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Title: The EB of Fr. Francisco Santos Cabon and Bran Lorenzo Lucino
Post by: Lorenzo on August 23, 2010, 10:35:17 PM
On August the 12, 2010 , I attended the 14th wedding anniversary of Mr & Mrs. Fiel Angeli AraoArao-Gabin, and to my surprise and delectation , was introduced to a Catholic Evangelist priest from Spain, whom also was invited to the party, the most kind and benevolent Fr. Francisco S. Cabon. Upon entering the home, Fr and I started talking about the situation in the Philippines, the current Catholic Churches needing evangelizing and how the Spanish Catholic Church is working with the Filipino Catholic Churches in re-evangelizing each other as well as in priestly duties. Our conversation was varied, wide and eclectic. Thanks be to God! I met another kind and good man, priest at that!

Our conversations were carried in Spanish, and a bit of Bisaya, as Fr. Francisco had some mastery in the language of Bisaya :)

He was kind enough to tell me about his home province of Andalucia, Spain. So it was quite amazing how I was able to test and use my Spanish while in the Philippines--thanks be to God! hahaha!

He surprised me with a question before we parted ways, "My son, are you a seminarian? "
I replied, "No, Fr., but am a mere student!"
He kindly laughed and said, "you would make a good priest, my son."
I laughed in return. LOL!

Some of our pictures taken by an anonymous cameraman:



Fr. Francisco and I. Mi amigo nuevo!

This goes to say: "You are who you meet, you are who your friends are."
Title: Re: The EB of Fr. Francisco Santos Cabon and Bran Lorenzo Lucino
Post by: Lorenzo on August 23, 2010, 10:52:23 PM
One new thing that Fr. Francisco taught me in our very lively and fond discussion(s):

The Art of Liquor Mixing. LOL!

He taught me how to 'properly' drink Matador. "I will teach you how a Spaniard drinks a matador, Brando!"
He poured me a glass of Matador (half glass) then filled the rest with sprite and 2 ice cubes. Twirled it twice.
"Drink, my son, tell me what you think."

Amazing. So it was matador that fueled our conversation(s), which was in Spanish and Bisaya.

Note: It's really amazing how you meet people when you don't expect it, and especially when you meet them, the conversations are filled with so much substance, spirit, moral, ethic, politic, everything. Its as if I've known this man for a while, its just amazing how paths cross in this life. But what makes it more special is that Fr. Francisco was not afraid to share about his life, his growing up, and so did I. Meeting him confirmed alot of what I already believed in, but most of all, him being an Evangelist Priest--with very strong messages that he shared with--only confirmed my own feelings. Meeting him and talking to him, and befriending him was a sign from the Holy Spirit.

Title: Re: The EB of Fr. Francisco Santos Cabon and Bran Lorenzo Lucino
Post by: Lorenzo on August 24, 2010, 02:07:41 PM
One topic that Fr. Francisco and I delved in, which I would like to share with you all, was regarding the issue of apathy. Specifically, religious apathy. In his words, apathy --and religious apathy was the very basis of the crumbling of society, it is in this aspect that absolutes are now being challenged, increases in violence, religious discrimination and moral diversion. Strong words, and most of all powerful in his message--which was based on Sacred Scripture. Tho we joked around here to bring some 'fun' in our very strong and serious conversation, his message was resilient. And I noticed that tho he and I were the ones talking, alot of people in the party were listening, eating and listening. I noticed this.

Fr. Francisco mentioned to me how the situation in Spain was grave; that the church there was in a situation where the youth are not as religious anymore. He did say that that was the very basis for the catholic re-evangelization in Europe, most especially in areas that are ideally catholic. The past  5 years, he said, there has been a surge in catholic revival; the youth are coming back to the fold.

And one thing that he truly appreciated and enjoyed in the Philippines was the sense of Catholic Steadfastness in the people; which he wishes were as strong in Spain. He surprised me with a saying:

"5 centuries ago, it was the Spaniards that spread the Christian faith in the Philippines, but 5 centuries later it is the Filipinos and Philippines that are teaching us how Catholic Lifestyle is supposed to be--and we want that again. So we are re-evangelizing each other."

I could not help but smile and listen intently to his message.

We delved much into the importance of retaining the faith, the importance of understanding biblical scripture , and talked about what changes could be seen in government (in Spain as well as in the Philippines). He asked me about my family, my friends, and my personal patron saint. I never knew such a man who was so intent in getting to know a person so deeply as Fr. Francisco; and we both learned much from each other in a brief span of 4-5 hours.

There is truly something about meeting a man whom feels, thinks, and believes so strongly about something as one does--it provides this spiritual awakening--or enlightening of ideals like never before. I do truly believe that he was sent to me by the Holy Spirit, and he did exactly what he came to do in the Philippines. He helped in evangelizing the faith of people, myself included.

Wherever your paths may lead you, Fr. Francisco, I pray to the Judgment seat of Christ that you are continually protected, guided, and empowered to preach the Gospel of Christ and to continue to spread the Message of the Church for the Glory of Christ.

Amen. God Bless You!
Title: Re: The EB of Fr. Francisco Santos Cabon and Bran Lorenzo Lucino
Post by: Lorenzo on November 02, 2012, 05:58:19 AM
Ah, i do wonder how Fr. Francisco Cabon is doing. He is a missionary priest from Spain, and is responsible in re-evangelizing the many parishes in Tagbilaran.

Its quite interesting how when I visited Bohol I met up with two priests; both missionary priests. Fr. Roel Lungay and Fr. Francisco Cabon.

I hope that he is doing well. The last time i had talked to him he said he will be going back to Spain....
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