Dear Tubag Members I Want You to Know Who I am

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Dear Tubag Members I Want You to Know Who I am
« on: July 22, 2009, 04:27:05 PM »
Dear Friends,

Please notice i did not say Members. To me you mean more than that. I know at times some of you may see me as a hard nosed person with a very BAD ATTITUDE. No! that is not the real me that I always want to be.

I will explain why I get the way I do at times, my domestic life (family life) here has been from very difficult to very embarrassing and lets add with three attempts of threats of death on my life by my oldest stepson against me because he can not accept me as a foreigner in his families life no matter how good I have been for him his girlfriend and they're baby living with me.

I will explain in an open and honest letter my trials and tribulations of being a Female foreigner in a third world country living in a all Filipino Family.

Most often you see foreigner men here in Bohol but it is rare to find a lady like me in the roles that I play at home and in the community.

I will further explain in a later letter how difficult I find it adjusting to certain cultural ideals here.

When I make the letter I hope those reading it can really understand what is going on here. I also hope that you read it with broadminded and as an educated person and most important do not take it personally or make it go beyond Tubag Bohol because this forum is our forum because we are unique and care.

I plan to make the letter by this weekend or the middle of next week just stay tuned.

Until then happy reading my friends.

Just think of this as a trailor to an interesting movie to be....