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Learn all about the practical (and inspirational) side of Internet Marketing as Jomar Hilario guides you into transforming your mind, skills and wallet using Internet Marketing.

Mind: Enable you to change from employee thinking to entrepreneur thinking.
Skill: Teaching you exactly what to click, what site to go to and what to do -to set up at least 2 income earning ways from the internet.
Wallet: Teach you how to increase your financial capabilities by giving you multiple sources of income.

All in 2 days (14 hours). Now on it's 2nd year! The Truly Rich Hands On Internet Marketing Workshop, opening your minds, enabling your hands to achieve the financial goals you've set out to accomplish! Endorsed by Brother Bo Sanchez, author of How to be Truly Rich book fame.

Dec 12-13 (sat/sun) 1030am - 530am. Early bird tickets get P 1000 discount! Avail before December 5,2009 to get the early bird discount.
Josh Internet Cafe, Beside Regency Hotel
Regular price: P 9750,  Early bird price: P 8750

Get your tickets via
Complete details:

General Topic / Kerygma Conference 2009: Dream Big, Win Big!
« on: November 13, 2009, 06:00:58 PM »
---> 2009 Kerygma Conference @ araneta. Last tickets remaining! Get you and your family's tickets now!

Complete details:

Learn how to dream big and live big with your BIG GOD!
Healing + Dreams + Worship = Largest Catholic Learning Event

November 28-29, 2009
Araneta Coliseum, Cubao, Quezon City.
Simulcast in Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) in Cebu City
Get tickets now at or

I’m sharing these events with you --in case you’re interested, I’ve been learning from Jomar Hilario (the speaker) for a few months now and I can say that he has really helped me start this internet business.

Event details:
1. Cebu/Cagayan De Oro/Davao/ Real Estate Internet Marketing Seminar July 14,15,16,2009
2. Manila Internet (14 hours hands on) Marketing Workshop July 3-4,2009

Learn how to:
1. Create a 2nd source of income via the internet so you don't have to rely on your work income 100%
2. Create an internet business - a 3rd source of income by creating online stores using the supplied bonus ebooks (worth P 20,000) you can sell or using your own products.
3. Popularize your websites/product site for greater income and exposure to your market
4. Use the internet the way the best internet marketers use it-to make yourself a profit!
5. Open your eyes to the possibilities you never thought was possible - online.
6. Finally, build your client email list, like never before.

Start getting out of the rat race via the internet!

The Cebu/CDO/Davao Internet Marketing Seminar
Resource speaker: Jomar Hilario (
When: July 14, 15, 16 9:30am - 5:30pm,

The Manila Internet (14 hours hands on) Marketing Workshop
Resource speaker: Jomar Hilario (
When: July 3-4 (Manila), 10:30am - 5:30pm, Friday/Saturday

Contact: /

Cebu: Crown Regency Club Ultima, F. Ramos St., Cebu City
CDO and Davao: To be Announced.
Manila: Cubao, Metro Manila (you cannot walk-in, you must pre-register and do the pre-registration activities before you attend)

Full details :



Or Learn Via The Internet using the ONLINE Workshop

Remember in 2005 when Reuben Morgan of Hillsong United came to the Philippines, also Jars of Clay (Manila and CEBU) and Steven Curtis Chapman --then followed later by Hillsong United?

The original organizers of these events Bo Sanchez and Jomar Hilario are staging a 14 hour Hands on Internet Marketing Workshop in Manila/Cebu this June 2009. (Cebu:June 12-13,2009 SM CIty Cebu, Manila: June 26-27,2009 Cubao)

What's the connection? If it weren't for Internet Marketing most people wouldn't have HEARD OF THE CONCERTS above because there was always only 30 days to promote the event before the artists came to Manila/Cebu.

So find out the "secrets" that made these WORSHIP EVENTS so popular in such a short time...and APPLY it in your life!

Parents: you can use Internet Marketing --to create semi-passive income for your PERSONAL finances or
Businesses: promote your own events for less cost versus radio or tv or print. 
Entrepreneurs: find out how to use the Internet to maximize your profits.

Also, did you know that you can actually get a 2nd or 3rd source of income from the internet? Find out how that's done in the 14 hour Hands on workshop.

Go to for details or email or for ticket reservations.
Can't attend personally or can't afford the workshop fee? Enter your email address into to learn via EMAIL for free.

Are you an internet knowledgeable yuppie or graduate who simply wants to learn how to create dollar income from the internet?

Have you been spending lots of money on online games but at the back of your mind, you wonder “How can I learn to make money from this instead of spending only all the time? If I sell this character I’m playing then I won’t have anything to sell for a longer time again. There must be something better out there!”.

Or maybe you’re young, and your company’s about to lay people off --and you’re looking for something “more secure” than just a “job”?

Or maybe you just GOT LAID OFF and you’re very computer literate and are now wondering what to do with your dwindling savings?

Announcing the Truly Rich Hands-On Internet Marketing for the Youth Workshop!

Two whole days of young people doing what they always want to do (sit in front of the computer)
but learning about life, goals, finances and preparing you for a better future.

Participant must answer “Yes” to the following requirements:

1. Do you take the Internet for granted, not as as “new thing”?
2. Are you able to type quickly and know how to register in sites and search?
3. Do you take the following for granted: high-lighting, cut and paste and mouse usage
4. Are you looking for interesting topics online.
5. Do you want to understand how to earn dollars online but w/o using technical words.
6. Do you want to learn the secrets of online (school) research so you don’t take so much time doing it.
7. Are you under ages: 12-25. Exceptions can be made only if you can prove to be as fast a learner and computer user as any 17 year old who was born using computers since age 5.

What’s new about this Youth Workshop? It’s not just about Internet Marketing

The entire presentation alternates with the following useful things that participants can find out about the internet but not limited to the following list:
1. How you can use the internet to communicate better with your parents (this is NOT a boring topic, promise!).
2. Clueless about life directions? Hidden in Youtube (etc) are some answers, you never thought was there.
3. One word to change the way you research forever (specially when doing research for school or business)
4. Synching your email with your cell phone (to create backups in both) - for your parents and you.
5. Where to find the the right kinds of different “cool” videos online (not just Preacher in blue jeans!)
6. How to organize your computer’s desktop from the mess that it is now (based on the book: Getting Things Done)
7. The fastest way to blog
8. Find out the truth about “stealing music/movies on the internet” and how to react to it.
9. How to master “Internet Search” w/c is growing to be one of the most important talents a young person should have.
10. How to be inspired by just staring at one blog (not reading).
11. What you can learn about online promotions from Pinay teenager Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Yes there’s a lot of information here, but they’re fun and most likely, you will NEVER forget them. So if you’re ready for useful internet information, join us now!
In the main topic, you will learn two ways on how to earn dollars online in the Truly Rich Hands-On Internet Marketing for the Youth Workshop:

No Cost Internet Marketing Method#1

Create blogs to earn semi-passive income.
Create your first semi automatic blogging cash machine. (yes, you don’t need to be a writer, just slightly opinionated!)
Set up your blog to earn maximum income.
Do minimal blog research for maximum income.
Set up for minimal maintenance of your blog (How about 1 day per month, sounds good?)
Name your blog for a lot of people find it using search
How to collect your earnings.

No Cost Internet Marketing Method#2: *new topic!
Learn to setup a selling account -to buy and sell -online - properly. Thousands of people are doing it -but they are doing it wrong-making them more busy than giving them more time. Don’t commit their mistakes!
Connect your mutiply store to a free email catcher - so you can know who visits your sites.
Start collecting names of potential clients -even if they don’t buy when they visit your site.
Use the free digital products I will supply you and setup your free online store.
Sell to your clients automatically, 24 x 7 - even if you don’t know how to sell.
Accept payments online or via cellphone.
Sell something online even though you don’t have a product to sell or have no idea what to sell.
What to put in your blogs so people keep coming back to your store! (”Buzz marketing”)
Find out how to make a letter to sell anything -online even if all you know is “typing!”

Secondly, You’ll learn Online Promotions 101

Being young, you probably already know how to promote ANYTHING online.
However you might not know what level of promotion should you do - or are you promoting in the right place?
1. Find out the most obvious but most neglected places to promote in Social Networks (facebook! plurk! etc)-and how to it properly so you don’t get banned by the networks like facebook.
2. How to do one click promotions - in at least 2 different ways! One click? Yes, click a button and you’ve promoted to many many sites.
3. How to use your promotion talent to work for other people (during the summer) and earn part time!
4. Learn how to to real-world marketing that works without the exams, quizzes and surprise tests!
5. Learn how to promote for big events like the concerts of the bands/singers you love.


1. P 20,000 worth of free digital products to sell or use or read.
2. Double/Family package discount
3. You take home all DIGITAL (PDF) copies of the step by step/click by click presentations.

Email to reserve your slot before the the limited # of seats run out.

What do other people say about the Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop?

Im RR, the 17 yr old boy.

Actually, the one who really wanted to attend this workshop was my dad but he decided to give me the chance to attend this workshop for 2 reasons: First is to make me busy because it is already my vacation. And second is I can use the Internet better than him. Honestly, At the beginning, I thought this workshop would be pretty hard for me to understand. But Kuya Jomar explained the whole thing in a nice and friendly way, so I easily understand the whole logic of it. And before the 1st day ended, I was already excited to do my blogs. Having stores online is still not in my plan so I think I’ll focus more on making blogs.


“The presentation was great! I saw this Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar as the essence of Jomar’s experience in years of Internet Marketing. He will only tell you what you need to know and some secrets on how to do it effectively. This is very important because you don’t have to read between the lines or guess. This is like spoon feeding in a good way.

The visuals/tools needed for the Truly Rich Internet Marketing Seminar was awesome, we even have a projector that you can look at while following the steps not to mention the screen sharing on your own station. Thanks to Neenah her sister/assistant showing how it should be done while Jomar is guiding her. You will have one is to one computer station so it made the seminar looks more like step by step tutorial or seminar with hands-on. This is something interesting again because I know people pay thousands and thousands to attend a seminar and rarely do we get this kind of hands-on experience on the topic.”


From a 17 year old from Cebu:

“Thanks for helping me in my Internet Business! I’m really glad I attended your Internet Marketing Seminar! It helped me a lot! Now I don’t download any online games in my computer anymore and don’t go to internet cafe with my friends just to play computer games! I’m now enjoying earning from blogs that I made! heheh! ^_^ Not only that, I’m really thankful for your continuing coaches even if the seminar has already ended. Thanks a lot kuya! Hope you could continue helping more people earn passive income through your seminars. God Bless you kuya! Take Care Always! ^_^”

Jan Mckingley Hilado

“1. Friendly interactions of the lead facilitator with the participants encouraged the latter to do not hesitate to raise questions and ask for clarifications.
2. The use of the Netmeeting application aided the participants to still follow the instructions even though they were not in reasonably close proximity to the main screen.
3. The use of the Yahoo! messenger as an avenue for raising questions and asking for clarifications paved the way for timid participants to voice out their concerns outright and straightforward.
4. The highlighting of quotations from notable luminaries in the field relevant to the workshop in between the parts of the presentation set an inspirational and motivational tone for the participants.
5. The preservation of wholesomeness in the duration of the workshop made it a spiritual activity indeed.
6. The provision of some of the secrets of the internet marketing gurus by Jomar made the workshop more of a sharing activity rather than just a mere lecture and slideshowing a powerpoint presentation.”rap
-Erickson Mapile Quijano, BSA, CPA

“The 2-day Truly Rich Internet Marketing Workshop by Jomar Hilario is certainly one of the best investment I could ever make.

Jomar, in his quick and witty style of teaching, allowed us to have a good grasp of what this new era of marketing is all about. At first, I did get a headache from all the information overload but after a while, I got used to it already.

You leave the (workshop) a changed person. You leave the (workshop) with new perspective about doing and marketing your business. Best of all, you could do this kind of passive income according to your interest which makes it more so appealing. It’s like a hobby that earns money. All praises to this workshop.”

-Gerry Sioco

A lot more honest and unedited reviews and testimonials are at

Email to reserve your slot before the the limited # of seats run out.

Full Details:
Where: Manila, TBA
Dates: May 8-9,2009
Time: 2pm - 9pm May 8/ 10am-5:30pm May 9
Seminar Fee: P8750 only!
Early Bird discount: subtract P500.00 from your fees!
And if you come with a family member, avail of Family discount at P7750 each only!

Email for Tickets: or call Beckie at  (02) 7229562 (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Tuesdays to Fridays) now.
(Hurry, we only have a few seats. Once full, we have to reject applications.)
Email for Tickets:

Is your kid spending 4-8 hours online playing games everyday?
Do you know that if he devoted 2 hours in internet marketing and 6 hours to games, he'll still earn from the internet?
How about his school work?
Do you know that with just one word added to his google search he can bypass all the "web junk" and go to authoritative sites for faster and better quality school research?
Have you heard of teenagers earning money from setting up stores - yet they don't even have a product to sell that they created? Find out how to do it the right way!
Or maybe you're just an internet knowledgeable yuppie or graduate who simply wants to learn how to create dollar income from the internet?
And this summer you are probably thinking of how to mold your young person at home into a better person (this could be you!). You'd like them to learn some really important things in life like:
1. Goal setting
2. Pro-activeness
3. Honesty and Integrity
4. Perseverance
5. Following successful life patterns
6. Where to find excellent mentors
And you correctly conclude: You need to give them a "project" to work on. But what kind of project?
Announcing the TrulyRich Hands-On Internet Marketing Workshop for the Youth!
Two whole days of young people doing what they always want to do (sit in front of the computer)
but learning about life, goals, finances (income generation from the internet) and preparing them for a better future.
This May 8-9,2009, Friday/Saturday, Time: 2pm - 9pm May 8/ 10am-5:30pm May 9
Emai: to reserve your seat(s)
Call Beckie at 7229562 (9am-5pm Tuesdays to Fridays)
More details:

Larry Gamboa, author of the best seller, “Think Rich Pinoy” has created a special report called
“Lessons from Manny Pacquiao” -to be given away for free at the Think Rich Pinoy’s whole day seminar on May 2,2009.

Find out what Larry thinks about Manny and his connection to Think Rich Pinoy!
Plus Real Estate Investment Discussions and success stories and
a little Real Estate Internet Marketing

Join Larry and his team on May 2, details at
When : May 2, 2009, Saturday, 8am-  5pm
Where: PhilamLife Building, Manila
Text : 0926-999-9999 to get your slot or

P 2450 or US $ 58, pay online at the website below or via bank deposit.

Just email with the following data: Name, Cel #, Landline, Address, Email Address) AFTER you have paid via paypal or bank deposit: BPI Account Name: ESTI-TRP (Think Rich Pinoy); Account# 8291-0083-57. (Checking), Amount: P 2450/seat.

Half price for repeat attendees.

Full details here:

General Topic / Retrenchment problems 2009 Sigh
« on: March 24, 2009, 12:55:07 PM »
I was part of the massive Philippine layoff of Jan 15 - around 1000 employees of 2 large US companies lost their jobs in a single day. There was even talk of a local outsourcing company who simply shutdown unannounced. There was crying in the city at that time --good thing I had internet income running 2 months before --so I really wasn't worried like the rest who had to contend with a new larger job market looking for scarce jobs. 1000 people may be small compared to the US - but this is the first time this has happened to the Philippines!

In the meetings of the "fired people, I felt I had to extend a hand and said "Why don't they visit my website - - I teach a free three month lesson via email on how to create income using blogs." Though I was shy at first, I think they really needed to know that there options out there. Specially now. I extend the same invite to you. Once your anger or disbelief is over. Signup to my blog and start learning the step by step lessons that enabled me to smile when things are grim.

Market & Economic Trends / Free 3 month ecourse on how to earn online.
« on: February 06, 2009, 05:04:47 AM »
Free 3 month ecourse on how to earn online. You've everything to gain. No catches.
just register at

Want to know how to start your own online business?
In the news, it's said that ONLINE RETAIL will be the #1 business growing in 2009.

Join the 14 hour 1 person-1computer hands on truly rich workshop (on it's 2nd year) on Internet Marketing presented by Bo Sanchez featuring Jomar Hilario as resource speaker.

Jan 30 (2pm-9pm)-31(10am-5pm), 2009 in Cubao, QC.Philippines

Full details at


Or you can JOIN THE ONLINE WORKSHOP CLUB if you're not in Manila at

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