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Author Topic: Open Letter to Revenue Distric Office, BIR Agent of Corella and HON. Mayor Rapal  (Read 2253 times)


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Canangcaan, Corella, Bohol
April 30, 2008

To Revenue District Officer
Tagbilaran City

Corella, BIR Collector Agent
Corella Bohol


          Good Day.

         I am appealing to your good office to grant real estate tax amnesty to the land owners of Corella, Bohol. I believe this the only recourse we can pay this' fast  growing tax'.
         In 1988 all lands in Canangcaan were surveyd by DENR. Some of the names of the OCT were erroneosly named to land owners who died long time ago.  Since there was no  partition of the lands  prior to the survey, the names of the land  was to their lolo or lola who were already dead. If we compute the real estate tax, it is more than the present market value of the land. At this time the heirs can not anymore pay the said tax .The heirs did not know about real estate tax how it multiplies everyday. They were happy that for the first time they had seen titles of lands but is still a big burden for them. In my case , I went to Corella BIR agent. I was given a long list of requirements. The procedure is still the old practice, a long delay and not systematic.
        I am appealing to the Hon. Mayor , Vito Rapal to help alleviate this situation particularly in barangay Canangcaan.
Hoping that this request be granted favorably at soonest  time to avoid surcharges.

Very truly yours,


cc. BIR District Revenue Officer
      Corella Collector agent
     Hon Vito Rapal

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