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Title: Free WAKI therapy technology drawing young and old at Wilcon
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Free WAKI therapy technology drawing young and old at Wilcon QC
By Ben Cal

MANILA, May 15 (PNA) -- With spiraling medical cost, a Japanese company is offering for free using high potential therapy technology called WAKI that helps cure various illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, high cholesterol and many more.

People from all walks of life, young and old have been trooping to the Health WAKI center at Wilcon Building along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City since last month.

The free WAKI treatment is 20 minutes daily for 30 days.

Everybody is welcome to try WAKI therapy. One can just walk into its clinic at the 2nd floor of Wilcon building, register and register your name and presto you are in without any hassle.

WAKI is a Japanese invention way back in 1995 and has treated tens of thousands of people from 21 countries, including the Philippines the past 20 years.

Rodolfo Valentino Castillo, 53, of Barangay Culiat, Quezon City who suffered a stroke last March this year, said he recovered from his stroke three weeks after undergoing WAKI treatment.

“After being hospitalized for five days last March, I could not walk, my speech was blurred and I could not raise my hands but now I can walk with the help of a cane, talk and raise my hands, thanks to WAKI,” Castillo said in an interview.

Mrs. Hershey Lou, 41, who was diagnosed with a stone in her kidney and was due for surgery, said that “after undergoing WAKI treatment for five days the kidney stone was flushed out. I’m amazed.”

Siegredo O. Sison, 60, said that after 10 days of therapy “my blood pressure was back to normal and my rheumatism and back pain were gone.”

Another patient, Noel Tayam, 48, had clogged arteries and suffering from dizziness and had to take nine different maintenance medicines, but after 20 days his dizziness was gone and his maintenance was cut down to four medicines.Mrs. Rheyma Diaz was suffering from irregular menstruation with pain in her foot but all these disappeared in thin air after seven days of WAKI therapy.

Mrs. Merlyn Saddul, 62, was relieved of her rheumatism and numbness after only 20 days of therapy.

The Metrowealth International Group (MIG) that owns WAKI was founded by Teo Choo Guan (Pak Teo) in 1995 after merging with some companies from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Alfie Dindo Bernardo, WAKI supervisor, said that since then it has gained acceptance in various countries offering free therapy to its customer who would like to own a WAKI therapeutic equipment to prove to them that the technology is worth owning to cure an array of illnesses without side effect as proven by those who underwent WAKI treatment.

His assistant, Socrates M. Tolentino said that the company will continue to extend free therapy to the public as its contribution to the wellness of the Filipino people.

Both Bernardo and Tolentino said that WAKI customers have testified openly that they have recovered from their illness after undergoing WAKI treatment.

WAKI is designed to revive and recover body cells, increase metabolism, remove toxins, free radicals, improve blood circulation, revive energy for married couples and strengthen immunity.

They also said that healthy people can use WAKI as prevention from diseases. (PNA)
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