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By Yes Tirol Dumagan

I am sure that the Boholano nursing board passers jumped in jubilation when the Court of Appeals rules partial retake, allowing only selective retake to nursing board examinees who took during the second quarter this year. It can be noted that simultaneous rallies nationwide were being demonstrated as regards with the retake of the nursing board exams due to reported and proven leakage of the said licensure examination to some of its examinees.

I say good news to all the Boholanos who just passed the said examination because according to the CA in its release of rule just last Friday, “the nursing graduates who passed the licensure examination conducted in areas outside of Metro Manila and Baguio and those who registered at but did not attend the “final coaching” sessions of the three review centers suspected of leaking test questions may immediately take their oath as professional nurses”.

I say that this ruling is nothing but fair and totally impartial. I do not at any rate concede to the idea of the retake of all examinees to the said board exam. Why so? Firstly, not all of them cheated. Yes, there was cheating and it was such a shame to PRC to having had allowed or tolerated such a devastating act, but then there are still thousands of good creatures who underwent the said examination with all honesty, as compared to hundreds of them who had such malicious minds, who resorted to cheating partially because of their frustration and fascination to qualify themselves as professional nurses. Secondly, such a move would require big amount of funds from the government, which, I think, could be better allocated to other immediate needs of these students. Education. Why not appropriate all these funds to the education sector so the department would be challenged of the responsibility imposed to them – the responsibility to give the citizens higher quality of education – so that by the time the students shall be taking the board examinations, they will be very much confident that they will pass the said key towards achieving their professions. I think that these nurses-wanna-bes were just forced to cheat because they’re desperate enough to pass the licensure exam. I mean, almost everybody now resort to studying nursing because they think and feel that it’s the only channel for them to have a decent and prosperous living. A common Filipino farmer or fisher folk cannot actually get the kind of life that our nurses and their families are experiencing because of their jobs across the seas. Lastly, the retake of all examinees would only mean a threat to the credibility of the PRC. How? Though this would sort of impress the people of PRC’s primary decision to let all examinees retake the exam, this would only lessen their credibility as the country’s regulatory and assessment commission on how well or not the country’s studentry perform towards achieving their professions. If fairness is what they’re after for, then certainly such a primary decision is neither acceptable, necessary, nor beneficial.

With these reasons, I remain. I highly commend the CA’s rule with regard to this matter. Congratulations to the passers once again!

Published on Oct 15, 2006 by The Bohol Standard Newspaper
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