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When Goliath defeats David

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When Goliath defeats David
« on: October 22, 2010, 11:09:31 PM »

When Goliath defeats David 
Bedo Salada

Hapit naman diay ang away ni Pacquiao.  Murag di basta basta ni nga away ni Manny kontra Antonio Margarito.  Murag akoy gikuyawan ni Manny.  

Margarito is probably the tallest, strongest and the heaviest fighter Manny will be facing at 154 lbs come Nov. 13th (14 in the Philippines) in Texas.  The Tijuana tornado fighter from Mexico is known as an aggressive and heavy puncher may pull an upset victory against our very own Manny Pacquiao. Some are saying that team Pacquiao and Manny himself is bound to lose in this fight.  The tale of the tape in terms of size, reach and height are with Margarito's advantage.  

After being banned and stripped of his boxing license in California for an alledged illegal hand wrapped, Margarito is motivated to prove everybody that he is not a cheater in the square ring.  Having once defeated Miguel Cotto and fought Shane Mosley, Margarito is not an ordinary fighter after all.   He is also tasked to knock-out the greatest fighter from the Philippines by his fellow mexican fighters in the likes of  Marco Antonio Barrera, (Oscar dela Hoya), Erik Morales, Jorge Solis,  Emmanuel Lucero and many others.  If he can pull an upset, he will be the first Mexican to dethrone the greatest and seven weight division champion.    

Manny's last fight at the Dallas cowboy stadium was not that convincing when the Ghana fighter was just standing all night with his water tight defense  and was economical in throwing punches.  And when he did, he even caught Manny with some clean counter shots.  Margarito is the opposite of Joshua Clottey who likes to pressure his opponent always.  Imagine a bigger guy on a constant pressure with a smaller fighter will probably make a difference.    With just three weeks to go, Manny is still in the Philippines whose training is disrupted with typhoon Juan.  His dard core fans wants him exported a-s-a-p to the Wild Card Gym in Las Vegas.    

Anyways, will Manny make us proud once again?  Will the speed and power of Manny dominates a taller and heavy puncher this time ?  His fans hope so,  otherwise the (biblical) history when David defeated mighty Goliath maybe written in the news headline after Nov. 13  as  "When Goliath actually defeated congressman David".   :'(

Hinaut unta dili.   Ingon pa ni Manny, "Let's see the scattered"  (translation: tan-awon nato ang katag mga sano).  joke ;D

Kinsay makig pusta diha ?   ;D

Fore and happy weekend everyone.

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Re: When Goliath defeats David
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2010, 07:12:23 AM »
The Pacman all the way, definitely~ win or loss.... 8)

Bisdak is thy name, hantak is thy game.


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