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xx - 207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever - How To Tips
207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever
« on: April 27, 2007, 08:02:15 AM »
Part 1 (Psychology)   

    1. Power up your brain with some exercise. Research suggests that people who get plenty of physical exercise can wind up with better brains. Exercise boosts circulation, including blood flow to the brain, which uses a full 25% of the oxygen that enters our lungs. It also bolsters brain-nurturing chemicals and reduces stress, which has been shown to damage the brain. Physical activity can also ease depression, which slows thinking and may precede the onset of Alzheimer’s. So get out the door and exercise your lazy body, you’ll boost your brain power by up to 30%.

    2. Try a Sudoko puzzle. You can actually improve brain function and protect it against cognitive decline with some mental stimulation. Doing logic puzzles in your spare time is a great way to activate your brain and keep it in good working condition. And even if you’re old, your brain can still grow new neurons. Keep in mind that severe mental decline is usually caused by disease, whereas most age-related losses in memory or motor skills simply result from inactivity and a lack of mental exercise and stimulation. In other words, use it or lose it.

    3. Brush teeth with your left hand (right if you’re left-handed). Doing routine tasks in new ways exercises your brain. So experience new tastes and smells; try to do things with your nondominant hand; find new ways to drive to work; travel to some new places; read that Dostoyevsky novel - basically, do anything you can to force yourself out of your mental ruts.

    4. More deadlines to release the pressure. I know it sounds contradictory but break a deadline into sub-deadlines and it’s more manageable. It also means your progress will be more obvious, making the task less daunting.

    5. Laugh more, and laugh harder.Researchers tell us that laughter is good for our health; that it releases endorphins and other positively powerful chemicals into our system. But we don’t really need scientists to tell us that it feels good to laugh. Laughing helps us reduce stress and break old patterns too. So laughter can be like a “quick-charge” for our brain’s batteries.

    6. Prepare them for the storm.Stress experts say the worst thing you can do is bring your problems and worries home. When you get home, tell your family: “I’ve had a really bad day and I’m going to bite your head off if you so much as look at me in a funny way.” They will forgive any outbursts more easily and the act of owning up to your feelings instantly lessens their intensity.

    7. Enjoy the little things in life. Take a break each day and watch a sunset or enjoy the chorus of birds on your walk between classes. Finding beauty and joy in everything, even the stupidest things imaginable will make you happier, healthier, and more receptive to the world around you. And the world will be more receptive to you, as well.

    8. Visualize what you need to learn. Remember that your brain thinks in both words and pictures, so give it both: diagrams and charts, as well as pictures of what you need to know, such as a log cabin with Shakespeare’s birth date above the door.

    9. Live in the present.There is no point in dwelling on the past; you cannot change what already happened. You can only learn from your mistakes and try to avoid making the same ones in the future. Instead focus your attention on the goals at hand, not on missed opportunities. It will help relieve some of the pressure.

    10. Play with passion!You can’t do great work without personal fulfillment. When people are growing through learning and creativity, they are much more fulfilled and give 127% more to their work. Delight yourself and you delight the world. Remember what you loved to do as a child and bring the essence of that activity into your work. This is a clue to your genius; to your natural gifts and talents. da Vinci, Edison, Einstein and Picasso all loved to play and they loved to explore.

    11. Pay attention to what you say to yourself about a stressful situation. Work on changing to more realistic expectations of yourself. And if you’re overreacting and seeing everything as absolutely critical and urgent, try shifting your focus and look at what is really important.

    12. Talk to yourself to improve retention.Reciting as you read and reviewing notes out loud increases attention and motivation, and creates a stronger neural trace of memory by utilizing more senses.

    13. Play a bigger game.Set a goal that does not just satisfy you as an individual, but involves some degree of unselfishness and benefits others. You must embark on a journey into the unknown, where you become a tool for a higher purpose. It requires of you a certain degree of surrender. Why play a bigger game? Because there is no fun in life without playing a bigger game.

    14. Don’t be a slave to technology. Research found that workers distracted by phone calls, e-mails and text messages suffer a greater loss of IQ than if they’d smoked marijuana. The IQ of those juggling messages and work fell by an average of 10 points - equivalent to missing a whole night’s sleep and more than double the four-point fall seen after smoking pot. To keep sharp, resist the urge to check messages continually. Instead, schedule blocks of time throughout the day to retrieve and respond to them.

    15. Blast away bad mood with some music. Almost everyone is familiar with the saying that music soothes the savage beast, and it’s certainly true when the beast is a bad mood. It is one of the most effective fast fixes for a bad mood. So the next time you’re in a bad mood, try blasting it away with a favorite song. Something that makes you smile and dance will get rid of your blues in a flash, but there are plenty of options beyond a upbeat and cheery tune. To shake off a bad mood, try turning on some seriously angry music like punk rock or heavy metal, and turning it way up. Misery loves company, and so long as you do it right, a blast of negativity can actually help lift your bad mood! Just take a deep breath when the song is over, and you’ll feel refreshed as your bad mood flies away.

    16. Spend time with your memories.Get out an old photo album or high school yearbook. Your brain is a memory machine, so give it a chance to work! Let your mind reflect on them and your mind will repay you in positive emotions and new connections from the memories to help you with your current tasks and challenges.

    17. Avoid emotional vampires.Do you attract emotional vampires or losers into your life? Are you a loser magnet? Emotional vampires and losers literally drain our batteries, slow us down and make us upset. To become happier, optimistic and energetic - avoid emotional vampires. Unhappy people allow “emotional vampires” to suck their positive feelings right out of their skulls. Emotional vampires include people who put you down, criticize or mock you, or sabotage your dreams and aspirations.

    18. Sleep on it.Previewing key information and then sleeping on it increases retention 20 to 30 percent. You can leave that information next to the bed for easy access, if it is something that won’t keep you awake. If you are kept awake by your thoughts, writing everything down sometimes gets it “out of your mind,” allowing you to sleep (so keep a pen and paper nearby).

    19. Watch what you say - and never say words such as “try”. One of the most interesting differences between happy and unhappy people is that happy people never or rarely use the word ‘try’ or ‘but.’ These two words leave people feeling hopeless and not in-control of their lives. Happy people feel hopeful, and take tons of responsibility for their lives. The words ‘try’ and ‘but’ are excuses, and unhappy people have a bad case of ‘excuse-itis.

    20. Be a fighter.At the first sign of stress, you often hear people complain, “What did I do to deserve this?” The problem is, feeling like a victim only increases feelings of stress and helplessness. Instead, change your focus on being proactive. If your flight gets canceled, don’t wallow in self-pity. Just get up and find another one. If your office is too hot or too cold, don’t suffer in silence. Call the building manager and ask what can be done to make things more comfortable. Proactive people know that they have control over their own feelings hence their performance remain consistent because it is not hinged on external factors.

    21. Learn to say “No”. How many times have you agreed to do something that you actually didn’t want to do? All you had to do was say no, but the word didn’t come out. So you end up doing it - and later resent it. Trying to do everything is a one-way ticket to serious stress. Be clear about your limits, and stop trying to please everyone all the time.

    22. Stop asking “What is on my mind right now?”Concentration can increase brainpower. Obvious, perhaps, but the thieves of concentration are not always so obvious. Learn to notice when you are distracted. Often the cause is just below consciousness. If there is a phone call you need to make, for example, it might bother you all morning, sapping your ability to think clearly, even while you are unaware of what is bothering you.

    23. Plan something for the weekend. Looking forward to something provides calming perspective. Buy some concert tickets, schedule a weekend getaway, or make an appointment for a massage.

    24. A relaxed mind helps memory. Learn with a relaxed mind. Recall the learned material with a relaxed mind. Let’s take as an example a situation where you misplace your car keys. If you get too agitated with yourself in trying to recall something, as is the case in this example, you are in for frustration. But, if you relax your mind, and calmly go through the events backward, you are more likely to remember where you left them.

    25. Be romantic.Love in your heart makes your mind blossom. Researchers have identified pathways in the brain which light up when we are in love. And falling in love seems to have a similar effect on the brain as using cocaine. It’s so pleasurable it’s almost like an addiction.

    26. Learn another language.Studies show that people experience a general improvement in memory from studying a language. It has also been demonstrated that age-related decline in mental function can be halted by learning a new language.

    27. Ask “Why?” Our brains are wired to be curious.As we grow up and “mature” many of us stifle or deny our natural curiosity. Let yourself be curious! Wonder to yourself about why things are happening. Ask someone in the know. The best way to exercise our curiosity is by asking “Why?” Make it a new habit to ask “why?” at least 10 times a day. Your brain will be happier and you will be amazed at how many opportunities and solutions will show up in your life and work.

    28. Write to be read.There is certainly great value in writing for yourself. Your brain will be greatly stimulated by writing to be read. And the greatest benefit of writing is what it does to expand your brain’s capacity. So find ways to write to be read – by writing things for your friends to read, by capturing the stories of your childhood, starting your own blog or whatever – just write to be read.

    29. Sit up straight. Posture affects your thinking process. Prove it to yourself by doing math in your head while slouching, looking at the floor and letting your mouth hang open. Then do the mental math while sitting up straight, keeping your mouth closed and looking forward or slightly upwards. You’ll notice that it’s easier to think with the latter posture.

    30. Use your dead time.This is the time that is otherwise wasted or just under-utilized. Driving time, time spent in waiting rooms, or even time spent raking your yard can be included in this. With an iPod and a trip to a public library, you can start to use this time to listen to audiobooks. You may spend 200 hours a year in your car. Just imagine how much you can learn in that time!

    31. Breath deeply. More air in means more oxygen in the blood and therefore in the brain. Breath through your nose and you’ll notice that you use your diaphragm more, drawing air deeper into your lungs. Several deep breaths can also help to relax you, which is conducive to clearer thinking.

    32. Use some techniques for clear thinking. Cluttered rooms and offices can contribute to cluttered thinking. Organize a space for mental work. Sigh, stretch, and take a deep breath before you start on a tough mental job. Plan some distraction-free time for brainstorming.

    33. Don’t take everything so personally. Listen to others objectively; it’s not always about you!

    34. Do one thing at a time.When you are with someone, be with that person and with no one or nothing else. When you are busy with a project, concentrate on doing that project and forget about everything else you have to do.

    35. Make decisions quickly.Accept the risk, stress and conflict that come with making decisions. It is ok to change your mind but don’t make a habit out of reversing decisions. Try to make decisions that produce change. Any decision is better than none.


Romans 10:9
"That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved."

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xx - 207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever - How To Tips
Re: 207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2007, 01:01:31 PM »
Number 19 - Sige dili na mi moingon ug 'try.' Da best jud ani ang I Will o kaha I should.


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xx - 207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever - How To Tips
Re: 207 Great Tips To Make Your 2007 The Best Year Ever
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2007, 11:57:56 PM »
how about, I will do my best  ;)
"There's no perfect life, but we can let God fill it with perfect moments"

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