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xx - How to Maintain Healthy Gums - Health and Food
How to Maintain Healthy Gums
« on: March 13, 2009, 04:05:26 PM »
Maintaining Healthy Gums

Your gums are practically cesspools for bacteria. It is extremely easy for your gums to come down with diseases that are quite unpleasant. These gum disease affect up to 80% of people, according to the Mayo Clinic's website. Imagine that many people, each ignoring their gums and reaping the consequences in the form of strange and horrible problems. This is an issue that can, and does lead to tooth loss. Dentists say that gum disease also leads to more serious health conditions, as it creates a pathway for viruses and bacteria to enter the body directly through the area that gets the most traffic – the mouth.

So what is it that causes someone to get gum disease? The answer is that most people slowly let their gums fester. Chances are that the diseases have been working their evil quietly in their teeth for quite some time. This person has been getting accumulative effects of poor dental hygiene for many years now. Sometimes they may notice the illusion that their teeth are getting more prominent, or longer. This is called gum recession and it goes hand-in-hand with gum disease. It affects a huge amount of people, even if they brush and floss their teeth religiously.

If food buildup occurs enough, tartar forms. Tarter creates a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish and grow in, and some of the time brushing and flossing will do absolutely nothing to stop it from happening. Professional cleaning will usually get the job done, but many people only visit their dentist once every year. Therefore you should try to figure out home solutions to keep your teeth as clean as possible and prevent from building homes for the bacteria to live in and gather forces to invade your neighboring gums. It may sound impossible, but it can be done.

First of all you should try to eat a healthy diet. If you are eating a bunch of sugar and junk food, your teeth’s integrity will be compromised much faster, giving extra places for bacteria to roam. You should also brush and floss religiously if you haven’t already. While these things may not be enough to prevent tartar, they will still hold it off for a much longer time than if you hadn’t done so. On top of these things, you should try out different products. Many types of special toothpaste are formulated to kill tartar. They work great, and are generally not too much more expensive than regular toothpaste.

On top of these things, you should probably go to the dentist more often than just when they send you reminder cards. 6 months is a good interval. Go in for a cleaning and an examination. The professional cleaning should get rid of all of the tartar that your own efforts have missed, and the examination will catch any cavities that could lead to tooth loss and gum disease.

Your teeth are a very important part of your life, since you use them to do so many things. If you’ve ever seen someone without any teeth try to eat, you should be plenty motivated to keep on top of things. So today, start making the move towards better oral hygiene. You will reap the benefits later in life when you have healthy gums and a mouth full of teeth.


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xx - How to Maintain Healthy Gums - Health and Food
Re: How to Maintain Healthy Gums
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2012, 08:38:23 PM »
pang-os ug sugarcane stem kay maayo nga panglimpyo sa ngipon.
Romans 10:9-10
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