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Author Topic: Tagbilaran mayor sued  (Read 725 times)

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Tagbilaran mayor sued
« on: June 10, 2010, 03:20:35 pm »
Tagbilaran mayor sued

Cebu Daily News First Posted 09:54:00 04/17/2010
TWO radio station personnel in Tagbilaran City filed a complaint against city mayor Dan Neri Lim for ordering the cut off of electric supply in their homes.

Gerardo Cajes, radio technician of dyRD-AM; and Jeremias Pabe, radio broadcaster of the same station asked the Office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas to hold Lim and the other respondents criminally and administratively liable for graft charges.

They also requested that Lim and building official Teodoro Estoque be preventively suspended while investigation is conducted.

They said Lim cut off their power supply since they are affiliated with the radio station which has an “endless conflict” with the mayor.

“The inconvenience of darkness and the trouble of not having electricity are now being experienced by two unlucky families. Just because they can be closely linked to station DYRB-AM, they are also suffering the vindictiveness of Lim,” they said.

Also named as respondents were Engr. Eulogio Signe, general manager of the Bohol Light Company Inc. (BLCI); Engr. Ray Grapa, operation manager; and and Rotelio Lamdagan, consumer services supervisor.

The complainants’ homes have been dark without electricity for the past 18 days.

They have yet to secure a permanent electric service connections because of lack of necessary documents.

On March 29, they were however informed that their temporary electric service connections are due for disconnection since Mayor Lim allegedly withdrew the warranty of the temporary electrical connection.

Station dyRD-AM is the sister company of Bohol Chronicle, a bi-weekly newspaper./REPORTER ADOR VINCENT S. MAYOL


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Re: Tagbilaran mayor sued
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2010, 07:25:12 pm »
The news is sort of late that is being posted here. The media men are doing okay despite what has happened to them. I think they are handling things very well.

The technician already has his power back. Jerry Pabe is running on a generator since his power was shut off.

Jerry Pabe and his technicians are a team with a really great working attitude and with a the nicest professional work attitudes. I have never heard Jerry say bad words about anyone and especially not about the mayor.

I think whomever instigated this issue wanted brownie points with the mayor at the time of the election.

Jerry Pabe is a vetran and would not violate his KBP rights by bad mouthing anyone on the radio.

I am sad this has happened to some really nice people in my life.

Why is the church not helping out in this matter? Is it because Sr. Monson of the Cathedral is close to the mayor? The Catholic Church should help in this sittuation since Pabe is a Catholic brother and Mayor is not.


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