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Author Topic: Dauis town tops population growth rate, Tagbilaran still most populated in Bohol  (Read 901 times)


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Dauis town tops population growth rate, Tagbilaran City still most populated in Bohol

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Oct. 26 (PNA) -- Tagbilaran City remains the most populated area in Bohol, while the two towns in Panglao island top the population growth rate.

The Census Fact Sheet recently released by the Philippine Statistics Authority showed that Bohol now has a population of 1,313,560 that registered an average of annual growth rate of 0.94 percent from 2000-2015.

PSA records show that Bohol had 1,139,130 in 2000 that increased to 1,255,128 in 2010.

Around 1/12 of Bohol’s population is registered in Tagbilaran City which now has a population of 105,051 as of Aug. 1, 2015 census.

The capital city reached the population slowly at a growth rate of two percent from 77,700 counted in May 2000 which increased to 96,792 in May 2010 and finally, to 105,051 last year.

The municipalities in Panglao Island--Dauis and Panglao--may have settled at seventh and 10th places, respectively, in number of populace, but they topped the growth rate.

The PSA census showed that the population of Dauis had increased at an average rate of 3.65 percent, while Panglao’s increased at an average rate of 3.01 percent.

Dauis registered a population of 26,415 in the 2000 census and 39,448 in 2010 which now reached 45,663.

On the part of Panglao, the population increased from 21,337 in 2000 to 28,603 in 2010 and 33,553 in 2015.

Ranking third in the average population growth rate is Corella at 2.24 percent where the town had a population of 6,048 in 2000 that grew to 7,699 in 2010 and 8,479 in 2015.

Baclayon followed Corella in terms of average population growth rate at 2.1 percent where it had a population of 14,996 in 2000 that grew to 18,630 in 2010 and 20,591 in 2015.

Tagbilaran ranked fifth in average growth rate at two percent.

In terms of population based on the latest census culminated in August last year, Ubay ranks next to Tagbilaran with 73,712.

Talibon ranked third with 66,969; followed by Carmen with 46,306; Tubigon with 45,893 which is closely followed by Inabanga with 45,880; Dauis with 45,663; Loon with 43,034; Jagna with 33,892 and Panglao.

Sikatuna has the lowest population of 6,726 followed by Corella with 8,479 and San Isidro with 8,744 at the bottom of the list.

In other areas, Alburquerque registered 10,540; Alicia has 23,517; Anda has 16,462; Antequera has 14,425; Balilihan has 17,903; Batuan has 12,767; Bilar has 17,590; Buenavista has 27,261; Calape has 30,863; Candijay has 29,475; Catigbian has 22,675; Clarin has 20,301; Cortes has 16,954; Dagohoy has 19,158; Danao has 17,890; Dimiao has 14,364; Duero has 17,876; Garcia-Hernandez has 24,194; Guindulman has 32,408; Getafe has 30,955; Lila has 12,257; Loay has 16,691; Loboc has 15,993; Mabini has 27,171; Maribojoc has 20,688; Pilar has 27,256; President Carlos P. Garcia has 23,356; Sagbayan has 22,339; San Miguel has 24,135; Sevilla has 10,661; Sierra-Bullones has 24,745; Trinidad has 31,956; Valencia has 27,126; and Bien Unido has 27,115. (PNA)
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