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Philippine Business News / DYRD AM LIVE ELECION Barangay/SK Results
« on: October 25, 2010, 11:56:54 PM »
Live election results are being called over DYRD this day and will continue until the wee hours in the morning expected time to end live reporting will be 1AM.

Dampas, Bool, and Dao so far are the latest areas to report their final results as of this time....

Catch DYRD live over the internet during the live coverage of SK/Barangay election results....

Studio reports given by Joseph Ligan

With reports given by Rey Totas, Willie Maestrado, Herman Parades, Danny Reyes.

Technician Gilberto Tulop

This live coverage is being sponsored by the following businesses.

Pizza Hut

 Petronbest Petron Station.....Plaza Rizal

ICM Dampas

Volunteer reporters are from CHARL DX7 145.00 MHZ600 KHZ Duplex (Radio amateur league).

According by the words of a female block-timer on board at a local radio station in Tagbilaran City reported that during her afternoon show she had many callers showing support for candidate for Governor Cesar Montano.

The report came in during Montano's last minute press conference held with 7 local media men at venue Food Options.

Montano was happy in the good news received from the lady block-timer. During his press conference he was interviewed live over a local radio station and told the listeners that he will not be a vote buyer. He will not be a part of dishonesty from the Boholano people in this widely known habit during election time and feels sad he said when he knows that Boholanos would be known to do such a thing.

Montano said he has really been super pleased with his rally turn outs across the province in support of him.

He also mentioned that he is fighting very hard against this unlawful action of vote buying.

He loves Bohol and said he wants to help Bohol.

He also said he has a beautiful life in back in Manila with his show life and singing bee program but he is in Bohol to offer his chance to the citizens of Bohol to win as the next Governor of BOHOL in order to help Bohol persons here.

Cesar has been through a lot and since the beginning of this campaign from his sons recent death until now Cesar keeps fighting for you the good people of Bohol.

When asked about vote buying Cesar said " Yes it is true I will not be buying votes." "Boholanos deserve a a new leader and a better leader to make things change." "If Bohol is not ready for change than God help it."

Montano stressed that Boholanos are being a part of what is considerd as being a corrupt province when it comes to vote buying and that he does not like the sound of it and said to the media that he was sure that they did not also like the sound of it.

Montano when asked about the Grand alliance he said he did not invite anyone to it.

Another question facing Montano was in regards to having the May 10, elections postponed, Montano said he was not in support of having it postponed and that he feels very opposed of it saying the election day this May 10, 2010 day has been already long awaited for......

Montano said Bohol people are not in anyway stupid he prided Bohol very much in saying people in the province are very kind and are very smart.

Bohol people know what is right and what is good thing to do when they will be voting this coming Monday.

May I wish everyone a happy and safe election.

May 7th, 2010
Illegal actions by a German national and Lila Barangay Captain-Considered as Bohol’s first COMELEC/PNP Accomplishment. 

During last Friday mornings a press conference with newly transferred PSSUPT Rodolfo Llorca Together with Atty. Eliseo RZB Labaria, and BGEN Allan R. Luga from the Philippine Armed Forces. PSSUPT. Llorca had reported to the media and other legal sectors of the National PNP in an updated power point presentation on the latest actions accomplished by the local and the provincial PNP as of press time. Part of the presentation involved a Barangay Captain and a foreign national in were they were involved in actions against laws of the local and national COMELEC.
The details below of the unlawful incident that had taken place according to police reports given by the Bohol PNP to the local media. Where on May 5th, 2010 around 1100 hrs at Barangay Nagsulay, Lila Bohol, PIB operatives and Lila PNP were able to arrest one (1) Henry Raul  Y Hambora, 48 years old, married, a barangay captain and resident of the same place for violation of R.A. 8294 and violation of R.A. 7166 (COMELEC Gun ban), resisting arrest and direct assault who was caught in flagrante delicto of selling firearms to a certain Siegfred Marenke of legal age, German national and temporarily residing in at Barangay Nagsulay of same municipality.
Subject person tried to resist the arrest which resulted to a scuffle with the PNP operatives and has consequently caused the inflicting of cut/wound above the right eye of C. PIB. The team confiscated from possession and control of control of Henry Raul one (1) 12 gauge shotgun, Armscor model 30 with serial number 124469 with five (5) ammunition and one (1) 22 magnum, black widow with marking of North America Arms with five live (5) ammunition.
The incident is still under further investigation as of press time according to PNP Camp Dogahoy personal.

                              10th Joint Awarding Rites/Christmas Party

       1. WRITER OF THE YEAR 2009
           a) Editorial writing -- Mr. Bingo P. Dejaresco III
           b) Column Writing -- Engr. Jes B. Tirol
           c) News Writing -- Mr. Kit Bagaipo
           d) Feature Writing -- Loreto Palapos
           a) Feature Writing -- Leo Udtohan
           b) News Writing -- Fred C. Fuertes
           a) Public Affairs Program -- Mr. Jeremias Pabe
           b) News-Commentary -- Engr. Maurito Lim
           c) Newscaster -- Arnold Lucas
           d) Disc Jockey  -- George Gray

          a) Sports Events -- Mr. Manny Bautista
 ! ;         b) Police Stories --   Willy Maestrado
          c) Special Coverage -- Jun Gutierrez

      1. Literary Writer of the Year -- Priscilla Richards
      2. Historical Writer of the Year -- Engr.Jes B. Tirol
      3. Dramatic Group of the Year 2009 -- Punta Cruz Collective
      4. Public Information Officer of the Year 2009 -- Mr. Fred C. Fuertes

       1. Bisayan Writer of the Year 2009 -- Beeboth H. Duetes
       2. Bisayan Singer of the Year 2009
           a) Individual -- Jun Merca
           b) Group -- Banikanhong Haranista
       3. Bisayan Dancer of the Year 2009 -- Engr. Frank Apdo
       4. Bisayan Poet of the Year 2009 -- Dodong Formentera
       5. Bisayan Dramat! ic Group of the Year 2009 -- Punta Cruz Collective
       6. Bisayan Emcee of the Year 2009 -- Mr. Jerry Pabe
       7. Bisayan Teacher of the Year 2009 -- Engr. Jes B. Tirol

Chairman, AWRAFI Committee on Awards -- Atty. Raul Barbarona
Chairman, BLAC Committee on Awards --  Atty. Raul Barbarona
Chairman, Ludabi Committee on Awards -- Engr. Maurito Lim

Criteria for AWRAFI Awards: Performance -- 50%, Dedication to duty -- 25%,and Skills in
Journalism and/or Mass Communcations -- 25%.

 :'( I am so sick and totally disturbed about what has happened to my old yahoo account and I am slowly trying to rebuild the friends that I had put on the list before as I miss chatting with my old friends due to my old account being "HACKED".

It makes it so hard due to the fact that I am in the media where I live and this is the only ID that people are aware to send me news items too.

I have already a new ID that you can send Emails for too.

I am aware the person's using my old ID and account are hacking other persons accounts and sending out Emails such as the one I had read in others account's from my old Email and yahoo account.

It said I was in Africa and had lost my wallet and to send me almost $3.000.00 dollars through Western Union. Please do not respond to that Email and please do not send any Email to the old account for my safety and your safety since it was hacked.

Please be informed of my new yahoo account....... <>

I am sorry about any inconveniences this has made.


The original past owner of the account

In an interview with local media members at the residence of Catigbian's Mayor Captain Bert Salinas during his dispiritas celebration told media that he has with-drawn from running for 1st district Congressman due to Governor Aumentado being kicked out of Lakas.

Aumentado was kicked out of his political Lakas when he was said to have been disloyal.

Read Mike's posting earlier regarding Governor's action of being kicked out from his party under "Talk of Town"

For a man who should be setting the example of a good citizen here in Bohol it is sad to say for sometime I have been getting tired of hearing the same damned whine and grind of this police officail that governor just loves to cuddle and keep here amongst the "Chocolate Hill's".

Some police have told me when this man gets PNP bonus to share with everyone during specail events the lower ranking police say they have been left out many times and basically left for gutam.

often he will not allow the CIDG to help and assist with crimes and deaths against foreigners.

He once text me a very hateful message on mothers day after ringing my phone eight g*** darned times basically saying I was a "Bitch" in between the lines over an interview in were he was protecting a paid witness who was lying in a certain case and had grabbed my cell fone around my neck angrily and deleted my interview with him instead of cooperating with media as police should be doing.

I had my 17 year old daughter with me at the time so she could meet the provincial police director and watch mommy at work and he got so mad in front of her (Read-VOWC) with me and when we left the building my daughter said "Mom your being so nice with him he is so mean to you?" "I never want to go back there again mom....maybe he will kill careful mom." My daughter was shaking terribly as well as me.

We have had around 5-6 foreigners murdered in Bohol during his time in office and all with no development or leads and here any such case is the rule to be solved with-in a 24 hour period.

One time this PNP Director he had come up to me laughing in my face because of a phone call i had made to the City Mayor in regards to a foreigner friend being killed by a city water truck and were he had done nothing about it for the fiancee or the victims baby...
so i went off on him asking him just what the hell was he thinking when he did not care what happened to the survivors of the victim. this pnp director hazed me for what I had done in making the mayor mad.

This morning he gave a live interview over the radio of DYTR and said he was not happy about the news going outside of the province regarding his special treatment with the suspect of Dumaluan. It was also printed in today's Wednesday edition of BHC the same in Inquirer.

Now is providing an attorney and other comforts really the right thing to do for a suspect in a shooting case how this director has done in this certain case. When at the same time Dumaluan has been offered nothing as the victim.

It is allegedly believed that shortly after the Inquirer in Manila was released telling about the unfair treatment of this pnp director he or his freinds allegedly is beleived to have been the one who texted to three media persons with the same number saying that he was a certain person and asking to spend the night when it turns out it was not the friend of the one who received the text in where it could have been a ploy to see where this particular media was at the time if not in the house staying over night with his female colleague. The provincial director had seen the two media colleagues together in one vehicle this same weekend going inside of the camp to do official business with an appointment.

Two other media personalities involved with exposing this directors  very bad police capabilities had received threatening text messages at the same time and by the same number as sent to their female colleague on Monday night in where the alleged PNP director or his associate in where they were posing as the colleague and best friend to the female colleauge posing as one of the media who was earlier threatened in Visaya "I advise you not to meddle in my affair with Dumaluan and the Lim Law office and that if you continue to meddle anymore with the case I will make sure your penis of will be cut off."

It was found out by certain persons today that this director is going to end his contract by this Friday and may not be given his extention after-all as always granted by the Governor in the past.

Bohol needs a more responsible PNP Director one who can restore Bohol hopefully back to the way it once was before.

Amen to that!

Philippine Business News / "Prosti-tuition" College Students in Bohol
« on: October 12, 2009, 12:50:03 AM »
“Prosti-tuition”                      Precious Thoughts                10/11/09

The Bohol Standard

1) noun - Money earned stripping, hooking, or otherwise through the sex trade which is used to pay for college expenses.

2) verb - The act of earning money through the sex trade in order to pay for college.
Many college girls resort to prosti-tuition due to the high cost of education and the economic crisis that continues to plague the country.
I became aware that prostitution among female college students is happening right here in Tagbilaran City . It was not long ago that girls in skimpy outfits hanging out along the dark corners near a private university caught my attention. At first I never thought these girls, whom I later knew to be enrolled in college, were engaged in prostitution.
Then I started to notice their number increase during enrolment and exam periods, the time when students have to pay their dues in school.
Together with a friend who also works in the media, we did some follow up on this issue and conducted personal interviews to dig deeper into what led them to engage in prostitution.
“I know I have an edge if I have a diploma because I will have a better opportunity of getting a decent job,” says one girl who says she used to take up Nursing but shifted to Education due to the enormous fees.
According to the girls we interviewed, they are forced to opt becoming a prostitute out of extreme poverty and just to finish their studies.
Some of the girls do it only during exam season or during enrolment which makes you think that their intention is to really pay for their school fees.
Some prostituted students are hired through a pimp who is contacted by clients. The pimp in return gets a cut of the agreed price which could range from P1,500 to as much as P3,000 on a one engagement basis.
Due to modern communication, most of the time a client would just send a message to the student prostitute
But I was also distressed to learn that not all of these girls resorted to prostitution out of poverty. Not all of them have the same reasons. There are some of them who either misused the money given by their parents for school fees and their daily school budget.
Yet, there are girls who are also driven to prostitution because they needed cash for their luxurious lifestyles or just to keep up with the modern-day social vices or to be able to buy branded clothes, gadgets such as i-pods, laptops and cellular phones.
Here, I would say that family values and the educational system in this country is an inter-related issue. But that would deserve another space for another column. (To be continued.)

Tagbilaran Lion Clubs to get together for planning of first ever Christmas Parade to be held on Bohol Island.

Last night during the monthly meeting held with new Tagbilaran City Host Lion's President George Lim, a new  ideals was proposed and put on the agenda for the Lions new year was to establish a committee to plan the first ever Lion's Christmas Parade to be held on the Province of Bohol Island.

Thiswriter had suggested doing something new a different to be able to boost up the community morals and spirits for having a Christmas Parade that would include a Santa Clause at the end of the parade.

We are also anticipating the togetherness of the four clubs in Bohol that make up the lion's International clubs.

I will be posting further details as we progress in our plans for such a grand event.

Anyone wanting to donate for prizes or materials should go ahead and contact me or another Lion here in Bohol on how you could help defray the cost and expenses of this event.

When I had proposed the ideal at yesterday's meeting it defiantly had received a very joyous and happy response.

Any of the Luon members reading this from the other clubs plse let's get together and make this event be a great time to be had by all.

Thank You!

Rooooooaaaaar!!! ;D

Merry Christmas!

 ;D The broadcast journalist and local media from Bohol are planning to run an all day radio telethon in helping out victims in the deadly aftermath of Typhoon "Ondoy"!

Some 75 persons have lost their lives to this category 1 storm that ripped itself into the Philippines at forceful winds as high as upto 85 miles per hour and having rain amounts big enough to cover parts of Luzon and mostly in the Manila laying areas of the province up to neck deep in water in most places in where the flooding had occurred.

Many have lost homes, food, personal belongings, and other effects dear to them.

Many businesses homes, schools and state and national buildings ruined and unable to open for business this week.

NBI, US Embassy Manila, and many other offices will be out of commission due to the deep waters lapping up against the doors of these establishments.

People in Luzon affected by "Ondoy" are in need of any financial help and donations untill they can get back on their feet again.

Please Tubag readers listen later today and please donate what you can when you hear the local media coming together on with an all day Telethon to raise money for the victims of this storm leaving many Looy.

Listen for further details of the event in order to donate.

Thank You!

For the local support in advance!

On behalf of AM-DYRD/FM-KISS and the Bohol Tri Media (BTMA) Lingaw Jyud!


I have heard from some that Julius Cesar Herrera might end up changing his mind and run for congressman what does everyone think about that?

Could he fill in the boots of the outgoing Congressman Chatto?

The young American man Zachery Razcock who was killed by the Tagbilaran City water Company dump truck has been decided in court this past week.

The court has ruled a decision  in favor of the American victim and his family.

If you can remember this was a long time topic in TubagBohol a couple of years ago.

I have waited late to write this in here because the news will be reaching the public tomorrow hot off the press in local Bohol newspapers.

My friend who was the fiance and mother of the daughter of Zachery called me tonight and while talking to her she sounded very happy that her baby will now be getting the proper help she deserves after finding the driver "Blanco" guilty of the death of Zachery a couple years ago on December 21st.

I figured i would take the liberty to post this since I was the one who was the victims acquaintance and have been with the case since the beginning.

I will post later or Mike will post later the news item that will be coming out in Sundays newspaper's.

I would like to say on behalf to all the media and legal support who has helped honestly and the local support thank you very much for your honest support on behalf of Zachery's family, and friends.



Talk of the Town / Crime Scenes
« on: September 18, 2009, 09:57:48 PM »
Bohol is a small province in where everybody knows everyone else there either you are related, a lover or having a relative there.

Often members of the PNP and the Intelligence teams are having a conflict of interest in where many reports from the police are not reaching to the Regional District 7 Office in Cebu from the Province of Bohol.

Some authority working in the office in Cebu feel that maybe the law is hiding crimes that they want to keep others from knowing about that either has their involvement in the crime, a loved one a friend or a relative.

In a recent discussion with some top law enforcement officers from regional 7 headquarters they feel that it would be better to keep local law enforcement. investigators and intelligence from working in their own local jurisdiction to avoid conflict of interest for the reasons mentioned above.

How do you feel about the fairness of crimes being investigated when the police are involved in aiding in crime or someone they know is involved and they hide the evidences to avoid being caught with the higher authority?

Here is a poll to get your opinion?

Thank You for taking the time to do the survey! 8)

Talk of the Town / Bohol Judiciary Takes Spotlight in City Square Trial
« on: September 05, 2009, 05:02:13 PM »
Bohol Judiciary Takes Spotlight in City Square Trial   

Precious Thoughts Column
(The Bohol Standard)

The high profile case filed to cancel the “questionable” contract for the rehabilitation of the former Agora Public Market into what is now a modern commercial complex called City Square could blow up to one of the hottest courtroom battles in recent history of Bohol.

Apart from putting at stake a multi-million deal between the city government and a private business consortium, the case pits Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim against the “People of Tagbilaran” as complainants in the civil class suit lodged by top caliber lawyers Victor de la Serna, Alexander Lim and Zotico Ochavillo.

Regardless the outcome, the legal tussle could surely go down as one for the ages. How the designated judge would pen her ruling on the case, could become a landmark decision that will be used by law students and professors alike in their case studies.

As a backgrounder, since the case was filed sometime in November last year, five judges in the Regional Trial Court (RTC) have inhibited from hearing the complaint filed by the three lawyers which sought to nullify the City Square rehabilitate-operate-transfer (ROT) contract. Each of the five judges had their individual reasons for staying away from the controversy. These RTC judges were Fernando Fuentes III, Baudillo Dosdos, Suceso Arcamo, Achilles Melicor and Teofilo Baluma.

Quite understandably, no judge in his right mind would get himself embroiled in a fray which could get the ire of the sitting city mayor who is notoriously known for his fiery outbursts that excuses no one (not even his closest friends or relatives).

Well, as everyone may have already realized by now, only one of the five judges (Judge Baluma) have openly declared in public that he does not have close ties with the city’s chief executive and he is not receiving any allowances from City Hall, which his peers continue to enjoy as RTC judges assigned here in the city. This in fact caused more trouble for this daring judge as the city government exploited his spat with the city mayor as a reason for him to inhibit from the case.

Thus, it took 10 long months for the case to finally be assigned another judge to hear the class suit against the city mayor and the private developers of the City Square. This, despite the urgency in the complainant-lawyers’ plea that a TRO should be promptly issued “to stop the injustice and financial disadvantage of the ROT contract which the taxpayers and residents of Tagbilaran will have to bear,” thus said Atty. De la Serna.

But, starting last Friday, the enormous wheels of justice have finally been turned as the newly-designated judge – the Honorable Patsita Sarmiento-Gamutan of Branch 51 in Carmen – conducted the summary hearing for the TRO petition.

At the very least, it is a good start. Although the judiciary has taken a very slow action on the charges filed against the city mayor and the developers of the former public market, there is hope that Judge Gamutan will act for the speedy disposition of the case.

As De la Serna said, the case will be a showcase of judicial independence as the main respondent is a sitting mayor who can use his title, position, power, resources and prerogatives to influence the outcome of the proceedings in court.

Early into the summary hearing for the complainant’s petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to be issued against the City Square, a legal question is already posed by City Hall’s legal counsel, Atty. Doni Piquero, as to the propriety of allowing the lower courts to handle the case.

If Piquero’s argument is to be taken at face value, a government project such as the City Square could not be subjected to delays with the issuance of a TRO or an injunction by the courts, unless the court order emanates from the Supreme Court which is given the sole power to do so.

I had to do some research regarding this national law which the city government is using as its defense.

Regular courts had the predilection, pending the outcome of the main case, to issue temporary restraining orders (TROs) and preliminary injunctions (PIs) involving implementation of national government infrastructure projects and national programs.

The effect of the proliferation of TROs on national programs and projects is obviously detrimental. A stalled bidding or averted project derail the implementation of the project. Any delay caused by a 20-day TRO, and its extension by way of PI, without a doubt creates operational and market uncertainties, and disrupts the delivery of basic services.

While awaiting the lifting by the court of the PI or reversal by the higher court, fiscal projections could become stale. Foreign and domestic funding sources may dry up, prices of goods could increase, technologies may become irrelevant, national priorities could change, and winning bidders may lose interest. So as not to hamper the pursuit of national development projects, this indiscriminate practice must be discontinued or, at the very least, regulated.

Congress devised ways of correcting this wrong. Laws were enacted barring the imposition of TROs on certain activities. The Secretary of Labor and Employment cannot be prevented by lower courts from implementing enforcement orders protecting the health and safety of workers, and from assuming jurisdiction over labor disputes. Congress also ensured that no court shall have the authority to grant an injunction to restrain the collection of any national internal revenue tax imposed by the National Internal Revenue Code. Similarly, the Bases Conversion Development Authority cannot be stopped from converting military reservations, while the Power Sector Assets Liabilities Management cannot be enjoined from selling energy assets, save only a TRO issued by the Supreme Court.

Aside from specific restrictions, Congress also came up with a general ban on TROs and PIs. A judge who violates this ban may be held administratively liable. Republic Act 8975 imposed a broad limitation on the injunctive power of Court of Appeals, Regional Trial Courts and Municipal/ Metropolitan Trial Courts.

Under the law, no court—except the Supreme Court—shall issue any TRO, PI or preliminary mandatory injunction against the government, or any of its subdivisions, officials or any person or entity—whether public or private—acting under the government’s direction, to restrain, prohibit or compel the acquisition, clearance and development of the right-of-way and/or site or location of any national government project; and bidding, awarding or commencement of a contract/ project of the national government on infrastructure, engineering works, service contracts, and build-operate-transfer projects.

This, however, does not mean that government agencies have unlimited authority to do what they please. The ban on issuance of provisional relief is not absolute. An aggrieved party may seek a TRO or PI from the Supreme Court. While lower courts are prohibited from issuing TROs and PIs, they are not restricted from hearing the main case seeking the issuance of a permanent injunction. If, after due hearing, the court finds that the award of the contract is null and void, the court may award the contract to the qualified and winning bidder, or order a rebidding of the same, without prejudice to any liability that the guilty party may incur under existing laws.

The “no TRO/ PI rule” on lower courts admits of one exception. Under the law, a lower court may issue a TRO when the matter is of extreme urgency and involves a constitutional issue, and, unless a TRO is issued, grave injustice and irreparable injury will arise. In such case, the party seeking the TRO must post a bond.

As a rule, government projects must be pursued unhampered by delays and court TROs. There can be no sea of change in society without public-private partnerships being realized within the soonest possible time. However, like any lasting and real transformation, the ban on TROs must not be used for shortcuts, detours and transactions that are unmindful of constitutional and legal requirements. Courts and government agencies alike must constantly balance the interests of all.  :o

Duero - Bohol / AHAPI FREE MEDICAL CLINIC Coming to Duero
« on: September 01, 2009, 01:19:24 AM »
September 12th is the expected date of the AHAPI medical team to conduct a free medical mission in the municipality of Duero.

Bohol's favorite lady doctor will be there as she is our resident Dr. and  she is no other then Doctor Estrella Lim.

Hope to see you there!

Phil Liayao who is a known media personality in the Bohol community has tragically lost his life last night in a motorcycle head on collision with passenger bus as he was coming back from Panglao Despiritis.

Phil was confimed dead at Celestino Galleras Memorial Hospital at or around 8:O'clock PM in the evening on August 27th, 2009.

Phil was known in the media family and to the community mostly for his mascot name as the "Hitman" on the spot reporter, Phil could be heard as an on the spot radio reporter for DYRD. Phil was very active in Bohol Tri Media and a very active mediaman always willing to give a hand and had a big heart of gold for caring about his fellow mediamen.

I had heard reports on both AM radio stations here last night and had called several mediamen after confirming it with Cesar Compangon another media news reporter from DYTR.

According to Cesar Ben Areigo was suppose to go with Phil back to Tagbilaran but Ben said to the media that he was just too scared to travel with Phil as he said Phil was under intoxicants when leaving Panglao.

Condolensces to the entire Family.

LGU Philippines / Godfreda May Go back To the Provincail Board
« on: August 18, 2009, 01:16:52 AM »
If rumors run right and Ex Governor Renee Relampogos runs for Congress against now board member Yul Lopez I guess that means The board spot  vacated by Yul will be open game.

I was speaking with Godfreda Tirol at metro last night and asked her if she was having any political ambitions?

She told me with a pleasant smile that she is thinking about running again for board member.

I hope so that she will run and win again she is a neat lady who knows her stuff.

And so very good in her generosity in helping the community.

She is active and can be seen working hard in many seminars and many trainings to help families here who are really poor.

If she runs for the board even thugh I am not a voter she has my full support as a returning candidate. and foreigner most that I know want Cesar Montano for Provincial Governor.
He is young and friendly and in the worst situations handles himself very well.

I say good luch to all 2010 candidates and lets keep this election safe and honest as possibly can be.

Montano Dines and in Hopes to Adopt and Fight for Bohol Expat’s Organization Members

Last Friday night at the newly opened up India Curry Garden restaurant in Tagbilaran City, actor/director and singer Cesar Montano along with his staff held a planned get together and introduction of members in a new formed group of “Bohol Expats” who have been forming and getting together for meeting for the past 6 months.

Cesar told the organizations representative that he is interested in the organization and feels that foreigners should have made an organization some time ago. Cesar who is a well known as an actor director and singer said during the meeting of the expats members that he was enjoying and listening to the concerns put out by the resident and domesticated foreigners who have chosen Bohol as a home.

Cesar said he wants to assist and help the organization in getting registered and becoming a chartered and that his platform will be on eco tourism and making sure that foreign visitor will have the same rights here as Philippine persons living here and that foreigners more protected and safer than they are being treated at present.
The staff members of Cesar also took turns speaking with the group of foreigners on the children’s organization that Cesar has put together in Baclayon and another staff member of his talked about when foreigners get married not only do they marry the woman but they marry her place family and culture as a whole.

Cesar told the group’s organizer that the next meeting together with him will be held in a more private place behind closed doors. According to some of the foreigners the meeting was sort of hard to have been able to discuss and resolve issues because the foreigners know Cesar is a well loved and adored talent here in his local place of Bohol as well as internationally. Everyone who had noticed the present host of the ever popular ABS/CBN’s Singing Bee and gubernatorial candidate for Bohol inside the new restaurant having a discussion amongst the “Bohol Expats” many on the outside of the restaurant were taking advantages to meet and have a picture with Cesar it was becoming so many that it was hard for the star to even eat a full meal according to Roger Long who has lived here in Bohol from the USA for three years.

Cesar had also given a live interview over radio station DYTR along with the Expats organizer who is this writer. Cesar was very popular amongst the foreigners as he had come across as bright and caring as the first political candidate in the history of Bohol to take an interest in a group or really good foreigners who are here to enjoy Bohol and help others here. USA’s Roger Long said in a text message today “Last night’s meeting I enjoyed it very much…getting together, meeting Cesar, and making new friends. Sorry some of our expat friends were negative and didn’t appreciate importance…that Cesar is an international celebrity, probably our next governor, very influential. I hope Cesar and I meet again as friends …I like him and respect him.”


 :) :)

 :o How Very Annoying Really!

There are just a few original pioneer members remaining for the simple reasons being that some newer members or members who change they're ID's  just simply want to bash or insult others in here.

others in here are old school like me and some of us do tell the truth because of our familiarity with the subject including its history and present situations.

Some of us have had stalkers following us in more threads then one. Some of us have had rude things said to us.

For me I am a cowgirl I am game not sensitive because I know already the mentality of most people the ones who have something to say but can not stand behind their name. Everyone knows me here do to being in media. I can dish it back at you as well.

At times I or others may be disliked for our integrity and honesty about things because many have been noted can not deal with honesty they cry that they want it but when it is dished out on something done by them oh heaven forbid how could we not say and call the shots exactly how it happens.

What i hate is when people contradict themselves and add lie on top of lie.

I feel that a person who has been at an event being talked about can honestly speak well with conviction being that they are there.

Now if you want to talk and make up smut with out knowing the person and their type of background then you have no power or not the right to do that in the first place.

I have heard from reliable sources in TB who have recently been hurt as they said there is a defamation of character being thwarted against possibly in destroying either this person or this particular website.

Who ever is doing it is not a very Christiane person and obviously does not want to be part of a website that once you get to know the people you become family.

Sure we have our rights and indifference's but to go overboard in destroying or to rub one out is very bad and totally uncalled for.

So whomever you are remember us long time members can cut off your membership ID to keep you from further insulting our members who have held true and blue through thick and thin these past few years in TB.

Remember we have indifference's but we also have to use control and good ethics when problems arrive instead of using personal attacks against others.

Take care and

God Bless! :)

First off condolences fro the members of Late president Cory Aquino as she gave up her bout with cancer Yesterday.

The evening prior to her passing away the public in thousands had been attending prayer vigils in the hopes that the first ever lady president of the Philippines would make it through her bout with cancer.

During the segment of Saturday's WOWWOWEE show the daughter of Cory Aquino who is Chris Aquino host of "Deal or No Deal" had text a close family friend Willie while he was hosting his popular show sa WOWWOWEE she told the host that her mom loved and appreciated how he always greeted his grandchildren. She also text him that when her mama was sick in the hospital that Willie was the first one to send her beautiful flowers.

Tied to the set of WOWWOWEE were two long ribbons in the remembrance of one the most honest presidents of time Cory Aquino.

His body has been laid to rest for public viewing in Manila already.

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