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Author Topic: HNU Bohol 2013 Poll Shows High Satisfaction Rating for Chatto et al  (Read 471 times)


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by RVO

Pushing the right buttons, paid off, at least, in the case of Bohol leaders led by Gov. Gov. Edgar Chatto. This was found out Wednesday when the Bohol Poll 2013 of the Holy Name University Research Center released its survey results which practically covered all issues of governance. The survey also highlighted the net satisfaction ratings of Bohol officials while others subjected to a random sampling of their performance suffered a dip in percentage points compared to the last survey. For example, a survey on poverty alleviation, showed that most Boholanos or 66% are still languishing in poverty or consider themselves poor, said the same poll presented Wednesday by the HNU Research Center. But most of them (62%) said there’s still hope for Bohol as against 7% disagree and 24% undecided, said the survey.


It may be noted tha the survey on performance of officials showed a tremendous support from the Boholano population. President pnoy gained a great majority of &8percent while only a measly eight percent were disastified. While V-President Jejomar Binaty still enjoyed the support of the Boholanos, his latest performance was down by five points from last year’s. This year, Binay’s net satisfaction rating was 76%. Gov. Chatto made another unprecedented rating with 87% while only 4% was disastified. His vice governor Concepcion Lim also fared very well wqith a performance rating of 69%. City Mayor Dan Lim appeared to be a worst performer in the survey when he posted a -2 compared to the period last year with +36. This year, among those aware, they gave split opinions on their satisfaction ratings (43% satisfied and 45% disastified) for him as mayor which resulted to a net satisfacxtion rating of -2. For vice mayor, an overwhellming majority (94%) of the Tagbilaran voters were aware that Nuevas Montes is the Vice Mayor of the city. Among those aware, close to half (48%) was satisfied with her performance as vice-mayor while one-third (32%) was disatisfied which resulted to a net satisfaction of + 16. Montes got relatively high net satisfaction ratings from class E votes (+54) while least from class ABC (0) and 35-44 (0). Comparing this year’s net satisfaction ratings last year’s, a significant decline of 23 points can be noted.


First district Rep. Rene Relampagos posted an overwhelming majority (99%) indicating that in e ditrict 1, voters were aware that he is the first district representative. Among those aware, two-thirds (62%) were satisfied with his performance as district 1 representative while very few (11%) were dissatisfied which resulted to a net satisfaction ratings of +51. In the third district,99% of the district 3 voters were aware that Arthur Yap is the third district representative. Among those aware, a great majority (86%) were satisfied with his performance as district 3 representative while very few (3%) were dissatisfied which resulted to a high net satisfaction rating of + 83. Yap’s net satisfaction ratings were consistently high in almost all variables except from the male voters (+73) and the age groups 18-24 (+78) and 35-44 (+74)


Relampagos and Lim enjoyed the same level of awareness in district 1. In the first district congressional race , Relampagos led at 62% as against the 24% of Lim. Refusals and don’t know responses accounted for 14%. Aris Aumentado and Roberto Cajes had the same awareness level in district 2. In the second district congressional race, there was a tie between Aumentado and Cajes at 41% and 43% respetively. Across classes, Cajes got, more votes from class ABC (67%) while across age groups. Aumentado got more votes from the 35-44 (65%). Refusals and don’t know responses accounted to 16%. In the gubernatorial race, Chatto (100%) enjoyed an overwhelming awareness in Bohol as against de los Reyes (65%). In the gubernatorial race, Chatto comfortably led at 72% as against the 16% of de los Reyes. Refusals and don’t know responses accounted to 12%. Eight out of ten (84%) Boholano voters were aware of Concepcion Lim in the vice gubernatorial race while only a quarter (26%) were aware of Sharleen Lim. In the same contest, Lim significantly led at 67% while Sharleen Lim only got 15%. Refusals and don’t know responses accounted for 18%.

The results of the race for board members are (first district): Arcamo (41%), Damalerio (53%) and Lopez (42%) tied in terms of awareness. Vying for first place in the race were Arcamo (44%) . Damalerio (52%) and Lopez (46%). In the second district, Abapo (41%), Camacho (53%), Cepedoza (41%), Garcia (49%) and Jumamoy (59%) enjoyed the same level of awareness. Vying for first place Abapo (42%), Camacho (42%)\, Cepedoza (34%) Garcia (40%) and Jumamoy (54%). In the third district, only Balite and Jala enjoyed overwhelming popularity at 93% and 90% respectively. Balite (82%) and Jala (81%) tied for first place while Imboy (40%) and Tirol (56%) tied for second place. In the city mayoralty racen,Gonzaga, Lim and Yap shared the same level of awareness of 88%, 77% and 96% respectively. However, there was a tie between Gonzaga (30%) and Yap (37%). Refusals and don’t kow responses accounted for 18%. The city mayoralty race showed the following: Montes (94%), Oppus (84%) and Veloso (91%) tied in terms of awareness. In the city vice-mayoralty race, there was a tie between Montes (24%) and Veloso (41%). Don’t know responses and refusals accouted for 16%.


Of the three districts, district 2 posted 73% or 7 out of ten people are poor and only 4% said they’re not (poor) and 30% “on the line” in self-rated poverty survey. District one (1) and three (3) had 55 and 70, respectively. Only 3% considered themselves as not poor in District 3 while 5% in district one. Self-rated poverty this year (2013) is the highest in five-year comparison, said the survey. The lowest occurred in 2010 with 57%. The poverty rate in 2009 was 60% while 62% and 65% in 2011 and 2012, respectively. The survey revealed that about 52% are employed but 42% are not with only 5% as “unpaid family worker,” the survey said. Twenty seven percent (27%) of the population are still into farming as their main sources of work or livelihood and followed by buy/sell with 13% and private employment, 11%, the rest (sources) are single digit. Construction, government employment and fishing had 9 apiece; transport, domestic help and cottage industry, 4 apiece, said the survey. Others such as education, labor and sales had 3% each; and caregiver, accountant and vendor, 1% apiece. There was no mention of other professions such as practice doctor of medicine or lawyering and other key professions.

On satisfaction level of the work, at least five (5) of every ten (10) people with work or 55% said they’re satisfied while sizeable 36% are not and only 9% undecided. This resulted to +19 in net satisfaction rating, the survey said. The +19% satisfaction rating of the (55%) working Boholanos is higher than last year’s (2012) of +17% and +7% in 2009. But it is lower than +32% and +20% in 20120 and 2011, respectively, the survey said. The dissatisfaction rating of their work is due to the following: inadequate income with 80%; no job security, 15%; no other sources (of income), 5%; and full of liabilities, 0.3%. The survey said that the degree of satisfaction of having a “primary” job is due to the following economic factors: enough salary with 59%; only having small income, 20%; able to provide for family, 18%; committed to/passion/enjoy of work, 3%; and job is permanent, 0.2%. The survey presentation tackled April 4, 2013 the economic and social issues affecting Boholano community. These include labor status, livelihood, unemployment, self-rated poverty, quality of life, role of women, illegal drugs, Insurgency, domestic violence, civil service graft and corruption. The presenters are Angelo Yuayan on socio-demographic and Mr. Christian Anuta and Ms. Maria Paz Espiritu on social and political issues, respectively. Fr. Francisco Estepa, president of the HNU welcome the visitors in the presentation along with Fr. Vicente Uy who gave the closing remarks.

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