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50 Couples from Duero, Bohol

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50 Couples from Duero, Bohol
« on: August 10, 2009, 01:24:23 PM »
Around 50 couples from different barangays in Duero, Bohol will attend a couples Party on July 31 to enhance their awareness on the importance of birth spacing and correct myths and misconceptions about family planning.

The party is part 0f the 20th World Population Day Celebration. This year gives special attention to women with the theme “Responding to the Economic Crisis, Investing in Women is a Smart Choice,” focusing on the urgency and importance of population issues, particularly in the context of the current economic crisis that threatens many public health efforts.

The 2003 National Demographic and Health Survey reveal that the poorest women pay the highest price with their wealth, well-being, and ultimately their lives, particularly during financial crisis. The desire to have children and raise them well should prompt many families to plan the timing and the number of their births. Many couples, however do not have the knowledge, tools and assistance they need to maintain their reproductive health and form the family that they desire. Currently, more than half of all pregnancies in the Philippines occur too soon or to close together. Consequently, many women give birth to more children than they can care for. In the end, deaths among mothers are high, especially among disadvantaged women –those who are poor, live in rural areas or have little education.

The Couples’ Party also aims to promote a better quality of life through responsible parenthood and family planning. Family planning affords couples a better chance for a healthy family, higher income, better education of children, participation in community activities and less stress for the entire family. The party will also highlight the significance of planning to safe motherhood and child survival. A mother who plans or spaces her pregnancies, protects herself and, at the same time, gives her child a greater chance of survival. Moreover, well spaced children are healthier since they are better nourished, better cared for, and more resistant to infections or illness.

The party will be conducted from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm at the Duero Cultural Center. There will be life testimonials of successful family planning users in between lectures and games on responsible parenthood, birth spacing, rumors and misconception on family planning, and national, as well household impact of family planning. Family planning services will be provided as well during the event.

The World Population Day was launched in 1989 and became an annual event which seeks to raise awareness of population issues around the world. (For further information on the event, just contact the Provincial Health Office.)

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