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Title: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: nurse_expert on February 01, 2011, 12:18:00 PM
      The Municipality of GUINDULMAN is one of the famous old town situated in the eastern part  of Bohol. The name means" overtaken by darkess",  very rich in all the natural resources that the Almighty has bestowed to its  loving creatures. Its location is suited for the peoples living. The tidings given by the sparkling sea of Guindulman Bay gave its way for the people to catch their fortune through fishing. The blue mountains and green valleys provide opportunities for local farmers to cultivate their lands and venture for business. The hospitality and friendly attitude is what others remembered and liked among Guindulmanons.
      The Beauty of the Town reflects to its people of which known to be the "Queen Town of the East" where most handsome and beautiful  faces of the province came.The home of title holders, Professionals be it in the realm of Education or Sports. Its cultural heritage is not far and inferior to the famous historically evolve town from the Spanish,American, and Japanesse regime all over the province and beyond.  The legacy given to us by foriegn invaders was pass from generation to generation.
      Over the past years, Guindulman is one of the most influencial town. Famous educators, brilliant politicians and and brave people. Even if we trace the history on how our people fought for freedom would be an enough evidence that we are not inferior to any other human race,that our town surpass others over the years. We have led the third district, even the whole province and held a cabinet position in the country. During the Japanese occupation way back on 1944,   the historical ambush made by the guerella among Japanese troops headed by Major Esteban Bernido, a native of Guindulman, whom I am referring  my former statement, who became representative of the third District and the famous Governor of Bohol during his time.
     But where are we now? The other town of Bohol had already fly to their heights  but still we are here chained  with our traditional ideals and inspiration. We kept on discussing nonsense issues but forget to discuss what will be best for our dear people. How come we overcome the cascade of poverty nowadays yet we dont give priority to what is happening around us? How can we address the solution to our problems with regards to our health. Has the law makers of the town give consideration to marginalized public in terms of acquistion of health care? We are headed by a doctor mayor of this town and I hope the health care delivery system sufficient enough to give justice to the public.
     Foreigners are seen all over the town, and I guess they have already acquire most of our resources in which our people must have to enjoy? Why dont we make use of them? I believe ecotourism might give way to open opportunities of the unemployed. If the other towns had made their way to be famous because of its God-given wonder,then we can make ours too. Cause if the remote town of the province has frequently visited by most local and foreign, how come ours that we are situated in the coastal land?
     I hope we are not left behind.....
Title: Re: Guindulman Left Behind
Post by: Lorenzo on February 01, 2011, 12:27:16 PM
What makes you think that Guindulman is left behind?

As a Valencianhon who recently came back to visit Bohol since 1998, my cross-Bohol drives would take me from Valencia to Jagna, to Guindulman, to Ubay, to Tagbilaran and back to Valencia. One thing that I saw and noticed in Guindulman was the progress the town had acquired. The town market in Guindulman is very attractive and quite large, having been inside it myself during my 1 month vacation in Bohol.

I would not say Guindulman is left behind, on the contrary, your town is progressing.

Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: nurse_expert on February 01, 2011, 01:52:30 PM
No say to the public market, its beautiful compared to others,.. But does the building of the market address the peoples economic concern ?If it does, its a sign of progress but if not, it only make the people to suffer more bacause of high paying taxes imposed. I do hope the building of the market does not make it way to bribe the public trust among political official. Cause its not their money, its the peoples money who will be paying the loans in the bank.

     Thank you for those who have the initiative to make our market to be  like this.

Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: Lorenzo on February 01, 2011, 02:41:34 PM
Its a sign of economic activity. Two large markets in Eastern Bohol belong to : 1) Jagna 2) Guindulman.

Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: Lorenzo on February 01, 2011, 02:49:12 PM

I'm not too well versed in Guindulman's political echelons nor am I too well versed on the priorities of Guindulman's LGU, however, I should infer that judging the overall growth and infrastructural projects of your town, it can be discerned that the overall health of Guindulman (its fiscal and social health) indicates a positive index.

Considering the population of the town, 32,000~, it cannot expect to grow too large as compared to super towns such as Ubay, which have a population double that of Valencia's (29,000+) and that of Guindulman's.

In a conversation with the former Mayor of Valencia, Dr. Plinio Lim, who also happens to be a very good family friend of mine, we discussed that the growth of a town requires gradual progress instead of blurts of rapid growth and eventual decline due to the accumulation of excessive debt. My hometown, Valencia, which boasts numerous board top notchers (in medicine, in engineering, in nursing, in law etc) as well as boasting the first Valencianhon Vice Governor of Bohol...(Dr. Concepcion Lim, the former mayor of Valencia is the current Vice Gov. of our province). But the growth of Valencia, in case point, is through gradual improvement. Valencia's ascension as one of the richest towns of Bohol is not through massive infrastructure projects , but through gradual growth.

I do hope that the political machinations of Guindulman is healthy and the poverty of your town is limited.

From visiting your beautiful town and driving through Guindulman multiple times, it seems that Guindulman is growing and not 'left behind'.

keep up your passion for your town tho, nurse.

Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: kaayohan on March 26, 2011, 04:50:59 PM
I don't think so that guindulman left behind by other progressive neighboring town.
Just image that GUINDULMAN is a Forth Class Municality and HAD A SURPLUS INCOME OF 24 MILLION last year if im not mistaken....
Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: Lorenzo on March 26, 2011, 08:23:41 PM
For sure. Guindulman, a town with over 32,000 residents, is a large and progressing town!

Kaayohan, that is good to hear that the town had a surplus of 24 million pesos. Good administration! :)

Padayon Guindulman! Ug mga Guindulman-on!

especially ang mga gwapang baji sa Guindulman...murag daghan mamords dinha sa inyoha...hehe
Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: hofelina on March 26, 2011, 08:38:39 PM
It is deemed correct and proper to make your complains ( valid complains) and suggest an alternative to rectify irregularities, a lot better than whining.
Glad to see that an intelligent Valenciahanon, knows a lot better what is happening in Guindulman, is he not worth admiring?
Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: Lorenzo on March 26, 2011, 08:43:38 PM
In all the towns of Southern-South eastern Bohol, it is Guindulman that shows alot of progress, to be honest. The Guindulman Public Market is very large and modern looking and well organized inside (it compares to that of Jagna's own). The recent infrastructural growth in the town of Guindulman is also something to be admired and copied by other towns.

I really liked my many visits to Guindulman, Manay. Mo angay ko sa inyohang lugar'a. Very clean. Very hospitable and very Beautiful People.    ;D
Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: kaayohan on March 27, 2011, 04:20:30 PM
Dili ikatago ang kamatouran... QUEEN TOWN OF THE EAST..... Guindulman gyud kana.
Title: Re: Guindulman, Left Behind?
Post by: Lorenzo on March 27, 2011, 11:42:17 PM

ahahaha! ning gawas jud ang usang anak sa GUINDULMAN! hehehe

Padayon Guindulman! Ang yutang na tawhan sa mga Guindulman-on!

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