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Real Estate Property / Re: Looking for a house or apartment urgent
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:27:09 PM »
I am moving back to states by April 4, 2013
I am near to Mormon church in Dauis. House is alongside the shortcut barangay rd going to Panglao just off from the main highway.

Two bedroom, CR, dirty kitchen and inside kitchen, small cilar, concrete porch with fence, none furnished as i have sold all my furniture at this point.

Please message me if interested and I can introduce you to the landlord... neighbors are peaceful. Rent is ? ? ?

LGU Philippines / Re: RH BILL Passed Philippine House's second voting.
« on: December 14, 2012, 03:15:50 AM »
:) Fdaray Thank you for the concise posting on RH Bill here in Philippines that some may not be clear about.

I also heard from foreign expats that Norwegian representatives were coming to Bohol to examine the body themselves....since there were two Norwegians in separate incidents who ended up dead here......

The suspect in the shooting was identified with the family name of Roberts age 23 years old. Two persons were shot dead at random and another one aged about 18 years old in critical condition at OHSU in Portland Oregon. About 5 others were listed with anxiety during the event of the rampage shooting, the suspect also shot himself dead. He attended Beaverton Oregon H.S. and his classmates described him as a nice person in school...
The Clackamas County Mall is a really popular mall this time of year with all of its many Christmas shoppers...
Plenty of North-westerners do not see ths incident a a joking matter some are really upset by saying that their Christmas has been ruined, some say its hard to go back to that mall to shop again.
Today the mall did not open up do to local Sherrif's office  looking into the investigation of last nights gun shooting rampage.

Talk of the Town / Re: No RH vote? Politicians fear ire of local priests
« on: December 13, 2012, 05:07:04 AM »
Thank goodness it passed yippee the country is on its way to getting better....Educate first, get church out of private matters, decide on yourself being it is your body, many have tattoo and God did not born your body to be Tattooed he born your body as a temple to pure clean and unscathed...or let alone poisoned did the religious church goers heed to these teachings by God and his churches... No, not all so why should man (male) decide on how a woman should treat her body let alone keep on pumping babies into her stomach for his own few second of pleasure while her body has no breaks and is weak and at risk of fetal deformation and defects, or mother and fetus are at risk of death....Or born a child into a place of no home, no food, barely clothes to put on their backs, sounds so far and smart to me....Philippines is not exactly a place offering a job of opportunity here...Many Philippine persons run outside of Philippines and some even over-stay on their VISA as OFW to make more money to send home to their families here... Life is not easy when crisis is here..and life is so hard so unfair to that child to have a whole lot of hell of nothing to survive on...What about your bayut's here..that also breaks down on the population...Bible says if a man lays beside another man its bawal no one complains about that here??? If you love your wife then love the RH bill it is not pro abortion, it is all about educating families to have a safer time in planning a family instead of either mother and baby dying at birth or teaches spacing for lessor chance of birth defects...If your anti RH then you do not care if a baby lives or dies if not educated or your not so familiar with the law and only listen to your church being so negative about a bill that is so very good instead of looking into the bill itself...

LGU Philippines / Re: Manila says will not stamp new Chinese passport
« on: December 13, 2012, 04:41:44 AM »
:( Pastilan always something......Regarding foreigners as victims in coming here....It is not the tourist fault from China what the passport cover looks like....who cares...

Philippines should be honored after the bus attack a few years ago that residents of China would still want to come here after an ordeal such as that was taken out on its countries people here...

Cebu you pay 10 pesos what gives? Why does Tagbilaran cost more than Cebu?

LGU Philippines / RH BILL Passed Philippine House's second voting.
« on: December 13, 2012, 04:32:33 AM »
Last night 12-12-12 the HOUSE of Reps voted in majority to pass the bill during a second reading with President Aquino anxiously awaiting to sign the bill into to motion. During the floor session in the house Pro H Bill supporters wore Purple while anti RH supporters wore red...
Fb Bloggers expressed their feelings on the BILL several saying the RH Bill is evil others who supported the RH BILL said its not good to bring a baby into the world when the family has no job, barely a house to live in or it has barely food to offer for another mouth. Some said the church is not helping families who struggle with having too many children...

I have heard from several persons who are friends of the first victim that there was a Norwegian national killed prior to the one being killed in Panglao last week? Does anybody have any news or follow up on this matter?  Or is this a blind item?

you go without water for a week and tell me blind item and neighbors are giving reasons for why it is happening...  How dare yo call it a blind item....maybe your so use to it or your immune to it your already blind to what goes on around you here....Not here to argue....Here to make others aware that this is not a nice way to hold campaigns is to shut off water to the barangay that supports the opposing mayor and not the incumbent mayor...Even our barangay tax records are none transparent for the past two years....with the town and province..

Philippine Business News / Re: this man will die
« on: December 12, 2012, 06:12:33 AM »
Even taking the LRT unya ug MRT makes me aguy hadlok mao lagi

Talk of the Town / sick power of politicians who cut of needs to people...
« on: December 12, 2012, 06:08:31 AM »
I have heard so many stories and witnessed no water or electrical service for up to months to years at a time in this country if a politician or political incumbent is in office...One barangay I am well aware of was totally shut out of running water for one week because the mayor of the town knows that the people are in favor of the opposing candidate....Everyone deserves the right to services no power tripping politician should shut anyone off from basic needs..:-\

Talk of the Town / Re: Birth Control Pills are Carcinogenic
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:56:23 AM »
I have taken pills for a very long take pills one must go to OBGYN get her vagina examined and have blood test to determine what are the best pills to take for her. Most persons anti RH will try to make up scare tactics and say the pills are bad when in fact the pill can save a woman's live. Especially poly-cystic of the ovaries woman who have hormonal imbalances and who have severely bloody periods, to no periods...or who can even have two periods per month can take these birth controls to balance and regulate her unbalanced hormonal isues. I once interviewed Bishop Madroso on this subject and he said he had no qualms if the pills were used to regulate women to having normal periods and help in balancing out her hormone levels...The pill is also good for the heard and also prevents woman from cervical and breast cancer...according to long time practicing physician /OBGYN Dr. Redulla from Bohol. I speak from conviction I am cancer free knock on wood..

My FB and internet have been working all day and I did not rcve any emails stating any different changes such as stopped services...but things are getting stranger by the day for sure.....>:(

Philippine Business News / Norwegian national shot dead in Panglao.
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:37:32 AM »
Ole Jacob Kristofferson aged 50 and a Norwegian national was killed by a bullet penetrating into his abdomen by a suspect back rider of an motor having no license Plate color red. The suspect is already in custody at Camp Dagohoy just a day or two after Kristofferson was pronounced dead upon arrival.
The incident is being further investigated and is believed to be an incident of a Love triangle with the victim his girlfriend Mary Rose Ramas who is 7 months pregnant and 23 years of age from Danao Cebu and her x boyfriend. Ramas has been living with Kristofferson for about a year already. Kristofferson was residing at Sunset apartment in Tawala Panglao. The incident took place around or on December 5-6....Not so many know about this incident as it was drowned out with people focusing on Pacman Marquez fight and typhoon Pablo...Chronicle put the write up towards the back of the newspaper....

It is early AM here guys lol and I am falling asleep....see you all next time...

Tinuud Islander I agree with you about the comment referring to media here....

I also thought it was poorly phrased, I have also noticed several errors in grammar over the past weeks into months..

One attorney told me a week ago never mind the complaints on grammar you were a good writer with good topics and you got your message across. And said that grammar is for school and not so common in media reporting like it use to be.....He was a teacher of law before at one of the colleges here...I thanked him....I heard he was allegedly maybe killed for other things aside from his wife......or was that just chika chika as usual...

Talk of the Town / Re: Fred Amora Shall Return
« on: November 26, 2012, 03:57:28 AM »
:-X No comment!!

Reports have not been so clear in the last two media outlets in where the news has been heard about this incident.

At or around 0400 hrs (Last name I will with-hold) Gregory was alone near to his car four persons showed up and some things happened but he just walked away from it and one of the four stabbed the American Diplomats husband near to a gate under the cctv camera's these young adults who participated in this affair are said to be from rich families. They would not allow them to be viewed by the media or the public on Sunday Philippine time. All this has taken place in Makati city. I am awaiting any announcement from the USA Embassy in Manila on this matter...Maybe others can feel free to update this post as time goes on.....Sorry for such sad news again. Ingat all!!

Travel and Tours / Re: Ceres Bus Operation in Bohol Gets Loud Praises
« on: November 26, 2012, 03:33:13 AM »
:o I wondered where those little yellow buses were coming from....I say any business is open game and no one should be allowed to monopolize any type or kind of business.

Free market enterprising why not..Love it!

Everyone deserves a choice to ride on whatever service they like....

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