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Bohol Governor Against All Forms of Gambling

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Bohol Governor Against All Forms of Gambling
« on: December 13, 2010, 03:41:31 AM »
By Ven rebo Arigo

His detractors’ misinterpretation and critics’ wrong perception have failed to erode the stance of Gov. Edgar Chatto against gambling, legal or illegal.

The governor said those who think incorrectly about his consistent position are free to express strictly because this is a democratic country.

“But we can also make our views and principles clearest so as not to mislead the public,” Chatto maintained.

On his live weekly Kita ug Ang Gobernador broadcast, the capitol chief executive reiterated that he is “not in favor of gambling per se, legal or illegal.”

The governor has been firm for Philippine National Police (PNP) Provincial Director Constantino Paul Barot, Jr. and his men to intensify the drive against all forms of illegal gambling, including illegal numbers game.

With the resurgence of jai-alai which betting stations are regulated by law just like the legitimate outlets of suertres lotto, certain mayors and local government units (LGUs) sought the governor’s “advice.”

Chatto said he is happy that most of them have heeded to his advice.

He has openly expressed his view to the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan led by Vice Gov. Concepcion Lim and mayors who sought his opinion as the “provincial governor and a citizen of the Republic.”

He has also moral obligation to the people and fellow leaders as their governor, and Chatto said he is very well aware of it.

For the nth time, the governor repeated his stance on the issue of illegal gambling or gambling per se in all its forms in response to a query during the Kita ug Ang Gobernador.

The question posed by a lawyer-member of the media touched on the reported pending applications for legitimate jai-ali betting stations in certain towns after one in Alburquerque was allowed by the LGU to operate.

Chatto said that he has discouraged the LGUs from granting permits and asked his legal team to check on the legality of jai-alai operation.

To make himself more understood, the governor cited cockfighting as one activity that involves betting. However, it is deemed legal because cockpit operation is governed by laws.

Thus, he cannot arbitrarily padlock a cockpit just because he is the top official of the province. He stressed that there are regulations governing cockfighting.

As best possible means, the governor did make personal contacts with local officials, law enforcers and church leaders.

He said he has set a meeting with all the mayors that will not just tackle one issue but so many others to make all concerns clearer to all.

The governor revealed he had already shared ideas and discussed them openly with the religious leaders of the Dioceses of Tagbilaran and Talibon.

Chatto cautioned against selective discussion on the gambling issue.

This he made as the public observed a top city official and his spokesmen expressing disgust for the re-entry of jai-alai but who would not condemn illegal suertres.

Chatto said “we should be consistent in our policies, not advocating against one form of gambling while keeping mum on another.”

The governor said that “in singling out, the public would naturally be led to conclude that you favor the other.”

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