bike or swim
* Start a blog
* Take a yoga class or Total Wellness routine

5. Fast for a day
Fasting cleans and detoxifies our body. It is known fact that heavy food not only causes stress on our digestive system but also drains our brainpower. Fasting relieves toxic emotions such as anger, grief, worry, and fears - before they accumulate and cause disease. By cleansing toxic emotions, fasting strengthens metal clarity with increases memory, concentration, creativity and insight.

6. Exercise your mind
Just as physical exercise is essential for a strong body, mental exercise is equally essential for a sharp and agile mind. Have you noticed that children have far superior brainpower than an adult does? Children have playful minds. A playful mind exhibits superior memory power. Engage in some of the activities that require your mind to remain active and playful.

* Play scrabble or crossword puzzle
* Volunteer
* Interact with others
* Start a new hobby such as blogging, reading, painting, bird watching
* Learn new skill or a language

7. Practice Yoga or Meditation
Yoga or Meditation relives stress. Stress is a known memory buster. With less stress, lower blood pressure, slower respiration, slower metabolism, and released muscle tension follows. All of these factors contribute significantly towards increases in our brainpower.

8. Reduce Sugar intake
Sugar is a non-food. It’s a form of carbohydrate that offers illusionary energy, only to cause a downhill slump once the initial burst has been worn off. Excess intake of sugar results in neurotic symptoms. Excess sugar is known to cause claustrophobia, memory loss and other neurotic disorders. Eat food without adding sugar. Stay away from sweet drinks or excess consumption of caffeine with sugar.

9. Eat whole wheat
The whole wheat germs contain lecithin. Lecithin helps ease the problem of the hardening of the arteries, which often impairs brain functioning.

10. Eat a light meal in the night
A heavy meal at night causes tossing and turning and a prolonged emotional stress while at sleep. It’s wise to eat heavy meal during the day when our body is in motion to consume the heavy in-take. Eating a light meal with some fruits allows us to sleep well. A good night sleep strengthens our brainpower.

11. Develop imagination
Greeks mastered the principle of imagination and association to memorize everything. This technique requires one to develop a vivid and colorful imagination that can be linked to a known object. If you involve all your senses - touching, feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing in the imagination process, you can remember greater details of the event.

12. Sex
Our sexual imagination often empowers our ability to daydream, which strengthens our brainpower with greater imagination, visualization and association.

13. Control your temper
Bleached food, excess of starch or excess of white bread can lead to nerve grating effect. This results in a violent and some time depressive behavior. Eat fresh vegetables. Drink lots of water and meditate or practice yoga to relieve these toxic emotions of temper and violent mood swings.

14. Take Vitamin B-complex
Vitamin B-complex strengthens memory power. Eat food and vegetables high in Vitamin B-complex. Stay away from the starch food or white bread, which depletes the Vitamin B-complex necessary for a healthy mind.

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