Bohol Governor Issues Directive Against Rebels

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Bohol Governor Issues Directive Against Rebels
« on: January 27, 2008, 04:02:35 PM »
By Rey Anthony Chiu
PIA - Bohol

Facing the prospect of a possible re-entry of fleeing rebels after a successful saturation drive, Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado has issued a new directive to the local police: guard the coasts.

At the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting last Thursday at the Capitol, the governor has asked the Provincial Police Office through PSSupt Edgardo Ingking to guard the bays for the possible re-entry of the rebels with the impending pull-out of the army’s 302nd brigade here.

Police involvement into internal security operations has been one of the avenues exploited by the local government units here to set up a fool-proof dragnet to deter the re-organization and re-establishment of the communist mass base.

The Bohol governor whom the national government credited largely for his convergence strategy in toppling down the insurgency base also asked the local League of Municipalities of the Philippines for its help.

Through its chairman Jagna Mayor Exuperio Lloren, Aumentado told Mayor Lloren and the LMP to coordinate with the Philippine National Police over the creation of strong monitoring groups versus insurgency.

As per army recommendations, the governor wants with the LMP the identification and tapping of various organizations in coastal areas in cooperation with the army and the police for security purposes.

Earlier, the army through 302nd Bde Commander, Colonel Cesar Yano cited the development projects, poverty reduction programs, peace related initiatives, special operations teams and joint public information campaigns as that which bolstered Bohol’s dream of setting the foundations for peace here.

Such also has been credited solely as the government’s death blow to the local insurgency.

However, with the impending pull-out of the army, Col Yano pointed out the need to strengthen coastal areas to prevent the re-entry of communist terrorists from neighboring islands.   

The army also recommended that the local government units in the coastal areas require the registration of all watercrafts within their jurisdictions as deterrent to such incident of sneak landings.

With this and with the cooperation of the Marine Industry Authority, they can enforce the laws on watercraft markings for purposes of identification, Yano said.

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