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BEcause my gender is irrelevant for this discussion.

Unya, wala man lagi ko ninyo gi ban? Lorenzo?

What is crab mentality Lorenzo? answer me?

Talk to the hand Lorenzo. I find no competition.

mauwaw ka Lorenzo?

Kinsa man nato ani Lorenzo nga kung mag debate, i modify diay ang ilang previous post, unya mo deny?  sultihi ko be?

Then you with your powerful keyboard would just delete my posts?

When I came to this forum, I looked for an avenue to share my thoughts with.  Friendship is a bonus and I do not want to gain friends by praising them for their shoes, praising them of their war freak ideas, or praising them with their non logical ideas or ambigous sentence constructions.

What is indeed a personal or class attack, basaha ninyo kanang mga thread ni Dagohoy. Mao nay klaro. kay hambugera kuno ang mu correct ug grammar kaysa usa ka tawo nga mu ingun nga ang mga OFWs sa Japan  japayuki nga lain ug political connotation.

Fair mo dapat admin oi.

Unya Admins? Ok lang ingun ani ni? Dili ko mo correct kay dili kuno pwede, hambugera kuno!!!! Tan awa ninyo ang title uy, kung sakto ba.Naa moy social responsibility ani kay kamo ang nag manage ani nga forum.

When Manay at one time, questioned the grammatical correctness of my statement.  I did not take it personally. Instead , I explained  to her, that it was intended as a phrase.

I will never say that your English is in order or your ideas are logically correct, when I think they are not. 

I dont mind being corrected either.  Ang kaparat, personal attack kuno ang mu correct ug English grammar.

This " Personal Attack" must have guidelines.  If not, it will give Admins a blanket authority to decide on it which in effect authoritarian in nature.

To be honest, opening a thread about,"all about shoes", and posting your expensive and nice shoes is a blatant way to show off what you have.  For what reason do you post it?

Everyone of us, wants to be recognized and I have enough of these recognitions and I do not need a forum for recognition.

If I point out a mistake, in substance and in form, it is because I find inconsistencies.  If you do not like it.  Then, its your problem.

Improve your work though.  Call me hambugera. Pero tan-awa ninyo una inyung kaugalingun. Kinsa man gud ninyo diri nag bawsanay ug dayeg sa mga admin?


In a forum people come to discuss.  They may not like what I am saying but I did never personally attacked people based on gender, political orientation and ethnicity.  Or if ever, I am provoked.

In the first place, we call a FORUM a forum, when it provides an avenue for discussion.

The comment "tambok ka" is a personal attack, and there is no better way to say it.  If you will tell a 100 kilo woman that she gained a little weight, then that is more demeaning, sarcastic.

I do not euphemize things, and I say it straight , direct from my brain.  And if you take it personally, not my lost.

Improve the quality of education, discard unnecessary subjects and give more focus to practical knowledge rather than theories most especially in Technical courses.

Extending the college years would not at all be helpful if we would not improve the educational system.

Generally,crime is not gender related.  Everyone can commit a crime irregardless of his or her sexual orientation


I salute on your dedication to the teaching profession, Fdaray.

Anonymous Diary Blog / Re: What Did You Do Today?
« on: March 22, 2009, 02:37:53 AM »
Reviewed some nodes of the FGD, Completed layerings of GIS map. proven that main component analysis is better used in ordinal data scaling than factor analysis.

Unsaon man ni dili man ta Admin.  So ang admin ra ang maka ingun kung unsa ang personal attack or dili.

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