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Title: Loay CMP Cooperative: Outstanding Cooperative
Post by: Ligalig-Mike on July 14, 2007, 12:34:47 PM
from our local papers...

Loay CMP Cooperative

Loay, Bohol-Telephone No./ Fax No. 538-9159

    "A Multi Awardee Coop.-VICTO &CDA

Considered Outstanding Community Type Cooperative in Bohol

SERVICES OFFERED:                           INTEREST RATE:

Productive Loan                                        Time Deposit-8% to12%
Providential Loan                                       Savings Deposit-4% to 9%
Pensioner Loan                                             KiddieDeposit-4% to 9 %
Redemption Loan                                              "Your deposit in Loay
from loan Shark                                              Coop. is a secured as
Mortuary Benefit                                                   Billionaire Banks"
Free Insurance Premium                                 Membership now open to
to SD/TD & Extraordinary                              the whole 3rd District and
Depositor Benefit up                                       neighboring municipalities

OFFICE HOURS: Mon. to Sat.-8:00-12:00;1:00-5:00
                         Sunday-9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

For more information visit Loay Coop. or contact:

ANTONIO M. SILAGON                     LEON D. BILIRAN
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