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Hello to my sister, EMMA.  Life is great! Take it easy........we love you always!

Hello, Grazie7y.....i knew some fellow pinoy here. what's your friend name? I did not met anyone here yet that really from our school or familiar mates. Mostly, older ones....i wish i find one!

You know, to join this program is so tempting. It's a great place to have a brainstorming...everyone is entitled to his/her opinion so no hurt feelings. That's life! We need to move on. But, what can we really do??? Since election is fast approaching, Corruption Issue is a great topic to talk about. Thanks for Mr. Diony Castro! Let's be open-minded and let everyone share their thoughts, comments, suggestions & everything. Then, we can come up to a great solution for the best of our people in BOHOL! Not just DUERO folks, right?     

Sir Macky Fernis.....yes, it's me, Carina. We are proud products of Divine Word College-High School. You're doing a great job there. Congratulations! Best Regards to our fellow classmates. 

RE: Diony Castro of Duero laments over corruption issues.

First & foremost, I'd like to say hi to all Duerohanons, old friends & my family there. It is a great opportunity to be part of this forum where we can reconnect people from all over the world.

CARINA BERNALDEZ AGUIMAN here from Sydney, Australia. Living in western world is not comparable to living in 3rd world country, however, all the memories that we have still remain fresh and unforgettable that lasts forever.  Our background helps us grow personally & professionally. So, there's no need to criticize our people serving the government. Probably, some are but we should not generalize everyone. My best example is my father, Ex-Vice Mayor Pedro Byron Aguiman. He's true and genuine politician dedicated to serve the people of Duero. I believe he did not make money out of politics. We go this far through our hard work, working together as a team for our living and determination to get where we wanted.

With this forum, I am so proud of my sister, EMMA AGUIMAN NOWELL, for expressing in public her intentions, views and dedication what she wanted in the future. She is so bright and brave to take all the challenge ahead if the plans will push through. I am her great supporter from Sydney, Australia that wants a better DUERO one day too.  We just need a leader like my father!     

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