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Title: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 03:40:39 PM

08 September 2017
Chiapas earthquake, Mexico offshore, 87 km southwest of Pijijiapan. At least 61 people have been killed. This is currently the strongest and deadliest earthquake of 2017.

Mexico earthquake 2017 (CNN)

07 September 2017
Japan offshore, 243 km west northwest of Chichi shima

04 September 2017
United Kingdom, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands offshore, 149 km north northeast of Bristol Island
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 03:58:02 PM

31 August 2017
Indonesia, West Sumatra, 72 km northeast of Muara Siberut

30 August 2017
Venezuela, 24 km north northeast of Guatire. Two people were injured during panic movements in Caracas. Slight damage was observed in Guatire.

27 August 2017
Iran, 54 km south southeast of Ahar. Some damage was caused to buildings in Sharabian region. Thirteen people were injured.

27 August 2017
Papua New Guinea offshore, 107 km northeast of Lorengau.

23 August 2017
Iraq, 8 km east northeast of Koy Sanjaq. Damage was caused to buildings in Kurdistan region. 17 people were injured.

22 August 2017
Philippines, 8 km north-northeast of Talisayan. Two people were killed and 56 houses slightly damaged.   

21 August 2017
Italy, 4 km north of Ischia. The 2017 Ischia earthquake caused major damage in Ischia despite its moderate magnitude; several buildings and a church collapsed. Two people died and 42 were injured. Three children were trapped under the rubble.

19 August 2017   
Fiji, 254 km southeast of Labasa

18 August 2017   
United Kingdom, Ascension Island offshore, 770 km north northeast of Georgetown   

13 August 2017   
Indonesia, Bengkulu Province, 73 km west of Bengkulu. The quake caused power outages.

11 August 2017   
Peru, 89 km west northwest of Camana. This earthquake caused landslides in Arequipa region. One driver was killed by falling rocks and two others injured.

11 August 2017   
Philippines, 2 km west southwest of Tuy. Batangas earthquakes: Buildings and schools were evacuated in Manila, where the quake was felt moderately.

08 August 2017   
China, Xinjiang, 108 km south southeast of Dostyk, Kazakhstan. Due to the 2017 Jinghe earthquake, more than 1,000 houses were damaged including 142 which collapsed, and 33 people were injured.

08 August 2017
China, Sichuan, 36 km west southwest of Yongle, Jiuzhaigou County. The 2017 Jiuzhaigou earthquake killed 25 people, including numerous tourists, and 525 others were injured, with 45 of them in serious condition. Many houses were damaged and landslides occurred.

05 August 2017
Philippines, 9 km west of Little Baguio. Some houses were damaged in Bukidnon. An elderly woman was injured by falling debris.

02 August 2017
Chile, 25 km east northeast of Colina. An elderly man died of cardiac arrest in Maipú.

01 August 2017
Japan, 5 km west southwest of Kitaibaraki. A woman fell from her bed and sustained injuries in Chiba.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 05:27:51 PM

30 July 2017   
Iran, 48 km south of Farsan. This quake damaged rural buildings and cut phone and power lines in Naghan County. 25 people were injured, nine of them seriously.

28 July 2017
Iran, 12 km east northeast of Aleshtar. Some damage was caused to buildings and 15 people were injured.

23 July 2017
Iran, 46 km east southeast of Kerman. Some buildings were damaged and cracks on walls appeared. Power lines were broken in the region.

20 July 2017
Turkey, 11 km east northeast of Kos, Greece. The 2017 Aegean Sea earthquake killed two people and injured more than 120 others on the Greek island of Kos, while at least 360 injuries were reported in Turkey. A small tsunami caused flooding and some damage along the Greek and Turkish coasts. The quake was felt as far south as Egypt and as far north as Romania.

18 July 2017
Peru, 98 km west northwest of Camana. Roads were blocked by falling rocks in Arequipa region. One truck driver was killed and nine people injured.

17 July 2017
Russia, Kamchatka offshore, 198 km east southeast of Nikol'skoye. A tsunami warning was issued, and a slight sea surge was observed in the Aleutian Islands.

17 July 2017
Russia, Kamchatka offshore, 183 km east southeast of Nikol'skoye. This was a foreshock of the 7.7 quake.

14 July 2017
Indonesia, North Sumatra, 14 km north northwest of Padangsidempuan. One person was wounded and dozens of houses were damaged.

13 July 2017
Papua New Guinea, 38 km south southeast of Taron

11 July 2017
New Zealand offshore, 204 km northwest of Auckland Island

10 July 2017
Philippines, 5 km northwest of San Pedro. It was an aftershock of the 6.5 quake on July 6. Some damage was caused and five people were injured, two of them by jumping from a hotel's window in Ormoc City.

06 July 2017
Philippines, 2 km north of Masarayao. The 2017 Leyte earthquake caused power interruption in Jaro and Tacloban City in Leyte. The quake was felt in places as far apart as Sorsogon in Luzon and Surigao del Norte in Mindanao. A commercial building collapsed in Kananga, one person died, and 20 were injured. In Ormoc City, three people died and around 100 were injured.

06 July 2017
United States, Montana, 11 km southeast of Lincoln. It was the strongest earthquake in Montana since 1975. It caused power outages in Lincoln and at least one gas leak in Helena.

03 July 2017
Macedonia, 8 km northwest of Jankovec. This quake caused a power outage in Ohrid; some supermarkets and other buildings were slightly damaged as well.

01 July 2017
Japan, 22 km east of Chitose. A woman broke her ribs when she fell during the earthquake.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 06:49:20 PM

30 June 2017
Ecuador, 35 km north northwest of Bahía de Caráquez. One house collapsed and minor damage occurred in many areas.[182] Thirteen people were slightly injured.

29 June 2017
New Zealand offshore, 115 km west northwest of L'Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands

28 June 2017
New Zealand offshore, 117 km south southeast of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands. These were aftershocks of the 6.0 quake on June 15.

25 June 2017
Tonga offshore, 198 km west of Pangai

25 June 2017
Japan, 35 km west of Ina. Two people were injured, some landslides occurred and various houses were slightly damaged.

24 June 2017
Peru, 60 km southeast of Coracora. Some adobe houses collapsed in Caraveli province.

22 June 2017
Guatemala offshore, 28 km southwest of Puerto San Jose. Houses were damaged in Antigua Guatemala. San Marcos department suffered new damage after the 6.9 quake on June 14. Four people were injured during this earthquake.

21 June 2017
Nepal, Makwampur district. A labourer working at a brick factory was killed when bricks fell on him. His son also sustained injuries.

17 June 2017
Tonga offshore, 110 km west southwest of Minerva Reefs

15 June 2017
New Zealand offshore, 129 km northeast of L'Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands

14 June 2017
Guatemala, 3 km west northwest of Malacatán. 2017 Guatemala earthquake (es): Five people died (three of heart attacks) and 19 others were injured in Guatemala. A lot of houses were damaged in San Marcos department and landslides also occurred. In Mexico, 11 people were injured in neighbouring Chiapas.

12 June 2017
Greece, 5 km south of Plomari. 2017 Lesbos earthquake: Many houses were damaged in Plomari and some collapsed. The village of Vrisa, where one woman was found dead, was almost completely destroyed. The quake left 15 people injured and displaced 800. The quake was felt across Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

05 June 2017
Ecuador, 41 km east of Papayal, Peru. Some houses were damaged in Peru and Ecuador near the epicenter. Two people were injured in Piura province.

02 June 2017
United States, Alaska offshore, 200 km northwest of Attu Station.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 10:52:33 PM

29 May 2017
Indonesia, Central Sulawesi, 28 km west northwest of Kasinguncu. Hundreds of buildings were damaged in Poso as well as surrounding villages, and some collapsed. Twenty-five people were injured, with 5 of them in a serious condition.

27 May 2017
Turkey, 10 km northwest of Gölmarmara.   Various houses were badly damaged in Manisa province. One person was also injured.

29 May 2017
Canada, British Columbia, 88 km west northwest of Skagway, United States. This pair of similarly sized quakes occurring in close proximity is an example of a doublet earthquake.

25 May 2017
Tanzania, 22 km west southwest of Misasi. Eighteen students were injured in a panic caused by the earthquake. One policeman also died of a heart attack.

24 May 2017
Indonesia, South Sulawesi, 115 km east of Malili. Dozens of houses were damaged in Morowali Regency.

24 May 2017
Albania, 8 km north northwest of Bulqizë. In Mat municipality, 7 homes and a health center suffered cracked walls while 3 schools in Bulqiza municipality suffered minor damage.

20 May 2017
Philippines, 25 km south of Alburquerque

16 May 2017
Peru, 62 km east northeast of Tambo. This earthquake caused landslides in Ayacucho region, and various schools were slightly damaged. Seven houses were damaged and two destroyed while eight people were displaced.

15 May 2017
Papua New Guinea, 39 km east northeast of Namatanai

13 May 2017
Iran, 34 km north northwest of Bojnurd. Three people were killed and more than 400 were injured near Pasandarreh. Some buildings were damaged and several roads blocked.

12 May 2017
El Salvador offshore, 78 km south southwest of Acajutla   

11 May 2017
Turkey, 13 km north northeast of AÅŸkale. Twenty-five houses were damaged in AÅŸkale.

11 May 2017
Azerbaijan, 16 km east southeast of Tel'manked. Twenty people were injured in Parsabad, Iran.

10 May 2017
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands offshore, 95 km east northeast of Visokoi Island.

10 May 2017
China, Xinjiang, 131 km east southeast of Murghab, Tajikistan. Eight people were killed and 29 injured. Some people were buried after their houses collapsed. In Quzgun village, the quake caused the collapse of 1,520 houses. 9,200 people have been relocated.

09 May 2017
Vanuatu, 62 km northeast of Port-Olry

09 May 2017
Japan, 111 km east southeast of Hirara, Okinawa Prefecture

08 May 2017
United States, Alaska, 34 km west southwest of Tanaga Volcano

03 May 2017
Tajikistan, 29 km north northwest of Karakenja. Two houses were partially damaged in Tajikistan. In Kyrgyzstan, a rockfall killed 110 sheep, over 100 buildings were damaged,[122] and one man was injured by a falling wall.

02 May 2017
Iran, 65 km north of Torbat-e Jam. It was an aftershock of the 6.1 quake on April 5. Two people were injured.
01 May 2017
Canada, British Columbia, 88 km west northwest of Skagway, United States
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 11, 2017, 11:26:42 PM

28 April 2017
Philippines, 31 km southwest of Burias. Several buildings were damaged and at least one house collapsed. Five people were injured.

24 April 2017
Chile offshore, 40 km west of Valparaiso. 2017 Valparaíso earthquake (es): Santiago International Airport suffered light damage on floors and ceilings. A car was hit by a falling rock on a service road near a highway.

23 April 2017
Chile offshore, 37 km west of Valparaiso. This was a foreshock of the 6.9 quake.

18 April 2017
Fiji, 285 km north of Ndoi Island

15 April 2017
Chile, 63 km southeast of San Pedro de Atacama

11 April 2017
Philippines, 8 km north of Osias. About 500 homes and 2 mosques were damaged in Lanao del Sur. Power failures also occurred and cracks appeared on the national highway. One person was injured.

10 April 2017
El Salvador, 3 km north of Soyapango. The earthquake damaged houses in Antiguo Cuscatlán and caused landslides as well as power failures in some areas. One person died and three others were injured when a falling rock hit their car on a highway.

08 April 2017
Philippines, 1 km north northwest of Talaga. 2017 Batangas earthquakes: Houses and buildings were damaged, landslides occurred at Mount Macolod and power outages were reported. Six people were injured. Around 14,000 people were temporarily relocated to evacuation centers.

05 April 2017
Greece, 1 km southwest of Nafpaktos. Older buildings suffered minor damage, with bricks and stones falling into the streets below. A power outage occurred in the town of Rio.

05 April 2017
Iran, 61 km north northwest of Torbat-e Jam. 40% of buildings have been ruined in four villages. Some houses and buildings were seriously damaged in Mashhad. Phone lines were disrupted. Two people were killed and 34 others injured.

04 April 2017
Philippines, 5 km west of Batangas City. 2017 Batangas earthquakes: The earthquake damaged houses in Batangas City and the Taal Basilica. Some power outages occurred in San Pascual. This was a foreshock of the 5.9 quake.

03 April 2017
Botswana, 132 km west southwest of Moiyabana. The 2017 Botswana earthquake was the strongest earthquake recorded in Botswana since 1952. Thirty-six students were injured in a stampede sparked by the quake.

03 April 2017
South Africa, 7 km south southeast of Stilfontein. Plaster fell from walls and houses were slightly damaged in Orkney and Klerksdorp.

02 April 2017
Panama, 18 km northeast of Cerro Punta. Two buildings were damaged. Some objects fell in supermarkets.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 12:07:23 AM
29 March 2017
Mexico, Sinaloa offshore, 78 km west southwest of Higuera de Zaragoza. Some buildings and schools suffered light damage in Cajeme.

29 March 2017
Russia, Kamchatka, 81 km north northeast of Ust-Kamchatsk

27 March 2017
United States, Alaska, 63 km west of Attu Station

26 March 2017
China, Yunnan, 23 km southwest of Yuhu. About 500 houses were damaged and some collapsed. One person was injured by falling tiles.

24 March 2017
Egypt, 69 km northwest of Suez. One person died and seven others were injured after a poorly-constructed building collapsed.

21 March 2017
Indonesia, Bali, 1 km southeast of Banjar Mulung. Various houses, temples, offices and schools were damaged during the quake. Four people, included three children, were injured.

19 March 2017
Solomon Islands, 70 km north of Auki

14 March 2017
India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands offshore, 230 km south southwest of Mohean

13 March 2017
Myanmar, 34 km southeast of Tharrawaddy. Some temples were damaged in Yangon and 38 people were injured. Two of them died later in the hospital.

10 March 2017
Spain, 11 km north of Olza. Cracks appeared in walls and road surfaces and some windows broke.

05 March 2017
Papua New Guinea, 32 km northwest of Kandrian.

05 March 2017
Philippines, 5 km north of Surigao City. One person died of a heart attack, 45 others were injured and some walls collapsed. This was an aftershock of the 6.5 quake.

04 March 2017
Solomon Islands, 115 km south southeast of Panguna, Papua New Guinea

02 March 2017
Turkey, 5 km northwest of Samsat. At least thirty people were injured and some buildings collapsed.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 12:51:26 AM

24 February 2017
Tonga offshore, 43 km north northwest of the Minerva Reefs

24 February 2017
Zambia, 40 km east of Kaputa. Various houses were damaged in Kaputa District, leaving 11 families homeless. Five people were injured.

23 February 2017
Philippines, 3 km west southwest of Davao City. Two women were injured when a waiting shed fell on them in Davao City.

21 February 2017
Bolivia, 41 km east of Padilla

18 February 2017
Argentina, Jujuy Province, 52 km northwest of San Antonio de los Cobres

15 February 2017
Indonesia, Aceh, 15 km west northwest of Meureudu

15 February 2017
Indonesia, Aceh, 15 km southeast of Sigli. Two earthquakes hit a region of Aceh previously affected by the 2016 Aceh earthquake in rapid succession. Two houses collapsed and nine people suffered injuries.

10 February 2017
Taiwan, 18 km south of Tainan. Four people were injured in Tainan and Kaohsiung.[52] Grocery stores sustained minor damage.

10 February 2017
Philippines, 10 km north of Surigao City. 2017 Surigao earthquake: Multiple buildings were damaged in Surigao City and seven bridges collapsed, isolating San Francisco. At least eleven towns were affected, including with power outage. The airport was closed due to the damaged runway. 8 people died and 250 others were injured.

08 February 2017
China, Yunnan, 15 km northwest of Wenping. Five people were injured in Ludian County and some old houses collapsed.

07 February 2017
Pakistan, 22 km west southwest of Pasni. 60 houses collapsed in Pasni, where one girl was injured by a falling wall.

06 February 2017
India, Uttarakhand state, 36 km northwest of Pipalkoti. 2017 Uttarakhand earthquake: One person was injured, with panic scenes around the epicenter. Many cracks in buildings were reported.

06 February 2017
Colombia, 16 km east northeast of Colombia. Some damage was reported in the town of Colombia. One person was injured. Roads were blocked by falling rocks.

06 February 2017
Turkey, 23 km west northwest of Assos. Around 90 houses in eleven villages were damaged. Five people were injured.

03 February 2017
France, Martinique offshore, 59 km east northeast of Sainte-Marie. One woman was injured. Objects fell on the floor in supermarkets.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 01:20:49 AM

31 January 2017
Ecuador, 25 km south of Esmeraldas. There were reports of damage in several houses.

22 January 2017
Papua New Guinea, 35 km west northwest of Panguna. 2017 Papua New Guinea earthquake: Damage occurred in Arawa and parts of central Bougainville, where three people died and one was injured, while a power outage occurred in Buka.

19 January 2017
Solomon Islands, 65 km west of Kirakira

18 January 2017
Italy, 8 km north northwest of Montereale

18 January 2017
Italy, 6 km west southwest of Amatrice. January 2017 Central Italy earthquakes: Four earthquakes above 5.0 Mw occurred in less than 5 hours, with new damage recorded in Amatrice and Abruzzo. Two people died in Campotosto and three in Teramo. These earthquakes may have triggered an avalanche that struck a hotel in Farindola, killing 29 people and injuring 11.

16 January 2017
Indonesia, North Sumatra, 24 km north of Kabanjahe. The quake damaged various houses and caused people in Medan to evacuate buildings in a panic.

11 January 2017
Madagascar, 41 km south southwest of Betafo. It was the strongest earthquake in the region since 1991. It caused moderate damage around the epicenter in Vakinankaratra and Betafo.

10 January 2017
Solomon Islands, 104 km west northwest of Kirakira. This was a foreshock of the 6.5 quake.

10 January 2017
Philippines offshore, 189 km south southeast of Tabialan

08 January 2017
Canada, Nunavut, 79 km east southeast of Resolute. Homes suffered light damage in Resolute. A magnitude 5.2 aftershock struck 18 hours later. The 6.0 quake was a once-in-300-years event.

06 January 2017
Iran, 54 km southwest of Jahrom. Four people were killed in Seyfabad in Khonj County. Three people were injured in the village of Chartala.

03 January 2017
Fiji offshore, 195 km southwest of Nadi. This was an aftershock of the 6.9 quake.

03 January 2017
Fiji offshore, 226 km southwest of Nadi. A tsunami warning was issued for Fiji with waves of 0.01 m reported in Suva.

03 January 2017
India, Tripura state, 20 km east northeast of Ambassa. 2017 Tripura earthquake: One person died and five others were injured in India. 50 houses were damaged due to landslides that occurred in Dhalai district in the state of Tripura. Roads were blocked after numerous trees were uprooted.[6] Two people died and three others were injured in neighboring Bangladesh.

02 January 2017
Tonga offshore, 180 km northwest of the Minerva Reefs

Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
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History of deadly earthquakes

27 October 2016

First responders carry a victim out of the disaster zone following the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015

Earthquakes have claimed millions of lives in the last 100 years, and improvements in technology have only slightly reduced the death toll.

24 August 2016
At least 298 people are killed when a magnitude 6 earthquake strikes central Italy. Worst hit is Amatrice, where many of the town's historic buildings collapse.

16 April 2016
A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador's coast, killing more than 650 people. More than 16,000 people are hurt and some 7,000 buildings destroyed.

26 October 2015
Almost 400 people are killed when a magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes north-eastern Afghanistan. Most of those killed are in Pakistan, but the quake is also felt in northern India and Tajikistan.

25 April 2015
A 7.8-magnitude earthquake kills more than 8,000 people and leaves hundreds of thousands homeless, in the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since 1934. In some parts of the country, the quake flattens 98% of all homes in hillside villages.

3 August 2014
Approximately 600 people are killed in a 6.1-magnitude earthquake that strikes Yunnan province in China. Thousands of houses are destroyed and landslides are triggered. More than 2,400 people are injured.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 01:37:49 AM

15 October 2013
More than 200 people are reported to have died after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes centrally-located Bohol and Cebu in the Philippines.

25 September 2013
More than 300 people are killed as a 7.7-magnitude quake flattens entire villages in Pakistan's remote south-western province of Balochistan, mainly in the district of Awaran.

20 April 2013
A powerful 6.6-magnitude earthquake kills at least 160 people and injured at least 5,700 in China's rural south-western Sichuan province.

11 August 2012
At least 250 people are killed and more than 2,000 injured in north-west Iran by two powerful quakes which strikes within minutes of each other near the towns of Tabriz and Ahar.

23 October 2011
More than 200 people are killed and 1,000 are injured in a powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake which hits south-eastern Turkey; many of the victims are in the town of Ercis, where dozens of buildings collapse.

11 March 2011
A devastating magnitude-8.9 quake strikes Japan, leaving more than 20,000 people dead or missing. The tremor generates a massive tsunami along the Japanese coast and triggers the world's biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

22 February 2011
A magnitude-6.3 earthquake shatters the New Zealand city of Christchurch, killing more than 160 people and damaging some 100,000 homes.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 01:51:33 AM

14 April 2010
At least 400 people die after a magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes western China's Qinghai province.

27 February 2010
A magnitude-8.8 earthquake hits central Chile north-east of the second city, Concepcion, killing more than 700 people.

12 January 2010
About 230,000 people die in and around the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince as a 7.0-magnitude earthquake strikes the city.

30 September 2009
More than 1,000 people die after an earthquake strikes the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

6 April 2009
An earthquake hits the historic Italian city of L'Aquila, killing 309 people.

29 October 2008
Up to 300 people are killed in the Pakistani province of Balochistan after an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude strikes 45 miles (70km) north of Quetta.

12 May 2008
Up to 87,000 people are killed or missing and as many as 370,000 injured by an earthquake in just one county in China's south-western Sichuan province. The tremor, measuring 7.8, struck 57 miles (92km) from the provincial capital Chengdu during the early afternoon.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 01:52:36 AM

15 August 2007
At least 519 people are killed in Peru's coastal province of Ica, as a 7.9-magnitude undersea earthquake strikes about 90 miles (145km) south-east of the capital, Lima.

17 July 2006
A 7.7-magnitude undersea earthquake triggers a tsunami that strikes a 125-mile (200km) stretch of the southern coast of Java, killing more than 650 people on the Indonesian island.

27 May 2006
More than 5,700 people die when a magnitude 6.2 quake hits the Indonesian island of Java, devastating the city of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.

8 October 2005
An earthquake measuring 7.6 strikes northern Pakistan and the disputed Kashmir region, killing more than 73,000 people and leaving millions homeless.

28 March 2005
About 1,300 people are killed in an 8.7-magnitude quake off the coast of the Indonesian island of Nias, west of Sumatra.

22 February 2005
Hundreds die in a 6.4 magnitude quake centred in a remote area near Zarand in Iran's Kerman province.

26 December 2004
Hundreds of thousands are killed across Asia when an earthquake measuring 9.2 triggers sea surges that spread across the region.

24 February 2004
At least 500 people die in an earthquake which strikes towns on Morocco's Mediterranean coast.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 01:55:40 AM

26 December 2003
More than 26,000 people are killed when an earthquake destroys the historic city of Bam in southern Iran.

21 May 2003
Algeria suffers its worst earthquake in more than two decades. More than 2,000 people die and more than 8,000 are injured in a quake felt across the sea in Spain.

1 May 2003
More than 160 people are killed, including 83 children in a collapsed dormitory, in south-eastern Turkey.

24 February 2003
More than 260 people die and almost 10,000 homes are destroyed in Xinjiang region, in western China.

31 October 2002
Italy is traumatised by the loss of an entire class of children, killed in the southern village of San Giuliano di Puglia when their school building collapses on them.

26 January 2001
An earthquake measuring magnitude 7.9 devastates much of Gujarat state in north-western India, killing nearly 20,000 people and making more than a million homeless. Bhuj and Ahmedabad are among the towns worst hit.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 02:12:02 AM

12 November 1999
About 400 people die when an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale strikes Ducze, in north-west Turkey.

21 September 1999
Taiwan is hit by a quake measuring 7.6 that kills nearly 2,500 people and causes damage to every town on the island.

17 August 1999
A magnitude-7.4 earthquake rocks the Turkish cities of Izmit and Istanbul, leaving more than 17,000 dead and many more injured.

30 May 1998
Northern Afghanistan is hit by a major earthquake, killing 4,000 people.

May 1997
More than 1,600 are killed in Birjand, eastern Iran, in an earthquake of magnitude 7.1.

27 May 1995
The far eastern island of Sakhalin is hit by a massive earthquake measuring 7.5, which claims the lives of 1,989 Russians.

17 January 1995
The Hyogo quake hits the city of Kobe in Japan, killing 6,430 people.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 02:14:13 AM

30 September 1993
About 10,000 villagers are killed in western and southern India.

21 June 1990
About 40,000 people die in a tremor in the northern Iranian province of Gilan.

7 December 1988
An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale devastates north-west Armenia, killing 25,000 people.

19 September 1985
Mexico City is shaken by a huge earthquake which razes buildings and kills 10,000 people.

4 March 1977
Some 1,500 people are killed in an earthquake that hit close to the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

28 July 1976
The Chinese city of Tangshan is reduced to rubble in a quake that claims at least 250,000 lives.

23 December 1972
Up to 10,000 people are killed in the Nicaraguan capital Managua by an earthquake that measures 6.5 on the Richter scale. The devastation caused by the earthquake is blamed on badly built high-rise buildings that easily collapsed.

31 May 1970
An earthquake high in the Peruvian Andes triggers a landslide, burying the town of Yungay and killing 66,000 people.
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 02:14:55 AM

26 July 1963
An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale strikes the Macedonian capital of Skopje, killing 1,000 people and leaving 100,000 homeless.

22 May 1960
The world's strongest recorded earthquake devastates Chile, with a reading of 9.5 on the Richter scale. A tsunami 30ft (10m) high eliminates entire villages. Death toll reports vary widely, but many settle on the 2,000 mark.

1 September 1923
The Great Kanto earthquake, with its epicentre just outside Tokyo, claims the lives of 142,800 people in the Japanese capital.

28 December 1908
Earthquake about 7.1 magnitude and subsequent tsunami in Italy's Messina Strait, badly affecting the cities of Messina and Reggio Calabria. Deaths estimated at 70,000-80,000.

18 April 1906
San Francisco is hit by a series of violent shocks which last up to a minute. Between 700 and 3,000 people die either from collapsing buildings or in the subsequent fire.

Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 02:24:36 AM

"The Great Chilean Earthquake"

The world's largest earthquake with an instrumentally documented magnitude occurred on May 22, 1960 near Valdivia, in southern Chile. It was assigned a magnitude of 9.5 by the United States Geological Survey. It is referred to as the "Great Chilean Earthquake" and the "1960 Valdivia Earthquake."

The United States Geological Survey reports this event as the "largest earthquake of the 20th Century." Other earthquakes in recorded history may have been larger; however, this is the largest earthquake that has occurred since accurate estimates of magnitude became possible in the early 1900s.

more at http://geology.com/records/largest-earthquake/
Title: Re: History of Earthquakes
Post by: islander on September 12, 2017, 02:25:32 AM

World's largest earthquake - tsunami map: The Chilean earthquake produced a powerful tsunami that traveled at a speed of about 200 miles per hour across the Pacific Ocean. The wave killed 61 people in Hawaii, 138 in Japan, and 32 in the Philippines. The star marks the location of the epicenter, and the numbers on the contour lines are travel times in hours for the wave front. Image by NOAA.

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