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Author Topic: Gene Alcantara-Pinoy Migrant candidate for European Parliament  (Read 624 times)


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The Netherlands
April 28, 2009
GENE ALCANTARA, a British and European citizen since 1992, has declared his intention to run for office in the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections in June 2009. He knows that Europe is key to influencing government policy in the UK and he hopes to do that if elected for London.

Gene Alcantara
For too long now ethnic minorities, migrants and East and Central Europeans in the UK have been made the scapegoat for a lot of the ills of British society. Critics have blamed them for the pressures on housing, healthcare and social services, for illegal working, and for taking jobs away from the locals. In this difficult time of global recession, these have created a climate of fear and uncertainty among migrants, and resentment in the wider British community, instead of acceptance and integration.

Government policy has not helped at all, continually putting pressures on migrants, squeezing them for more money and making it more difficult for them to exercise their rights as British and European citizens.
Instead of this, Alcantara said, “I would stress the positive contribution of migrants to Britain, harness their energies, and work on building a more inclusive and fair society that does not discriminate or exclude those who have spent their lives serving the good of this country.”

Alcantara ran for Westminster Council in 1998, and stood for Parliament in West Ham in 2005. In both cases although he failed to get elected, he felt he had raised awareness in migrants to participate in the electoral process in Britain.

Alcantara urged all ethnic minorities, migrants and East and Central Europeans in the 74 London parliamentary constituencies to register to vote and turn out on polling day to make their voices heard. It is estimated that 29% of the 7 million Londoners come from the ethnic minorities, and its population is the most diverse in the UK. They have until 19 May to register as electors, and could also apply to vote by post until then.

Born in the Philippines, Alcantara came to live in London when he was 21. He completed a BA in Russian Studies, and has a MBA as well as a Certificate in Employment Law. He worked for the British Council for 21 years promoting British culture and education overseas, and is currently an OISC-Registered Immigration Adviser/Caseworker.
He is married to Carmila Legarda, and has 3 children.


Enquiries to:
Gene Alcantara
Mob 07958 429056
Email: [email protected]

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