Things I Love/Like/Want/Need/Wish To Do Before I Die

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Re: Things I Love/Like/Want/Need/Wish To Do Before I Die
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Ang akong wish is akong mga anak di unta mahisalaag sa dalan inig kadagko na.Magsunod unta sila sa kabubut-on sa Ginoo.I wish them nga dili unta sila mo go with the flow kundi mo go against the flow.
I wish also to visit the Holy Land.
And last nga before ko mamatay makadawat unta ko ug extreme unction ug makompisal nako tanan tanan sala aron kung mohapit pa man ko ug purgatoryo di unja ko magdugay didto.My biggest dream is to bring all my children in heaven and hear God tell me.Well done my child.Thanks for bringing so many souls for me.

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