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Dear Dr X

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Dear Dr X
« on: October 11, 2009, 10:40:45 AM »
Salutations and Good Evening Dr. X__

I would like to infer my deepest regret that we had a disagreement the other day concerning the care of the patient in room 5b.
It was my personal opposition to how you were treating that patient in front of the entire medical student cohort at the time that---annoyed me.

You, sir, are a medical physician. Act like one.
You have no right to be demeaning to that patient and act so arrogantly rude in front of us, the medical students.
You, who wear the white coat of the honored physician,
are an embarrassment to our honored profession.

Your sexual inuendos and jokes, and very sexist rants were, in my opinion, below class.
Are you a physician or are you dirt and pebbles?
Words and actions says alot about a man.
I do pray you change your actions before it becomes an impedent to you in the future.

I respect you as physician, but I am disgusted with your choice of words and your nihilistic tendencies.
In the language of my fore-fatheres, you make me "ma Luoran/ Lu-od".

A Medical Student

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