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This is hilarious!!! Mariano Uy never ceased to amaze me with his bloated ego. The truth is Uy did not start the BUNDLE OF JOY.. It was not his brainchild as he claimed but through the effort of the Tagbilaran Association of California (TAC) members this project came into fruition. This came upon as an alternative project of the association after exhausting all venues what else we can donate to the city of Tagbilaran and this project was approved by the body to continue the ongoing project of TAC to give to the city for the benefit of the populace. Initially officers and board of directors donated $20.00 each to start up the funds of the Bundle of Joy. There were several fund raising conducted and silent auction to meet the budget necessary to get the ball rolling. Mario Uy was merely used as an extended arm of the TAC to distribute the packages to the list of deserving family from all the barangays in Tagbilaran. Whatever the amount sent by TAC, the same exact amount was used to purchase the contents of each package to be distributed, no more no less. And it was a blatant lie when he claimed that he started the Bundle of Joy project. He was in Tagbilaran when the project was first approved by TAC body and enacted in Cerritos, California at the residence of Ting Ruiz, the son of late Judge Ruiz.

Another claimed that he was the CONSULTANT and TECHNICAL ASSISTANT of Senator Fernan seemed ludicrous. He just merely appointed himself because of his wife Amparing who was a Fernan. He even asked me which sounds good of the two titles and suggested to him that either one is good. However, he claimed to have the two titles. The fact that he said he was given blanket authority and approved to release funds from Fernan's pork barrel was engenious of him, yet you and I know and everybody else that he probably bullied Amparing to ask Fernan for the funds.

We all know that Uy seems to have an inexchaustible claim for fame and glory. Every time the Bundle of Joy was distributed he was always the frontal view in the pictures published in the Bohol Chronicle. We know that he is fat but the fact is his face is bloated not of excess fat but because of a visayan saying that says "baga ug nawong."

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