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The irony is, forums are created for discussions. 

General Topic / Nasuya Ka Colliers?
« on: March 22, 2009, 12:46:26 AM »
Skwela lagi ug tarong. Mamiyabas man gud ka.

Kay uwaw kuno ang mahimung scholar. Pobre kuno mi.

Ikaw, paningkamot intawun ug imuha para naa kay ikapanghambug oi

Ayaw ko unhi.

When one is categorically attacking gender, sexual orientation, isnt it an indication of a personal or class attack?

When one is provoking a personal attack.  These remarks " I do not stoop down to your level"

If you are being pointed out  with your grammatical errors, is it a personal attack? or is it just so that your pride is affected?

These political attack on Filipinas in Japan and Germany, " Germanyuki or Japayuki"

Admins were even not able to notice this.


According to this link, one of the main reasons of unemployment or underemployment in the Philippines is job mismatch which means that the academic qualifications of the filipinos do not seem to match the demands of the job market.

One good system I have learned here in Germany is that kids cannot just simply choose the course they want, this must match with their mental abilities and propensity.  Meaning if you are very bad in Math, it would be hard for you to grab a "platz" , which literally means place of space connotating a limited place at the university.

On the otherhand, Filipinos normally follow trends as what is "hot" abroad, thereby over producing nurses, etc.. 

It is about time that the CHED reviews the curriculum, discarding unnecessary subjects and give more focus to practical knowledge than theory.

There is also a need to reinforce highschool and elementary education.  I am a teacher at the university and I have personally noticed first year students who are not yet mentally ready for university education.

It would might as well be helpful to integrate foreign languages as an elective.  This is of course expensive because there are only few foreign language teachers in the Philippines but this would give us a very good advantage.

We already have good reputation abroad, let us not waste it. 

Only through a better education , we can be globally competetive.

Love Talk / Etiquettes in Bed Lesson 101
« on: March 07, 2009, 10:49:42 PM »
We all desire of an enjoyable and healthy sexual experience.  For most people, this is their expression of love for one another.  That is why, this is considered by most religious sector sacred.  There are even specific rituals told, and practices observed to fully achieve real orgasm.

So special is sex to us that we do not share this just to anybody else like food.  We share this with the person we like.  It is just having a nice dine.  You would not want to dine with somebody who smells like canal, otherwise your appetite will be lost.  Like a nice dine too, we have appetizers and dessert.

Imaginations and fantasies vary.  This could range from very wild extreme Sado-machochismus to a traditional monk style.  But whichever, we should observe proper etiquette during sex.  The same as we have proper etiquette on the table.

Share your views on the dos and donts in bed.



General Topic / Caucasian Females' Impression on Filipinos
« on: March 07, 2009, 09:30:00 PM »
Not a general statement.  During my girl talks with female colleauges, they have heard an impression that asians , specifically Filipino men have small thing. This is aside from being "short" in height.  So, I have asked, is there a correlation between genital size and height?

This according to them a turn off.

On the contrary, caucasian men do factually have bigger things but, the common perception is that theirs is softer.  I beg to disagree, my bf could get hard for hours.

Pinoy boys, you can react now.  Be as violent as you can.

Warning: To those below 18, turn off this thread. hahaha

Bible Study / Angels of the day
« on: March 05, 2009, 07:55:46 PM »
Each one of us has his or her own guardian angel.
Share with us, your personal encounters with Angels, how your day was saved , how youve experienced that someone protected you from probable danger, how you have retrieved lost data, how you managed to catch-up a flight.. etc..

source: wikipedia

Guido_Reni_031 - Show Posts - ayessa

Angels are usually viewed as emanations of a supreme divine being, sent to do the tasks of that being. Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will or are merely extensions of the supreme being's will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape.

The New Testament speaks frequently of angels (for example, angels giving messages to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds; angels ministering to Christ after his temptation in the wilderness, an angel visiting Christ in his agony, angels at the tomb of the risen Christ, the angels who liberate the Apostles Peter and Paul from prison), but makes only two references to "archangels": Michael in Jude 1:9 and I Thessalonians 4:16, where the "voice of an archangel" will be heard at the return of Christ.

The Protestant Bible provides names for two archangels: Michael and Gabriel. In the Book of Tobit of the Catholic Bible, a third name, Raphael; sometimes Uriel or Phanuel is given as a fourth.

Eastern Orthodox Tradition mentions "thousands of archangels"[6] but venerates only seven of them by name.[7] Uriel is included, and the other three are most often named Selaphiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel (an eighth, Jeremiel, is sometimes included as archangel).[8] The Orthodox Church celebrates the Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers on November 8 of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar (for those churches which follow the Julian Calendar, November 8 falls on November 21 of the modern Gregorian Calendar). Other feast days of the Archangels include the Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel on March 26 (April 8), and the Miracle of the Archangel Michael at Colossae on September 6 (September 19). In addition, every Monday throughout the year is dedicated to the Angels, with special mention being made in the church hymns of Michael and Gabriel. In Orthodox iconography, each angel has a symbolic representation:[8]
Russian icon of the Archangel Jegudiel.

    * Michael in the Hebrew language means "Who is like unto God?" or "Who is equal to God?" St. Michael has been depicted from earliest Christian times as a commander, who holds in his right hand a spear with which he attacks Lucifer, Satan, and in his left hand a green palm branch. At the top of the spear there is a linen ribbon with a red cross. The Archangel Michael is especially considered to be the Guardian of the Orthodox Faith and a fighter against heresies.
    * Gabriel means "Man of God" or "Might of God". He is the herald of the mysteries of God, especially the Incarnation of God and all other mysteries related to it. He is depicted as follows: In his right hand, he holds a lantern with a lighted taper inside, and in his left hand, a mirror of green jasper. The mirror signifies the wisdom of God as a hidden mystery.
    * Raphael means "God's healing" or "God the Healer" (Tobit 3:17, 12:15). Raphael is depicted leading Tobit (who is carrying a fish caught in the Tigris) with his right hand, and holding a physician's alabaster jar in his left hand.
    * Uriel means "Fire of God", or "Light of God" (III Esdras 3:1, 5:20). He is depicted holding a sword against the Persians in his right hand, and a fiery flame in his left.
    * Selaphiel means "Intercessor of God" (III Esdras 5:16). He is depicted with his face and eyes lowered, holding his hands on his bosom in prayer.
    * Jegudiel means "Glorifier of God". He is depicted bearing a golden wreath in his right hand and a triple-thonged whip in his left hand.
    * Barachiel means "Blessing of God". He is depicted holding a white rose in his hand against his breast.
    * (Jeremiel means "God's exaltation". He is venerated as an inspirer and awakener of exalted thoughts that raise a person toward God (III Ezra 4:36). As an eighth, he is sometimes included as archangel.)

Some Protestants view Michael as the sole archangel, as the only one explicitly described as such in the Protestant canon of the Bible.[9] (Jude 1:9) In their view, Gabriel is never called 'archangel' in the Gospels. According to Origen, verse 1:9 of Jude is an insertion that led to the writing of The Assumption of Moses.
Angelic Council (Ангелскй Собор). Orthodox icon of the seven archangels. From left to right: Jegudiel, Gabriel, Selaphiel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Barachiel. Beneath the mandorla of Christ Emmanuel are representations of Cherubim (blue) and Seraphim (red).

The edition of the Bible used by Protestants, which excludes the Apocrypha, never mentions a "Raphael" and he is therefore not recognized by many of them. Raphael, however, is mentioned in the Book of Tobit, one of the deuterocanonical books. In the story, Raphael comes to the aid of Tobit, healing him of blindness, and his son Tobias, driving away a demon that would have killed him. Raphael also plays an important role in the Book of Enoch.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Michael is one of the names Jesus has in heaven.[10] In this view, Michael is the first and greatest of all God's creatures, the chief messenger of Jehovah that takes the lead in vindicating God's sovereignty, sanctifying God's name, fighting the forces of Satan and protecting God's people on earth. (Revelation 12:7; 19:14,16• Daniel 12:1) This belief is held because of the prominence Michael has among the heavenly sons of God in the Bible, the similarity of Michael’s and Jesus’ mission and the connection of Jesus with the archangelic office in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, where it is said: "Because the Lord himself will descend from Heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel's voice." Taking also into account that the Bible refers to one archangel only using a definite article (Jude 9), Jehovah's witnesses have concluded that Michael and Jesus are one and the same.[11]

A similar opinion is held by certain Protestants, such as Seventh-day Adventists,[12] the Baptist evangelist Charles Spurgeon[13] and the Presbyterian Commentary author Matthew Henry,[14] who believe that the Archangel Michael is not an angel but is instead, the divine Son of God. In this view "archangel" means "head of the angels" rather than "head angel," and is a title similar to "Prince or Leader of the host." (Daniel 8:11) While not all Baptists hold to this view, Seventh-day Adventists generally do.

[edit] In Islam

In Islam, the named archangels include:

• Gabriel (or Jibraaiyl or Jibril or Jibrail in Arabic). Gabriel is the Archangel responsible for revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad. Gabriel is known as the angel who communicates with the Prophets. He is mentioned specifically by name and as the Holy Spirit in the Qur'an.

• Michael (Mikail or Mikaaiyl in Arabic). Michael is often depicted as the Archangel of mercy who is responsible for bringing rain and thunder to Earth.

• Raphael (Israfil or Israafiyl). According to the Hadith, Israfil is the Angel responsible for signaling the coming of Judgment Day by blowing a horn and sending out a Blast of Truth. It translates in Hebrew as Raphael.

• Angel of Death, who is responsible for parting the spirit of the human from the body at the time of departure from this earthly realm. The Qur'an never uses this name, referring instead to Malak al-Maut (which translates directly as Angel of Death). The spirit is removed from the body from the same point it entered, via the Latifa located between the eyebrows, known as the Khafi, or the Hidden.

General Topic / Feminization of Labor
« on: March 03, 2009, 04:52:21 AM »
One of the things I have found out in my researches in our province of Bohol is that more and more women are working taking over the social role of men, who are the breadwinners at home.  Numbers are growing in towns plagued by endemic poverty and stagnated development.  Most of them want  to pursue greener pastures in Manila as domestic helpers and factory workers.  The educated youth and new graduates do not also tend to settle in the province but might as well, look for better opportunities in the neighboring province of Cebu and anywhere else in the world.

The Bol-anon diaspora is growing. Is this gender related? We cannot draw conclusion to that.  But it is alarming to know what some people told me that there are houses in some towns which are literally abandoned. Does this signal hopelessness?

Women's economic role in Bol-anon homes have been revolutionary. The mother instincts is eminent in the Boholana.  A mother cannot withstand the ordeal seeing her children suffering from hunger.

It is also notable that there are more male tambays than female.  Just an observation though but this might as well puts a question on everyone of us.

Who's Who of Bohol / Congratulations to Marbert John Cardino, MD.
« on: March 03, 2009, 03:22:50 AM »
Congratulations to my brother , Marbert John T. Cardino, M.D. for his final graduation on his sub-specialty in Endocrinology at the Philippine General Hospital.  His first specialization is Internal Medicine which he  finished during his residency at the Cebu Velez General Hospital.  He finished his degree in Medicine at the Cebu Institute of Medicine in 2002. On the same year, he placed fourth during the medical board exams conducted by  the Philippine Regulatory Commisions. He graduated Magna Cum Laude on the degree Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology in 1998 at the CEbu Velez College.  As a consistent scholar,he graduated Valedictorian in both elementary and highschool at the Holy Name University (formerly Divine Word College). As a medical researcher, he was invited to present his researches in diabetics in Italy, Brazil and in Malaysia.

Above all these, he chose to serve in our beloved Bohol. Keep it up. We are very proud of you
Congratulations once again.

To God be the Glory..  We love you..

mama, papa, ate gay, kuya brian,twinkle and patit.

General Topic / Respect is earned, true
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:18:53 PM »
Respect in the academe is earned through scientific contributions.  I would not claim I am a historian when I have only studied history nor do I claim a political scientist when my major is Political Science.

Respect is earned that is right but respect is also eminent in all creatures here on earth, man, woman, gays , lesbians, dogs, cats and trees..

Who can talk about respect when one manipulates discussions only to flaunt his intellectual arrogance?

Health and Food / Favorite Recipes
« on: January 25, 2009, 03:51:40 AM »
Calling all cooking enthusiasts... please share your favorite recipes..

let me start.

tinuno-an nga dinnuguan

1 liter of pork blood
1 liter of coconut milk
3 pieces siling labuyo
350 grams pork internals
350 grams pork meat minced
a pinch salt
curry powder
1 stalk tanglad
1 onion bulb
chopped garlic

saute garlic and onions
fry pork internals until it becomes a little bit  crispy
fry pork meat and season it with patis
pour pork blood (mixed with vinegar) and bring to cooking
pour coconut milk bring to cooking
add tanglad, chili labuyo
add curry powder
add pepper , add salt if tab ang pa siya.

try this, my father loves this recipe of mine


General Topic / The Pre-colonial Bisayan Practice of Skull Moulding
« on: January 25, 2009, 03:20:10 AM »
The idea of beauty had always been traditionally culture-based. However, with the advent of colonization, the indigenous concept and practices related to beauty gradually began to wane in favor of the European or Caucasian standards. Eventually, due to the development of colonial mentality, most societies of the world adopted the Western idea of what is beautiful.
aBefore the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, the Bisayans practiced skull moulding as a way of enhancing one's beauty. As mothers and midwives are well aware, the skulls of newborn infants are so soft if they are continuously laid on the same side, their head become flat on that side. Many societies have taken advantage of this reality in order to provide their children a skull shape which conforms to the local tenets of beauty.
According to William Henry Scott in his book, Barangay (1995), in some parts of Sumatra, non-Muslim women used to bind babies' heads to produce flat foreheads and noses; the Minahasa of Celebes formerly restricted forehead binding only to the nobility; while the Melanau of Sarawak preferred their children to grow up “moon-faced” through binding techniques. Pre-colonial Bisayans too considered broad faces with receding foreheads and flat noses handsome. They did these by compressing their babies' skulls and faces to achieve these local canons of beauty.
How do present scholars know that the early Bisayans practiced skull moulding? Archaeological diggings in burial sites in Cebu, Samar, Bohol and other places in the Philippines had turned out dozens of skulls that clearly show the physical effects of moulding or binding. This writer himself had seen at the Aga Khan Museum at the Mindanao State University in Marawi City in 1992 two complete skeletons that were discovered in Butuan grave site showing reshaped skulls with black teeth filed to points.
The pre-colonial Bisayan skull moulding was done with a device called tangad, a comb like set of thin rod bound to a baby's forehead by bandages fastened at some point behind. This hindered the forward growth of the frontal bone and directed it backward so that the head grew higher at the rear. A scientific study of twenty-two specimens found in the country revealed considerable variation according to the location and the amount of pressure, whether between the forehead and the upper or lower part of the occiput. Thus, some had normally arched foreheads but were flat behind, others were flattened at both front and back, and a few were asymmetrical due to uneven pressure (Scott, 1995).
In the Bocabulario de la lengua Bisaya of Fr. Mateo Sanchez (1617), individuals with the desired tangad profile were called tinangad, but flatness of the back of the head was called puyak. The opposite of tangad was ondo and the word was itself a comment on the Bisayan negative attitude toward unmoulded skulls: it meant as recorded by Father Sanchez, having the appearance of a hunchback's hump.

General Topic / Social Framework and Mindset, how do we maintain respect
« on: January 23, 2009, 05:32:40 PM »
How do we respect our minds when we keep on relying arguments based on dogmas ?  How do we respect our claim to intelligence when our manner of thinking is construed by opinions not by scientific facts and logic?  How do we continue taking pace when our mindset pulls as back who we are centuries ago?  How do we free our minds when we are imprisoned by our dogmas? How do we free our thoughts when we only have a limited view of a topic and an intrusion to this is seen as a threat to our framework? In a civilized and thinking society, there are no place for dogmas, only logic and good reasons.

I never knew that socially and gender insensitive comments are tolerated in these forums.  Much that we claim to be educated and reasonable in our judgements, we give comments which afford personal attack on gender.

Please base your reasoning not because it is what you believe it is true, but because it is true, based on facts and correct thinking.

We refuse our association to the monkeys, but the way  other people think, it gives me a second thought if we are really indeed the missing link of the homo sapiens.

Kung dili ta musugot nga ma unggoy ta, magpakatawo ta pinaagi sa respeto.  Kay bisan ang mga ungoy nag respetuhay.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Women to Court Men
« on: January 18, 2009, 08:24:19 PM »
The Philippine society has evolved through the years.  With the advent of modernization, much of our cultural practices, mores and norms are still prevalent in Philippine culture and a deviation of such is something that is conceived a repulsion of morality.

It is unimaginable in the Philippines for a woman to woe for a man's affection.  Moreover, there must be verbal expression and confirmation of emotions before a relationship is considered official ( meaning, the need to say "I love you" and the confirmatory response  "yes").  In the western world, these magic words are commonly uttered later when the emotions and feelings have developed which I find logically honest. Public dispay of emotions (kissing ang hugging) is evidently abhored most especially in the provinces.  Less that I realized that this was a big cultural shock for me the first time I stood on a western land. Do our social roles and funtions forbid us from exercising the ultimate display of freedom, that is the freedom of expression?

Much that I noticed in western countries, it is not strange for a woman to propose marriage.  For a Filipina woman, this is abosolutley a taboo.

Is the Philippine community ready to adapt to such kind of change?  Is it hypocrisy to hide your feelings for somebody whom you have great affection just because the norms and mores forbid you so?  On the otherhand, would it be destructive to the culture that we have grown up with should we adapt to these practices?

Jokes and Humor / Mangatawa Tang Tanan
« on: January 12, 2009, 11:44:07 PM »
    JUDGE: “Miss, mahimo ba imong ihulagway sa Corte and galugos nimo?”
      DALAGA: “Lagum, bugason, bakang, pislat, pangag, budlat, kagiron ug potot.”
      SUSPEK: “Sigeeee … panaway pa gyud !!!”

      JUAN: “Padz, daghan lagi sinina diri sa hayhayan luyo sa convento - bra, panty, blouse?”
      PARI: “Sus, Brod. Dili ta mabuhi ug mag salig lang ta sa collection. Ma-o nga dawat na lang   
      sad ko panagsa ug labada!”

      SIKYO: “Mam … Mam, diri agi!”
      BOL-ANON: “Ajaw ko pagbot-i ha. Dili ko tanga!”
      SIKYO: “Ari lagi agi sa FIRE EXIT!”
      BOL-ANON: “Patjon ko nimo. Anha diha gawas ang kalajo!”

      HOST: “Miss Philippines , more or less, what is your country’s polulation?”
      MP: “More!”
      H: “Miss, I’m afraid you did not get my question.”
      MP: “Of course, I am not afraid!”

    * What’s the difference between -
      STRENGTH: hanging a wet towel on your hard cock;
      STAMINA: hanging the same towel on your hard cock and wait until it DRIES!

      PROSTITUTE offers sex to a BOMBAY :
      B: “I pay double but we do it Indian Style.”
      P: “Sure, no problem!”
      (Two hours later)
      P: “So, what’s your style?”
      B: “60 days to pay … 4 gives!”

      Gihubo-an sa asawa sa t-shirt, then sa karsones ang iyang bana.She kissed him and then whispered -
      A: “Make me feel like a real wife.”
      B: (He smiled, took off his brief.) “Sige, labhi ni ha, nya inig kahuman, pag lung-ag dayon!”

      ANAK: “‘ Tay , unsa’y Eninglish sa KAHOY?”
      TATAY: “Kasayon ana uy, di WOOD!”
      ANAK: “Ingon si Ma’m, TREE kuno.”
      TATAY: “Aw, kun TULO ka buok!”

      JUDGE: “Misis, sa imong bana-bana, mga pila kaha ka metros and gilay-on sa imong
     gipungko-an nga nahitabo ang krimen?”
      WITNESS: “Senyor Juez sad uy. Naa ba gud malibang mag dala ug metrosan?”

    * ANAK: ‘Nay, taga-i ko P25 beh, palit ko tambal.”
      NANAY: “Unsa-on man nimo?”
      ANAK: ” Para pa daku man kuno sa o****.”
      NANAY: “Di-ay P50, pa-apila ug inom imong Tatay!”

      NURSE: “Mrs., ayaw ka la-in ha. Ka gamay sad sa o**** sa imong bana uy. Malipay ka ana?”
      ASAWA: “Si Ma’m baya. Mo gilok man gani nang KIGWA, kana pa kaha murang BITOK!”

      BANA: “‘Day, kung duna gani mahitabo naku after my operation, ayaw baya gyud pasagdi 
      atong mga anak ha? Love you!”
      ASAWA: “Hilum diha, pagka OA gyud nimo. Wa’y namatay sa tuli uy, PISOTA ka!”

      To prevent unwanted pregnancy, use I.U.D. Recommended by doctors, tested by women. Do
      not forget. It’s so easy to remember:
      I.U.D. (I.ning U.tog D.agan)

      ASAWA: “Dear, hubo-a akong panty.”
      BANA: “O… ako nang gi hubo.”
      ASAWA: “Hubo-a akong bra.”
      BANA: “O,.. akong na sad nga gi hubo.”
      ASAWA: ” Sa sunod, ayaw na isul-ob akong mga gamit ha, bayota ka!”

      NANAY: “‘Nak, ingna si Tatay nimo magpa hilot ko.
      ANAK NGA BUNGOL: ‘ Tay , ingon si Nanay mag i*** kuno mo.”
      TATAY: “Ingna siya inig dayon katulog na lang.”
      ANAK: “‘Nay, ingon si Tatay inig OTOG na lang kuno.”

      BF: Love, sige na beh!
      GF: Unsa’y sige na?
      GF: Mag kuan ta bah!
      GF: Dili ko … kapoy!
      BF: Dali ra bitaw, ako lang isulod bisan 3 minutes lang gud.
      GF: Amaw … unsa’y pagtu-o nimo sa ako-a, MICROWAVE?

      JUAN: Doc, inom ko Viagra gahapon sa buntag, hangtud karon, ga sige pa man ug otog akong o****.
      DOC: Nah, next month pa na mo humok!
      JUAN: Hah … ngano man?
      DOC: Tan-awa expiration date, MAY pa!

      DOC: Mrs., matud pa sa ultrasound, dili ka mabdos. Puro hangin ra ang sulod sa imong tiyan.
      PASYENTE: Uy, Doc, unsa’y pagtu-o nimo sa o**** sa akong bana, COMPRESSOR?


when i came home in 2007, i hardly carry my mobile phone with me or any valuables kay unyag ma hold up.

kumusta naman ang imbestigasyun sa "robbery with homicide" case ni jack arat. na ilhan na ba ni mayor lim ang mga culprit sa pagpatay niya?..

General Topic / Federalism in the Philippines
« on: January 12, 2009, 11:00:09 PM »
There are different kinds of democratic governments and this can be classified as "according to form" and "according  sharing/separation of powers of the branches of government".

According to form:
centralized versus federalist

a centralized form of government is similar to that present system of government we have right now.  Most of the governmental functions rest on the national government. There is a top-bottom management.  Although the local government code of 1991 provides a good avenue for decentralization, political decisions on public and fiscal administration is still being held by the national government

the country is subdivided into independent political states which have full political and economic control of their territory

according to the sharing/separation of the branches of government:
presidential vs. parliamentary

there is a separation of the branches of government
executive, legislative and judiciary

there is a fusion of the executive and legislative branch and this is called the parliament

would a federalist, parliamentary government be applicable in the Philippines?
share your views..

General Topic / National ID System
« on: January 12, 2009, 10:44:09 PM »
would a national ID system lessen proof of idenfication requirements?
have you experienced being asked of a drivers license, a prc license, an  sss id.. etc. just to prove your identity?

a very funny experience was with the western union/rcpi along cpg north avenue.  they didnt accept my passport as a proof of identification because they needed an ID.. hahahha.

share your thoughts and experiences..

Learn English Online / Degradation of the english proficiency
« on: January 11, 2009, 01:31:46 AM »
What do you think is the main cause of the degradation of english proficiency in the Philippines? Is'nt the competencies of our english teachers?  the quality of instruction? curriculum?  pervasive use of taglish in Manila and NCR? TEXT acronyms?

General Topic / Hope of Political Change in Bohol
« on: January 10, 2009, 07:16:33 PM »
hey pips.. what do you think about this?

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