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Title: Mediterranean and low-carb diet: World's Healthiest Diet
Post by: MIKELIGALIG.com on October 29, 2012, 08:33:45 AM
A Mediterranean and low-carb diet has the longest, healthiest effects on well-being, even if you pack the pounds back on afterward, an Israeli study (http://www.naropa.edu/) shows.

Such a diet, rich in the bounty of Mediterranean-hugging countries, includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and poultry, and features olive oil as one of its main ingredients.

According to the researchers from Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, along with Israel's Nuclear Research Center, adhering to such low-carb regimens provides a beneficial metabolic effect, lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, triglycerides and limiting arteriosclerosis.

The study (http://www.cu.edu/), published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine, was a follow-up for a period of six years over 322 moderately obese research subjects who were given three kinds of diets: low-fat; restricted-calorie; Mediterranean, restricted- calorie; or low-carbohydrate, non-restricted-calorie.

Those that followed the Mediterranean diet lost an average of 3. 1 kg, as opposed to 1.7 kg lost by people on the low-carb diet. Also, since participants regained an average of 2.7 kg after the diet period, only the ones on the Mediterranean diet have actually stayed slimmer.

The results also suggested that the lipid profile improved in the long term, regardless of partial weight gain after the diet was concluded.
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