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Grave Offense in History

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Grave Offense in History
« on: January 05, 2019, 05:06:46 AM »
By: Alejandro M. Gapasin

Historical revisionism is meant to retell or rewrite historical accounts through fraudulent, inaccurate, distorted or twisted information that are presented as if they are what really happened or transpired.

In the 1990's until early 2000's, if I am not mistaken as to these years, Korean and Filipino comfort women (Those who became sex slaves of Japanese soldiers and officers during World War 2) staged a series of protests to what was the Japanese were doing as to their history textbooks where stories of Japanese war crimes and atrocities, including those involving comfort women, were intentionally deleted or excluded or made sublimed or lighter. The comfort women argued that rewriting history to lessen or totally erase these great historical injustices committed by Japanese during World War 2 against them and other Asian women who became sex slaves as well demeaned their experiences, adding to their psychological, mental or emotional tortures and hardships, and impugning their dignity and struggle to find justice from those gruesome experiences they had in life.

At present, many historical revisionists are still at work for hefty amounts and/or other vested interests to make it appear that historical evils become historical greats.

Take the case of the Marcoses.

Highly established local and international writers of indisputable character and integrity have all written about the evils, the misdeeds, the wrongdoings of deposed late Pres. Ferdinand Edralin - Marcos, his cronies or equally corruptive allies, his excessively extravagant wife, Imelda - who also acted as if she was a queen - and their children and "rela-thieves".

Pure history has already judged them, particularly the late strongman as the second most corrupt president in the world in terms of loot or questionable wealth or the so-called ill-gotten wealth which was estimated in 1980's to be around 15 billion US dollars, or may even be more, worth of treasury bonds, real estates, gold bars, cash, historical, world-renowned paintings and other personal assets, like jewelry.

Sadly, real stories or stories founded on pure evidence about them have been and are still being revised.

For example, a lot of bogus sites in social media tell that Ferdinand Marcos was the greatest Philippine president of all time; that he made the country richer than South Korea in the 1970's, and that he was already rich even before he became president by owning golds which he got as lawyer of a certain Tallano clan. This clan is supposed to be owning the entire Philippines and whose golds were supposedly amassed from the Sri-Vijaya or Majapahit Empire that ruled the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations before the Spaniards came!


Such a concocted series of stories just to justify Marcos' wealth!

Maligning pure and accurate history brings many repercussions as gullible people tend to believe these awesome fairytales. One is that, since they believe in lies, truths and historical accuracy are demeaned. The most vulnerable among these people are the Millennials or those born in 1980's and up.

Historical revisionism must be taken seriously since it corrupts the mind, distorts the truths and makes evils as heroes, and turns right as wrong and wrong right.

It must be made a heinous crime, considering the great damage it may incur against historical correctness and integrity which have something to do with our present as well as our future as a nation and as a people.


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