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Title: Why I don't listen to DYRD live or online
Post by: Dagohoy on September 06, 2007, 06:18:02 AM
waste of time. our announcers should have depth in their analysis of issues. they
cannot have this depth if they're not wide readers of newspapers, websites,
magazines and books.

our announcers don't have guts to attack the hoodlums in our society. they live in
constant fear of losing their jobs if they touch the untouchables in tagbilaran
and in bohol.

our announcers fail to tackle the important issues. they focus on the not-so-important

maybe they're just afraid? maybe they don't read books.

i find that many of their opinions are not updated. the world has changed, and yet
some announcers are still talking about the good old days - plain crap.

sometimes the talk is plain garbage. interview is taking too long. too many gossips
and rumors.

we want real intellectuals in the radios in bohol, not only in dyrd but in all radio
stations in our country.

so i listen to radios in canada, australia, u.s.a, and uk. there are many online
radio stations where i can get deep insights.