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Title: Senior citizens as Jollibee crew
Post by: MIKELIGALIG.com on November 12, 2019, 08:07:03 AM
By Pure Force Media (Facebook)

My heart skipped a beat. A senior citizen clad in a Jollibee crew uniform opens the door to customers and buses tables. And he smiles like he really liked what he’s doing.

This is in Jollibee Pureza. There has been a policy passed lately in Manila that opens employment to senior citizens in fastfood chains. Detractors says this is unnecessary and unkind because it forces the elderly to work beyond their retirement age when they are supposed to relax and be taken cared of. I disagree.

1. As you can see in the photo, this is a fine strong gentleman, though in his seniority. He is still awesomely capable of work, just like my mom, and just like anyone I know that reached their sixties.

Most of them are grandparents taking care of their grandchildren for their working children. My point? They can still work, not in the same capabilities as we can, but they can still do it.

2. They are not forced. The employment opportunity is for those who want it. You cannot force the employment to someone who don’t like it.

3. We have to understand that there are some people that are not used to, or are not happy just sitting after retirement. They still want something to do that will make them feel productive and useful.

4. Let’s face the reality, not just only here but in cities around the world: cost of city living is high, and pension alone won’t cut it, especially if one has to live with maintenance medication the rest of their lives. This is a way of making honest living, not begging on the streets or heckling like a barker.

5. The work is very light and is something that they are already been doing at home: opening doors, bussing tables, greeting and talking to people.

In Singapore, (very) old people working in restaurants and food courts get angry when you bus your own tray after eating (something westerners do) — for them, it means that you are robbing them of their work and that they might get fired for it. That is their source of earning so it’s their job to do. They’re not mean, they simply don’t want to lose their job.

So for those negatron folks who see this as the downfall of our civilization, CHILL. It’s their choice, their lives. Don’t rob them of the opportunity to earn decently.

PS: This was a stolen shot, didn’t have much time to ask Papang to pose for me so forgive me with the angles.

2nd PS: Thank you to Yorme Isko Moreno Domagoso for paving way to this senior citizen benefit.

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